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Bonefish Grill Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Had the misfortune of eating at the Montgomery. Al Bonefish Grill. It was absolutely horrible. My husband ordered chicken masala. We waited forever. Then a manager came over to tell us that our order had been given to the wrong table so they had to remake ours. The meal finally arrived. The chicken was cold and dried up. My cod was ok. The green beans and asparagus must have come out of a can. We used a gift card tonight but will never go again. Honestly, it was one of the worst meals we’ve ever had.

  2. I just don't see how bonefish grill would hire a manager that would disrespect the employees. By dragging them in to the cooler to curse and yell at them. Where no cameras or witness to speak on it. But if he does it to more than one employee word gets around. Threatening to fire them if they say anything or if they do anything wrong. Telling everyone his name hold a lot of wait and everyone should be scared of him because what he says go. Ben is his name

  3. Dinner at the bar tonight on West Bay near Indian Rocks. Several employees seem to find the bar, and tender Nicole, the proverbial water cooler. Literally, non-stop chatting, including some things customers should not hear, or even want to hear. Some was about a new staff who needs to be let go. After paying for dinner, asked to speak to manager. Point: chat outside, or maybe the kitchen, but not in front of the customers at the bar. BTW, online email to HQ has been disabled. Hey, Bonefish, be responsible and responsive to your customers!

  4. Ate at the location in Pine Brook, NJ. What in the world are you doing to the restaurant? The atmosphere is cold and uninviting. The charm is no longer there. Might as well eat at a diner or family style restaurant.
    Nothing but long style tables up against each other. The food USED to be good but that has also changed.
    Will not be returning, I usually eat there every two weeks. The decorator has done a horrible job!

  5. Yesterday on Father's Day we visited the Bone Fish Grill in Colorado Springs on Nevada. It was the worst experience that I've ever had. We've been to numerous Bone Fish in the past due to my husband's service in the military and our relocations. It took 45 minutes for our appetizers and a hour and thirty minutes for our entrees. The manner compensated with a 15% off card but I'd already received this as a Fathers a day promo as a loyalty promo. The service was terrible, the restaurant was not that busy there was no wait to compensate for this horrible service: you all just lost terribly loyal consumers. I guess we will have to resort to Red Lobster or local indigenous seafood restaurants

  6. We have eaten at various Bonefish Grill locations for over 10 years. Today's experience at The Villages, FL location was not good. The chef "tried unsuccessfully" to make the Lobster Roll. The sauce (from another dish I'm told) was poor, I had 2 tablespoons of cole slaw & a ton of French fries. Way overpriced for the quality. It will be a long time before we consider returning.

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