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  • North Face Corporate Office Headquarters

North Face Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. I purchased two pair of boots, two jackets & a coat for my daughter and I, both pair of boots have completely separated and the jacket's and coat once professionally cleaned has never returned to its original state. It's safe to say that I will NOT purchase any North Face products. I couldn't figure out how to up load pictures because I'd really like for everyone to see just how horrible of experience that I had, my feet were wet and cold. I'm very disappointed by this elegit reputable brand.
    North Face you receive ZERO STARS

  2. Hi I had sent in a sweater for repair the logo was peeling off, I received it back with no repair to the sweater, very disappointed that it couldn't be repaired on an item that's so expensive and supposly good quality, also The North face dept never answers emails or calls. Just very upset with the quality of the sweater.

    Thanks Erica #941619

  3. Hey I'm getting ready to hike the A.T. and I have a lot of North Face items but it would really help if The North Face was the only items I had on the trail….so I need a little help…. please reply Thank You

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Corporate Office Headquarters