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  • Guild Mortgage Corporate Office Headquarters

Guild Mortgage Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Guild Mortgage Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

9160 Gramercy Dr.
San Diego, CA 92123-4020 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-858-560-6330
Fax Number: 1-858-292-8056
Customer Service Number: 1-800-365-4441

  • You have a loan officer named Traci Johnson that talks to me like they are dogs, makes remarks inferring that they are too old to remember anything and is one of the most disrespectful people I've ever had the misfortunate of doing business with. You need to tighten up your company. Consumers talk to other consumers and you would do well to remember that

  • This company is a joke. Long story short, I lost $1000 in earnest money because of this company.

  • Guild morthage was a referral. We thought we were in good hands. Turned out yo be the worst experience. Our loan officer who worked out of Oakland CA mislead us to losing our potential new home and cost us to lose monry. When escrow got cancelled on us because loan couldn't close on time , we did not hear one word of acknowledgement from loan officer. This escalated to branch manager and district manager, still, no one took responsibility of what happened nor did they seem to care. Horrible customer service and would not recommend Guild to anyone!!!

  • I am currently in the process of closing Escrow with this company, On one hand they were good at bringing my credit score up to what it had to be. On the other hand, once my credit was right. She ran the numbers on the price I will be shopping for. Then a week later I found something lower in price so I asked her to run the numbers again. Well when she ran them she sent me the estimate. Something didn't seem right, so I took the time to calculate the numbers on my own. Found a $700.00 calculation error. Took it back to her and she recognized the error, then apologized saying that was the first time that had ever happened.
    After all that we are down to the final hour and expected to sign the final paperwork, well since my loan lady is in the hospital and this new lady Kathy Baca NMLS#248376 has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Every time I call to find out status, she doesn't take my calls (Always happens to be with another client). Friday I showed up at her office, cause she had not called or e-mailed me back and she had told me in a prior e-mail that I would "Probably" be signing paperwork that day. Well she just says no, not ready yet. I will let you know.

    As soon as my loan goes though I will be refinancing with another company!

  • I have had my mortgage with Guild mortgage for 11 years now and I happened to pull a copy of my credit report and noticed they are reporting me 30 days pd for 3 months. I pull a copy of my bank statements and notice my payments were made on time, so I call Guild. Customer service represenative rep was great, she too said that Guild was reporting me incorrectly and connected the call to their credit corrections to be corrected. Im so furios becuase the represenative I got transferred to admitted that Guild is at fault she see's my payments were made on time but will not make any corrections until I fax over my credit report..?? Why do I have to go out of my way to fax over my credit report to them when they are at fault, and admitting they are at fault? When asked to be transferred to a manager the represenative declined me at first and then I demanded to speak with a manager, she put me on hold for 20 mins and then hung up on me!!

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