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  • ASDA Head Office Phone Number and Address

ASDA Head Office Phone Number and Address

How to Contact ASDA Corporate Head Office HQ

Headquarters Address:
ASDA House, Southbank, Great Wilson St.
Leeds, LS11 5AD GBR
Corporate Phone Number: +44-500-100-055
Fax Number: 44-1132-417-732
Customer Service: 0800 952 0101
Grocery: 0800 952 6060
Asda Direct: 0800 952 3003

ASDA Home Office
ASDA Home Office Corporate Phone Number and Address

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  1. Asda, I always shop at my local Reading Asda. I buy lots of corn seed to feed the birds. I also buy lots of your cheap bread to give to Fox, with a slice of your circular chicken slices in 4 slices of bread each night. I buy those slices for hedgehogs too. I buy lots of them, But I won't be buying any of these things any more because a man opposite me is furious that I feed lots of birds. He demands I cease feeding the birds! He is a little dictator! Also, though, I am very disgruntled that it seems a lot of your meat products and dairy products are possibly coming from cruel farms where dairy animals and meat animals are farmed. If this latter is correct, I think it would greatly be in your interest to rectify such a terrible possible matter.

    Many thanks.

    Francis H. Giles


    I won't need my fridge freezer on now because of the man demanding I stop feeding birds: my electricity suppier will get much less money off me re that!!!

  2. Yesterday, doing a big monthly shop and getting additional things to celebrate our Kings Coronation this weekend, I had a bill of £245. Not surprised, but I was DISMAYED and horrified that the Reward app was undergoing maintenance!!!!
    What on earth are you thinking Asda of doing maintenance on the Reward app at tea time on ANY working day let alone the Thursday before a big Bank Holiday weekend for the UK. Any maintenance on the app should take place during the 'dark hours' – ie overnight which is this day and age is easy enough to organise.

    Not a problem I thought, I can get the receipt scanned in tomorrow when the app is back like Sainsbury's Tesco's and Morrisons do, To be told no, we do not do that.
    WHY NOT???!!!! I can understand you will not want people repeatedly presenting high value receipts to defraud you, so strike through the receipt once redeemed to prevent that happening.

    So thank you SO much (this is a sarcastic thank you not a sincere one) to defrauding me out of the reward points I have now lost on my mega shop yesterday.

    Left me with a really bad taste in the mouth

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