Proactiv Corporate Office Headquarters

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Proactiv Corporate Office Headquarters
41-550 Eclectic St., Ste. 200
Palm Desert, CA 92260 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-760-773-9022
Fax Number: 1-760-733-9016
Customer Service Number: 1-800-235-6050
Mailing Address:
Proactiv Solution
P.O. Box 11448
Des Moines, IA 50336-1448

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Horrible customer service I canceled my subscription. And they still charged me and will not remove it from my account.

Very rude customer service. We ordered our product online Thursday and paid for over night shipping. We should have gotten the product Friday. Friday evening we were sent an email saying they shipped it and it will be here on Monday. We called Saturday to ask for a refund for the extra we paid for next day delivery and was told no because we ordered online. According to them since we ordered online the order didn't go through until Friday. Ok well with next day air it should get here Saturday, but they said no it wouldn't it would get here Monday. So we paid for next day air and will get our product 5 DAYS LATER. Still refused to give us a refund. Asked to speak with a supervisor and they put us on hold and no one ever came back on the line. We will definitely never order from them again and will be calling our bank to make sure they don't take any more money out of our account. NEVER have we ever had this problem with any other company. I hope this helps someone.

This company has THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE that I have ever had to deal with!!!!! I was charged back in October 16 that I had no idea of that was going to be charged. Once I called and finally spoke to someone that sounded like they knew what was going on I told him to cancel whatever it is they have me signed up for! I was reassured numerous times that it was cancelled TO ONLY BE CHARGED AGAIN the other day!!! This is complete BS!!! The product did NOT work but I didn't send back for the $back guarantee I just sucked up my lose. But to be charged 2 times after cancellation is ridiculous to me! They are supposed to be a major corporation but don't even have a corporate number! And when you call customer service the highest they say you can speak to is a supervisor. Major corporation my a**. I feel it is more like a scam and reading the comments above just proves that Proactive is one of the worst products and companies out there! But hey what do they care they get to sit on their butts and TAKE people's money for their paychecks. Just ridiculous!!

Like many of you, I too placed an order 3 months ago, received it and then received another order the other day and was charged way more for the second order. Apparently you are auto-enrolled in their membership plan and receive a new shipment every 3 months. Most companies are honest enough to allow you the option of auto enrolling into their membership with a check of the box and do not put it in the tiny writing in their terms and conditions at the bottom of the page, which by all the posts, no one ever reads including myself. A company this big really should not have to resort to trickery to get repeat customers. I would have eventually ordered more, we just wanted to see how the product would work before continuing to get orders which totally makes sense. It is ludicrous to assume the product is working and the person is enjoying it. I was really disappointed, not in the product but in the service I received afterward. The customer service rep said I'm sorry that you did not see the writing telling you that you would automatically become a member. No refund, no assistance. Then I told her to remove me, she said she did. I asked for a confirmation e-mail and she said I would receive it in 24-48 hours… never came. So now I'm not even confident I won't be charged again in 3 months. There is truly something unethical about conducting business in this manner.

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