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Dillards Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Dillards Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Dillard’s, Inc.
1600 Cantrell Road
Little Rock, AR 72201 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-501-3765200
Fax Number: 1-501-376-5917
Customer Service Number: 1-800-345-5273

  • On Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at approximately 1820 hours, I went to the Dillard's Store at the Sanford Mall with my granddaughter after I had gone to other stores looking for a graduation dress and we saw three (3) dresses that she liked and she took them to the fitting room and out of the three, I decided I was going to buy two (2) but one of the dresses did not have a price tag but I had noticed that the other dresses on the same rack were marked at $55.00 so I went back to ensure that that was the price and it was. So I see this young employee by the name of Luis and he asked me if I was ready to pay and I said yes and when he rang both dresses up he tells me it was over $120.00. So I told him one of the dresses is on sale for $39.50 and the other one is $55.00, how can it add up to over $120.00. So he tells me that one of the dresses was coming up for $78.00 and he tells me show me where you got the dress and we went back and he saw that the dresses were marked at $55.00 but the one that my granddaughter wanted had a tag but without a price and so was the other two (2) that were there same style and no price on the tag, so Luis took the dresses to another sales associate and she tells Luis to call the manager. Luis called a manager and this young guy shows up by the name of Andrew and he goes back to the rack and tells me that the dresses that were $55.00 were not the one's I had selected and that the dress that I selected probably came from another rack implying that they were not on the same rack when they were. So I told the manager Andrew that they were not only on the same rack but all three (3) dresses were not marked and when I took the dress to the cash register I was under the impression that the dress was the same price as the other ones that were there with their price tag on of $55.00, then Andrew immediately got an attitude with me and in a very rude and unprofessional manner belittles me in front of my granddaughter and tells me that the dress had a tag and the price was going to show once it was rang up at the cash register and that I cannot expect to pay less for that dress when the dress had a tag but did not have a price. This so called manager Andrew and his arrogance like I was asking him for a favor when in reality all the dresses were on the same rack, some had the prices on the dress and three (3) of the dresses had the tag but did not have the price marked as they should have had so it didn't create confusion to the customer. Because yes, I am the customer and I don't appreciate that an uneducated, unprofessional and rude manager would treat a senior citizen like that when what he should have done was to grant the price that of the dresses that had the price on and not speak to me in a disrespectful manner. It is not my fault that the employees of the Dillard's store in the Sanford Mall didn't do they job by tagging all the dresses accordingly and with the right price, not to mention that it is his job as the "manager" to ensure that the merchandise is properly tagged. I would like to add that as a retired Federal Law Enforcement Supervisor, I expect to be treated with respect and in a professional manner. Andrew needs professionalism training as he lacks of people's skills on how to address others when things like this situation arises because it was not the customers fault, it was the store, its employees and his fault as a manager for not overseeing the merchandise that it is placed on the racks and in the store. That is why he is the "store manager" to ensure that everything runs smoothly and if there is an error somewhere he is supposed to fix it and not insult and blame the customer. I expect Dillard's Corporate Office handle this individual Andrew accordingly for his actions and I highly commend Luis for going above and beyond with this unfortunate incident at the store. Maybe Luis should be the Manager and not Andrew as he needs to learn how to treat people in a professional manner.

  • Shopping in the Barton Creek Mall Austin store last Saturday with my two pre-teen grand daughters was a ridiculous experience. There were two sales people on the whole second floor covering several girls, boys, and men's departments including mens shoes and suits. There was ONE dressing room that was allowed to be used for girls with a long waiting line. There was ONE dressing room allowed to be used for boys with no one using it, but it was limited to boys only. This was a dressing room, not a bathroom, and there were NO boys in the store. My girls found a few dresses, but were not able to try them on at the store. Because they were so excited, I bought them and brought them home. None of them fit, so it's another trip back to a completely understaffed store. I understand help is hard to find, especially to work this particular location, but that's largely because Dillard's is not good to their employees. Management needs to step up to the plate. Corporate needs to take care of their people. I'll take everything back today, but this will be my last trip to Dillard's. If you own Dillard's stock, I suggest you get out while it's still worth something.

  • I'm disgusted with Dillard's. Tonight I was in the Clarksville TN store. They actually have multiple men's manikins with the pants pulled down showing 6 inch of the boxer shorts underneath. Are the trying to market to the less than 1% of thugs and gang members??? In addition, I have an 11 year old daughter, at school clothes shopping time I could not find any pretty colored polos for her. They only have Red, Dark Blue, Gray, Black. You go to the boys section and you see pinks, bright yellow, purple, corals. What is going on?? News flash Dillard's, all kids are not thugs, and not all boys want to be girls, and girls do not want to be boys. You need to clean out the your buyers and your marketers the majority of people are disgusted and sick of all this crap.

  • I am a customer who went shopping at Dillard's in Moline, IL and had a wonderful experience with a fine gentleman by the name of Rob Davis. Rob Davis is a Dillard's sales associate in the men's department who is very professional, level headed, well dressed, and does his job quit well. If it wasn't for Rob Davis my experience as a shopper wouldn't be as pleasant I'm certain.

  • I recently attempted to have an item gift wrapped in the Dillards Customer Service area at International Mall , Tampa, Fl. Even though I was willing to pay for it, I was told that they only wrap items purchased from Dillards. When I asked to speak to the manager he confirmed the policy but said he would make a one time exception for me. Really? I told him that I work in customer service as a manager and that was the worst example of poor customer service policy I had ever heard of. I told him I would not treat my worse customer that way. He said it is a corporate policy. Well as a Dillards shopper, if you do not change that policy I will no longer shop at Dillards and I will tell my friends why. Not only is it a poor policy but it denies the area from generating revenues.

  • I would like to place two high school students at the corporate headquarters to shadow buyers for women's clothing. I have talked to several people who have been unable to help me. I have also left numerous voicemails. Is there anyone who can assist me with this worthwhile high school senior project? Sent by Assistant Headmaster Glenbrook School

  • I am very upset that the Dillard's outlet store closed in Euclid Ohio. I have been a Higbee/Dillard shopper all of my life and the closing of the outlet was devastating to me. I have not used my Dillards credit card since the closing of the outlet. Someone in corporate should consider re-opening another outlet in the Cleveland Ohio area since Dillard's rarely has sales. You all have lost a valuable customer .

  • The founder of the Lion's store's house in Toledo ohio is falling down … need's help pitch in Dillards since he made your jobs for today.. Donate some money to fix up the links above have photos

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