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DR Horton Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact DR Horton Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

D.R. Horton, Inc.
301 Commerce Street Suite 500
Fort Worth, TX 76102 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-390-8200
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Customer Service Number: 1-817-390-8200

  • Want to thank DRHorton and Forestar for finally filling in the mosquito infested trench dug by these two corporations two years ago.

  • 7 months after waiting and complaining Holly James, Mike Liston, and Brandon Scow really went to bat to make EVERYTHING correct!!
    Non the less our house is OUR HOME now ..
    I thank Everyone I mentioned including" TERRY BRENNER "
    This man alone scheduled ALL the work to be done Previous of
    The" Mains" coming down to see the house.
    Mr Brenner is the nicest most ON TOP local personnel DR Horton
    Has here in Copper Basin…We really appreciate the team work to fix all 62 items!
    I am absolutely upset I had to go to the top.. but Im glad I did ..
    Thank you all for your kindness and understanding.
    Sincerely ..
    Daniel Goy

    • Hi Daniel. Are you in copper basin San tan valley? If so I would like to get in touch with you about Dr Horton issues I’m having as well. Thx

  • Warranty items that were never addressed on the original and then the two month and now the 10 month. Had walkthrough today and all I heard was , not covered, not covered over and over. Paid for upgraded countertops in the bathrooms and were dull from day one yet they say its not their problem, I should have sealed them. Why would be up to us to seal brand new counter tops, if they needed sealing the installer should have done this. Its far from over, somehow, someway they are gong to make them right. Wood trim has issues and dry paint over spray on walls yet we were supposed to see all this in the 1 hour walkthrough before closing. Been here less than a year and the workmanship sucks.

  • Terry Brenner Has continued his greatness..
    My roof is finally fixed.. the correct way ,
    Enrique Sealed and painted the soffits and fascia.
    It now is starting to look like "The New Home We Bought"
    Thank you Terry ..
    And all contractors who are coming back to fix others mistakes.
    We are regaining trust slowly 🙂

  • We are So very FORTUNATE to have MR TERRY BRENNER Helping us with our home.. This man is incredibly motivated to do the correct thing for the customer . My list is shrinking down Im very impressed by his great attitude knowledge and his empathy towards fellow man,women,and pets too.
    Terry Brenner is a true asset to D R HORTON ..
    Terry your the man!!
    Thank you so very much..
    Together this list will be gone and I will
    re rate my experience with D R HORTON .
    Daniel Goy

  • We are currently building with Dr Horton in Daphne Alabama we have had our closing date pushed back 6 times going on four months past the original closing date. We are very frustrated with this whole process. Talking with other home buyers in the subdivision they too were pushed back two months from their original closing. I am getting frustrated by all the excuses and lies and the constant passing the blame if you are the construction manager you are at fault period.

  • I bought my DR Horton built 2011 home in Las Cruces, New Mexico in 2015. The flat cement tile roofing on my home as well as all of my neighboring DR Horton built homes have many roofing tiles slipping down exposing the inferior underlayment that looks like a cheap blue plastic tarp. Many if not all the flat tiles adjoining the ridges are not nailed or fastened, and are slipping down to fall off of the roof! Many of the nails where the tiles are nailed are so nailed by nails that are not galvanized and are already rusting. It's only a matter of time that they rust through and those tiles slip down off of the roof as well! Many of these homes are already leaking water, damaging drywall and ceilings! In many cases, the leaking was under the 5 year warranty and has not yet been resolved or repaired by DR Horton! A meeting with a DR Horton Manager of Operations was held with his promise of getting back to four homeowners by a specific date has come and gone with no contact! I as well as some of my neighbors have plumbing issues with very slow draining of bathtubs and sinks! I do not recommend that anyone purchase a DR Horton built home! The quality of their homes do not even meet minimum building standards, and their customer warranty operations and responses are a farce!

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