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  1. I signed up for their training classes, not knowing my dog Zena and I were told by text that we were no longer in the class. We had already taken the first 5 week’s set of classes and were in Intermediate puppy class when we were told this. Suggested we take private lessons with the trainer. First of all, we thought we were going to continue with the same group of dogs and continue on to other classes, but that all got changed. Asked why the trainer said Zena would do better doing private lessons and not in a group class. Never offered my money back or anything. Well after complaining to the store manager money was returned and have since moved on to a trainer who not only cares about dogs but does not give up on them. Since we love Banfield we were in there last week, and as we were signing out of the clinic, the trainer was standing off to the side with her fingers in her ears so she could not hear Zena with her anxiety tantrums. Zena our Border Collie was diagnosed with anxiety and subscribed to medicine to help her. Now you tell me what trainer would stand there with that behavior knowing that she once was Zenas trainer and showed no remorse or compassion in Zenas behavior. I asked myself she calls herself a trainer, wow so glad she doesn’t train my dog anymore. I would never give up on Zena we love here and plan on going all the way with training her to be a service dog for my husband that is a 100 percent disabled veteran. Can’t wait for the day that Zena and I can walk back into PetSmart and show Jeannie who is their trainer what a remarkable service dog Zena turned out to be. Thank you, PetSmart for listening to Zena and me and for putting Zena in the hands of a trainer that really cares.

  2. I would like to call out the outstanding customer service I received from Mary Catherine. She listened to my experience at the Largo FL store and understood how this negativly impacted my purchase. I could only hope to find this kind of service from another company. Mary Catherine should be an example to all of the PetsMart employees who work with the customers.

  3. On March 28, 2022 my wife picked up our 10 month old miniature poodle, Thor, from PetSmart grooming on 82nd & Allisonville, Indianapolis. When he was brought out she was horrified. Instead of the puppy cut we had requested he was shaved to the skin. The groomer, Nikoya C, claimed that Thor was infested with flees and matted. She insisted that she had the right to shave and inflict a flea bath on him without our permission. The flea bath cost an additional $30. Both her claims are false. For over forty years I have raised many poodles. This is the worst grooming experience I have ever seen or heard of. Thor is checked daily for fleas and has never had any in his entire life. He is also on flea medication and was examined for fleas by the vet just two weeks prior. This is a calculated perverse ploy to simplify & expedite the grooming process and increase the price without any customer acknowledgment.
    Upon leaving the store my wife needed some help with Thor. Our pup was in a traumatic state and she was unable to put the collar back on him. She asked Nikoya for help and Nikoya refused. Fortunately, another groomer was there and helped her get Thor out of the premises.
    Thor is in bad shape. He is no longer house trained. He is having tremors and shaking violently. He was the best puppy I have ever had. Now he is not the dog we took into PetSmart.
    Please be aware of what can happen to your pet. I am posting this to save others from this unconscionable treatment. I could not live with myself if I did not speak out.
    Please pray with us that Thor’s condition will improve.
    Dr. Roger K.

  4. Petsmart store #0148 manager acted in a very unprofessional manner! I'm a regular customer but will never return to Petsmart again! In the midst of a long string of errands, I stopped into the store to buy pet food. I rushed to the bathroom as I felt ready to wet my pants. An employee, who turned out to be the manager, approached me and said I couldn't use the ladies bathroom because they had a safety issue in progress. I asked her to check that the men's room was empty, so that I could run in and use it while she was outside of the door. She said oh no, she couldn't allow that. Next, I pleaded with her as I explained that I have a bladder issue and was about to wet my pants. I asked her if we should serve a rule for a rule's sake or did she serve her customers' needs. One more time I explained that I was about to have an accident right there in the aisle of the store. Did she really want that to happen? With a smirk on her face, she said "We'll clean it up."

  5. I am complaining about store #0476, I have a problem people that are suppose serve their customers with respect when calling. At this store I called several times and they hung up without asking me what I needed is this the kind of business you are having in a neighborhood stores of not the elite. Shame on all of you. You need to hire people persons not just I'll take care of my people and forget about anyone else

  6. This is my second bad experience with the grooming department. The first time they called my dog vicious and wouldn't cut his nails. He's a chihuahua! They came at him with a muzzle while he was standing next to us and of course he was agitated and protective. I even went to a different store, at Tatum and Shea, because I thought they might have a better staff. I was wrong. I stopped in to see if they could do a nail trim for my dog. They whispered amoung themselves and said to each other " should we say no"? How unprofessional. They said they close at 5:30 and it was 4:45. Seriously, it takes less than 5 minutes to trim a dogs nails. They were just too lazy to do it. These people do not care about people or animals, just themselves. These groomers are not trained to handle dogs or customers. Accordng to the website, the grooming doesn't close until nine o'clock.

  7. Dear Sir,

    I got things for my "newly adopted baby" cat BUT there were some issue regarding that:
    TREATS # 1316471476 Thanks for shopping at: PetSmart #1221 1183 Berkshire Boulevard WYOMISSING, PA 19610-1244 610-396-3660 sale details SALE T-4962 C-101101 1221/101 Community Cashier #642512 10/30/2021 01:21 PM Receipt Valid Through 12/29/2021 item(s) purchased CAT HUT $24.99 Item #0073725792132 Reg Price $29.99 Treats Savings ($5.00) Return Price $24.99 each WC C STAINLESS BOWL $5.99 Item #0073725792071 Reg Price $5.99 Return Price $5.99 each DOG COLLAR $16.99 Item #0073725792734 Reg Price $16.99 Return Price $16.99 each EXQ C LITTER SCOOP $14.99 Item #0073725791490 Reg Price $14.99 Return Price $14.99 each WC C DOUBLE DINER BOW $9.99 Item #0073725773857 Reg Price $12.99 Treats Savings ($3.00) Return Price $9.99 each EXQ C MAT $7.99 Item #0073725791199 Reg Price $7.99 Return Price $7.99 each GC C PLASTIC CARRIER $19.99 Item #0073725774190 Reg Price $19.99 Return Price $19.99 each

    I was "forced" by the staff to get cheap plastic carrier ($20) since
    Two people in PetSmart refused to help me being nasty to me and they had no patience to serve me, especially the manager with the headphones, telling me I am not allowed to touch any pet carriers, because they are in nicely put in order on a shelves.

    I wanted pet carrier which cost $10 more ($30) Green top and opening is on top.
    The refused to put the pet carrier together forcing e to buy cheap one. I had a hand wrist surgery – and could not put together the box, but I just adopted a cat, and she has a vet appointment Nov 2nd. I needed a pet carrier.
    now I am stuck with ugly cheap pet carrier.
    The cashier was nasty too, but much better than a guy with head phones, he had red hair, skinny guy. I do not know the staff names. Sorry.

    My address is P.O. Box 298, reading PA 19602, Tel 1-610-330-7353.

    I wonder if Petco has better service. I am willing to return my pet carrier and exchange but wondering what kind of service I will get!!??


    Erica Hamilton

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