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United Healthcare corporate office is located in Minnetonka, Minnesota. As a division of UnitedHealth Group, it’s one of the largest healthcare companies in the United States, offering a wide range of health insurance products and health-related services. This post provides comprehensive details about UnitedHealthcare, highlighting their corporate address, contact information, and an overview of the company’s services and impact on healthcare.

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UHC Corporate Office – An Overview

UnitedHealthcare Corporate Office

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UnitedHealthcare’s Role in the Health Insurance Industry

UnitedHealthcare offers a broad spectrum of health insurance products and services to meet the needs of individuals, families, and employers. These include various health insurance plans, Medicare and Medicaid products, and health management services. Known for its commitment to improving access to quality care, UnitedHealthcare plays a crucial role in the American healthcare system.

The Competitive Landscape of Health Insurance and UnitedHealthcare’s Position

In the competitive health insurance market, UnitedHealthcare competes with other major insurers like Banner Health, Anthem, Humana, Cigna, and Aetna. UnitedHealthcare differentiates itself with its extensive network of healthcare providers, innovative health and wellness programs, and a focus on personalized healthcare solutions. The company’s data-driven approach to healthcare, along with its emphasis on preventive care and patient outcomes, positions it as a leader in the health insurance sector. Other competition for staying healthy includes WW.

UnitedHealthcare’s Dedication to Innovation and Customer Care

UnitedHealthcare is committed to innovation in the healthcare industry, continually developing new ways to improve patient care, enhance efficiency, and manage healthcare costs. The company invests in technology to streamline the healthcare experience for its members and providers, including digital health tools and telehealth services. UnitedHealthcare’s focus on customer care is evident in its efforts to provide accessible, high-quality healthcare services and resources.

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Sharing Your Experience with UnitedHealthcare

We welcome your insights and experiences with UnitedHealthcare’s insurance products, services, and customer support. Your feedback helps others gain a better understanding of the company’s operations and its commitment to advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

United Healthcare Absolute Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Encountered

January 12, 2024

My family is insured with United Healthcare with FedEx Corporation. We were switched to UNited Healthcare several years ago from Anthem BC. Each year, we go through re-enrollment with paperwork claiming “it’s easy to enroll, just go to … site”, leading you down a rabbit hole of wrong choices and impossible log ins. If you are a member who’s not the employee (as in my case, being the spouse of the employee), and also the person who handles the paperwork and technical issues involved in such enrollment, you will not be allowed to proceed without his/her presence. Therefore, you have to arrange a specified time to pass through the identity criteria and get permission to continue. That is understandable and may seem minor, but when your spouse is an overnight driver, it impedes on his rest time (which happens to be during the day hours) therefore disrupting his necessary sleep to perform his duties. Once it is established that we are who we say we are and I’m able to log in to the correct site, if I have to look away for a few minutes, the system will log me out, and I have to go through the whole process again rather than UHC making it possible for me to log in without disturbing my spouse. This past enrollment, we had questions about some of the options and about an option that we had erroneously enrolled in for 2023, so I called the one and only number we have available to us on our membership card for a “care advocate.” Once I’ve gone through the identifying process with whomever takes my call, I’m again told they cannot speak to me but need to speak to my spouse, the employee. Again, I have to get him on the phone so they can hear him say, “yes, you have permission to discuss any and all issues with my spouse”. Then only can I have a conversation with said advocate, and we make it clear to note our account/case/file/etc. that I have all authority to discuss MY benefits. That’s just the beginning of the issues.

My first call was placed in October 2023. I was told our assigned care advocate was not available by the first person I initially spoke to. This person only gave a first name, listened to my questions, and continually put me on hold every few minutes to “research”. This went on for two hours until we were somehow disconnected. I immediately called back, had get my spouse on the phone again to give permission to speak with me although we’d just done that two hours earlier, go through the entire shpiel again, and again was put on hold numerous times. After this run around and getting another associate on the line to assist, I was told a case had been created and our care advocate would contact me within two days. Weeks went by so I called again, and it was as if I was calling again for the first time. After having to disrupt my spouse, the person who took my call did the same routine of putting me on hold, transferring to another associate, and provided me with no answers but again, stated a case was created and my care advocate would call back. Enrollment was nearing the cut off so I insisted that someone note our issues and call me back if our advocate continued to be unavailable. The third time, we repeated the entire process and this person put another associate on the line so my spouse, myself, and two associates were on a four-way call, with the associate reading point by point our enrollment choices. I was on the computer and logged in during the process so was able to print out the confirmation enrollment page. The other issue we were trying to get resolved was the error of being enrolled in a dependent care spending account in 2023 which my spouse had funded throughout the entire year with a balance of $3426.46. Neither associate could tell us what needed to be done to have those funds refunded our rolled over into our health spending account. We were told that a case was created for the enrollment department to handle it and we’d get a call back in the next few days. With the holidays approaching, we weren’t surprised or alarmed that we in fact did not receive any call back; however, we believed that it would be handled and eventually resolved.

This week, Monday, January 1, I took my son to the doctor. When we gave the receptionist our insurance card (which arrived in the mail last week). She ran the card and said it was declined as ineligible. She tried another way to enter the information and printed off a form stating our insurance was not valid. We left the doctor’s office without being seen, and immediately, my spouse and I called the number again. We spoke to two associates in two departments who both seemed like they had no clue as to why our insurance was canceled. They both gave the very seem answer as in previous conversations–case created, care advocate would follow up. I stressed that our son is sick with the flu, missing classes, and needed medical attention immediately. With their apologies, they ensured us we would hear back within 24 hours. Of course, no one called us. I spent over two hours on the phone with three different people yesterday, and again, today, over one and half hours. I asked for upper management, I asked for names, phone numbers, emails, etc. and was met with repetitive non-accountable answers, like “we don’t know,” “we don’t have that information,” and “we can’t give that information out.” When I put pressure on both associates who were on the line, I was hung up on.

During the course of the week, I was told our case numbers weren’t in their system, one told me she found them in the “old app,” one said our case had to do with life insurance (which was a lie), another said it was pending the action of enrollment, and finally, one told me the name of someone who noted our account back in November as “canceled in error.” He said our coverage was terminated November 4, but he could not tell us who terminated it.

Right now, United Healthcare ChooseWell whatever whoever owes us the money we’ve paid for insurance coverage that they canceled since November 4, 2023, and $3426.46 we’ve paid into an erroneous account for dependent care (which we would never have chosen since we don’t need dependent care for our 16-year old son). I do not intend to let this slip through their cracks. This company is lacking customer service in the very worst of ways and should be held accountable for their incompetence.


United Health Care Main Office - 1 hour 34 minutes Hold For Customer Service

January 5, 2024

That is how long I was on the phone trying to resolve why 70% of the physician names they gave me did not accept UHC or did not have the location listed! The third world representative put me on hold several times, promised to call the next day to resolve problems (never did) and when I asked to take the survey at the end she put me on hold, never came back on, and never connected me to the survey. She could not understand English/or the problem regarding the completely wrong physician list! 1 hour, 34 minutes


United Healthcare Service Issue

January 30, 2024

A person in my family had a procedure over four and a half months ago. United Healthcare takes our premiums timely, but then defers, delays, and denies claims for no valid reason. Brian Thompson, CEO and his team, and United Healthcare’s Board of Directors and their families would never put up with what United Healthcare and the provider have put our family through over the last four and a half months. It’s very apparent that the Board and management only care about financial results and could care less about its customers and patients. I know Brian Thompson was from PWC, so he probably is well aware of incompetence and inefficiencies, yet he, his team, and the Board can’t even see the incredible incompetence and inefficiencies within their organization. I fully expect that no one from United Healthcare’s corporate office will reach out to me, as it’s so evident that the organization truly doesn’t care about its service or fulfilling the contract that it enters into with customers, but rather is only interested in getting the premiums. It’s very sad what United Healthcare has become and the negative impact United Healthcare has had on the healthcare in our country.


Upset with United Healthcare and Modivcare

January 26, 2024

I am highly upset with United Healthcare and Modivcare!

United Healthcare and Modivcare is not in charge of medicaid or medicare these programs are run by the federal government and Unitedhealth care promised that same day appointments for food pantries and grocery store appointments they are not honoring the needs of the clients and people need help now and not later I scheduled my appointment to go the food pantry that I was recommended to from Petersburg housing authority and this is the only transportation I have to get this food pantry on Monday I don’t drive and the buses doesn’t go to Chesterfield and since it is not being honor ill will make a complaint to

Kim Taylor Governor Glenn Youngkin and Senator Tim Kaine.


United Healthcare Customer Service Representative Issue

January 25, 2024

I can’t understand the customer service rep!

They just keep giving me the run-around and are not interested in helping me with a claim 3 months old

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