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  • Lululemon Corporate Office Headquarters

Lululemon Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Lululemon Corporate Office Headquarters

Lululemon Athletica inc.

400 – 1818 Cornwall Avenue

Vancouver, BC V6J 1C7 Canada

Corporate Phone Number: 1-604-732-6124

Fax Number: 1-604-874-6124

Customer Service Number: 1-877-263-9300

Email: gec@lululemon.com

  • With so much thanks to the Washington DC area stores that participated in collecting mats for students with Autism. This was spearheaded by Caroline at the Clarendon, VA store. You are all wonderful. You contributed yoga mats to a high school for young adults with Autism. It is people like you that make our day, when the students get so excited, when they realize that after months of doing yoga seated in their chairs, they have now graduated to floor work. It is National Disabilities Month and National Autism Awareness Month. Thank you so very very much for your very generous contribution and thoughtfulness. It is so appreciated by us all.

  • I have shopped in the Houston, Denver, and Santa Barbara lulu stores in the past. It was a very pleasant experience. The Tulsa store has some indifferent employees, especially when it comes to finding a size. They are NOT customer-service oriented and always direct the customer to the website instead of trying to look up the information for the customer on the spot. Also, I tried to pay cash for a racerback top as the total was $52.10. The employee loudly retorted, "We don't have a cash register." She should have been a bit more discreet by responding, "Oh, I am so sorry, we are a small store, so we just don't have a cash register." She was rude, and I will order my stuff online before being subjected to that type of condescending behavior again.

  • I purchased a pair of yoga pants and a cotton hoodie in September, spending more than $200.00. To my disappointment after wearing the yoga pants a few times and washing them inside out and with like items they piled and the hemming started unravelling.
    I called the Lululemon line to report my concerns about the quality of the yoga pants. I was told that the pants were made for yoga only and the benefit of the anti odour material. I felt I was not heard.
    I do have an expectation when I pay almost $100.00 for a pair of pants that they will not pile and that in store hemming is run through quality control.
    I will be returning these pants to the head office in Vancouver

  • The Calabasas, Ca. store has a very elitist attitude towards their customers. It seems that if you are non white, and don't fit the specific profile that they think their clients should fit, you are somewhat denied the care and attention.
    I just dropped over $500.00 shopping for my wires birthday presents their and felt that they were just waiting for me to either run out the store with some goods or use a stolen card.
    I'm a neuro surgeon of Indian decent.
    Needless to say, I will never be shopping at this co. again!

  • The Houston HIghland Store NEVER answers their phone and it's impossible to reach them. Also, they have been slightly rude in the past, so much so that my friend Marcia Deutsch just hung up on them….trying to get a return resolved and I can't reach them.

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