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Joe’s Crab Shack Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Joe’s Crab Shack Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Ignite Restaurant Group, Inc.
Suite 300, 9900 Westpark Drive
Houston, TX 77063 United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-366-7500
Fax: 1-302-674-5266
Website: Joe’s Crab Shack

  • I attended the crab shack in Rochester NY every wed for the all you can eat crab legs. I had a excellent waitress named Peggy really nice lady. I recommended it to all my family and friends. the place was always packed on wed, now that they have stopped the promotion for the all you can eat crab legs and started the all you can eat shrimp the place has been empty. I tried the all you can eat shrimp and it was no delightful. You guy's need to bring back the all you can eat crab legs it was well worth it and the place was always packed

  • I went to a Joe's Crab Shack in Houston Texas off I-45; It was the first time I have ever been and the very last. While eating my meal and drinking my beverage I realized there was a bug in my drink. The waiter tries to make up an excuse without apologizing or offering to get me another one. I told the waiter get me a to-go cup please. So he comes back with the drink I remove the lid to examine the drink and there is hair inside the drink and hanging out. I was disgusted and very disappointed. I didn't ask for a free meal or any discount off my meal. I paid the full price and when I was leaving I asked to speak with a manager; I explain my experience and the manager was very unconcern and nonchalant about the situation; He actually tries to make up an excuses saying the cups must have been packaged with the hair. VERY VERY SAD!

  • I understand that it was an employee that placed the picture of black men being hung on a table for children and everyone to see… and that publicly it was announced that it was removed, my question is has the employee been held responsible? it seems not doing so, condones the act

  • Elmhurst, NY 11373 warning if you want good service and food in a timely manner do not go here . If you know someone you hate or dislike a lot recommend this place to them, it is the closest you can get to hell without dying. It took a half hour to get a coke and lemonade. I order a clam chowder I received it cold and got french fries that was cold. when it was time to pay the check my tip was going to be cold but my wife left them a tip. It took 40 MINUTES FROM THE TIME WE ASKED FOR THE CHECK AND THE WAITER CAME AND GOT IT THE MEAL TOOK 2 hours and 15 minutes. there was only four of us and one was a child. I wish I could give this place a zero,
    but am blessed with the knowledge of I am never ever ever did I say never going back there best part is when I DRIVE BY THAT IS WHAT I WILL ALWAYS DO DRIVE BY IT.

  • Joes Crab Shack
    3825 Interstate 10 S, Beaumont, TX 77705

    Today our family of 4 arived for dinner at your restaurant in Beaumont Texas for what was about to be one of our worst experience ever. We sat outside but due to the rain we moved indoors. Where our waiter took our drink order, things seemed to be normal at this point but shortly after he brought our drinks he saw we had two boys he said I don't mean any disrespect but I don't like kids and left came back with our drinks and took our food order. We ordered two kids meals one was cheese pizza and the other was chicken with fries. We also ordered two adult males one fish n chips and one jump crispy shrimp. The kids asked about our waiters belt cause it was pokemon they talked for a few. When our order came up the shrip was very Bland and had no flavor at all. The fish n chips looked to be soggy and under cooked. So at the end of our meal we asked to speak with the manager. It took a while for her to arrive at our table and I told her my consorns about the food and about my kids beverages and how we were charged for two adult drinks not kid drinks. After herein how unpleasant our meal and visit was she shrugged her shoulders and asked what do you want me to do then walked away……. I paid my bill and asked our water when the other managers would be in. I also stated it would have Bern nice if they at lest acted like they cared about our complaints. We are known as "The Joe's Family" in three states
    We started eatti g at Joe's in 2002 but became the Joe's family in 2003 when I had our first boy. In fact he was sitting on a Joe's table at only 12hr old and has been ever since. Both our boys have. We have spent thousands of dollars at Joes sometimes we spend 4-5 days a week at Joe's we even own almost everything you sale in your shop. Mugs, shot glasses, towels, toys and yes even the cloths. When we left our 9 year old was so disappointed in our visit he said he doesn't want to go back. I myself am so upset that I was shown such little respect and/or concern about today's visit not only does it hurt but also makes one think should we ever go back let alone recommend your restaurant again.

    Our waiters name was Mike
    The managers name was Payton

    The Joe's Family
    with over 13 years of experience

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