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  • Perkins Restaurant Corporate Office Headquarters HQ: Phone Number Address

Perkins Restaurant Corporate Office Headquarters HQ: Phone Number Address

How To Contact Perkins Restaurant Corporate Office Headquarters HQ: Phone Number Address

Perkins & Marie Callender’s, LLC

6075 Poplar Avenue Suite 800
Memphis, TN 38119-4709
Corporate Phone Number: 1-901-766-6400
Fax Number: 1-901-766-6482

  • Store in Roseville Minnesota 55113 .Manager named "Maria" was so rude and unprofessional ,when we was asking about are order that we placed on line and she twice hung up phone on my wife. Manager like Maria will put very bad reputation on your restaurants.

  • Perkins manager in Port Saint Lucie hired us to complete some work for them, that manager has quit apparently and left myself and other contractors hanging without being paid for the services rendered with 30 day payment terms.
    It would be nice if Perkins would pay their bills. Approaching 90 days and a lien being filed.

  • Who's very bright idea was it to exclude the Senior menu from the 10% off the next bill survey on the invoice? I have just come from Perkins which is a restaurant where I and my mother when she visits likes to eat. We typically order from the Senior menu and have always been able to use the 10% discount coupon. UNTIL TODAY! Plus I had some asst manager tell me I had never used it to which I told him he was wrong. Let's see who has that experience – me who has ordered numerous senior meals or him who has never ordered one. The bottom line is – now the Senior's get no discount at all. The meal is discounted but now you are giving everyone else a 10% discount from the coupon but excluding the Seniors, you are in fact not giving the Seniors a discount at all. THINK ABOUT IT! I believe you should change the exclusions on the 10% and just give 10% across the board to everyone who chooses to use the coupon. The person who had this bright idea should be demoted.

  • We recently had the misfortune of eating in your Perkins franchise at 600 Dixon Rd Toronto. The food was way below your usual standard. The restaurant furniture was dated and worn through in places and the waiter that served us should be sacked. I had Chicken with Mushrooms on Rice with Asparagus, which looked nothing like the pictures in the menu and was bland and tasteless. When I only tipped $3 on a $58 bill, the waiter became surly and rude and completely ignored us when we said goodbye. I should not have left any tip as the whole experience was terrible. The waiters name was 000007 Abdul Husseini. Clearly not interested in his job. We have always complemented US and Canada serving staff as being polite and helpful, not in this instance. I tried to leave an email complaint on your web site, but it does not allow UK postcodes.

  • We were at France Ave. location in Bloomington MN and they have new menus and the open face hot turkey sandwich is no longer on the menu. This was a very good item. Please add it back to the menu.

  • Perkins restaurants need to pick up their game, out dated food and your quality is substandard. We visited the restaurant on international drive orlando fl. The wait was 45 mins just for drinks, food was served haphazardly, and it tasted aweful. Gravy was salty and you know it was from a packet mix just like their brick of mash potatoes. We asked for a bowl of fries got a butter plate that was dirty and 15 pieces of fries that were over cooked and cold, couldn't eat then disgusting. Service was the worst on this planet, cooks cussing and screaming at wait staff (that's what it sounded like), more angry staff than happy warm welcoms, wait we were ignored on our entrance, to gain attention we walked in and had to ask to be seated only to be told wait your turn to be seated (15 mins later and we were the only customers waiting to begin with), met by a disgruntled female who. Was cold rude and did not speak to us. Sat at a table that was dirty wet and sticky, didn't get attention from 6 staff whom walked by and ignored us for 45 minutes, who is running this show? Not good everything was a joke staff, service, but most of all the low grade dirty presented salty food. Nothing appealing about anything. Never go back never eat at perkins again disgusting.

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