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  • Oil of Olay Corporate Office Headquarters

Oil of Olay Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Oil of Olay Corporate Office Headquarters

1 Proctor & Gamble Plaza
Cincinnati, OH  45202
Corporate Phone Number: 1-513-983-1100


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  1. Hi I purchased your face cream product with the spf 15 in it and it has made my face break out. I lost the receipt for my purchase and would like to get a refund, but now I have to see my dermatologist because my skin is itchy. I normally don’t have an issue with your product and I’m not sure why this is making me itch.
    Thank you

  2. I've been a faithful user of Oil of Olay (original) for 39 years. I was wondering if I could be on a commercial for you. I love the product and it has kept me looking younger my whole life. I'm 54 and have never looked my age.
    PS I am a man.

  3. Am hopeful that OIL OF OLAY will develop a new product line that includes the Essence of Black Top. Nothing like a smell of freshly rolled black top. Would likely be in a black jar and it would spread easily on the face or behind the ears like petroleum jelly.

  4. I use and love my Oil of Olay moisterizer for sensitive skin. But I travel Monday -Friday and need a 3 oz travel size for flying. Where can I purchase these? Thanks

  5. I have been an Olay customer for years. I use Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser, Micro Sculpting Serum and Micro Sculpting Cream. I recently purchased Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream. To my dismay, after only the second day of use, my eyes became red and swollen. I was very, very careful to avoid direct contact with my eyes and eye lids. Before purchasing, I read up on reviews and no where was there anything about possible side effects. Perhaps this should be listed on the package. I was very disappointed. If you need any further clarification on this I can be reached at knitone@ptd.net.

  6. I have used the "gentle clean foaming cleanser," and toner for many years. Recently I noticed the only toner I can find is "oil minimizing." Now that may be good for younger customers but I'm older and oil minimizing products is not what I need. I asked my local Walgreens attendant about ordering the old toner and apparently it's not avalible. In addition, I must ask, have you changed the formulas in some of your products? My face has broken out in blotches (rash) and at first I was reluctant to think it was the Olay products but when I stopped using them and my face cleared up. I don't want to discontinue using Olay products but I really need to know if you plan to bring back the regular toner, and if something has changed with your products. I notice others have had similar experiences. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

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