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  • VRBO Corporate Office Headquarters

VRBO Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact VRBO Corporate Office Headquarters

HomeAway, Inc.
Suite 300 1011 W. Fifth Street
Austin, TX 78703
United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-512-684-1100
Fax: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-303-680-9280
Website: VRBO.com

  • So, let's talk class action, folks, so we can end this theft and teach this industry that we will not tolerate scams. Why leave another useless email complaint here while Vrbo goes on it's merry way? I cannot lead the action because of my health, but I will join a serious class action movement that includes a punitive portion as well as a reimbursement of all my payment, including protection plans. Maybe even go after some property owners who refuse to reimburse all. sundulon@yahoo.com

  • I have left vrbo as they are thieves. I had a large booking of 22 nights, according to my paperwork I luckily printed off at the time of booking…

    Guest booked and paid a total of $2548.65.

    As owner they were to give me $2055.33 (they put estimated payout* which seems odd)

    I rang to confirm when this payment would be paid. A customer services representative said 7th Feb 2021. That day came and went I tried to login to the vrbo owners part of the website and it said they need id verification?!! Did that. Finally received $1354.81 on 9th Feb 2021

    So they have stolen $700.52 of my money.

    I am notifying actionfraud, crimestoppers and the guest.

    I have left all sites connected to the "expedia group". I strongly suggest guests book direct with owner.

  • I paid a deposit of 533 euro on an Italian rental home, of which 300 euro was a refundable damage deposit which was to be paid back to me after 12 days. It has been 2 months and I am still waiting for my money. Every time I call VRBO, they say they are going to give the owner 24 – 48 hours to respond. Every time I speak to a representative they say the same thing. They have done this for my last 6 phone calls to them. They have even admitted to me that his phone number is no longer in service. As well, the house was a dirty, disgusting mess. I will NEVER deal with VRBO again and will tell everyone I know to stay away from them also.

  • VRBO and Homeaway has the worst customer service and response time, I have ever experienced. They have had a previous listing of mine, and now currently have two which are experiencing numerous problems. No emails being sent to me for reservations, no money being forwarded to me upon the client booking. Something has changed in the last two years with their management, that has greatly impacted my once previous efficient experience with them.
    My calls are routed all over the globe to people who have absolutely no idea how to help me – and my so-called "success partner", is too busy making new sales to actually talk to me.
    Ready to jump ship and head over to AirBnB.

  • I'm very angry and frustrated! I saw a rental property on your VRBO website that I really liked. It was listed at $57.00 per night so I went through the motions to book it. During this process I was informed that the unit was actually $80.00 per night. I was told that if I booked it at $57 my booking would be cancelled. In my books this is false advertising. Why is it advertised on the web for one price then to find out it's actually a different price. VERY SHADY business practice. I WILL NOT be using your service.

  • VRBO is perpetuating the biggest fraud in the world. They are now automatically collecting city and state transient/lodging taxes in behalf of the owner of the property BUT, they are charging way more than they should. Some of our renters are paying up to $30 more in taxes!! This on top of their exorbitant fees for using their service. Think about it… this is generating millions and millions of 'free' money for VRBO. Who is to know?? The renter doesn't know what the lodging tax rate is in cities they are travelling to. The city and the state get the money they are due, which is much less than what VRBO collected on 'their behalf'. HUGE HUGE SCAM!!! Reporting to BBB and who else….would the FBI be interested in such a large scale fraud?


  • Did anyone ever try to reach corporate VRBO to complain??? good luck trying to find anyone?? they make an error in my pricing, someone cancels, I cancel the reservation at the request of the vacationer and then I'm graded poorly… how is this good for my property….. they quoted incorrect prices based on their metrics and listed my property at a lower rank with their so called metrics.. what a lousy organization.. I just had an argument with them and they hung up on me… where do we report them.

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