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  • Barclay’s Bank USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Barclay’s Bank USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. the worst customer service ever . Have spent hours and days on hold trying to straighten out fraudulent account opened up. You don't want to do business with them .

  2. BARCLAY is terrible customer service.. fraudulent charges and they are charging me for them — late fee on top of late fee and I have been fighting this for over a year.

  3. for the second time: I have on my card $3,070.00 and cannot access it as I am being told NO AVAILABLE CREDIT This makes no sense I have had Money such as this before and had no problem making purchases I need my money ! if you can't make this Happen I want the account closed and my money transferred To my Chase account checking I will send routing number and account number when I hear from you in a reply
    this is serious as I need my money to get out of debt, I don't believe That BARCLAYS has a right to hold my money hostage, Please see a resolution too my problem. hopefully I will get a response from you as secure messaging was never answered I sent 3 messages totally IGNORED, YES i KNOW THERE IS A VIRUS
    HAPPENING, STILL SHOULD BE ABLE TO TALK WITH SOMEONE 3 DAYS ON THE PHONE ON HOLD AND NO ANSWER? Please help ! I await your response Daniel Oshins card number 5148 8750 8075 5389 Phone number 760 832 8891 I hope this covers my concerns

  4. Tired of receiving multiple credit card offers for my wife and myself. I will start shredding them since you do not read the notes I send back in the prepaid mailing envelopes.

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