Humana Corporate Office Headquarters

Humana Corporate Office Headquarters
500 West Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-502-580-1000
Fax Number: 1-502-580-3639
Customer Service Number: 1-800-448-6262

  • What exactly does auto refill mean. According to Humana it must mean that you have to call in each and every time you have medications you need that are already on auto refill.

  • I am so frustrated with Humana. I will be writing to the address above. They refuse to let me speak to someone on shore, even though the person who initially answers the phone in on shore. They consistently tell me to call another number, or say that they will "escalate for you". Then, they still adjudicate the claim the exact same way. I am so over this insurance company. Now Michigan State University is using them for their retirees and since we are next door to the university, we feel obligated to take this insurance. I plan on keeping a well documented paper trail on their claims and forwarding it to the university since they are self funded and need to take some responsibility for this disaster.

  • I am about fed up with Humana. I have been a provider for years but the last two years customer service is horrible. I cannot get answers as to why I am not getting paid on certain dates of service. I was told that they won't pay me 90837 but I was paid for 90837 on 3 of the 6 sessions on the same form. On yet another claim I was told that it was denied because it was not legible. It was printed through a program on the computer. It could not be any clearer. I understand why so many providers do not want to take Humana.

  • customer Service rep by the name of Reem very rude over the phone. disconnecting while I am speaking and telling me to "relax" I've been requesting a fax referral due for 2 days. Unacceptable!!!!! on hold for more than 15 min just to speak with a supervisor.

  • To the CEO of Humana why do you really have to charge so much for Health Insurance?I am not a fool and i was not born yesterday nor did i fall off the turnip truck.I do know that you and all the other companies have made Billions of dollars off us hard working people and i know you have had to pay out sum also but not even half of what you have made over the years.An i do know that all the CEO,S and all the managers get nice tidy bonus evry year or may be even twice a year.And that your bonus is more money then most people make in a year.So why can,t you come down on your prices so peole can afford a coverage for them self or for their family,s hey i am old and disabled and i do not even make 13,000 a year so i get help from the state with my insurance but they are talking about cutting they state aide to help people with Insurance this leaves familys out in the cold and elderly and the disabled out in the cold with out.Why can,t you guys just stop being so darn greedy and give back to the people for a change?

  • There is no doubt that Humana has a lot to learn when it comes to Customer Service. When I made my Medicare selection my Physician was reluctant to accept me due to Humana's payment issues. When I urgently needed a referral it took nearly two weeks to get approval to see a specialist. I believe I will go back to United Health Care through AARP for 2018. I believe my primary care physician will be happy about that.

  • Contacting Humana is a joke, this is the sorriest Insurance company ever. The ones in the Philippines DO NOT UNDERSTAND AMERICANS and DO NOT KNOW THIER JOB!! I am with a Providers office and can't get anyone who knows anything!! Maybe our Dr's will DROP taking Humana Insurance since we can't get claims paid. VERY UNSATISIFIED


  • I have one problem with Humana they will not stop calling. I have called main office and put myself on no call list and has not done no good. I have asked them to stop calling when they call. If they was anywhere else to call. I would.

  • Customer service is lousy …. called to check on a scrip that was marked delayed on your website, after being on hold for at least 15 minutes a agent answered, he asked my problem and I told him. He asked me to hold for a second while he closed out his last customer and left. He finally came back at least 10 minutes later !! I said "I can't believe this" he hung up. I called back, got another agent … she answered my question right away. I told her what happened with my last call and asked for a supervisor, she said hold on I'll get one. She came back on the line a few minutes later stating that she was still looking for one .. please hold. Yes, another 15 minutes and NO ONE came back on to address me …. what a frustrating experience to say the least. I do hope that my next experience is better, someone should look into this and correct it.

  • I ordered a refill of an existing prescription by phone on July 15th and was given a confirmation number. This was a drug which I now take in two different strengths – 10 mg. in the AM, 20 mg. in the PM. The refill was for the 10 mg. dosage.

    I checked on line on July 22nd and found they had arbitrarily changed the dosage of my order from 10 to 20 mg. I spoke with a "customer service rep" and the correct dosage was reordered. Then, for whatever reason, that was cancelled.

    Since I realized I would run out of pills by the time they processed, filled, and shipped it, they offered to "expedite the shipment" at a cost of $17 which I would have to pay! After I "blew my stack" at them, the supervisor agreed to waive that fee. How magnanimous of them – not charging me for their mistakes!

    They also offered me the opportunity to call the doctor, get an emergency prescription, take it to a pharmacy, and fill it there AT MY COST. Why should I have to pay extra for the meds when I am already paying Humana for a prescription plan that is supposed to cover the cost?

    Here we are on July 29th – 14 days after the original order was placed and I still have not received the pills, nor have they even been shipped. For the past 3 days, their website has stated:

    "Status: Filling
    Your order is in process. One of your Humana Pharmacy Pharmacists is currently filling your prescriptions. Your order will be shipped shortly."

    How long could it possibly take for a "Humana Pharmacy Pharmacist" to put 90 capsules into a bottle, put a label on it, and send it to be shipped to the patient?

    I have spent hours on the phone speaking with their employees – supervisors, customer service reps, pharmacy technicians, etc. My physician's office has responded to their multiple requests, both by fax and by phone.

    Zakia, a very kind, caring rep tried to have them reverse the claim, override it, and ship it to me ASAP, but they wouldn't permit that, claiming it was already in process and couldn't be reversed.

    Humana is truly the WORST Medicare D provider I have ever had! If I could switch in mid-year, I would. You can be certain I shall find another provider as soon as we reach the open enrollment period. It cannot come soon enough!

  • Humana off shore call center hinders patients and providers from getting their claims paid. With the new law in effect Humana offshore call centers refuse to transfer calls to the United States as dictated by Federal Law. Call center staff are poorly trained and poorly educated thus causing payment issues for providers and patients. It is impossible to get quality assistance with claims for patients. Thanks Monica

  • I have been trying to get my account taken care of with Humana and the Marketplace. I never took cover out with them. They are both putting blame on the other.I have my taxes being held for there error. Most everyone gave me there id. The manager I spoke with today did not give me her id. She said that she was unable to. I would like a call back. I think it is poor service that you can't talk to higher people to get this resolved. What is the point of a corporate office when you can't take to no one. Please reach out to me at (513) 317-5851. I expect a call from Humana Corporate in 48 hours to get this resolved. Thanks, Brittany

  • Continued from above…
    I am a 63 year young female who has a 40+ year work history in nursing here in Atlanta, GA who has been newly diagnosed with breast cancer. I need to have MRIs, scans along with seeing a medical oncologist, surgical oncologist, plastic surgeon and breast surgeon along with having a double mastectomy and any additional needed surgeries. I had to cancel my physician’s appointments because I did not have insurance information to provide the offices. I need to see these physicians in order to proceed with my recommended treatment. I am unable to have medical treatment because my Humana insurance that I applied for on 12/16/15 has not processed by Humana. I do not have the money to pay for these physician appointments up front.

    How much longer is Humana going to keep me from having continued medical treatments for my breast cancer? Would their corporate executives tolerate this treatment that I have received these past 14 days? No. They would have contacted processing department management to have their medical application processed immediately. They would have been provided with their insurance numbers so that day so that they could continue with their needed medical treatment/s.

    Of course, Humana is blaming the Marketplace for all Humana employees mistakes that have occurred. Marketplace states that they are having problems with 2 insurance companies this year (Humana and BC/BS). How can the Marketplace be responsible for Humana employees’ lack of knowledge and actions that I have experienced over the last 2 weeks? What about Humana taking responsibility for their own employees?

    On 01/13/16, I called Humana Corporation Office (502-580-1000) at 500 West Main Street, Louisville, Ky 40202. The operator who called herself DeDe or BeBe would not transfer me to someone in the corporate office but instead to a Humana represeentative.

    I expect a phone call from Humana’s corporate office within 48 hours to resolve this issue so that I can receive needed medical care for my newly diagnosed breast cancer.

    Deborah D. Ross
    3555 Lawrenceville Hwy, D-1
    Tucker, GA 30084

    President Barack Obama
    White House Healthcare
    Fox 5 Atlanta-Beth Galvin, Medical Team
    AJC, Mitsy Williams Medical Reporter

  • Let me start with saying that I have had Humana Insurance through the Marketplace for 2014 and 2015 and have not had any problems during those years.
    On December 16, 2015, I signed up on the internet through Health Sherpa like I have done the past 2 years for Humana Silver 3800/National POS-$500 deductible. After I signed up for a plan, I was looking around at other plans and accidently signed up for Humana Silver 3800/Nation POS-$900 deductible. A day or two afterwards, I contacted Humana customer service at (800-833-6917) to tell them about me accidentally signing up for a second plan and to get my mistake corrected. The Humana representative told me to contact the Marketplace. The Marketplace representative reviewed my records with me. With my permission, he set my 2015 plan to end on 12/31/15 and terminated the plan that I accidentally signed up for (Humana Silver 3800/National POS-$900 deductible) and left the plan that I wanted still active (Humana Silver 3800/National POS-$500 deductible).
    Since I had not received any information in the mail or e-mail, I contacted Humana representative on 12/28/15 to see what their records showed regarding my insurance plan and to make a payment which was due on 01/01/2016. Initially, Humana’s representative could not find my insurance plan then finally found the plan that I had signed up for and started the application process. I have talked with a Humana representative every 2-3 day regarding the application process and any updates. On 12/31/15, I was told that it would take 7-10 business days to process the application which should be completed by 01/12/16. When I questioned about making a January payment, I was told that I had until the 01/11/16 or 01/12/16 to make a payment. On 01/11/16 when I talked with a Humana representative who told me that all she needed was a payment to send with my plan to be processed. I gave her my credit card information which would deduct my payment from my checking account. Before our conversation ended, I checked my bank account and the payment has not been deducted from my checking account. I informed her of that information and she said that it may take several days. This payment still has not been deducted from my checking account. Here is a Humana employee with my credit card information who did not deduct a January insurance payment from my checking account. Now, is this Humana employee going to clean out my checking account with my credit information that she has?
    On 01/12/16, when my provider’s office looked on Humana’s website for my insurance coverage, it read that I did not have an active plan with Humana. With me on the phone with her, she contacted Humana via phone and we were told by Humana representative and supervisor that I did not have an active plan and that my plan had been started on 01/01/16 and canceled on 01/01/16.
    Since 12/28/15, I have been talking to Humana’s representatives every 2-3 days and at no point was I every informed that my insurance plan had been cancelled on 01/01/16. Who cancelled my Humana plan that I signed up for on 12/16/15? Why did all the Humana representatives continue to talk to me about and continue to process a plan that was cancelled on 01/01/16? On 01/12/16, I talked with Marketplace representatives two times and both times the Marketplace showed that the only plan that I had is the Humana Silver/National POS-$500 deductible. The Marketplace representatives started a priority expedite procedure which may take up to 30 days to see who is at fault in this situation while I am unable to have my needed medical care. This 30 days plus the first 12 days of this month totals 42 days that I will not been able to received medical care. When Humana does the retroactive days, I will have to pay for these 42 days that I could not receive medical treatment due to Humana not processing my application.
    To be continued…

  • All I wanted from Humana was a fee schedule for 2016. "Sherry" and "Harry" who are customer service reps in the Philippines could not help. "Sherry" said "We are not trained". NO KIDDING ! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. They were unable to transfer me to someone in the US. Hung up and found it finally on our own on their website.

  • Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced. Unfortunately, Humana bought out my old insurance company of Kanawha Insurance. Also, I tried buying health insurance and my whole city of Cincinnati, Ohio won't take their plans. Obviously if the doctors won't accept them, that tells you that Humana is garbage because of their horrible customer service, or should I say lack thereof!

  • It's sad when a whole county in Florida will not accept our plan. No doctor, Hospital or walk in clinic. Told I have to drive 50 miles to get a doctor this is after being on hold, transferred over and over and disconnected several times. The WORST insurance company. Will be finding another upon renewal in Feb.

  • I never thought that this day would come after five months of trying Humana has closed this issue by issuing me a check. Thank you Humana.

  • Was on hold for over an HOUR waiting for a supervisor for help updating a providers address that HUMANA screwed up in the first place. The supervisor I was waiting for would have been the 9TH person I would have talked to in order to fix this. I finally hung up and had to walk away. This is the WORST insurance company to do business with and I feel sorry for any patient, or provider that has to deal with Humana!!

  • WOW! Having worked for providers I am aware of information needed on both sides. I know the people in MOST customer service positions have no authority to make ANY decisions. My experience is MOST supervisors and/or managers do NOT want to "GET INVOLVED"! Not good customer service BUT it's, basically, the way things go these days. It's all about the "numbers". The CS reps MUST process X number of calls in a given period of time or they will either (1) be written up or even (2) fired!
    A little bit like the way the providers are today. They are given so much time to spend with a patient and after that they are "talked to"! It doesn't matter that you may have a broken leg and the next person has a runny nose, the physician/nurse is only allowed to spend a certain amount of time with each of you! OK – maybe he person with the broken leg gets an extra 3-4 minutes than the person with the runny nose.
    Most providers: medical, dental, pharmacy, labs, and down the line to NOT sign on with Humana and I believe from the comments it shows WHY!
    I too have had issues with Humana on a personal level. My services were on November 4, 20124 and the claim still has not been paid to MY provider. I was given a check for "overpayment" of a claim but had no idea what claim so I figured Humana knew what they were doing. WRONG! It was for my 11/4/14 claim. Then it was paid to a different provider and NOT a provider I ever had any services with! Now we'll see just how long it will take Humana to correct THEIR ERROR!
    Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and know you're all in my thoughts!

  • Have tried 3 different times to just get removed from Humana mailings…NOT ONE THING DONE…am now on the phone again and have been waiting on hold for 17 min so far…What is WRONG with these idiots…while waiting i see 23 postings…NOT ONE GOOD….Humana IS A BUNCH OF CRAP….will warn everyone i know to stay aways from them

  • Humana has escalated the Rx plan automatically for 3 years now. How do you increase a monthly premium without NOTIFYING the customer first??? No accountability with these insurance companies. This is a good example of families going from lower middle class income to low income families. Shame on you

  • With regard to the above comment, was put on hold for 15 minutes and then 20 minutes, with no new information. When I finally got a supervisor after almost two hours, she promised to call me by the end of the day and did not. She also gave me what she assured me was her direct number but it was a regular customer service line with an automated system, and she gave me only her first name–useless to find her later via directory. Every time I try to escalate I'm told I must start from the beginning.

  • One letter and more than 3 months with three days of 2 hours each on the phone (with most of those times trying to get the calls through to someone (with multiple messages telling me my call can't be answered)) all in attempt to get a $60 check owed to my sister's estate and still no coherent or honest communication, much less the check. This company's practices surely must be criminal.

  • Calling now and spoke to Dana who is transferring me to someone who will help me get this resolved today, so far 22 minutes on hold to be transferred to a Pharmacy C.C.R. Samantha who did not take the time to read or even listen to my issues told me that you can not fax forms in even though they give you the fax number to fax your form in. Then she told me that if they did get it by fax it takes three days for it to be in your system. So I ask her what I should do and she said that I could talk to her supervisor. Of course you may be on hold for 15 minutes while I get you to a supervisor. Waiting talking to Kathanya been on phone for now 56 minutes have now spoke to 4 people today Mia at Pharmacy Claim is checking on my issue. Mia stated that she can see that our fax on October 23rd and that my claim is still being reviewed and it should be ok to call on Monday the 2nd of November to check on the status of the claim. So wish me luck it is a long struggle hope its resolved soon time on phone today was one hour thirty one minutes.

  • Yesterday by email I received a notice that I would not receive a reimbursement due to the fact that I was in the donut hole ( coverage gap ) this not true the rule for 2015 if your in the gap you pay 45% for brand name and 35% for generic products. Brittany H. does not understand or has not been taught this issue. I paid for a drug that was covered although it did need to be preauthorized. The problem became larger for two reasons one was the preauthorization took several weeks instead of days and the I have four preauthorization letters in hand and the fact that not until September 21st 2015 did the original preauthorization get backdated to the date that the prescription was filled. I paid $212.99 for the prescription and according to Humana I should have has a co-pay of $95.00. So I would ask again for a check to be issued for $117.99. Also I have re-faxed a synopsis of my phone calls and the receipts and forms back to Humana on October 23rd 2015 hope when I call today things can get resolved.

  • It is now 8:40 pm and still waiting on Chris to call. I guess that time stops for Humana when they say they will call you back later. I can't tell the message that this type of customer service sends to the customer. I asked Chris if Humana had a quality assurance department and his answer was that yes they did but they do not have a phone. Please tell me how they listen to all of the recorded phone calls without a phone. God please me get this resolved.

  • So here we go again. Its been ten days since I have spoke to Humana ( I was told the I would receive a check in seven days ) I hope I can get to someone who will help me get this reimbursement this issue started on July 20th. They keep saying all calls are recorded, Does anyone ever review these calls?? I am now speaking with Salinka who is reviewing my latest case number. Of course she will not read my file I had to repeat the story and spell the drug name again. now I am on a brief hold one half hour why can.t they just review the case number from my last call. Why should a customer have to go through this kind of elder abuse to deal with folks who can't help with a problem Humana employees should be empowered to help people on Medicare instead of creating the stress of not getting help. So frustrated who can I speak with to get help? now on phone for almost 45 minutes, how many people would just give up at this point? how many people would continue to call to no avail? who at Humana does quality checks and follow up on these type of calls ? anybody? do they even have QC department? approaching an hour on this call, how much does it cost them? does Medicare police this kind of issue? or does any agency? things to think about while on hold listening to folks laugh in the background.As usual they will not look at the entire file and want me to resend all the receipts again I don't know why they can not use the other three that I have sent in before I feel you have a very bad procedure for customer reimbursement. When she tells me that they can not process my claim because they can't find the forms that I sent them because she says that she needs proof that I paid for the drug but she sees the form that they rejected that has the receipt on it. Now we have been on this call for and hour and 15 minutes. Chris supervisor is going to research and give me a call later today. still would say if Humana has a quality service department one hour and 30 minutes on phone.

  • Is there any way a class action suit can be filed on Humana? This is ridiculous. I am a mental health provider and have not been paid since January because they keep issuing checks in the wrong name.
    I changed my mailing address over a year ago and as of June, 2015 it still was not changed.

  • 10 13 2015

    And the saga continues I never received a call from anyone at Humana as promised on Saturday. Called call and spoke to Dale who is transferring me to a pharmacy specialist. I wish some one at Humana would take the time to listen to all of my phone conversations with the customer service folks at the company. Now speaking with Veronica. She is telling me that she needs to review the issue more have been on phone for a half hour now. I have memorized Humana's pre-recorded on hold voice mail program. So far since July I have spoken to over 28 different customer care folks and six supervisors and two customer advocates. I have totaled over twenty two hours on the phone with Humana since July 20th should I charge them interest? Not counting Mail costs and time on calls for there employees. Veronica has told me I should get a check within seven days. We will see what happens. I will update this page…….Thinking of buying beachfront property in AZ. Ha. Wish me luck. The saga continues….

  • Today October 8th I received in the mail an envelope with a blank claim form in it with no explanation or anything. I am now on the phone with Robert who is reading my file and is trying to be helpful. Question how many people does it take generate a check at Humana. Answer None they don't generate any. Robert re submitted all my paper work and forms back to the claims department. Wish me luck again…

  • Today September 30th called at 8:16 am pacific time and am speaking with customer representative Miranda. As with every call you have to explain the whole issue because CCR will not take the time to read your file that they have on the screen in front of them. So after 21 minutes on hold she is trying to help me which is nice but if she would have read the file we would have been at the same point sooner she is now trying to get the claims department. Thanks Miranda! she just told me that I will be receiving a check in two weeks alas only about twenty hours on the phone and money sending claim forms to Ky. and getting upset a few times but I guess it was worth it. I will post on this page when I get the check. Wish me luck. Only took one hour.

  • On September 27th I received another approval for the drug that I have been trying to get reimbursement for this is now the fourth approval on this drug 8/11, 8/11, 8/13 and 9/21. I will cal again today.

  • Here we again. thought we had it taken care of. left a comment on the face book page and was contacted by a customer service representative that said would be my advocate, which meant that she did look at my file but misunderstood how to apply the rules of medicare part D She used last years rules. So closed my file. I called the 800 number and in only one and one half hours I found out that all of the work that September 2nd was done in vain because some brilliant person coded the file inactive. Today I spoke to two thirds of the triad that I need to get with and I can not understand why someone in the cesspool at Humana can not get the folks from Pharmacy, Clinical pharmacy review and the group at Claims on the call all at one time to resolve this issue. Got close but it got messed up. Back on phone with Pharmacy rep. Over half hour explaining the issue wants to send me a claim form I explained that we have done this twice already. On hold getting another pair of eyes looking at it what should I do, does anyone read these comments or are they just finger work to make me feel better? Still on hold, now we are getting somewhere the Pharmacy rep agrees that I should be reimbursed for this medication Hooray, back on hold, but alas I will be called back next. wish me luck once again!!!!

    look at it this way they'll pay more in with me on the phone to there employees than they would have to just do it right the first time such efficiency.

  • September 14th 2015

    Wow I never knew how bad it was.

    Just got off the phone with sixteen different people at Humana from 8:00am this morning it is now 3:50 pm. And got not one issue resolved. Its like the perfect example of a corporate cesspool one person tells you one thing and then transfers you to someone else who tells you that it is not true. So I am trying to get reimbursement for a prescription that I had to pay for because it needed to be pre-authorized it only took Humana five weeks for the authorization. so when I filed for the reimbursement I was denied for payment because the person that approved did not date the form as the prescription was written. The prescription was written July 9th and approved on August 11th filed for reimbursement on August 26th and denied on August 28th (see how fast they can work). Called on September 2nd and spoke with customer service representative she was very helpful and called the supervisors in the departments that had dated the approval wrong and resent the request back to reimbursement. Then over the weekend got a statement in the mail that had a date of September 3rd that stated that this is not a bill and the explanation would be on the back. when I turned it over it said this page is intentionally left blank. Also there was a sheet with it that showed the prescription price and showed that these were in error and a blank form. No instructions no letter saying anything. So I called this morning and was forced into the corporate non information cesspool of " I don't know who told you that but that is wrong. Can I speak with your supervisor. You will be placed on hold for up to 15 minutes while I find a supervisor This happened to fourteen times today. But I am determined to get this issue resolved. I will be calling later in the week and oh yes we are trying to find if they have a consumer advocate in the corporate office. Wish Me Luck.

  • From AZ, just spent 1 hr trying to get a few answers from Humana Customer Service. Ended up with someone in Jamaica then the Phillipines, none of which could speak clear English. This after someone promised to mail some information back in August which she never did. I am distraught, frustrated and full of hate. Found this page with all these complaints!!! Will definitely leave them at the end of the year. The nerve all these big corporations have to continue to give such bad service while their CEO's keep on getting richer and richer off our backs!!!
    A senior from Sun City Az, on the medicare humana advantage plan. Where are the authorities that monitor these big rip off corporations???

  • I am on hold with Humana, formerly Right Source, mail order pharmacy. I was on the phone with reps for an hour yesterday, and an hour so far today. I am in hour two today, currently holding for a supervisor…. one half hour so far, just to try to straighten out a twelve dollar billing error. My husband and l and our doctors order all medication in 90 day supplies with a zero co pay. Yesterday his doctor called in and spoke to a person at Humana Pharmacy to update his prescription for a 90 day supply of his medication. Today we are told Humana Pharmacy has no record of this order and we need to have the doctor reorder the medication. This. Problem is in addition to the billing error. I am fast approaching hour three on all of this, and have not really gotten to the billing error! We are in hour 3. I am holding again. Now they have said they can see the order now on another screen. Glad l didn't bother the doctor again. Now they are checking on the billing error. We received a 90 day supply in one bottle in June, but were billed as if it were 3 thirty day supplies. So they sent us an e mail saying we owed twelve dollars, even though we have zero co pay with 90 day supplies.Now the pharmacist is saying doctor did not specify in January that 180 is a 90 day supply. We are going crazy! Now my husband is talking to her….l give up.

  • I have been fighting a claim since June 2, 2014. I unfortunately got ill out of my home state. I needed oxygen to be able to fly home. The FAA only approves certain companies to provide these which none of them are in-network. I filed the claim, denied, filed again within the deadline. Low and behold denied due to not filed in a timely fashion. They have used every excuse in the book not to pay me as I had to pay the company that provided the piece out of my own pocket as they do not file claims. I supposedly won the appeal process have talked to about a hundred Humana people always told the same story my check is on the way and it could take up to 15 business days. The last time I talked to them was July 9 now they wont take or return my calls. I am not going to let this go.

  • After being unable to find any provider on their list of "in-network" provider's list willing to admit they would accept Humana, I became annoyed and called Humana. Part of my Gold Plus plan included a small dental benefit that promised an examination with no copay, a bite-wing X-ray with no copay, a dental evaluation at no copay, one extraction at no copay, and more.

    The agent I spoke with called a provider and got them to make an appointment to see me, and told them precisely what their benefit would cover. I went in, got examined, had a couple of Xrays, and left the dental office expecting to return to get workdone. Later, about a month afterward, I get a bill for $36.00. This was not expected, unwelcome and I felt I had been lied to: HOODWINKED!

    I spent more than 2 hours arguing with Humana by phone, only to be told that the dentist made Xrays that were not bite-wing, so I was charged for them. How am I supposed to know the difference between different Xray modalities? I am a lay person. Why is it my responsibility to know what sort of Xrays they performed? Why didn't they follow the Humana rep who explained my benefit? Why did I end up debating Humana clones for more than 2 hours trying to get straight answers.

    The short story is…. Humana gets the gold while I got the shaft!

    I was told I could appeal the charge (spending my time and energy to do more work for them without being paid for my labor) and I explained to them that October is coming. I will be switching and also making complaints to everybody I can. Thus do I write this now.

    Bait and switch: They promised a benefit, one without copays, and I got stuck with the tab! They made for a lousey date. Now the only date I need is the one in October when I can change to a different carrier!!!!

  • I agree with all of the above. today August 14, 2015 I called at 9:09 and was on the phone for 3.5 hours talking with 5 departments and several rude people who kept hanging up. II got no satisfaction. I called the corporate office and the recpt refused to transfer me to the assistant to the CEO. I asked for her manager and was put on hold and hung up on again. I have called 5 more times and they hang up every time. It is strange since under the about us tab they brag about not hiding from customers with auto attendants and are willing to speak to any member. Typical Humana.

  • Humana is very bad healthcare insurance. They have customer service in Philippine, they could not answer any of my question regarding claims denied. Asked for supervisor, they put me on hold for an hour, they must went to another country to look for supervisor….After one hour on hold, he came back and said supervisor is not available. Humana took payment from patient and refused the doctors service, I hope the Humana president, CEO is reading all the messages.

  • I moved to another state,which required changing policies. Big mistake. I have been waiting 7+ weeks for a new ID card. Missing medications from Vitality. E mail Humana and each reply says,"sorry" and each with a different story. No one wants to own the problem, passing the buck. No one wants to go above and beyond. This company SUCKS.

  • I was given a primary care Dr's name in Nov. Went to see him Jan 5. In mid to late Jan I was informed that the claim had been denied as no prior auth. I was then informed that my primary care Dr was changed and the card I was given was dated 1/12/15 but I did not receive it until late Jan. I have been fighting with them since late Jan and as has been identified on this list, these people can't read and don't understand contract law. I have discovered there is one possible opportunity to change insurance in mid year. Call your complaint to Medicare and they can tell you of an outside chance to change insurance in mid year.

  • After reviewing the comments on this site, I consider myself lucky. I only have a dental plan with them and since it's an individual plan, I can cancel at any time. I agree with all of the comments about the customer service call center. And I feel so bad for the providers who are trying to deliver service to their patients. I have cancelled my policy with them and feel like I'm getting off easy compared to some of the folks on this site. The activities of this company border on being illegal. They accept our money but don't deliver ANY of the services they commit too. Humana has to be one of the top 10 worst companies!


  • It is unbearable the lack of human professional care I have been trying to get from Humana and Health Care Parnters since January 2015. A dog would get better care at a vet. I would have gotten a quicker response at a quack on the corner or a voodoo doctor. All the details I want to go into here are too long. GOD HELP THE REALLY SICK IN LAS VEGAS.

  • I am a Doctor trying to treat patients who have Humana Insurance. Humana contracts to cover for many procedures ,however they then refuse to pay for basic procedures due to false denials based on their decision that a procedure was not necessary or they require ridiculous requests for more documentation to be sent to support service rendered, or they provide excuse of not receiving claim documentation or claim itself. ,or claim is in review for weeks! All of which is simply a delay process to save hundreds of thousands of dollars to delay , deny and not pay claims they are rightfully contracted to pay. Not to mention your staff sits for hours waiting on reasons ,and answers to unpaid claims. I have very little trouble with other insurance companies,but Humana did take in all the indigents for The Affordable Health Care Plan which is a misnomer for Unaffordable Healthcare Plan. Meanwhile,our patients either end up paying on procedures which should have been covered, out of their own pockets ,or they indirectly become upset with us because they feel we have not complied in sending excessive supporting documentation so claim Might be paid thus destroying doctor/Patient relationship.or directing lower care rendered, to pay less on lesser choice procedure. Humana shuld be Ashamed! They are harming care provided to Patients!!

  • I want to get on my soap box again with the customer service nightmare I went through with my Humana Medicare Insurance. I was trying to get to the company they oursource their approval process for physical therapy. By the time it was over I called the customer service in their corporate headquarters in Kentucky and I was so angry I was in tears. As a senior citizen I feel lucky I can still go thru all this BULL. A lot of seniors cannot. HUMANA YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THOSE TAPES OF CSR'S. THEY NEED TO BE TRAINED.

  • I'm a 66yr.old viet nam vet. while serving I mean by causing carnage & death.while there I contracted Hep. C. At the time my pstd was severe enough that I had to go to antidepressents, because of the side effects it has on your mind. I had to be more stable.while in this process a new drug Harvoni . I called my humana rep.said it would pay.then I get a letter saying they won't.this, drug is in the 90% success and very little side effects,you take 1 pill a day for 12 wks. no injection of interferon that is so hard on your body.I killed for their rights and freedom,now they are willing to denie me treatment that could allow me to get closer to my grandkids,worry all the time that I'll scratch or cut myself around them so its been tough.I'm trying to contact humana but no success.seems that's the norm for them to keep it very difficult to contact.fill out a appeal form. heres what I'm doing is go to the news paper and give them as much bad PR as I can. Also intend to file a complaint with Veteran administration.I'm going to try 1 more day to contact who ever makes these decisions,if not will go public with this story.


  • I had surgery in May of last year and just recently started getting bills in the mail from the providers because Humana adjusted their payments saying I wasn't covered. Everything has been fine for almost a year!! In January Humana sent me a check for an "overpayment" and I am just now finding out that it was a refund for my May premium. So they refunded my premium and said I wasn't covered?!? How can they even do that?!?

  • does anyone know where to find the walmart medicare formulary for 2015 – tried dealing with customer service and they are not able to find it and the email does not recognize my information – a web search brings up lots of options to buy a plan I HAVE A PLAN just need the 2015 formulary list – not sure why this asks if I am a robot since Humana seems to be a robot after you pay your premium what a dunderhead question

  • Humana is not going to be my favorite medical insurer. The premium is very high and, judging from the comments on this web site, the service is less than client friendly.

    Let me point out another problem. I received today two copies of a 400-page document laying out all the benefits of my plan. I then had to throw away the 300-page document of the same thing for 2014. Of course I and my wife do not need two copies so I will throw away one of the copies that arrived today. Trees don't have feelings but must we engage in overkill to satisfy some corporate need to give the appearance of client-friendly? It's madness.

    And I receive monthly summaries of all the wonderful benefits my plan is providing. These run to four or five pages and contain mostly useless drivel best ignored. Again an awfully large volume of paper to no good end. I would certainly rather have less paper, fewer mailings, and lower premiums.

  • I have never tried to deal with any company who had so many idiots working for them! I enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan with Humana for 2015 which was comparable to the plan I have this year. I enrolled through my previous employer through One Exchange who helps retirees select the best insurance coverage for them. I got the confirmation letter from One Exchange that they had me enrolled. Then I get a letter from Humana telling me that they had enrolled me in a totally different plan, a very basic plan with absolutely no drug coverage! One Exchange did their job but by the time it got to Humana it was so screwed up! Now Humana is refusing to change it because the enrollment period is closed! It was their mistake and they won't even fix it! I have called repeatedly for "customer service" (and I use the term VERY loosely) and they don't have a clue about anything and no one is willing to help me. I am retired and basically have no life, so I intend to spend every waking moment trying to cause as many problems for them as they have caused for me! I'm talking news stations and my Congressman! They will fix their mistake or I'll literally die trying!

    • I had a similar problem today. In November I signed up for the Humana Medicare. They told me my doctor was on the plan. I went to see her today and she is not on the plan. So I paid the full amount to see her and I almost cried and so did she. she even referred me to a friend of hers who takes the plan but I was not in the mood to change doctors. So I called Humana, it was horrible. I got 4 different people who could not help me but I kept calling back because no matter what number you call you get the same horrible customer service. The 5th time I got a lady who told me to call Medicare, 1-800-633-4227 and request an exception so I could change back to my original PPO. I did, I told the Medicare Rep what happened, she resigned me up today (even though the enrollment period is over) because I had been unjustly treated, fraud, and yada, yada. Call them and tell them you need an exception and they will fix it after you tell them what happened. She asked me if I remembered names and dates, would I be willing to file a complaint against Humana and I of course said yes so I hope they call me. I did not hve a name but I had dates from my emails with them. Keep all evidence, dates and any emails or other writings.

      I got the same response when I asked for other phone numbers and the complaint department. The reason they won't tell you who to call is because they are afraid of losing their Medicare contract. This one honest lady told me what to do and who to call and I will never reveal her name. Hope this helps. It helped me. The Medicare department resigned me up with my preferred PPO from Humana and I had to do nothing. She told me it will go into effect Feb. 1st but if I want to file a complaint and make them pay my expenses today I can but I am so sick of Humana, I will just suck up that office call and color me happy that I get to make a complaint with medicare about them. More people need to go to medicare ad complain about them and maybe they wil buck up and be better or Medicare will pull their contract!

  • It is unacceptable that the people that work in your customer service call center have no idea about what customers require I mad 5 different call requesting a simple statement that would include the new premium rate for 2015 the period of coverage 01/01/2015 to 12/31/2015. simple right , not that easy apparently first few call i was greeted with total ignorance about my request next call i got the statement but it was for 2014. I just called again today 12/20/2014 I spoke slowly and clearly.
    I have no idea why your customer service people have no idea about what i need i have to assume am not the only person using your prescription plan and am not the only person that gets reimbursed for those expenses so why cant you just train these people'
    If I do not receive the information in the format that i requested if its at all incorrect my only choice will be to find an other provider .
    I might also attend the reitiered pensioners meeting held here in NJ for former employees some 500 or more and i just might tell them about my dealings with your inadequate customer service people

  • I have been tussling with mindless CSR's for three weeks now. I don't get follow up. I don't get service and I don't get customer service. I get customer disservice. A supplement I had for 2014 is not available in 2015 so they crammed me into a different supplement and are requiring I write letters to "dis-enroll". I didn't "enroll" in this supplement. I should be able to cancel this cram over the phone on a recorded line like the one I used when I enrolled to begin with. This is totally absurd.
    Henry Schwarzberg JD, AIF, CIMA, CRPS

  • This is the worst insurance I have ever had. I have lost two sisters and my mom and dad and grandma and aunt and more to cancer. And now I have to take one of those test to see if I have breast cancer and this dump insurance won't even pay for it. I have had nothing but problems with this awful insurance. But I know I won't have it next year because I am getting another insurance in place this mess.

  • I need to file a corporate complaint and would love to speak with an actual human being or at least someone that is not from India. My call was eventually rerouted to a "complaint line" in which I had to leave a voice message that would get a response within 24 hrs…only after I was re-routed 4 times through various other departments in India. I would not recommend this insurance to any of my 2000+ patients. Thanks Humana!

  • I have never been so frustrated with any insurance in all my life, switching from carrier to this to get a lower premium has been the worst mistake of my life, before my insurance started it was cancelled due to non payment of premium, duh, all the communication back and forth has still gotten me nowhere fast. I am constantly fighting to at least get the insurance reinstated until open enrollment is open, after that bye-bye.. The CSR is so clueless as to anything, all they believe in doing is transferring you to the next representative, it has gotten to a point where I am tired as hell.

  • I was to have surgery in S.C 9/17/14.Humana form had me going to Calif.I now have it for 11/19
    Went on Humana they have me going to Calif. MY DR.Has tried to get through to them.I have
    Been hung up my them.I need a metal rod in my leg replaced because it is loose.They don't care.
    Does anyone know how I can through to a real caring person.

    • I agree with everything I have seen on here, and its a shame that no one from Humana has replied. I attempted to get approval/cost/provider for a carotid artery sonogram, took 6 days worth of calls to Humana, and I "think" I have gotten it straight, but I doubt it!

  • This is an absolutely pathetic insurance company. I cannot believe that such a large company could be so worthless. The employees that man the phones are basically stupid. I needed basic information from Humana and after several calls , I still don't have it. I guess I am stuck with them for several more months – then BYE- BYE !!!!!

  • Absolutely THE WORST insurance company I have ever dealt with. I have been an RN for 35 years and have even been the Director of Nursing of a large hospital so I am conversant with insurance concerns. Their customer service is abysmal, their website malfunctions and has no tech support, there are no after hours numbers, no ability to pay premiums through a phone auto pay system such as the ones credit card companies use. They have given me misinformation, issued me the wrong policy, then refused to fix that. These people are fraudulent, greedy, and dishonest. They spend tons advertising, and then don't train their employees enough to issue insurance for a dead dog. I am so disgusted and can't even change companies due to Federal Regulations. (a whole other can of worms, truly)

    • Well that explains alot about their merger and conversion. Certainly the off shoots of nursing in home care are going to be up graded as they are as bad as the corporate.

  • Humana is by far the most clueless company I have ever dealt with in my 48 years of being on this earth. Their customer service cannot look at a simple computer screen and tell me what my deductible is. I purchased 1 type plan but was told by several customer no-service reps that my plan is something else. 8 phone calls made with 7 different answers. This company just makes things up as they go along. What a piece of crap business! Don't ever buy a policy from them!

  • Due to my wife going part time I lost my health care coverage through her employer ( Wal-mart) need I say more, and was eligible for Medicare. I needed to get part d and searched the internet and was contacted by a Humana rep, who talked me into taking Humana as my Medicare provider, There were a few hiccups over the past 9 month as to what they wanted to cover and what they didn't, but eventually things got worked out.yesterday when I picked up my monthly prescriptions my co-pay nearly doubled, When I asked why I was advised that i had fallen into a "doughnut hole". When I contacted Humama to ask what a doughnut hole was I have received numerous different interpetations, none to my liking. Prior to Humana when I had Blue Cross or Aetna when your co-pays met a certain amount you did not have to pay the co-pay any longer, but it seems with Humana when your co-pays reach a certain amount they make you pay a double co-pay, is the only explanation I can see that a doughnut hole is. Calling their call center is useless, and i had to deal with people who were very hard to understand, and just plain rude. I have heard recently that if you get a foreign call center you can be asked to be transfered to a US center, well good old Humana will not do it I tried and asked the last rep to transfer me to someone who understood and spoke english that I could under stand. I also tried to contact their company headquarters only to be advised that they do not accept complaints and to contact the customer care center, they very people I was complaining about ! I cant harly wait for open enrollment to get here because Humana will get dropped like a hot rock. Whithout a doubt they are the worst healthcare provider I have ever had , and advise prospective buyers to BEWARE. If you want thee corporate number it is 1-502-580-1000 but they tell you to call the customer care line and hang up !

  • Would someone who can answer my questions get back with me? I would like to talk with a supervisor or some other person with the authority to answer my questions.

    I have been on the phone with customer service for several days and several hours at a time and I did not get any useful information. Every question I asked I was told they were not allowed to give me the information. Questions like where are your offices located I was told they were not allowed to tell me. I asked what city the offices were located in; I was told they were not allowed to tell me. I ask what state, I was told they were not allowed to tell me. I ask for a supervisor name and number that’s right I was told they were not allowed to tell me.

    I asked for there name or work I.D. and you are right again, I was told they were not allowed to tell me.

    I asked for the corporate location and phone number, I was told they were not allowed to tell me. I asked for different department numbers and I was told they were not allowed to tell me. Today alone I was transferred to 5 or 6 different departments just to get disconnected

    At this point I do not know if I have insurance or not.


  • On Sept or Oct I called Humana to get the senior citizen insurance supplement, I didn't know that they had other policies or the terminology, they asked if I wanted the rx plan also, I said sure. What I thought I was getting was the medicare advantage plan, regional ppo, now they tell me to call Medicare. I feel it was there mistake and can not get in touch with anyone that can help me, any ideas, Laraine McGrew

  • Connect with your States Attorney Office to file complaints to demonstrate the level of disservice that you are experiencing. Perhaps if enough States Attorney Offices are contacted demonstrating that they are not doing appropriate business across state lines and/or defrauding, using false advertising etc. There are also several internet sites to register consumer complaints. Medicare brings in many new customers. Perhaps the management cares only for 'bottom-line figures' and not customer care. Use your newspaper's column that address customer complaints. Perhaps we can get a class action suit started against Humana. Be creative: send emails, faxes, make one-a-day calls to the switchboard, youtube video, social media, Facebook, etc. Shall we march at the corporate office?

  • 04-02-2014 — 2nd Call

    Went on Internet and got Corporate address and telephone number

    Humana Corporate Office Headquarters
    500 West Main Street
    Louisville, KY 40202 USA
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-502-580-1000
    Fax Number: 1-502-580-3639
    Customer Service Number: 1-800-448-6262

    Corporate said that anyone I talked to was to give me their last name as well as their employee number-that there was no policy against them giving their last name


    supervisor: Employee ID: LXB6102
    Last Name: Bullock
    tashia bullock

    Tashia knew nothing about employees having to give both first and last name in addition to their employee ID.
    Tashia gave me her last name
    I persisted in delineating that:
    (1) Humana was supporting the use of RightSource in their customer’s publicity and information
    (2) Humana was paying millions on promotional materials that promote RightSource. Would Humana not want to know how RightSource was servicing Humana customers?
    (3) Even if these are separate organizations, staff, etc that RightSource’s services will increase or decrease the choice of customers to select or leave Humana.

    Said I wanted to escalate this problem – as corporate had said I needed to do to have them get involved in this problem.
    I was told that Tashia knew that RightSource was having to issue a number of supplemental orders for prescriptions.
    She agreed to escalate my complaint so Corporate could become involved.

  • 04-02-2014 — 1st Call

    I want to speak to a supervisor. I need to know more; need to know why; before I can do that. Spoke of how items are mailed: 1st class, bulk, etc. – didn’t know. Kept persisting that I wanted to speak to a supervisor. She finally did.

    DeOrshia’s supervisor. Informed me that RightSource and Humana were separate. Put me on hold – was disconnected.
    Total of 25 minutes

    Jonathon (JXT7726)
    There are three (3) sites that customer’s calls may be directed to. Need to know Employee Number and site location.
    Found that remaining prescription was at there office on March 25th to be mailed out with 7 – 10 day turnaround time. I showed that 7-10 days passed the April 1st time frame by one (1) day and likely was four (4) days beyond the supposed arrival time. Was told RightSource could have expedited the delivery but did not.

    Jennifer (JXA1843)
    Was transferred to Jennifer (JXA1843) at Humana by Jonathan. She was going to make it possible for me TO PURCHASE a 3-5 day supply. I disagreed saying RightSource needed to pay. Said that could not be done. That Humana would not pay for it either.
    Total of 22 minutes

    David (DXG7606)
    Called and spoke to David. He had no telephone number for Humana’s Corporate and no way to transfer my call to Corporate. I challenged him on that-he repeated ‘No” for both options.

  • We tried all morning trying to get a hold of someone to find out why my husbands approval is taking so long they kept giving us the running around and transferring us to someone else. Well, when I told him I wanted to talk to corporate office about the problem we're having about a claim. They told us first they would have transfer us to medical claim and then corporate. This is such a run around health insurance. I'm very disappointed in Humana. This is our last month with humana thank goodness.

  • The worst customer service I have ever encountered. The Federal Medicare Service should investigate. Humana should be congratulated for hiring Developmentally Disabled IT staff to design their website. Telephone service is equally bad — robotic, non-informative and "we are unabled or call back when". The website is worse than atrocious, so bad that I am giving up Humana for Lent and filing public complaints to the Government, Newspapers, and yes even to God Almighty.

  • Humana, I am aware that surgery is being denied for Tanya Kenimer. This surgery would relieve Tanya of 15 years of debilitating back pain. Tanya had been told she can expect at least 80% relief by two separate surgeons who have recommended this surgery and it is Humana's responsibility to take her physicians recommendations and allow for her surgery to be covered. We are determined to have her story heard and will flood the media…..

  • I have had so many billing and claims issues with Humana as a medical provider billing representative. They have the most uneducated, robotic people who barely speak English working in their call centers overseas. They need to bring back the jobs to the United States with educated people who understand the medical claims process and can answer questions knowledgeably and also they need to fix the constant disconnections from their so called service representatives. The premiums people are paying for this coverage are substantial I am sure and the provider discounts we take and accept for the Humana population are substantial and we deserve to be treated to better service. From reading the comments that the insured people have posted Humana needs to become more responsive. The whole experience with Humana is no good.

  • I can not get my billing statement correct after 6 months of trying. I tend to agree with upper statement about morons, I call corporate office, talked to 3 different people that do not even seem to know that there is a Billing department in Atlanta GA. At least they will verify my policy is in effect till end of January 2014, for after they took my money to start, then they sent me a cancellation notice, after taking me 3-months payment. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER FOR CORP OFFICE..1-800-486-2620, the receptionist there will only tell you sorry I can not transfer you, can take a number maybe and call you back, when I ask her –you really do not know anything…she was hesitant in response, so I told her her statement should be Yes sir you are right!

  • I can't agree more!! They cut the benefits from $25 to $5 and increased the price for the items.
    In 2012 they said I owe them more money as I made a mistake in the order.Then they told me it
    was resolved and continued to fill my orders up till this week.My last order included a $2 check
    to pay for one item and spent .42 to mail a month ago.Then a letter comes saying they can't process anymore items that their records say I owe $13 and places 2 orders in a month.
    If I only get one sheet a month how is this possible.The guy was rude and said he had a different
    email and I'm blocked.They spelled it wrong so now it's my fault.It took me two days to even reach this guy since the phone number on letter was wrong,then the system was down.He kept me on
    an hour and insisted I need to pay.I may think again to sign up for Humana if this is how they treat
    customers.Terrible customer service,long waits for delevery and increase in prices,then this nasty
    guy! LOL

  • I got my notice my plan will end 12/31/13 my plan is no longer available in 2014.. I have been trying to get in touch with someone at the " Humana Guidance Center Mesa AZ " must be run by the Federal Government, because it is impossible to get past the receptionist who answers the phone. There is no one there to guide you.. but if you want a free cup of coffee and snack stop by anytime.. reduce premiums and end the symbolism over substance crap. I tried calling the phone number on their site for telephone help with plans, the people that are on the other end of the line are clueless. ..

  • Companies that select automated telephone answering systems for clients to endure should be banned from the continental United States. It would be poetic justice if your CEO were forced to listen to this robotic telephone drivel for 24 hours a day as he awaits his judgment from the Almighty. Humana, be very ashamed!

    • called to get info for a patient was routed to the Philippines, thanks Humana for the poor customer service

    • Amen! I have been going round and round for three days just to get proof of insurance faxed to me. Unprofessional, unconcerned, non-service at it's best! So, so frustrating!

    • organize and protest in Kentucky headquarters. Anyone who is sick and or dying like myself want to protest and yes maybe a few of us will die in front of their headquarters. To die for the cause bringing light to fighting prescription drug corporate greed. exposing and highlight denying our meds killing us when we pay our premiums. THIS WILL DESTROY STOCK PRICES AND START BOYCOTTING THEIR BUISNESS. Picture a sit in demonstration bullhorns and a chanting ("HO HO HEY HEY HUMANA HOW MANY PEOPLE DID YOU KILL TODAY")

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