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  • Harris Teeter Corporate Office Headquarters

Harris Teeter Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Harris teeter pentagon row has a serious deli problem because of the deli Managers who do not know how to treat associates with respect. They just stand around and watch the associates and talk about what they are doing with customers and hope they make a mistake. The man who does chicken does not bathe, use gloves, or put the chicken in the proper coolers. The slicers are never clean only once at night so if you don't eat pork the slicer is being used for pork and beef and chicken. Upper management knows but only address it when corporate comes in the store to check. If the manager does not like you they make up a reason to get rid of you, but another associate who does not come to work on time, call out sick they keep because he does not question anything they do. The health inspector is friends with the store manager.

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Corporate Office Headquarters