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  1. Not sure how their sales are doing but from what I can see there are a lot of hard feelings and animosity among the servers and the management. The Harlingen location has gotten worse with every GM and management team that you have put in there. They mess with the servers schedules, they harass them to the point where the servers leave. I have never seen a Hooters run into the ground like these three are doing. The GM is a Jerk his name is Robert. Let’s face it people especially men go there for the servers and as a customer I have my favorite but with in the last 2 months they have started messing with their schedules. You need to send in the undercover boss to check it out. If you go against them, they will make up stuff against the server as an excuse to get rid of them.

  2. Hooters of NE Philly needs to have more bikini contests. Here is the schedule they should follow for the remainder of 2017.

    Sizzling Summer Bikini Contest
    Halloween Bikini Contest
    Santa's Helper Bikini Contest

    The regular customers are looking extremely forward to having a bikini contest soon.

  3. Just wanted to make a complaint about the lack of bikini contests at the NE Philly location. Start hiring smarter and start screening better. If a girl isn't bikini contest "willing and able," do not hire her. HAVE MORE BIKINI CONTESTS AND BRING BACK ALL YOU CAN EAT WINGS!!!!

  4. Hooters on Preston Highway in Louisville Ky. Worst service ever!Even worse than the location on Dutchmans Lane in Louisville Ky. We spent almost $40 in this nasty overcrowded place, never got our food,finally got a refund after getting into a huge verbal altercation with the staff and manager,the manager finally went into his own pocket and refunded us.The waitresses are rude and the managers just sit back and eat and look at their phones while there is drama on the floor. Terrible!

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