Priceline Corporate Office Headquarters

Priceline Corporate Office Headquarters
800 Connecticut Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06854 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-203-299-8000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-800-774-2354

  • Wish I had checked Priceline reviews 1st. Despicable company with the conscience of a robot. Never enter into package deal which they say is changeble. Airline is but car is not! Agents know what a scam it is but somehow are able to sleep at night. NEVER AGAIN will I deal with this company! May karma deal with such excuses for humans.

  • I received an email from Priceline advertising the price for a rental car for $10 a day. When I went to click on the email to reserve the rental car, the prices offered were $15, $23, and $48. I received an email today 5/02/2016 at noon advertising a rental car for $10 a day for the dates 5/03/2016 – 5/16/2016 at LAX which are my exact travel dates and the exact airport. When I went to reserve the car the price was not offered. I called Pricelines customer service to get the rate advertised at 12:27PM and they said I had to click on the email immediately to get that price, which I did. Then they said there may not be any more cars available at that price, which is when I said then why is that price being advertised. I have been trying to rent a car for the advertised price of $10 a day since 04/20/2016. This is false advertisement. I spoke with the manager at Priceline Eva, who did not provide a last name, but gave her employee # of 825284. Priceline is doing false advertisement and that is unacceptable.

  • I accidentally reserved a hotel on evening. I had several tabs open on my browser and was trying to get the lowest bid. I had never used priceline before so I assumed there would be a confirmation page of accepting the bid before charging my card. I was wrong! I looked into flights to the location (I know this should have been done prior to even searching) but I could not afford that airfare. I called the customer help line on the Priceline page about 3 times to speak with 3 different people, non of which helped. I called corporate, and the first gentleman i spoke with helped! I got my 100% refund and was able to book a location I can afford to fly to! Thank you Priceline!

  • I booked a room last week for mid-January for $129/nt. I looked today at Priceline and the cost has gone down to $111/nt. Well, Priceline has the "Best Price Guarantee" policy so I wasn't worried. I called Priceline to explain that the same room at the same hotel for the same date was cheaper on their site so I was expecting them to refund the difference. The 1st rep I talked to was rude from the start and she told me that because I purchased a non-refundable, non-changeable reservation I didn't qualify for the "Best Price Guarantee" policy. I explained it didn't have anything on the policy (and I read it several times) that if you purchased a non-refundable, non-changeable reservation that it wouldn't qualify for the "Best Price Guarantee" policy. The rep kept stating it over and over so I finally hung up. I decided to try chat so I can keep a log of what was said and to see if another rep would tell me the exact same thing. NOPE! The 2nd rep told me, and I quote "Sara, great news! your reservation is eligible for our Best Price Guarantee." I'm thinking yay, they are going to do the right thing. NOPE AGAIN! She then proceeded to tell me that the room I booked didn't have a mountain view and the comparable, cheaper room is a mountain view. I was dumb-founded. I checked my reservation and the priceline hotel web-site and couldn't find anywhere it said anything about a view. I could understand making sure it's the same hotel, same date, same bedding type but when there is no information on the view when booking how the heck am I suppose to know unless I'm at the hotel. I decided to try customer service to see if they would be reasonable. STRIKE 3!! The CS rep told me that I had to call within 24 hours of booking which again, it's not clear on their "Best Price Guarantee" joke of a policy. Customer from 1999 to 2015. NEVER AGAIN!!! Anyone out there try other sites they like?

  • Your process to unsubscribe your accounts is a joke. You should not be required to login or to setup an account to unsubscribe. As long as you have the valid email address this s/b sufficient information. Your agents s/b be trained better…what happened to going the extra mile to satisfy your customer. I will warn everyone I know to use price at there own risk. YOU WILL BE FOREVER SAVED IN THEIR DATABASE

  • I talked with Price Line today regarding a charge for a hotel room that was never confirmed by a reservation/trip confirmation number. They refused to refund my money saying that the reservation was for June 3/June 4 and that was last week. They considered me a no show and if I didn't get a reservation/trip confirmation number I should have call. I told them I did call and their employee ask me if I could spell my name. When I tried to tell them the correct way to ask the question would be "Would you spell your name for me please." The woman on the other end spelled her name to me. The charges sat pending on my c.c. until this morning 6/8/2015. However, I was a no show so they want to keep my money. No reservation/trip conservation number HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSE TO CANCEL.

  • I just got ripped off for 215 dollars for a car that I didn't even get, do to a mix up in dates that wasn't even my fault. Priceline is in the business of ripping people off and they are getting away with it I think everyone should go to there news stations to have them investigate on how people are getting ripped off I work hard for my money and if I didn't have a extra two hundred dollars I would have been figuring out how to get My son home from college. Priceline socks and I will tell everyone I know not to even think about booking anything from them..

  • I can not stress enough how unprofessional I have found your customer service manager Jorge and another customer service representative to be. They really should be considered customer disservice representatives and managers.

  • After booking a rental car through Priceline from Alamo, Alamo refused the rental at the counter. Priceline refuses the refund!
    I CALL THIS THEFT! Thank you Priceline.


  • To whom it may concern,

    I have been a Priceline customer since July 26, 2006. For my birthday I planned on renting a vehicle through Priceline and driving to Southern California to celebrate with family and friends. The reservation was going to be for a week starting on March 17, 2013. During the reservation process I decided to use the “name your own price” feature. Upon using this feature, I named my price and the system defaulted automatically from a fullsized vehicle to an economy sized vehicle.

    During the confirmation process I did not feel the need to reconfirm since I had just made the same request moments before. The reservation was accepted for the vehicle I did not want, thus prompting me to contact customer service. I contacted customer service via instant message. I explained the situation to the representative and she advised that she could generate a stop on the transaction but there would be nothing they could do until the end of the rental.

    I appealed to her by stating that I use Priceline often and asked for special consideration. I was appealing to the grey area but she expressed that it was a black and white issue (paraphrasing) I explained that I know what I selected and she advised that it was up to me to confirm before accepting the bid. It would have been nice to receive some compassion instead of being told it was my fault and there was nothing outside of policy and procedure that she could do.

    I am writing this letter to express my utter disappointment in the lack of customer service I received. Although I did not explain the gravity of the situation and by not having the refund generated sooner I would not be able to secure another rental to travel for my birthday. If I thought it would help, I would have expressed that I am unemployed and have been saving up for the rental but I did not feel I had to; I am sure representatives hear sob-stories such as that all the time, and I thought that I could appeal to the representative by having my frequent usage validated along with my seven years of patronage.

    I am expressing this now not to sell a sob-story, (there is nothing that can be done after the fact, my birthday has come and gone) I am just setting the importance of the rental and the reason for it. I am also writing to inform that this incident has greatly upset me and therefore I will not be using Priceline for any future travel needs. I am just one person out of thousands that use your service but I will share my experience with anyone that will listen. Something should be done regarding your policy and procedure when it comes to errored reservation.

    Although I feel fortunate to have received a full refund, I would have been more than happy to re-bid and keep my money with Priceline as this was not an option I will no longer recommend your services to any family, friends or social media friends.


    P L

  • Priceline does not stand behind their coustomers. The representitive on the phone refused to transfer me to a supervisor and states that if I wanted to speak with someone else then I would have to call back or email. I sent and email and the opening line stated "I see that we have already addressed your concern." This indicates to me that they never listened to my concern.

  • Beware …. u can reserve a car online but who know when u go to pick it up if youll actually be able to rent. The car. See I reserved a car with my debit card , everything was fine till I went to pick it never said I couldnt use the card see I could use the card to reserve the car but not to rent. Thats nice isnt it. And then I realized they charged my card 11 dolars for what …. not getting the car . Wasting my time or the fact that when I called no manager are available no discounts or comps to my next purchase no there was nothing or no one custom service is the highest u can go no manage no suprviseds I wonder if the people paying the managers and supervisors know they dont do their job vecause I deffently ask foe one and 2 people told me that their the highest that funny right I thought so so I dont know if I will ever use their web site again. In my opinion when you use a service and they mess up they f8x it . So here my email to any priceline person that reads this mayb they will fix it well see

  • I purchase a hotel for next august and was paying approximately $60.00 plus in Priceline fees, which are not advertised up front. In addition, you can get the hotel cheaper using the Code Yelp which I found reading reviews of the hotel. Priceline has given me their company line regarding my dissatisfaction with this deal. I responded as follows "The code was through Yelp. It is readily available. I found it while reading reviews for the hotel. The point is that I relied on Priceline to offer me the best deal available. You did not. Not by a little, but by over $223.00. I relied on Pricelines guidelines to make a bid for this hotel. In addition to the hotel I paid $15.00 in insurance because you make this a non-cancellation reservation. Either on the web site, or through the hotel there is no cancelation fee if canceled 24 hours before. Also, Priceline fees are excessive. There are no additional fees either through Yelp or the hotel, other than taxes. In addition, there is no calculation of estimated fees. I would have not bid what I did had I known in advance the extent of your fees. This brings up the issue of "truth in advertising." Taken all together, I used Priceline in good faith, as I have many times before, and I not think you have lived up to what you represent. Your denial of my issue does not make it go away.

    Dissatisfied both with the transaction and your response.

    Buyer beware is their phllosophy. Bewar!!!!

  • Not sure this company has any customer reps in the US; I usually talk to someone in Mexico; who never helped or resolved anything. Talking about outsourcing jobs; priceline clearly has no representatives in the US. When I asked for a supervisor in US I was given the address of the corporate office; not a contact number. This company should be ashamed of its unethical practices. If you support companies that create jobs in the US; stay away for that reason alone; products they provide are only worth it if everything goes as planned; otherwise you are stuck.

  • Priceline stole my money and ive been trying to resolve this for months.. Now I have nothing left but get a lawyer and go to the media. I've had my feel of this and I have he facts. This s the worst company ever. I'll do what ever it takes to get as many people as I can friom using this company.

  • My mother Donna Frederick purchased a ticket for US Airways through you guys. Her flight leaves tomorrow morning. When she went to check in online her itinerary number was not found that was emailed to her from Priceline. Why would you send her an email with an itinerary number seat number and all this information but not say that the purchase did not go through because of her master card. My mom is a first time flyer and thought the email she recieved was the confirmation because it did not state anything about the purchase declining. Now my mother, sister, and I are all up stressing out because the flight is at 7:00 in the morning my sister ticket went throught but not my moms and we are wondering what the hell we are going to do! My mom spent $200+ on this ticket and now you are asking for $500+. Thank GOD my mom worked over time to have money to spend on this trip, but now she have to spend her spending money on the remaining price of the ticket because she did not get clarification on the purchase declining. I AM OVER MY HEAD RIGHT NOW!!! THIS HAS CAUSED ME MENTAL STRESS AND I AM READY TO TALK TO THE OWNER OF PRICELINE. I have my ways to climb the ladder and I will so help me GOD!! All you have is automated support and messages stated someone will get back in two days. What kind of customer service is this??? I AM REALLY ASKING FOR HELP WITH THIS TICKET.I WOULD LIKE MY MOM TO BE REFUNDED FOR HER TICKET. I WAS ONLY ASKING FOR THE DIFFERENCE FROM THE FIRST TICKET PURCHASED BUT AT THIS POINT I AM ON THE EDGE. MY BLOOD PRESSURE IS HIGH AND IF I GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM TONIGHT THIS WILL NOT BE PRETTY!! please do not hesitate to call me 504-701-1326, email me, or do what ever you choose. I will be back in contact with my mothers purchase order for a refund. Thank you!!! (I prefer to speak with the president, owner, ceo, or whateva you call the head man in charge)

    • me, too. Priceline did a bait and switch with me paying MORE than going rate from a different rental agency.They are not at all accommodating to clients.

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