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Dunkin Donuts Corporate Office Phone Number

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  1. Do not patronize the New York, long Island Dunkin Donuts located at 2813 Jerusalem Ave in North Bellmore. On 01/15/22 at 9pm I went into the drive-through, sat at the menu board for a few minutes with no response, I then drove up to the window where the manager gave me an attitude and would not take my order until I drove back around to the menu board. There were no other cars in the drive-through, the location is run down, no clear pavement marking and limited lights making it difficult to tell where to order! EVEN WORSE when I asked for the managers information, the other employee refused and gave me attitude. I will never patronize this establishment and I hope that Dunkin Donuts corporate deals with this situation efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner.

  2. I live in Goshen NY. I am a regular customer at the Dunkin Donuts in Chester, NY because Im not a fan of the attitude I get at the Goshen store. When I go through the drive thru, I usually order a half cup of whipped cream(i ask them for the smallest coffee cup with a dab of whipped cream). If they put the cost on my bill, I dont have a problem with that. Today the girl at the counter told the young man that took my order" Tell her this isnt a whipped cream store. (very rude) Im not happy right now. These kids have been rude to other customers that i have spoken to.

  3. went to Dunkin donuts in South Amboy NJ. The workers where extremely unprofessional. They messed up our order and when we finally convinced them to correct it, they dumped out the drink, rinsed the cup and reused it.

  4. dunkin donuts washington st taunton ma ..use to love them still somewhat do rarely mess up my coffee usually timely but almost all employees always look miserable or talking about other co workers except in afternoon small blonde girl freckles and brunette with big hair when they're on together always see them two smiling and making every customer at least crack a grin!

  5. The Dunkin Donuts 1196 Lisbon Street LEwiston Maine The Staff Is Very Rude nd Always Throwing things At Other Coworkers. Saying Very Rude Comments About Other Coworkers And There Manager !! Always Giving ME Wrong Order Will NEVER GO BACK

  6. Former Employee of Dunkin Donuts (211 West Adams, Chicago, Illinois). I Enjoyed My Job in the Beginning, Until I Tried to Deposit My Check Into My Bank Account (Bank of America). I Never Received This Check. Claims Took My Check and Ensures that the Check I Received was a Fraud Check. I Went to the OWNER of the Dunkin Donuts (75 EAST WASHINGTON , Chicago, Illinois) and Was Only Told It's Not a Fraud Check and That He Would Not be Making Me Another.

    A Very Nice Bank of America Customer Service Rep. Ensured that He Would Help Me Get to the Bottom of the Situation, but I would need the Owner to Write/Sign a Letter Ensuring that He Knows about the Situation and that the Account is His and that the Check is NOT Fraud.

    The Owner took WEEKS to Have this Letter Typed and Signed.

    Because I Didn't Have the Money to Maintain Myself Coming to Work. My Hours and Days were Cut. They Took Money Out of My Check for Clocking In with My Coat On (Something I was Not Aware of Until a Manager Informed Me). Which has Put Me Into Debt with Others and Also I've Lost This Job because of This.

    They Do Not Care for Their Employees. I Have Been Stressed Ever Since September Because of This Trying to Find a Way to Provide for My 2 Year Old Daughter, Find Ways to Get to Work (Rather I Had a Way Home or Not; Which I HAVE asked Co Workers, Managers and The Owner Gave Me 10.00 That I Had to Return or I Wouldn't Receive My Work Check) and Continue to Pay Rent.

    I'm More Happy Now Being Unemployed from This Franchise, Than I Ever was Working for Them.

    I'm Still Trying to Receive this Check and Do Not Know how to Go about This Situation. I'm More So Asking HOW Can This Get Resolved?

    1. Also as a Result of The Office Taking Weeks to Write the Letter Claims Stated There is Nothing They Can Do, Adviced Me to Makea Police Report and I Just Dont Want to Take That Route. I'm Hoping Someone Can Help Me with Advice on How to Resolve This Issue.

  7. I own four acres of land along a very busy four lane highway Nearest Dunkin Donuts is 12 miles away and it is so backed up it takes 25 minutes to go through the drive in window I am interested in having a Dunkin Donuts restaurant Built on my property How do I go about having it done My phone number is 570-898-5732 Or my email address is jhonecker1024@yahoo.com. thank you
    JAMES HONECKER 5191rt 61 Paxinos Pa 17860

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