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  • Big Lots Corporate Office Headquarters

Big Lots Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Big Lots Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


300 Phillipi Road

PO Box 28512

Columbus, OH 43228

Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-278-6800

Corporate Fax Number: 1-1-614-278-8676

Corporate Email: info@biglots.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: BIG

Big Lots is a famous for their inexpensive closeout retail stores. Big Lots offers general merchandise for the home, clothing for men, women and children. Biglots is one of the premier closeout retailers in the US.

Big Lots Customer Service Phone Number is 1-800-877-1253. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

  • Big Lots has many offers on merchandise.. None are ever applicable to specific purchases. I truly believe your marketing dept. is run by 20 somethings trying to out do each other. Why can't you simply price competitively and leave the bogus discounts out. We regularly shop at he Austintown store, however, our recent experience has ruled out any future business. Someone is running your business that has no idea what they are doing. (SELL YOUR STOCK NOW)

  • My husband ordered online a boxspring for our daughter for the Tallahassee, Fl location and paid online. My daughter went to pick up and had the confirmation with her. They said it wasn't in the computer so the confirmation was no use to them. Gary the manager was very rude to her. My husband called to try to find out what was going on and again Gary was very rude to him as well. He pretty much said until you pick up and pay there is nothing to be done. Horrible experience. We have bought many items from Big Lots in Tallahassee, Fl and will NEVER walk through their doors again. I see from other comments cooperate needs to fire a lot of managers and do something about online ordering.

  • Disgusted with the Big Lot Store on 24th St. in Port Huron, Mi. We went on a Friday late in the day and found a kitchen table and chairs we liked. Waited to get the truck to pick it up the next day and were there at 8:00 a.m. when it opened. First in line and bought the table and 6 chairs. They loaded it on the truck. Got it home and found out the table and 2 chairs had been opened and they were just taped back shut(we have a picture of this). Damage on the leaf of the table and damage on the chairs(hardware had been taken out used, with some damage on some of it, and put back in a zip lock bag. I called and told them. They said they have no tables left-LIE. We were told must take the leaf from the store display. We paid for a brand new table and chairs not someone's return. Got 2 more chairs to replace the opened ones and had to take the display leaf. Went back home and found out the table was also missing all the hardware and the plates that connected the table to the base. I went back and said the table hardware may be in the box with the chairs that had been opened. Standing right there was a cart with a brand new kitchen table and chairs like the ones we bought in sealed boxes. The girl started arguing with me that the table we bought was new she just pulled off the truck-Lie. They were not brand new! I took a picture of the new table and chairs she just sold. Went back home with some used hardware that didn't even work on the table. Contacted customer care and they said they had hardware for the table at their store. So they contacted them because we were tired of dealing with them. They contacted us back and said they have no more tables. We would have to wait until 6 p.m. so they could take the hardware and parts off the display because they were busy. Mind you we were originally there at 8 a.m. to buy the table and chairs. So we waited until 6 and made another trip to pick up these items. We were so upset about this whole thing by now. We should have been offered a discount for not getting a new set and for wasting all our gas going back and forth, not to mention the aggravation and lying. Said they would contact the manager of the store and they never got back to me. The associates probably lied their way out of the whole situation. I was a good customer there but now people should know to beware. Kay

  • anonamous Clarksville tn store dirty shelves gnats flying everywhere wrong prices arrogant obnoxious manager supervisor walks around doing nothing

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