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  • Logan’s Roadhouse Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Logan’s Roadhouse Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Logan’s Roadhouse Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

3011 Armory Dr., Suite 300
Nashville, TN 37204
Corporate Phone Number: Phone: 1-800-815-9056
Fax: 1-615-346-6301
Investor Relations Phone Number: 1-855-255-2789
Website: Logan’s Roadhouse


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  1. Went to Logan’s and was told there was a 20 minute wait. We had called ahead and was told they didn’t take reservations. When we got there was told a 2i minute wait. There was wasn’t hardly anyone there. The lady at the front desk was rude and constantly on her phone. We had waited about 15 minutes. Then a family of 5 came in and got a table right away. I went to talk to the manager who was also on his phone. He didn’t seem to care about the situation. Never will we back to this place. There were so many empty tables too. Never should had been a wait anyway.

  2. I took my family for lunch at Logan's today, April 1, 2023. I was disgusted sitting in the dining area and having gnats flying around as I was trying to eat my meal. it makes me think if its that bad in the dining area, what is it like in the kitchen. Gnats form when food is old. The location is the Southgate, Michigan location. I was thoroughly embarrassed. My family and I were trying to enjoy our meals for my patents 65th wedding anniversary.

  3. I ate at Logan's yesterday and it was awful the food was burnt took forever to get it i will never go to logans again and recommend no one else does either it was expensive and the food was not eatable i complained so much that i was told i was telling the wrong people by the way the restaurant was almost empty now i know why!!!!!!!!!

  4. I worked 2 days at logans roadhouse on dixie hwy in louisville ky. It true they are dirty. Especially the slicer. But also im 6 days late on getting paid. The gm austin and area mgr kristina keep jerking me around. I asked should i come stand at the entrance and protest she replied ill go to jail. Since when is protesting illegal and withholding pay legal. Real professional. All this when all they gotta do is pay me. PAYME ROADHOUSE

  5. I worked at the Logan's in Warner Robins, Ga. Management was absolutely trash, the store manager constantly cursing his employees out, they would disappear for sometimes an hour at a time just so we can find them out back chainsmoking or sitting in their car, and they would keep people who had quit info in the system to hide their high turnover. The only person who even remotely deserved to be a manager in that store was our team leader. She was the only person who had managerial skills. As for the rest of the managers, they habe absolutely no business leading.

  6. The logans at Jackson, TN was a horriable experience. The waitress was nice enough, but the food was really bad. My husband had chicken & I had fish. The fish was ok, but everything else was stone cold. The butter for the rolls was still frozen & the sides were not only cold but tasteless as well. On top of that the bill was over $30 for LUNCH. Unaccceptable I live in Arkansas & was traveling through TN, but I will never eat at another Logan' as long as I live. The price was so unbelievable I don't think you would pay that much in a 5 star resturant & this one I would rate as 0 if that. Horriable

  7. I would like to request that Logan's no longer let customers throw peanut shells on the floor. It looks very nasty to come into a place to eat and there are nut shells all over the floor. I don't know whose idea this was; but it certainly was a bad one. Elderly people have a hard time with their walkers and wheel chairs due to shells over the floor. It can cause some with the walkers to loose their balance and tip over. Can't you think of anything to replace those large buckets which takes up too much room on the tables. Also, workers are spending too much time cleaning under the booths when needed requests could be met. Please, please take away the peanuts. Parents are training their children to pick up behind themselves at home. It gives a bad message to let them come and throw trash on the floor. Please take this into consideration. I like Logan's but will terminate my visits if something is not done. I noticed the 2 for $15.99 specials are gone. We are sad to hear that. I wish that you would re-instate that. However, my main concern is the nasty way it looks when you are seated after the shells have been thrown. Thank you and I hope something is done soon. May you have a blessed day.

  8. Logan's restaurant Manchester, TN demands ID from customers who are obviously over the age of twenty one. The manager was rude, even though he knew who we were. My 76 year old, veteran, father-in-law could not get a beer without ID that shows a birth date; my 47 year old husband could not get a mixed drink without ID. This manager was just being stuffy and rude. It is not TN law to demand ID, as he said it was. We won't be going back.

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