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Landry’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Landry’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Landry’s Restaurants, Inc.
1510 West Loop South
Houston, TX 77027 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-713-850-1010
Fax Number: 1-713-386-7070
Customer Service Number: 1-800-552-6379

  • Me and my family have been dining at Delfrisco Double Eagle steakhouse at Rockefeller center location and the grill for over 15 yrs. I came to the city from Westchester to have dinner with my husband and it was absolutely a waste of time and money. I had to send my steak back 2x the mashed potatoes were breakfast home fries with a horrible salty aftertaste. The lobster mac and cheese was burnt at the top and dry, not a creamy consistency like it usually has. I was told I couldn't have creamy spinach or brussel sprouts without bacon so we couldn't order any of the two. The sweet potato mash has been taken from the menu amongst other things. My whole meal was off the second time my steak was brought back all of my sides were cold and I couldn't enjoy my dinner. I was very unhappy and to end it all I had an upset stomach for 24 hours after consuming the food. I called the location the very next day and explained my issues to a manager. I left her my email address and information I was told someone would email and reach out to me. It has been 2 weeks and I haven't heard anything from anyone I even called corporate.
    After doing some research I found out that our favorite restaurant was sold and Is under new ownership with new staff and chefs. This explains why my experience was so horrible
    The steak quality was even different. It is so sad over 15 years of family memories and it ends here. Please don't waste your time or money. It's not the same if you know Del Frisco's you know the quality this is very upsetting.

    It has been one month and I have only gotten emails saying someone will reach out to me. I yet to get a response after leaving numerous emails. No one has reached out since my Google review. Please avoid this restaurant by any means necessary they dont care about their resturant guests experience they will email you and never fix your issue.

  • I tried to use a Landry's gift card at my Claim Jumper in Tukwila, WA. When I got there she said they didn't accept that gift card. NOWHERE did it say that only certain Claim Jumpers accepted the gift card. So Claim jumper is out $60 worth of food and lost a long time patron.

  • My name is Lisa Bullin. I want to let the Corporate Office know that I spoke with the lady at corporate and she put me in contact with whomever handles merchandising. I had placed an order for a Bubba Gump hat for my husbands birthday. It was for something like $27.55. I kept waiting for the order and never received it. I finally called your 1-800 number and that was when I finally got ahold of the above mentioned person. She finally gave me some excuse of my order getting lost. I just told her to cancel my order. She sent me back an email stating that she was sorry and would send me the hat free of charge. I thought that nice of her. We guess what. She was totally lying!!!!! I have yet to see a hat. Why lie??? I would love to speak to someone. My address if 2224 Slate Road, King NC Phone 3364032561

  • Landry's Corporation DOES NOT care about their customers! The day after Thanksgiving, last November; my husband and I thought we would enjoy a fabulous dinner at one of our favorite places to eat – Saltgrass in Mesquite. We parked directly in front of the building. Dinner was wonderful. Leaving the restaurant, I stepped off the curb from the sidewalk and immediately fell to the ground tearing my meniscus on my left knee and twisting my ankle. Seems they had construction work done on their parking lot and didn't have it properly repaired. Here we are a year later and they are still refusing to pay all of my medical bills and haven't even tried to ensure I was OK or take responsibility for their poor property upkeep. The company has BILLIONS of dollars and can't even pay my medical bills for a knee that was fine before I ate in their Mesquite, Texas location. Do not waste your money at a Landry's location – Texas Roadhouse or even Pappas Bros. Steakhouse would be a better choice. If they do not care about their customers – why should we care about giving them our business???

  • My friends and I had lunch (2:50p.m.) at Bubba Gumps in Gatlinburg on Friday 14th of Dec. The meal and our server were great. Towards the end of the meal it got very cold in the restaurant. Someone had turned the air conditioner on. So it was very cold! Moments later one of the managers came by and asked how our experience at Bubbas was and we all said it was fine. I mentioned to him how cold it had gotten. He said: “Well you ARE sitting under the air vent. But it doesn't matter since you won't be here much longer.” His attitude was condecending at best. He left us quickly and we all agreed that his comments were out of place and the issue could have been handled more professionally. I didn't think any more about the incident until we were leaving Bubbas. The same manager was waiting at the door and opened it for my friends and thanked them and wished them a good day. When I passed he threw his head and nose high in the air and turned his head away from me. He had obviously taken an immense dislike of me; he knew the three of us ladies were together. I have tried to dismiss his conduct but have been unable to ignore the rudeness. I was not mean or in any way unpleasant to him. I am just letting you know how I was treated. I do not know the manager's name. There were two men there who appeared to be managers. I don't know how to end this but to say that you will probably continue to have problems with this person. He definitely does not have any people skills or managing capabilities. I will add that if the cold air had been blowing on us at the beginning of the meal we would have needed to move to another table.

  • I want to let corporate know that Greg Bass at the Golden Nugget in Lake Charles is a true professional and very good at PR. After a bad experience at one of the restaurants at the GN-LC he found out about it, contacted me and made things right! Excellent customer service! Greg understands good customer service and good customer relations!

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