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  1. I used to LOVE LJS. That was until my trip today! I went to the LJS on Garner Rd. in Spartanburg SC. I had to go through the Drive Thru because the dining room was closed. I guess they can't get enough workers. I ordered 2 #12 with fries and cole slaw and a #6 with fries and rice. My bill was $34…. We were then told to pull forward and our food would be brought out to us. When our food was brought out, we immediately checked our order. Not one fry was put in our meals. So I had to go through the drive-through again and let them know. They did give us our fries. When we started to eat (yes, we was eating in the car) we didn't get a fork or spoon to eat our cole slaw nor did we get napkins. With as much grease that this food had, we DEFINITELY needed napkins. The chicken was almost burned and didn’t have a taste at all! I understand that supplies are scarce, but this was just the WORST food ever! The food didn't even remotely look like what the menu showed nor did it look like the food from before! I understand that the prices of everything has gone up, but the quality of the food should have stayed the same! Also, in the South, we use terms of endearment all the time, but it is extremely unprofessional for the drive-through cashier to be calling everyone "Baby"! I have gone in food service long enough to know that if I was managing this particular store, I would make sure everyone was trained to do the job they were hired for and the food would be much better!

  2. I visited the only LJS we have left in town today for lunch. First of all, I could not understand the girl through the drive-through speaker and she got 'smart' with me and mimicked me. After waiting about 12 minutes for the two cars in front of me, I got to the window. I had a coupon that was for 2.99 for two pieces of chicken. The cashier told me my total was $3.70. I reminded them that I had the coupon and with %6 sales tax that would be $3.17. He responded that the prices had gone up. I told him "yes, but I have a coupon. He closed the window and got someone else to the register. after a few minutes, my total was $3.17. The crew there is slow, rude and argumentative. there is a sign in the window that help is needed at that site and I agree! The service is terrible. The store number is #31036. Thank you for your time!
    Kathy Bierley Erie, PA

  3. I went thru the drive thru at the store in OKC. 7609 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73139. There were two cars in front of me and all total was a 30 minute wait in line. While I was waiting I counted the number of customers they lost. in 30 minutes 8 customers either saw the line and got out or placed their order and got tired of the wait and left. I mentioned this to the drive thru attendant and she replied…"Oh Well". I had ordered an L2 and good thing I checked cause I got two fish, 1 chicken and fries and hush puppies. I had to honk my horn profusely to get her attention and when I did and ecplained what I got and what I ordered..She coped an additude saying she knows what an L2 is. Obviously she didn't or my order would have been correct. I've notice the drive thru is always backed up and several times I've pulled thru and went somewhere else due to the long wait. The food quality was good when I got is…but 3 cars and 30 minutes seems excessive and it's always a wait this long. I think Corporate should investigate this store. They could be making much more money that they are.

  4. Went to the store on rock road in Wichita Kansas. Absolutely filthy. floors, counters, the sauce dispensers, even the order numbers and stands were filthy. Asked for tartar sauce. Never got any. Husband complained to manager. She could have cared less. We usually visit the stores on the West side and never had any of these issues. Won't come back to this store.

  5. Beware…the LJS located in Adelanto, CA does not accept LJS gift cards, only cash or credit card. Per the manager at this Franchise location, his payment terminal is not set up to accept gift cards only credit cards. When it was suggested to him that he update his payment methods/machine he shrugged as to say "who cares"? What is the purpose of selling/buying LJS gift cards if they cannot be used? And this is the only LJS within a 50 mile radius of my home.

  6. Long John Silvers Fayetteville NC. This LJS Is a dishonor to LJS.
    They do not honor the LJS gift cards or coupons and just went there and the chicken planks LJS is known for was a chicken tender like you buy in the frozen food section of a grocery store. If you have the LJS name then sell food like the original and honor the gift cards and coupons.

  7. My wife and I are frequent patrons of the Springboro Ohio location and find is somewhat pleasantas well as we find the staff friendly. How ever the attire of the employees doesn't reflect a professional image. We do however enjoy the food even though the fish needs to be blotted before eating it to remove the excess cooking oil. On our most recent visit, we both tried the "Beer Battered Cod" and found it to be most flavorful .
    We were told that this item is only available on a limited which is disappointing and we hope that you would give serious consideration to making it a regular-offered item on your menu, Dave & Bev C.

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