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Reach Expedia Corporate Office 

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Expedia Group’s corporate headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington. As one of the world’s leading online travel companies, Expedia provides a comprehensive array of travel services, including hotel bookings, flight reservations, car rentals, and vacation packages. This post offers comprehensive details about Expedia, highlighting their corporate address, contact information, and an overview of the company’s services and impact on the travel industry.

Contacting Expedia Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Expedia Headquarters – An Overview

  • Expedia Corporate Address: 1111 Expedia Group Way W., Seattle, WA 98119, USA
  • Expedia HQ Phone Number: 1-425-679-7200
  • Expedia Main Office: 1-425-679-7200
  • Customer Support and Help: 1-800-397-3342
  • Corporate Fax Number: 1-425-702-2722
  • Chat: Use Chat Box on the Bottom Right of the Contact Page
  • Expedia Customer Care: Accessible via their website or customer service line
  • Corporate Stock Symbol: EXPE
  • Website: expedia.com

Expedia Corporate Office

Maps and Directions To Expedia Corporate Headquarters

Expedia’s Role in the Travel and Tourism Industry

Expedia has transformed the travel industry with its innovative online platform, making it easier for travelers to book and plan their trips. The company offers a diverse range of travel options, making it a one-stop shop for travelers seeking convenience and value. Expedia’s technology-driven approach to travel services has made it a key player in the global travel and tourism market. Expedia is famous for bringing travel services online. Expedia.com offers discounted rates and reservations for airlines, hotels, destination resorts, events, and car rental services.

The Competitive Landscape of Online Travel Agencies and Expedia’s Position

In the competitive online travel agency market, Expedia competes with other major platforms like Booking.com, Kayak, Airbnb, and Priceline. Expedia differentiates itself with its vast array of travel services, user-friendly website, and commitment to providing competitive prices and travel deals. The company’s extensive partnership network with hotels, airlines, and car rental services enhances its ability to offer diverse travel solutions.

Expedia’s Commitment to Enhancing Travel Experiences

Expedia is committed to enhancing the travel experience through continuous innovation in technology and customer service. The company invests in understanding traveler needs and preferences, offering personalized recommendations and flexible booking options. Expedia’s efforts to streamline the travel planning and booking process reflect its dedication to making travel more accessible and enjoyable for its customers.

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Sharing Your Experience with Expedia

We welcome your insights and experiences with Expedia’s travel services, website functionality, and customer support. Your feedback helps others gain a better understanding of the company’s operations and its dedication to providing quality travel planning and booking services.

Expedia Rental Car Issue

May 6, 2024

Two very bad rental car companies! I have had very bad experiences with two rental car companies which I used via Expedia–Sixt and Nu. Both companies charge what I consider to be exorbitant toll fees and/or insurance fees. I believe Expedia needs to delete these companies from their car rental options to save Expedia customers the costs and frustrations which are associated with the two companies.


Expedia Cancelled Trip to NY

January 14, 2024

I had to change a return flight due to a family health situation. Tried from the very beginning to change and was slowed down by Expedia and then they tried to overcharge for the change by $795. Ended up talking with American Airlines who put me on the return flight I needed for under $400. Said they canceled the return flight I had with Expedia and I should have a credit with them. No way to contact you and see the credit, all I see is the full charge. Completely stolen money. Will use Expedia to see future travels but will NOT book with them. No support, dishonest, a company that needs to go the way of Sears, Buick, and other companies that didn’t support customers


Expedia You Will Sacrifice Full Service

January 13, 2024

Know Before You Go! Dec. 2023 Our Expedia reservation at Embassy Suites a Hilton Hotel was treated as third class. The Hotel refused to acknowledge my Gold level status with Expedia or my Hilton Honors membership for the 9 day stay. Additionally, both the hotel and its corporate officer refuse to refund a portion of our stay due to a serious housekeeping issue. They specifically refused because my reservation had been made through “third party” Expedia. The hotel front desk told me that because I had booked through Expedia, any travel perks through Hilton were void. So far, my complaint to Expedia’s customer service has not produced a response. If you use Expedia for its discounts, beware. You will sacrifice full service.


Expedia Home Office - Seniors Taken Advantage Of

November 18, 2023

Booked via E for the hotel as we seniors were moving back east. Not knowing when our furnishings would arrive, I cannot believe I booked us a NONrefundable 8-day stay!!!! Nothing on my receipt states anything! After continual follow-ups with the local hotel, the front desk told me they had paid back the “virtual credit card” and to contact E for a refund. That is easier said than done. Why do I have to hold them accountable for money due us? We checked out after 4 days to learn all this stuff. Since the hotel has paid back E, why can’t we just get a refund to the credit card charged without a lot of trouble? I say this has been the worst experience of all my traveling in fifty years… I’m 76 and too old for this nonsense. due $400+ Where’s the refund?


Expedia Does Not Stand By Their Word

December 13, 2022

Expedia does not stand by their word, and they are scamming people out of their money. Awful company. I’m calling their home office number listed and the number does not work.

Representative advised my reservation was canceled without any penalties or fees and Expedia still charging me for the cancelation fees. I have the transcript between the Expedia representative and myself and submitted the transcript and Expedia still went back on their word.

Corporate Office Headquarters