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  1. First of all I would like to say I am a professional server over 25yrs fine dining. Needed to support my family trying to work two jobs so I had an interview with a new GM at brio in Las Vegas nv last week for day shift she gives me the job hands down. And says welcome aboard! Three days later I’m wondering why I didn’t receive the email or phone call she said to wait until I hear from her. So I ended up calling her she then tells me I cannot use you. I was shocked hearing this. So I went on to ask why she said to me we are no longer hiring? I said to her but you did hire me and now no other reasons as to why her name is reseller. She also stated to me that she was just promoted as a GM. shame on her my opinion she is very unprofessional and her demeanor is poor just for the record I use to work for bravo brio..back in 2014. In Chicago Illinois.

  2. To whom it may concern:
    I’d like to tell you how offensive your ad is to me! A few weeks ago this ad popped up on my ipad, caught my eye (as it was designed to do), and I told my husband this appealed to me (being seniors, we do not often venture out without an attractive offer) .
    I proceeded to call some friends describing this offer and they readily set up a date with us!
    We went to our local brio, looking forward to a pleasant evening out, and were very embarrassed to be told their
    Restaurant did not honor this offer.
    When I returned home and revisited the advertisement, I noticed, in very small print, that my “local” brio restaurant is located in rancho cucamonga. Are you kidding me? Have you any idea where this city is located? Would I drive there to save ten dollars….At today’s gas prices, I think not!
    Shame on you for trying to deceive the public…..Catching their attention with your catchy ad, to find it is only valid at one location, but then capturing folks to remain at that location and ordering off the menu at regular prices. This should be classified as false advertising.

    I remain, as always,

    Edith Birken

  3. Today I went to Brio 24325 Cedar Road Beachwood ohio 44124 at Legacy Village. I have been dining at Brio for over 15 years. I have always had the best costumer service. WELL today I encounter a manager by the name of Dayana. She wasn't at all accommodating and very dismissive. I order from Brio to go almost once a week. Last week I order Lamb chop and chop salad I ask for them NOT to put Olives on my salad (I am allergic). I told for very nice gentlemen that I had Olives on my salad; he took the salad back and about 3-4 minutes later he appeared with my salad. I got home and whomever in the kitchen took the Olives off they could see but didn't realized there were other Olives still in my salad; Needless to say; I had to dispose of my salad because again I'm Allergic. So; instead of calling I said; I will be back up there next week. I order the same Lamb chops and chop salad NO Olives when I order this I told the lady on the phone what happen last time but I knew when I got there to pick up my salad I would tell the manager; to my disbelief I was actually talking to the manager. When I asked for the manager Dayana came out and told me she took my order. She went on the tell they were training new people and they let some people go ( This is not the concern of the costumer). She never offered to discount my meal; offer me another salad and when I asked her why. She said that was last week and we don't do that. Let me first explain I am Family Nurse Practitioner and one of reason I wanted them to know this situation could have been fatal. You can't just remove the food once it touched of food; this could have been anaphylaxis reactions. How ever it wasn't but the fact that the manager of the store never one time tired to accommodate in kind of way. Very poor costumer services

  4. I had such a disappointing Experience at your Brio restaurant in Southlake Texas. On Friday I called and made a reservation for nine people. We were having an international family reunion. 15 minutes before our appointed time I got a call from the restaurant that they would not honor our reservation. Someone in our party got online and made a reservation at that restaurant for 15 minutes later. We avoided disaster. When the personnel at the restaurant were asked about the situation they gleefully responded they just couldn’t accommodate the phoned in reservation! Really left a terrible taste in our mouths which is not good for a restaurant!

  5. March 20, 2015 at 7:30PM Brio at Int'l Plaza Tampa, FL
    I wanted to let you know that your team (Chef Nicky, Server Paola, and Manager Ihisha) went way above an beyond to make me and my husband's dining experience unforgettable! I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and it is often difficult to find restaurants that offer gluten-free options. While you offer several wonderful GF options I really had my heart set on Risotto. When I inquired if a Risotto could be prepared GF Chef Nicky came out to meet with me personally to create something to meet my dietary needs. Ihisha stopped by to make sure I was happy, as did Paola several times.
    I have always loved this restaurant and I cannot say enough good things about it, and it's wonderful staff!! Customer for life : ) Leigh G.

  6. I had my dad's 80th birthday party at the Brio in Palm Beach Gardens and it was great. The manager, Tyson was great to work with. He was very accommodating and Jeff and Chris, awesome waiters, were the best. All my guests complimented on the service and the delicious food, both of which exceeded my expectations. I actually had a fun time planning my event so thank you Tyson, Jeff, Chris and Brio. I would recommend this place hands down!!


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