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  • Captain D’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Captain D’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Captain D’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

624 Grassmere Park Drive
Suite 30
Nashville, TN  37211
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-391-5461
Customer Service Number: 1-800-314-4819


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  1. In your parking lot in Ruston,LA, my husband cut himself on our car door edge . He is on blood thinners and began to bleed profusely from his leg. Several of your employees saw our predicament as they were just opening the restaurant for the day. out they came with paper towels etc and such kindness and concern. They directed us to a nearby urgent care clinic and even wrapped our car seat and his leg in trash bags because there was so much blood. We are elderly and I don't know how we would have managed without their help. I hope somehow your corporate office can recognize these women for rising above and beyond! As an aside I spent five years in England as a teenager and loved fish and chip shops! your product reminds of them so much specially with the malt vinegar!

  2. We had not been to Captain D's at 350 Tanger BLVD for a while so decided to stop and patronize them today. It was a big mistake I will not make again. The team (if you can call them that) had to be told we were at the counter waiting, messed up our order, (Twice) overcharged us and for all intensive purposes seemed like it was their first day with no training. This had to be one of the worst dining experiences I have endured. It simply means that I will not eat at Captain D's again. It would have served them better to just have stayed closed today than to have exasperated so many customers and driven people away. I can't recommend them and will tell people to go elsewhere.

  3. It is IMPOSSIBLE to reach a Captains Ds in Jacksonville, FL. The delivery services have taken over all of the Captains Ds local telephone numbers so cannot get a telephone number online. So ridiculous and frustrating that now we have lost our appetite for Captain Ds. Thank you Corp Management!

  4. The captain d's on gray highway in Macon, Ga has alot of issues. I went there yesterday and was told that there was a 25 minute wait on my food and there was no one in line. I have also been there on several occasions and was told that they were not serving food because they did not have enough help. They are not very nice or professional. You need to close this store if they dont want to serve your customers or get better help so us people that like the food can go there

  5. We have always enjoyed Captain D's however we won't ever eat there again we ordered through the drive thru a fish dinner and lobster rolls. it was horrible it tasted old wasn't hot and I think it had been prepared hours before, a waste of money, if you're trying to lose customers you're doing a good job of it because we won't eat there again

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