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Texas Roadhouse Corporate Office Phone Number

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  1. This visit to Texas Roadhouse was not as successful as past visits. The manager was incredibly rude and condescending. We ordered the pork chop that were supposed to have a peppercorn sauce. The meal was incredible dry and not as expected. Inaddition, we ordered sweet potato and mixed veggies . These items were not available as we were told they were all out of those items. When we simply asked the waitress regarding the peppercorn sauce she realized that everything we ordered was wrong and not as we had expected. She went to get the manager to comp the meal. The manager came over and was extremely rude. The first thing she replied with was "What's the problem here?" the second comment was "Well, what do you want me to do about it?" So if this is the type of service we will receive then we will gladly eat somewhere else. I am requesting a call from corporate office.

  2. 2-11-22 We go to Texas Road House a lot. Usually the one in Flower Mound, TX which does a nice job for the kind of place it is. We recently moved and have been going to Texas Road House in Denton, TX. Ate there tonight and it was a nightmare!! Ordered porkchop, it came was under cooked, sent it back. The same piece came back and was cooked more but was full of gristle. He took it back and prepared a new one. Took forever. By the time it showed by up, my wife was done eating and my appetite was gone from the salad and snacking on fries while waiting. Discussed it with the manager and credited a measly $6.75 noting it was "2 Recooks". Talk about cheap and NON customer service. He should have waived my entire meal. We WON'T be going back to this Texas Road House ever, or to the chain for that matter. HUGELY disappointed.

  3. Visited the Tallahassee FL store after ordering online. The young man that came out was pleasant and explained the wait would be longer than normal. I expected that so i waited for an hour and 15 mins only to be told my order was messed up and did i want a refund. I was under the impression that it would only be on the incorrect portion. The entire order was cancelled, and I was told that we don't give you food when we refund your order. I was told a manager was coming, that never happened and all i got for my wasted time was sorry. My issue is I placed the correct order and paid online, I waited without complaint due to understanding staffing issues and I did not cause a public display of disrespect. I have a big problem with being made to feel like I am less than because I expected some customer service when the error was not mine. The manager never showed his/her face. If I was looking for a freebie I would not have paid upfront, with a tip.

  4. I placed an online order at 3:03 according to your slip at the TRH, Lancaster, OH for a 3:30 pickup, the earliest available. At 3:18 I checked in and the text said not ready yet. I watched many, many people drive by and pick up their order. Finally at 4:00 I walked over to the pickup place and asked about it. There it sat. Of course he said it had just arrived but from the temperature, it had arrived much earlier. The blooming onion sauce lid was off and it had spilled all over the onion. The steak medillians were overcooked tremendously, and everything was cold. After I had driven off I got the txt saying it was ready. My slip says 9010001. 1 out of 5 stars is a stretch. We will not be going back.

  5. Texas roadhouse doesn't abide by their company policy when it comes down to filing harassment complaints on employees, they dont provide any support and the store i work for put me in so many uncomfortable situations after the incident im uncomfortable now in my work environment, i dont feel heard and i feel like they brushed everything under the rug because they didnt want to deal with it. and now the person who i complained about is not even being punished but REWARDED.

  6. Liked

    Country Fried Sirloin, Ribs, New York, Porter House, Filet, Prime Rib, Sirloin


    Cold Food (Chili, Tarter Skins, Pulled Pork, Baked Potato, Buttered Corn, Green Beans, Seasoned Rice, Steak Fries) they all had to be sent back each week to get my food HOT ! ! !

    Pissed Off

    The last time I was at Texas Roadhouse, I ordered the Fall Off The Bone Ribs, had to send the Chile back because it wasn’t HOT. Then had to wait a very long time for the Ribs.

    Ribs finally came cut off a few ribs for my wife, she says the ribs are ice cold, so I check the ribs and its not just cold IT IS FROZEN, sent the ribs back AGAIN and they still they still returned COLD.

    Finally was so fed up with the whole situation I just took the ribs home but was still CHARGED for this.

    Later that evening I heated the ribs and green beans up and became very ill after eating. Was literally vomiting all night long. Obviously, I had “food” poisoning ! ! The ribs and green beans from Texas Ranch House was the ONLY thing I ate that day.

    When I advised you of this of this you just sent me a letter with a $20 coupon ! !

    I will NOT eat at the Texas Ranch House again nor will I recommend it to anyone.

  7. It is a crying shame that a corporation as large as yours would treat a single mom, who has been a great employee for over 10 years, the way you are treating my daughter. She is raising two small children ALONE and has serious health issues related to having her babies. HOWEVER, I have seen her go and work long shifts when she was in so much pain she could barely walk because she didn't want the restaurant to be in a bind! She finally got a great day job with Heifer International (who by the way goes above and beyond to accommodate moms) and continued to work for the North Little Rock, Arkansas TRH as a bar tender in order to supplement her income to support her babies. Now, your manager tells her that if she can't work at least 4 nights a week, she can no longer work there. Her body, at this time, cannot stand up to that kind of pressure. She only recently had yet another surgery but came back to work way before she was advised to by her doctor. It is DEPLORABLE! I am going to spread this story as far and wide as I possibly can and even post it on my business website urging people not to eat at any of your restaurants because clearly corporate condones managers being over bearing, unappreciative of good employees, tyrants and unreasonable to young mothers just trying to make a living!

    You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  8. 6-19-16 Houston tx. Fm 1960 and 290
    Road house
    My family took me there for father's day my steak came out over cooked and had it returned for another one my family started eating while i waited for apx. 25 min. They brought me a new one i told manager it took to long with a smurk on her face tells me we had to cook another one i told my family finished eating and with another smurk she tells to take it home that really upset me i told her i didnt want it so she left with plate i was so upset i had to go out to have a smoke as i was passing the exit the manager was there telling the rest of the staff they all looked at in a very unpleasent way , the other manager went to talk to my wife and was backing other manager and said it only took 7 min. It was alot more than 7 min. My family dont eat there meals in 7 min. They were all done i asked the manager what her name was she just moved her hair so i could read her name which was Alexis,my wife asked for boxes to go so they brought them then she asked for a bag and straws for our go cups they never returned with them my wife had to go get them herself customer service got worst after we complaint they held prejudice against us for complaining , so much for road house code of conduct that youll praise after this insicdent i looked up youll reviews pretty bad i should have looked at it before my wife spend her hard earning money on was supposed to be my fathers day meal not only did it ruined my day but also my familys day (HAPPY FATHER'S DAY ! YEAH RIGHT ) HOPE YOURS WAS BETTER THEN MINE .

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