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Shoney’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Shoney’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

1717 Elm Hill Pike, Ste. B-1
Nashville, TN 37210
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-391-5395
Fax: 615-231-2604
Customer Service Number: 1-615-231-2333
Website: Shoneys.com


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  1. Sorry about horrible food procedures at times are not followed and there are times our staff drops the ball without making excuses , but valued customers have to wake us up to these terrible events and we do apologize our homestyle meatloaf done correctly as you know is of much higher quality the you must have experirnce and the lack of service by our staff has no excuse other than we need to show up in that unit and make a difference again I apologize for that. We willfix the problem and contavt you back after operations has done their part and at that time we would like tom invite you back to our locations Thank you for your feedback

  2. I want to know why the Shoney's in Fayetteville, NC closed down? Even worse, they moved to Lumberton, NC; a little "one-horse" town that's about a quarter the size of Fayetteville. From a profit-making viewpoint, this move made no sense whatsoever. I don't know who's responsible for the decision making process at Shoney's but whoever it is, they need their head examined for making such a BONEHEAD so-called "decision" as this.

    1. I dont think we actually owned the building in fayettevill and in lumberton its our land and building. we could not come to a profitavle agreement with landlord no it was not profitable to pay 60 % revenue to that site like this its ours and we dont have to over charge our guest for property we dont own and we can pay our employees a little more we dont normally devulge that type of information to outsiders but in this cause you being a loyal and concerned customer we will answer for the business decision made.. We as a company thought even will less traffic we were better off. the rent was higher then mall rent and we paid all his bill taxes ect…

  3. LOOK IF IT TAKES EVERY OUNCE OF ENERGY I WILL EXPOSE THIS COMPANY ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA FORUM AND IN EVERY WAY I CAN. SOME OF THE COMPLAINTS ABOVE WERE HUMOROUS AND OTHERS ARE TO THE POINT HONEST. HERE IS MY Situation, I ate at Shoney's 2 days ago. One or Two things happened. 1.Someone at Shoney's put something in my food or 2.food poisoning… Either way I got really SICK: vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, headaches and nausea. As I recounter this incident prior to my illness, the staff was unusually nice (the manager, the cook and 2 waitresses). They kept asking me "was everything ok?" That should have been the red flag for me. The last red flag was after the buffet, I paid for my food in cash but the manager GABY deliberately did not give me my receipt. NO PROBLEM GOD GOT HER RECEIPT AND THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR PUTTING STUFF IN MY FOOD PURE EVIL. The food at the buffet spelled food negligence. The green beans were mushy and tasted like metal. The greens were nasty too and below the health dept code temperature setting for serving food. It was ALL TOTALLY NASTY. I would not recommend any one to eat there…unless you were my worst enemy (go ahead feel free to eat your heart out). Maybe that's who set me up my worst enemy. No problem you day is on the horizon.

    1. are you ok is my first question my second question is do you have names
      lastly i want apologize and ask did you seek medical attention and if so can you provide the information for when and where and allow us too make a determination of any problems that may have existed if any on our behalf and i would like to apologize for any inappropriate behavior we may have displayed in advance as a friendly gesture during your bad day you were having with all respect,

    2. Sound like you really had a horrible experience , I not sure what you mean when you say you got her receipt.do you mean you kept the guest check and if so how did she ring you up with out that number can you describe the process your referring to it sound like something more was going on I apologize for your experience can you assist me thouogh in resolving this issue you said her name was gabby also what time were you there?

  4. 02/25/2018
    shoney's in west menphis

    my wife an I we stop there to eat with my two kids one 9 years old ,and my 2 years old girl.my 9 years old didn't eat anything because she did not like the food there so she order just a smooty.wich was nasty .after we have are bill ,told the cash register.my daughter she not eat.we spoke to the manager ,she said it .one child can eat with the mother (2 years old )wich was ok ,but she still has to charge me for my 9 years old girl …even I told her server times she not eat any food.she refuse to take off charge off my bill.
    overall the food was not great.nothing was cook right.i will not ever stop there anymore first time and last time .
    eat one time in fort smith Arkansas back in 1993 food back them was great .
    will never do this again

    manager was not a good person to deal have a nasty attitude
    such a horrible place!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I will not be returning to Shoneys for employment. I cannot get over how rude the manager Dan was to me. He accused me of hating it there and all I was doing was listening and trying to learn. I was enjoying myself and had zero complaints from anyone. He ruined the whole experience for me and I'm looking for a job where I can stay.
    The whole situation was about what I look like not what I was doing. I am extremely offended. He was very rude and not apologetic at all. If this is indicative of how Shoneys is run then I definitely don't want to be part of it. I can't help what I look like when I'm thinking and concentrating. I have been waiting tables for over 20 yrs. I'm good at it and could have been an asset to your company. Again it is not right to discriminate against people because of their looks. I'm a very happy person wether or not he thinks so.

    1. I wish we could say the same about our complaint volume if we were able to keep employees that have your record with customers we as a company would have exceeded guest expectations its obviou that someone thought enough of your impeccable record and yourself that they thought we would be of more value with you added to our staff. im sorry that we missed the boat when we hired your management team and forgot to tell him aor her about the rules our company jas for dignity and respect and the treatment of others we failed you but we wont forget to remind your manager of the consequences of devaluing company assets treating you that way is a definite no answer you will be hearing from someone soon while ending this thought i would like to add we also have uniform policy and bringing a smile to work and maintaining that part of the uniform code is also one of our policies along with proper attire and professional behavior as a reminder something we ask of all employees no one employee is allowed to work inside the facility any other way and i feel confident based on tyour description of how you look the attire and smile were present and you were focused on doing your part and its understandable as long as our guess feel invited as body language can speak volumes to the guest without our deliberate intentions of doing so one way or the other. I remind you of these things because every story has two sides and sometimes during uncomfortable situations we dont grasp the whole picture . So this is not a reprimand but a reminder so if any part of your uniform was not in order you might refresh your memory and let me know now because I do not take the respect and dignity of an employee being violated lightly. I just want to know if this was a uniform issue

    2. in addition to the earlier reply we do have an employee hot line for matters like yours please use that line for future employee issues this line is seoerate for customer feedback

  6. On 1/17/2017 I went to shoney's in Elizabethtown, Ky for dinner while I was there the chair I was sitting in broke and I fell and hit my head hurt my knee and I am sore all over I filled out a accident report and ask for a copy I was told they couldn't give me a copy per there general manager. I wanted a report for my ins. if I need it. I think I should be able to have a copy of report. I don't want to have to get a lawyer to handle this wrong done to me .

    Georgia Galutz

    1. we cant give you a copy due to being out of paper. we can furnish you with a phone number the unit number and someone will reachout to you. any other answers are above my paygrade is what you should have been told. i am sorry you fell or the chair calasped if you need too seek medical attention you should do so the chair couls have a manufacturing defect but that is something someone else in the company and adjusters must determine i am sorry for the length of time it has taken for a response. we are self insured company therefore this will be handled internally. again I apologize but the ceo /presidemt of operations has been on vacation

  7. When our three children were young, Shoney's "Big Boy" in Harrisburg, PA, was our favorite place to go to celebrate everything. It closed down right after our children all went off to college. So when we found a Shoney's here in Nashville, TN, we were so excited. What a disappointment. We ordered the buffet. There were only 5 pieces of chicken when we started–mostly dry wings and two thighs. Nothing was added. The fish was hard and dry. Most of the items looked like then had been sitting all day and tasted mushy. There was plenty of meatloaf that looked bad and tasted worse. When we paid our bill and shared our disappointment, we were asked to please share this with corporate as they (the staff) have tried and have been ignored. Although they realized how bad it was, we still paid full price and received only sympathy. No, we do not want a gift certificate to go back there–that would be a punishment.

    1. well that explains why our staff doesn't rotate and hydrate food basically they are the part of the company that should fix this. they are corporate when it comes to that. thats totally unacceptable to think the president of the company has the responsibility to prep or cook the food. ur you as our guest have come to the right person that can hire the staff you need and train them to give you what you pay foe by any chance did you get names

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