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  • Academy Sports Corporate Office Headquarters

Academy Sports Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Academy Sports + Outdoors Corporate Office Headquarters

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1800 N. Mason Rd.

Katy, TX 77449

Corporate Phone Number: 1-281-646-5200

Fax Number: 1-281-646-5000

Customer Service Number: 1-281-646-5200

  • Disappointed at my recent purchase that your company is no longer offering Military Veterans the discount on purchases. I just want to know before contacting my local American Legion and Veteran of Foreign Affairs Posts of the changes in your policy. Thank you for your response.

  • I just made another purchase at our local Academy Sports & Outdoors store in Cumming Georgia and was told that you no longer give Veterans a discount on purchases. Just want to know the reason so I can pass the word around to our Local Veterans at the American Legion Posts and Veterans of Foreighn Posts in our region. Thank you.

  • Hello, I was at one of your stores and noticed that you have limits on ammunition sales per customer which is understandable during current times. However, there were no limits on reloading supplies such as primers and powder. I think there should be a limit placed on these items as well as they are very difficult to find and to have one person buy the entire stock is ridiculous. Please consider adding a limitation per customer on these items so we all can have a chance of purchasing them. Thanks for your time.

  • very excited to get an Academy gift card for Christmas.I really need a new pair of golf shoes.Problem is……they do not have even ONE pair of WOMANS golf shoes!!!!! NOT ONE!!!Hundreds of shoes,can't manage to have ONE pair of Woman's shoes.Maybe three on line but, shoes are too hard to buy on line.Such a male oriented store.

  • I was in the Hwy 72 Madison, AL store last weekend with my niece & her young daughter. The daughter just started archery classes & they were looking for her first target. My niece found one & a young guy (didn't get name) was at the corner & she asked him if she could open the box to see the target, instead of telling her that the box was the target & there was just a Styrofoam block inside, he said sure go ahead & open it, laughing, when she opened it she knew why he was laughing. We just walked away, he was telling his coworkers that he embarrassed us, but that wasn't it, he was just RUDE & we didn't want to buy anything from him. Later she did go back & purchase the target. Just wanted someone to know!!!!!

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