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  1. Your Franchise of E. Clackamas OR is destroying your name. They have laid from the beginning of the job. they told us they would watch the dollars that they spent but they did not. They spent like I had a bottomless pit of money. I did not find out that they were $30,000.00 over what the insurance would pay until the end of the work. They had employees working on the project that not only did not know what they were doing but items went missing from the house.
    I could write a book on Joel Olsen destroying the Servpro name.

  2. Sir/Madam: I telephoned the local ServPro Office (Tel: 239-334-8700) at 11:44 AM ET, 21 February 2022, to alert their office as to one of their vehicles being driven recklessly – more than 85 miles per hour (in a 70 MPH zone), weaving in and out of traffic without signalling and the driver communicating terroristic threats to those on I-75 northbound. I provided all the details, including my telephone number. I was assured the local franchise owner would respond. It has been 10 days with no response or inquiry on details.

  3. I would like to see about reporting the Montgomery office. I need to speak with you about the employee Morgan Sweat before I file a lawsuit for covering up the mold in my house instead of removing it. I have pictures.

  4. I requested a quote to clean my personal items only. When I called the person who took pictures and notes if he had my quote as yet 1, 2, and 3 weeks after he came out and looked around, I still haven't gotten a quote. He kept telling me "I'm not at the office right now, I will call you back when I get there!" Still waiting Ray Sandey! I will never go through Servpro again!

  5. Your local Gurnee Illinois office is terrible and we are going to be seeking compensation for damages. They lie, steal, and cheat…..all the while ruining what's left of your home with zero regard for just that….it's your home and your things. I'm not cussing, but home tyou have good insurance yourself as there was also fraud. Billed my insurance copany for cleaning items we didn't even own

  6. Your employees who where in the prospect park area today may 10th 2017 getting onto 95 at around 515pm should really be told how to act when in a company vehicle. They don't own the road. While making a left turn onto rt420 I was very near almost hit by one of your company cars. It was a small suv type car. I'm making the left and your employee payed no mind to me as he continued to make his right hand turn all while staring at me and smiling as he did it. Then which is the main reason I am writing this. He continued to stay being me and a very close tail gating distance all the way down rt420. I changed lanes and when he chamged lanes right with me amd continued to ride my ass i increased speed up to almost 80 mph l and he stayed rigjt up on my rear end all the way
    onto i95 south. He then pulled up next me and screamed something out his window and showing me the middle finger. He also had himself as well as 3 other people in the car. For a company as large as servpro is I would expect a professional manner especially in a car with the company name all over it. I am very happy I have never used servpro and I never will now

    1. I called servpro in Providence Rhode Island and spoke to a CJ Gagnon and notified him that at aprox.6:30pm in a white ford explorer a man who represents this franchise with the exact license plate: srvpro was swerving in and out my lanes at full speed almost smashed right into and proceeded to literally run vehicles off the road.when we finally caught up to this man he then put his middle finger up,while on his cell phone for no reason at all . I think its extremely unprofessional to represent this franchise on this way . I did infact record the entire encounter on my phone and to my surprise had no idea the cj gagnon I spoke with was infact a manager at the providence ri location . I havent heard back from him as far as if i should take my video to a news broadcast, post on social media to see if anyone else has ever had this experience. To my surprise i never thought i would stumble onto someone who had already written to corporate on a matter just like this one ! On servpro's website it seems theres a cj gagnon as well as a christopher gagnon who to my knowledge is the father as well as the general manager ! The photos on their website also make it simply easy to identify who works within the business! With that being said I would hope corporate has a way of tracking who is driving that specific vehicle as it wasnt the usual green van that they usually drive . Again its a white ford explorer with the rhode island plates and the plate was srvpro and i do have video of this encounter as i was the passenger in the vehicle. He was also on the cell phone while putting up his middle finger. This man is a road rage kinda driver ! This man is the type to smash into your car and keep driving away! If corporate cherished their franchise i would expect them to call mr.gagnon directly and get my phone number from him to give my family a call and make things right. I simply want this man fired as he should be!

  7. Your local La Crosse Wisconsin office has never kept me informed of the actual or estimated cost. Instead they worked as if they were dipping into a never ending pot of money. It is my insurance claim they so freely spend.
    Next, had drywall been removed earlier then drying would have occurred much faster. Inexperience and a poor plan from the start.
    There is more but I believe you get the point.
    Feel free to call me at 608-372-1064.

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