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  1. An hour or so ago I had 'brunch' at your store #1824. When I entered, a very nice woman greeted and seated me and brought me water. I decided what I wanted to eat and waited. And waited. And finally turned around to the 'order machine' behind me, next to the kitchen door, and asked the conclave of wait staff, 4 or 5 people talking, if they could find me a waiter or waitress. A very nice man tripped all over himself to help me but was 'replaced' by a young woman. So, I was unhappy from this time on. As I ate my meal, I noticed on two different occasions, parties who had come in and had to stand at the edge of the foyer waiting to be seated. And they waited. Get the picture? I had ordered milk when I ordered my meal and I had to flag down my waitress to 'remind' her I ordered it. Then, at the conclusion, the bill arrived and the milk wasn't on it! I had to point it out and she corrected it. I don't know if this is a franchise the manager (who was there) owns or not but the name "IHOP" is on the outside of the building and advertises your organization. This restaurant represented your organization and the "IHOP" name very poorly. The young employees desperately need Customer Service training.

  2. I know that this might seem petty but I don't like the name IHOP. As a person with a disability, the name is degrading, making fun of people with a disability is in poor taste. So sick of people saying you must work for IHOP or get a job at IHOP. American with Disabilities could have a great lawsuit against you just because you want to the acronym.

  3. Today I went to IHOP store# 3039, that is in Phoenix, Arizona. I was charged twice for my meal. There were two separate transactions on my debit card. Not sure this is good business practice to charge customers twice on one bill?

  4. Today I had breakfast at the IHOP on 24st and Baseline in Phoenix, Arizona. The store number is 3039. Breakfast was great. Our server's name was Martin. The place was packed and Martin ensured he delivered quality service to our table. Service was great, food was great. The only issue I had was when I went to check out. The host might have stepped away for an instance to seat other customers. So I had waited to check out. I believe my server seen me waiting so he step in an tended to me with checking out. I paid using my debit card. I don't usually have any issues paying with my debit card. Today was different. When I left IHOP I received notice from my bank that two separate transactions were charged to my card. One charge for the food and a second transaction for the a tip??? I have never had this happen before so I called the store manager to help me sort this out. The managers name was Carlos. He got on the phone and we discuss that he would remove the charge. He also mention he would speak to the server and the hostess about double charging. This seems very odd. Why would any customer be charged twice???

  5. I live in Kokomo, Indiana and go to the IHop here. It is poorly run that it's lost most of it's business. I've done Mystery Shopping in the past and I would rate it a D. Floors dirty tables not cleaned off and it takes forever to get waited on. I hate to see IHOP go away just because it is run so badly.

  6. My daughter just go a job with IHOP a few weeks ago and was told that she would have to work one day of each weekend. it was even on her paper work that she would have to work "Saturday or Sunday". No the manager is saying that she has to work every weekend and when my daughter told her about the paper work the manager scratched through the "or". My family will NEVER eat at an IHOP again. You have to allow those who wish to go to church to go to church. Searching for a lawyer now.

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