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Where is ASDA Corporate Head Office 

How to Contact ASDA Corporate Head Office HQ

Headquarters Address:
ASDA House, Southbank, Great Wilson St.
Leeds, LS11 5AD GBR
Corporate Phone Number: +44-500-100-055
Fax Number: 44-1132-417-732
Customer Service: 0800 952 0101
Grocery: 0800 952 6060
Asda Direct: 0800 952 3003

ASDA Home Office

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ASDA Reading PA

Rated 3 out of 5
May 12, 2023

Asda, I always shop at my local Reading Asda. I buy lots of corn seeds to feed the birds. I also buy lots of your cheap bread to give to Fox, with a slice of your circular chicken slices in 4 slices of bread each night. I buy those slices for hedgehogs too. I buy lots of them, But I won’t be buying any of these things anymore because a man opposite me is furious that I feed lots of birds. He demands I cease feeding the birds! He is a little dictator! Also, though, I am very disgruntled that it seems a lot of your meat products and dairy products are possibly coming from cruel farms where dairy animals and meat animals are farmed. If this latter is correct, I think it would greatly be in your interest to rectify such a terrible possible matter.

Many thanks.


I won’t need my fridge freezer on now because of the man demanding I stop feeding birds: my electricity supplier will get much less money off me re that!!!

Francis Giles
Corporate Office Headquarters