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AirBnb Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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  1. Airbnb will let guests trash your house and could care less about helping the owner resolve the problems. Absolutely terrible customer service unless it benefits them.

  2. Booked a place 3 weeks ago paid $957 approved. 3 days before my trip I receive an email I’m denied. Won’t get a refund for it to 5 business days. How the hell do I pay for my trip.

  3. Easily the most impossible company to be in touch with a human. They seem to have a complete version to talking to a human, much less one who might help to settle a problem. They rely on "under-staffers" who have limited power with the exception of giving pre-approved answers from an approved answers binder. They consistently promise they are expediting your problem, but you will never see results of expedition nor a hear from ANY supervisor. Their hierarchy is endless, yet no one can make a decision nor assist you. And should you have a valid claim with valid evidence including a police report — you are last on the list to be dealt with (seemingly until you "go away.") We sent proof of drug use – photos, neighbor complaints and physical evidence including a police report. AirBnb swears by a zero tolerance of that. But, nineteen days later — yes 19 — they closed our claim due to insufficient evidence and "slow to respond" though we provided the evidence within the first 24 hours! The guest retaliated for being reported with a 2-Star review and our 5-star superhost status was ruined. Their motto is "Hosts make Airbnb possible" – but it is certainly not the case. You are merely a location they can use to make money from. Worst customer service ever.

  4. just watched your spokes person on an interview…have rented from you in the past but if that is as good a person you can hire….it will be my last and the other people who were with me….who know people..so on and so on…the most pathetic excuse for a spoke person I have ever seen

    1. Worst customer service I have ever experienced in my 68 years of living! You cannot get a manager to call you back regarding an issue with a previous stay in February/March of this year! I will not be recommending airbnb to any of my friends or contacts unless I can get my issue resolved

  5. spend 2,800 washer and dry set with pedestals horrible experience, took 3days off from work for delivery. 1st dat no call no show next day went to store they said oh we will be there Friday of course you did come to delivered because I said I would cancel my order,…but guess what it was delivered incomplete ..so take off 2 more days no show on Dec 1 you drop off the missing pedestals and the driver says we will be back tomorrow to install I'm still waiting with 2 huge boxes in my laundry room…called customer service 1st call she hung up on me 2nd call she blind transferred me to the store without even telling me, 3rd call again heard my issue and put me on hold 10min never came back had to hang up finally spoke with Marilyn that took care of me very nice lady but its not her fault is this company and I will never purchase anything from there ..also I'm cancelling my 10 guarantee that I purchased ..

  6. Very disappointed in this company. They have taken $77.35 off my debt card but yet we don't have any phone. Worst phone service ever!!!! I want my money back!!!

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