Big Lots Corporate Office Headquarters

Big Lots Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


300 Phillipi Road

PO Box 28512

Columbus, OH 43228

Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-278-6800

Corporate Fax Number: 1-1-614-278-8676

Corporate Email:

Corporate Stock Symbol: BIG

Big Lots is a famous for their inexpensive closeout retail stores. Big Lots offers general merchandise for the home, clothing for men, women and children. Biglots is one of the premier closeout retailers in the US.

Big Lots Customer Service Phone Number is 1-800-877-1253. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

big lots corporate office headquarters

  • Big Lots has many offers on merchandise.. None are ever applicable to specific purchases. I truly believe your marketing dept. is run by 20 somethings trying to out do each other. Why can't you simply price competitively and leave the bogus discounts out. We regularly shop at he Austintown store, however, our recent experience has ruled out any future business. Someone is running your business that has no idea what they are doing. (SELL YOUR STOCK NOW)

  • My husband ordered online a boxspring for our daughter for the Tallahassee, Fl location and paid online. My daughter went to pick up and had the confirmation with her. They said it wasn't in the computer so the confirmation was no use to them. Gary the manager was very rude to her. My husband called to try to find out what was going on and again Gary was very rude to him as well. He pretty much said until you pick up and pay there is nothing to be done. Horrible experience. We have bought many items from Big Lots in Tallahassee, Fl and will NEVER walk through their doors again. I see from other comments cooperate needs to fire a lot of managers and do something about online ordering.

  • Disgusted with the Big Lot Store on 24th St. in Port Huron, Mi. We went on a Friday late in the day and found a kitchen table and chairs we liked. Waited to get the truck to pick it up the next day and were there at 8:00 a.m. when it opened. First in line and bought the table and 6 chairs. They loaded it on the truck. Got it home and found out the table and 2 chairs had been opened and they were just taped back shut(we have a picture of this). Damage on the leaf of the table and damage on the chairs(hardware had been taken out used, with some damage on some of it, and put back in a zip lock bag. I called and told them. They said they have no tables left-LIE. We were told must take the leaf from the store display. We paid for a brand new table and chairs not someone's return. Got 2 more chairs to replace the opened ones and had to take the display leaf. Went back home and found out the table was also missing all the hardware and the plates that connected the table to the base. I went back and said the table hardware may be in the box with the chairs that had been opened. Standing right there was a cart with a brand new kitchen table and chairs like the ones we bought in sealed boxes. The girl started arguing with me that the table we bought was new she just pulled off the truck-Lie. They were not brand new! I took a picture of the new table and chairs she just sold. Went back home with some used hardware that didn't even work on the table. Contacted customer care and they said they had hardware for the table at their store. So they contacted them because we were tired of dealing with them. They contacted us back and said they have no more tables. We would have to wait until 6 p.m. so they could take the hardware and parts off the display because they were busy. Mind you we were originally there at 8 a.m. to buy the table and chairs. So we waited until 6 and made another trip to pick up these items. We were so upset about this whole thing by now. We should have been offered a discount for not getting a new set and for wasting all our gas going back and forth, not to mention the aggravation and lying. Said they would contact the manager of the store and they never got back to me. The associates probably lied their way out of the whole situation. I was a good customer there but now people should know to beware. Kay

  • anonamous Clarksville tn store dirty shelves gnats flying everywhere wrong prices arrogant obnoxious manager supervisor walks around doing nothing

  • OK, I had a bizarre experience at the Harrison, Ohio store yesterday. It was NOT any of the employee's fault this happened. The employees have always been kind and courteous at this store. It was a Sunday, and I got there approx. 6:00pm. The store closed at 7:00pm. I forgot to wear my watch, and I didn't have my cellphone with me. At first, I picked out some birthday cards, and a "get well card" for my sick aunt in the hospital. Then I went to the far right side of the store and got deeply involved in buying curtains, trying to figure out which ones I wanted. I remember at one point thinking to myself, "I wonder what time it is?", but then, thought, "Well, they will announce when the store is closing, so I'm OK". I continued to look at the curtains, & then some pillows. After I was finished, I walked to the front of the store. I looked up at the clock at the front of the store and saw it was 7:05pm, and the clerks were counting the money out from the register. I asked, "Are you closed?" Those poor women just about died. I scared the hell out of them! They said, "Yes, we are closed. We didn't know anyone was still here." I was TOTALLY CONFUSED. I asked, "Was there an announcement? I did not hear an announcement over the loud-speaker saying the store was about to close." This was their answer (which totally blew me away!). They said, "We are no longer allowed to announce that the store is closing. Our corporate office said we can no longer do that, because it is rude." These women did kindly offer to hold my items, so I could purchase them the next day. The problem is, I have to be at work by 8:00am and they do not open until 9:00am. I was planning on giving the "get well card" to my sick aunt on my way home from work, which is on the other side of town. No problem, I simply bought another get-well card from a 24-hour Walgreens next door. I will return to Big Lot's this evening to pick up the other items they held for me. I am not angry with the store clerks. They were simply doing their job, doing what they were told. But to the corporate office, I have to ask, "Have you lost your mind?" Our society has been doing this FOR YEARS, with the store announcing that they are about to close. Everyone knows that every store does this. We come to expect it. Especially when we get so deeply involved in our shopping, we rely on this to remind us to finish up and go to the check-out lane.

  • I contacted the Big Lots store in Plantation, FL on Broward Bl. to inform them that I was charged a tax on (per Fl law) items that are exempt. I asked to speak to the mgr. who told me her name was Roberta. She said she did not know where the corp. office was and then had another emp. give me a telephone number that was false. I then called back and told them I would drive over there to get the true info if I had to. I was then told that Roberta is not the mgr but someone named allen was. I realized I would not be getting truthful info from these people who misrepresented who they were to me. I will contac the corp. office directly and give them the form provided by the Fl dept. of Revenue that lists all items exempt from taxation so this company can change the programming of their registers so as not to add a tax to exempt items. I would think that any company doing business in Fl should know what is exempt from taxation.

  • Big Lots Should Not Support the Harassment of Minors

    To whom it may concern,
    On January 26, 2013 my children and I were shopping at store #5113 on University drive and Atlantic blvd in Coral Springs, Florida. As my 2 sons briefly left my side to search for the restroom, they were approached by a store employee named “Jason”. Jason very rudely demanded that my children pull up their pants and stop looking at him cross eyed. My children were very intimated and ashamed that an employee spoke to them this way; I was outraged and informed the store manager about this awful encounter with a Big Lots employee. The manager informed me that “Jason” had a history of speaking harshly to minors who are not accompanied by an adult. I complete understand that children can be mischievous, but my sons were merely searching for the restroom.
    As a loyal customer to Big Lots, I ask that management instruct their employees on how they should speak to customers and their family members. Harassing children should not be tolerated. I ask that a policy and procedure be instituted on the correct manner in which an employee speaks to minors, not accompanied by an adult, no other child should be subjected to the embarrassment that my children endured. I look forward to maintaining my customer relations with Big Lots, but I will not tolerate an organization that allows their employees to harass minors.

    Thank you,

    Beatrice P.

  • It is sad and uncomfortable to buy at big lots located in Tulsa . I went there for the special they got on the video games. The add mention buy two at 18.88 and get two free. Now when I went to pay it they charge the whole price of games, meaning 18.88 for each. I am lucky that I checked my receipt, when I noticed this I talked to the manager and general manager Keith . He was rude as he was telling the cashier and me … Look listen to me … Like he knew what was right without even listening any of the two parties. Then he took my receipt and came back and gave me some money back… At this moment I was getting frustrated because now he was charging me 9.44 for each game , I proceed to ask him … Can you please show me wich are the free games??? So he replied that is how the register read this… First of all he didn't even use the register… Then I told him your ad state buy two. @ 18.88 and get two free, but he keep telling me that the price was 9.44 for each…. He was getting mad and he even told an employee… Just tell him to return the products … I don't think that is a way for a manager to conduct business… At the end I returned all my orders back to the store because of false advertisement… Later I went to Walmart where they price match their ad and guess it actually they honor me the two free games and charge me for the buy two at 18.88 and get two free

    • Your post is old, but I needed to say I think they were getting irritated because they were fixing the mistake but you just didn't want to budge and being stubborn with the way the system worked it out. You said he came back so most likely he did this on a different register or else the count would be off. They were making each one $9.44 which is half of $18.88. So paying $9.44 for 4 is $37.76. Paying $18.88 for 2 is also $37.76. They were honoring the ad for you and you would be, essentially, still be paying only for the price of two.

  • Well it seems I had quite a different experience with the customer service rep by the name of Josh. I bought a Futon with the $99 black mattress and frame from the Exton PA store and also some memory foam from another retailer thinking this would make a good bed. The box for the frame was pretty beat up but I said ahh I will take it and we shall see if anything is missing or broken. Well sure enough I open the box and the bag that the parts were in was ripped and had parts missing. So I call them up hoping they can just give me the parts that I need. I work in retail as well and we will usually always just give them parts from another set if some or all the parts are missing. They were quite pleasant and went in the back and found the only other bag of parts they had from the only other frame and of course that bag wasn't ripped open at all haha. So over the course of a few weeks I come to realize even with the 4 inches of memory foam maybe I should have gotten the innerspring mattress. I finally decide to return it along with the foam and get the 10 inch plush one since it is used daily as a bed and not a couch. I first called to make sure I could return it and the lady said it shouldn't be a problem. So I got in and talk to John who was apparently the manager unbeknownst to me. I tell him I have a futon and would like to return it and get the more expensive one which is DOUBLE the price mind you. He tells me he can go check and then turns and says it isn't open or anything is it because we can't take mattress's back that have been used for health reasons, it's just like underwear. Then he says well maybe you can sell it to a friend, really??!! Well needless to say I was pretty pissed off after that and walked out of the store. Now I know I'm only 28 but I sure as hell never heard that before and it sounded a little odd. On my way out I decide to pull into a parking lot and see if I can find a corporate number to call and ask if this is the case. I also had the receipt and it was still withing 30 days. I call up customer service and surprisingly got someone on a Saturday and CALMLY explained my situation to him. He told me that some District managers will not accept certain things back so it all depends on the area but that he would gladly call the store. So he puts me on hold for all of 2 minutes and got back to me and said everything is taken care of and I can return it with no issues, all I need to do is talk to Lisa. Well it turns out that Josh thought I said Aston instead of Exton, hahaha. I realized this because I couldn't find anyone named Lisa in the Exton store. So I called back and got someone else unfortunately but I explained what had happened and told her I was speaking with Josh previously. So tells me to hold on and she transfers me to Josh. I explained that I couldn't find a Lisa in the Exton store and so was a bit confused. He says Exton? Oops I called Aston haha. So we got that straightened out and he once agian puts me on hold and calls the store and gets everything worked out. I go in to return the mattress and the manger says oh I'm sorry I thought we can't take them back but really it's that we can't resell them for heath reasons. Yeah ok buddy, you just didn't want to take it back even though I was STILL willing to spend DOUBLE on a better one. The return went smoothly although I could tell the manager was not happy about getting a call from corporate but hey do your job because you are in retail. If you help people get the best possible service and product then you won't get calls from corporate.

  • I was shopping at store 1982 on Friday afternoon; I was in disgust in how the store look this was one of my favorite stores to shop at before it was clean and organized, but now it worse than a flea market. And too top it all off all the items that I wanted to purchase didn’t have a price what kind of store manager is running this store. Delia the manager on duty was very helpful and very nice apologizing and gave me great customer service. I thought that they had some sort of standards there, am so disappointed and are thinking twice about ever shopping their or at any Big Lots.. I hope they can fix that store to how it was before…

  • I am angry that I have yet to get a 20% discount. I shop there often and when I look at my reciept the number stays the same for two or three reciepts. I have spent over twenty dollars on different days and still do not have 10 points. I have showed cashiers they dont know why. I think this 20% off is a scam. I have sent emails for explaination but never receive anwser.
    Disgusted in New York

  • I went in the sore in Las Vegas nev on Rampart and Lake Mead to buy a 5 piece dining set that was $399 I saw the night before they sold the chairs I asked them why did they sell the chairs when it was listed as a 5 piece set, the kid that works there named Eric said its not science to figure out we sold the chairs the manager Mike sat there and laughed I never been in a store that treated me this bad when I was going to buy $1000 in furniture I told the manager( that laughed) of course he said he never said that so do yourself a favor don't go there they treat you awful I'll never go there
    again I'll go somewhere else where they want my money.This Store is bringing Big Lots name down.

  • I have just hung up the phone, disgusted with Big Lots once again. Your customer service rep," Josh " was as rude as most of the sales people in your store. Six months ago, my husband and I tried to purchase a tv stand for around $300.00 at your store. It was signed sale price etc. The store said we could not purchase it until the next day even though it was already signed. We then asked if we could go ahead and pay for it and pick up the next day since they only had one. They said no and said we should try to get there when the store opens the following day. They were so rude and uncaring that I left and purchased one down the street gladly paying more money for better customer service. Two weeks ago an elderly friend wanted to purchase a television that was in your ad. I took her to purchase the tv, we could not find one anywhere on the floor. I finally found 4 salespeople in the back talking and asked about the tv.They said they didn't have one on the floor. I said we just wanted to buy it if they would just get me one. Reluctantly they finally asked someone to bring one out. We purchased it, but the service was horrible. Last week my husband and I went to purchase an ottoman in your ad, once again, no one would help us. Finally my husband picked up the display and we waited in a long line for about 15 minutes. We finally got to the check out and the cashier kept yelling to someone named Mike if he wanted to sell this item. He said yes and she seemed dissappointed. Last week I went to purchase a rug on the front of your ad. I couldn't find it so I finally asked someone. She checked and said they didn't have it. She was pleasant and told me they would get a truck in on Wednesday and to check again. I sent my husband who is a manager in a major retailer, to see if they had one. He went in and called me and said he couldn't find anyone to help him and was very irritated. I told him to forget it and just leave. He did. This morning I called another Big Lots 50 minutes away in a city where my son works to ask them if they had the rug. I asked the lady if they had the rug and she rudely said " we can't hold anything". I said I didn't want you to hold it, I just wanted to purchase it. I don't have it she said rudely. I called back to get a corporate number to call, because by now I'm getting mad at your company's blatent disrespect. She gives me a number, when I call it, it's a number to At&t. Ok, I look one up on line and speak to someone in customer service named Josh who was really rude and disrepectful. I get it now, you don't want my business. If this is how you treat your customers, you don't want anybody's business. Having worked in retail management for 25 years, it takes alot alot for me to complain. Had I behaved the way your people do, I would have been out of a job.

  • Big Lots 1143 would be a better store without virginia as Manager! She has no people skills.None of her Employee's like her because she doesn't treat them right! I personally have been in there shopping an witness her screaming,cussing and calling a employee stupid!Charles is very polite and helpful! He should be Manager! He is the one keeps the store and employee's going &looking good!I have smelled liqear on virginia when i have been in there!Thanks,Matt

    • The Meridian Ms Big Lots is very unprofessional and very mean to customer behind there backs. The manager and the employees make fun of the customers that cone in the store. There is one cashier that stands up front and make fun of customers when they come in and she and the manager calls co worker upfront to make fun of the customer they are in need of a new staff or some very serious customer service training. The cashier that is the worst is a black girl that has a natural hair style, she calls customers over to make fun of customers as they come in the door. It is horrible.

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