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  • Athleta Corporate Office Headquarters

Athleta Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Athleta Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Two Folsom Street

San Francisco, CA 94105 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-952-4400

Fax Number: 1-650-952-4407

Customer Service Number: 1-877-328-4538

International Callers: 1-614-744-3913

TDD: 1-888-906-1345

How To Contact Athleta.com Customer Care Address

5900 North Meadows Drive,

 Grove City, OH 43123

  • I am contacting you about a frustrating customer service experience. I was browsing online this morning and accidentally ordered an item from Athleta. I was trying to find out the price and pressed PayPal assuming I would see an invoice. Instead it confirmed an order. I immediately knew I did not want this and tried to cancel. There was nowhere on the confirmation to cancel so I did a search online. I finally went to chat and was ninth in line. By the time I was able to chat with a representative it was three or four minutes after nine. My order had been confirmed at 8:02. I was told I couldn't cancel because it was over an hour. I explained that I had been trying to cancel for almost an hour. May I make a suggestion. How about having a place to cancel on the confirmation sheet. The rules can be explained there and it would be a much more pleasant experience for the customer.

  • I write to you today to express my surprise and concern over a poor customer service experience I had at one of the retail locations for Athleta. The store location is 09496 Located in Kirkland WA. I had purchased for my partner a pair of pants for hiking Trans# 2683 on 3/20. Yesterday 3/25 we walked past the same location and noticed a sign that stated all Pants were 20% off. I went to the register and showed the person at the register my receipt for the purchase and ask if it was possible to somehow apply the 20% to my purchase as it was so close to the sale date. She said she can check the corporate policy and looked on an ipad. She then informed me "No, i cant apply the discount to a past purchase" I asked, "Since the purchase is within the timeframe for a return could we not return the pants for a full refund, and immediately purchase a new pair for the discounted price". She said "Yes". I asked if she thought that seemed reasonable and if thats what she was going to have us do?. She said "Yes". I said "I don't believe that would be the best way to resolve this". She repeated the policy to me. I asked her if I could steak to a manager. She informed me that she was the manager. I then asked if i could speak to her manager. She informed me as she spread her arms wide, i suppose to indicate the entire store, that she is the only manager. I thanked her, and my partner and I walked out of the store. I didn't feel she was willing to really assist me at that point. Once exiting the store I immediately called customer service and explained my ask and described the response I had received in the store. He did state that normally the discount does not apply to past purchases, but also acknowledged the logic of my request. He is sending me 'as a courtesy' a voucher for online or in-store use that is the equivalent of the 20% of my original purchase. It amounts to about $20. I believe this was a reasonable response and i'm happy with the conclusion. I am not writing this to ask for further credits, but I strongly want to express how dissatisfied and disappointed the manager of that location left me feeling. I also don't believe that she does not have a manager or someone that she could have referred me to when i asked. My partner mentioned that this encounter certainly does not live up to the mention in Athleta's 5 values "So we aim to inspire that feeling of community in everything we do" In this case with that individual managing that retail location, I certainly agree with my partner

  • I had two orders under $50. I returned them both (separately) and they charged me $7.35 (both returns were minus $7.35). This doesn't seem right at all. Spoke to a very rude customer service rep, who kept talking over me. Send me the return policy where it says they charge shipping on returns!

  • Hi Athleta- I'm curious, have you looked into opening an Athleta retail store in San Luis Obispo, California? With so many active outdoor enthusiasts (and indoor enthusiasts too; yoga, pilates, cycling, barre, etc.) it seems to be the ideal location for one of your stores.

  • I received your April 2017 catalog and I have to say I am so impressed how you use models of different size and ethnic background. It was great to see diversity and how you educate your shoppers with information we did not know. You guys have an awesome marketing team. I will continue to shop Athleta because of the positive things your organization does.

  • Do you ever feature real people in your catalogue? I'm a super fit 45 yo yogi who would love to be in future catalogue. a dream!

  • The new catalog is a home-run, best you've had in years. Fab front cover, beautiful yoga poses, and you added some "real" women bodies…thank you.
    I hope whoever was in charge of this one continues along the great new path.

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