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Wingstop Corporate Office Headquarters

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How To Contact Wingstop Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Wingstop Corporate Office Address:

1101 East Arapaho Road

Suite 150

Richardson, TX  75081

Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-235-1845

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Me and my wife went to a new wingstop in fillmore calif. There is no system in ordering at the counter at all. You have to ask customers who is next!!! While we were there a customer who ha pre-ordered their food comes in and fids out that it not even been started, My wife and I had enough and left and I douby I will ever return. Who in hell does your store lay out??? You have so much wasted space, if all of your store are like this one you are losing revenue. I was so disappointed in our first and last visit from me unless i see a drastic change in your company. Inflation is at a all time 40 year high and so are your prices too. Chicken is one of the lowest cost meats and you are taking people to the cleaners. With the constant high prices oof gas steadily increasing you should be lowering your prices. What is netter sell in volume at a reasonable price or to sell far lesser amount at a higher price??? You do not know me from a hole in the wall but if I was not concerned I would not write this lengthy comments. Like I said before the layout or floor plans of your stores is ridiculous and wasted money making space.I use to design T-Shirt stores in malls and one store particular 200 square feet brought in $65,000.00 in less than 30 days. The rent was over $4,000.00 monthly in 1979. I just cannot see how your company can continue to operate from what I have seen and be a lasting business. Respectfully Yours R.J. Betters

Well I guess I should have came to read your reviews before I made my order. I ate at your location 2 towns (high point, nc) away from my home 3 days ago and my food was perfect. Then today I sent my daughter to repeat our order and it wasn't prepared right & when she called back to get the order replaced the gm name robert advised her that the next time he would burn her food! Therefore I called him back as a mother to give him a 2nd chance to straighten his face and he was just as rude to me. Now he didn't know that I recorded all my calls and if corporate doesn't make things right I will share this recorded call.

This Wingstop In Fountain, Colorado are throwing there trash and leaving alot of the food that they didn't put in the trash all over the ground. They have added to the trash problem. They need to clean it up. There is trash from them all over. Its makes this area look like a gargage dump. Please tell them to clean it up

Ordered online in OKC at the store on 39th and Portland, they messed up the order, stated they would provide a refund, never refunded anything. No reason to go back to a place that cannot keep their word.

I went to Wingstop #1594 Beaumont TX. The lady that took my order and payment also fixed my veggie sticks. She picked them up with her hands and wrapped them up. She did not wash her hands first. I had to through half of my order away. I was upset. I paid $11.14 for lunch and had to through food away. I also witnessed the cook wrapping veggie sticks with his bare hands. This is nasty.

Nov 1 2019
I ordered online, went in at pick up time, paid, cashier took a phone order after I paid, that took awhile, then went onto help another waiting customer in lobby, This is now after my pickup time, I asked cashier after she helped the second person if my order was done, she said I would have to wait for her to bag it, in the mean time, I watched as your "cook" handled raw chicken with NO GLOVES gross. The cashier then went on to help another customer in the lobby while I was still waiting for my order to be bagged. The cashier finally bagged my order, I left got back to work went to eat. ALL of my food was cold! My Garlic Parmesan wings had double parm and zero garlic! The buffalo flavor is deluded and not good They also forgot my side. I will never be going back to Wing stop!

October 19, 2019

Wing stop at 21134 US-281, San Antonio, TX 78258, USA

This is the 2nd attempt to order service from Wing Stop, and on both attempts, I have not received any items. Tonight I placed a large order for myself and a few coworkers in through Door Dash at 10:30PM (almost an hour in a half before closing), I was contacted at 11:27 (30 minutes before closing) by a door dasher and informed that he was told by Wing Stop that my order had been given to another dasher and that after waiting 30 minutes, he was just notified by staff that the order was being remade. He told me that after the order is completed that he would be on the way to deliver the food to my location. After waiting for almost 30 more minutes I was contacted by another individual working with Door Dash who was calling to "verify" that my order has been received. I informed the individual that I had NOT received my order. He informed me that the order may have to be cancelled because it was almost closing time and Wing Stop may no longer serving food and the order may have to be cancelled. I informed him of the conversation that I had with the previous door dasher who informed me that he was already at the location waiting for the food, (but Wing Stop isn’t making food for anyone), and if that is the case why would the order have to be cancelled?
The first attempt to order online I was having issues having issues having a large order for my coworkers and myself processed, so I called the store directly and asked if it was too late to have an order delivered? I was basically told that they’re getting ready to close and if I used Door Dash, they probably won’t get there in time. So, of course…no services were provided there either. Wing Stop offers delivery services but apparently employees don’t like to work during business hours, and if that’s the case, then why are they working here? Oh, that’s right, the only work they enjoy doing is the when it involves the employees leaving work as soon as possible!
It seems as though that customers who use your online ordering services be it directly through Wing Stop or through a delivery service such as Door Dash are not valued the same as in store customers, because if a customer is at the physical location and picking up an order, you would not discontinue to service the customer (after the order has already been placed and paid for) and tell them that they are no longer cooking. The order would be completed and said services provided. This is beyond ridiculous! These companies are supposed to provide at least a little customer service but I have yet to witness that at all. I don’t know who is to blame and more than likely each party will be pointing the finger at the other party I’m sure, but what I do know is that I will most definitely take my business to another provider and I will also be sharing my experiences on Social Media outlets and of course Good Ole Door Dash.

Thank you. for reading because I can’t thank anyone for services….

First let me say I love the food when it is what it is suppose to be. I would consider myself a regular customer or former regular customer. I will be glad to send my phone number so you can see my order history going back eight years. I stopped eating your product because in the past three years there has always been something wrong. It has been almost a year since I have eaten at your establishment and after ordering to night I was reminded of why I stopped. MY Cajun was flavor-list and the half garlic Parmesan was just nasty.

On 6/23/19 I witness a female employee eating from a container within the same small area where CUSTOMERS FOOD WAS BEING PREPARED and SERVED***She also was wearing an UNSANITARY WRIST BRACE while coming into contact with food and UTENSILS **…WINGSTOP LOCATION 4041 E THOMAS ROAD PHOENIX,AZ…..������ I ALSO HAVE PHOTOS TO DOCUMENT WHAT I WITNESS. Signed VERY DISSATISFIED FORMER CUSTOMER

Wing Stop on Hamilton Church Rd. Antioch, TN 37013
I went into the store to order food to go on Friday night, March 22nd around 5:30 PM. I was asked if I was picking up or placing an order and I was told there was a 35 minute wait and I said I’m fine with the wait. There was a sign in front of the register that said that you could get a 25 piece boneless wing family meal for 23.99 that what I asked for only to be informed by the employee at the register that they no longer offered that deal. I asked if it was being advertised why I couldn’t have it for that price. I pulled out the sign and showed it to her, she was very rude and told me to get on out the store! I said excuse me? And she repeated herself again and walked away from the cash register and told me that the corporate number was on the wall if I had a problem and wanted to give them a call. I'm not sure how she was trained, but that was defiantly not the way to treat a customer. I would be fired if I talked to someone that way at my job. She continued to walk away and even another customer commented on how uncalled for her actions were to me. I asked to speak to a manager, and the assistant manager was really not much better than she was to me. Finally she got the manager out there to talk to me. I said I didn’t understand why or how an employee could speak to a customer that way and be able to keep their job. I asked if I needed to call the cooperate office or if she would be able to help me and I was still told that I couldn’t get the order that they advertised on the counter for that price because it wasn’t offered anymore. I suggested that they needed to take down the sign and quite advertising deals that weren’t available anymore. The manager also said that there was no need for her to give me my order free of charge because when I called corporate that they would give me free food anyway. She did end up giving me my food for free and I suggested that the rude girl at the front counter to not touch my food at all. I asked her if she would be dealing with her attitude? I was told that it was up to her how to talk to her employee. I agree with that, but she didn’t need to say it to me the way she did. She simply could have said yes mam I deal with the problem with my employee instead of telling me that she could deal with her employee how she wanted to it wasn’t my concern how she was dealt with. By this time I’m so pissed off I can’t see straight. I’m not asking for a free handout I just think that this is a poor way to handle a customer not only by the employee but the managers too. She told me she was going to talk to the cashier but I’m almost certain it never happened because pretty much everyone at the store that night had a more than crappy attitude with me. And it makes me wonder if I was treated that way because of my skin color!! I was the only white person in the store at the time, but if another customer told me I was being treated unfairly then it wasn’t just me at all. I hope that you will look into this problem because if it continues at this store people will stop coming and buying stuff and it will eventually end up closing. You have to present your product and treat your customers the correct way and not with an attitude. All she had to say was I’m sorry mam we are not currently offering that deal. I would have been fine with that, but I will not put up with attitude from someone on any level of customer service. I will never return to this store for anything. This store will continue to lose customers without some type of intervention if everyone is treated the way I was at the store. Thanks for your time and attention to this matter. I’m not a satisfied customer any longer.

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