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  • Tire Kingdom Corporate Office Headquarters

Tire Kingdom Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Tire Kingdom Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

TBC Corporation
4260 Design Center Drive
Palm Beach Gardens 33410 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-561-383-3000
Fax Number: 1-561-383-3038
Customer Support Number: 1-800-334-7332


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  1. I took my car to Tire Kingdom on N. State Road 7, Royal Plam Beach my brake light came on which was surprising due to the facts that two months prior I had new brakes put in. They could not find the issue after I send a video of what showed up on the dashboard. I was told I had to replace the rooters which I did around ($500). The next day the car did the same thing. They told me return the car and I was told now telling me that it's the sensors and I could drive the car it doesn't affect anything that would cost about around ($345).

  2. Tire Kingdom messed up my BMW oil change, drained the wrong fluid (transmission), had to wait 2 hours for them to get the same fluid couriered so they could replace it and then I left with a very odd sound (they said would go away…) that I never heard before while driving. Took it to BMW, turns out the guy replaced the undercarriage cover incorrectly which caused the sound. Cost me $150 to fix it! They promised to refund me…and said they submitted the paperwork…..4 months later, nothing. Corporate followed up with the manager and he supposedly apologized and said he would call me….nothing 8 weeks later. This is the tire kingdom in plant city, fl. I want to believe this was oversights (twice), but my business sense tells me otherwise.

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Corporate Office Headquarters