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NTB Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact NTB Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

TBC Corporation, Inc.

NTB Corporate Headquarters Address
4300 TBC Way
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 33410 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-561-383-3000
Fax Number: 1-561-383-3038
Customer Support Contact Number: 1-800-423-5464
Special Orders: 1-866-642-8473
Ntb.com web orders: 1-800-942-8210
Credit Card: 1-888-867-5658
Website: NTB.com

National Tire and Battery NTB Corporate Headquarters
  • I am writing this email because I had some work done on my car at the NTB in Macedonia Ohio I get the car home, and it starts making all kinds of noises the manger there said bring the car back in so I bring the car back, she says it's the control arms broke from them putting new parts on the car, she referred to it like the alternator and battery if one go out they others will go out, so my mother already spend $2961 on the car to be done correct so, so I call this price gouging on the store manager, so now I got the control arm fix, and she calls and tell her it needs another control arm knowing my mother knows nothing about cars, basically talking advantage of here, so my mother get that work done now we have done spent $796 more dollar, they manger calls her back and say it need two axles, now we out of money. and got to use the warranty on the car to get fix. I feel that manger should have never done the work on the car if she knew something was going to go wrong, and took totally advantage of my mother, I want to get a lawyer, take this situation to social media, and the BBB I just feel this was a bad experience. And I don't want no one going through this painful act.

    Deaundre Wilson.

  • I stopped off my truck to have struts that were defective replaced for the second time and now my front end, according to a local Honda dealer l, is completely destroyed. Over $1,100 worth of front end work needed. I applaud Chris the manage of the Stafford, TX NTB location for refunding my money for the struts and shocks installed, but I will not stop until the mechanic who destroyed my front end because he was told that he had to replace them again, and now my truck that I drove into the shop that driving perfectly fine, is now in-drivable according to Gillman Honda, a shop I managed to drive my truck to a mile or so away.

    You may reach out to me by email (NTB) if you want to continue to have my business. Since Sears closed their auto shops, NTB has been my go to place for batteries, tires, alignments, etc. I want my truck repaired and back to normal. RH

  • After returning from an out-of-town trip, my car gave me a signal that my tire pressure was low. Thinking that it was due to the road trip, I just had the tires pumped up to normal pressure. When the pressure gauge continued to light up, I knew that the problem was more significant.

    On June 4th, I took my 2019 Acura RDX to the NTB store located at 5809 Nolensville Road, Nashville, TN where I have an account. After explaining about the tire pressure alert, I asked them to check my tires, to help determine if there was a nail in the tire. After an hour and a half, the attendant returned to tell me that there was a nail in my tire and that it could not be repaired since the puncture was in the side of the tire. I asked if they had my tire in stock and was told that it would need to be ordered. I thanked them and said I would contact my dealership to see if they had my tire in stock. Turns out the tire also had to be ordered by my dealership so I made an appointment to have the tire replaced there on Tuesday, June 8th.

    When I returned home, I found that NTB neglected to replace the valve cap on my tire which I reported to them. I was very disappointed that the representative I spoke with made no effort to right the wrong of their negligence other than to tell me to drive all the way back there to retrieve the cap. Instead of making this 16 mile journey back to the store, I went to a nearby auto store to purchase a set of valve caps.

    On June 8th, I went to my dealership to have my tire replaced. I was told that there was a screw in the tread of the tire on the rear passenger side. They were able to patch it at no charge.

    I was immediately hurt and outraged to learn that I had been lied to by the NTB attendant. I was so grateful that they did not have my tire in stock because I would have purchased it ($200+ expense) and had it mounted right away.

    As a 70-year-old widow, whose husband always took care of things like this, I was left disenchanted and distrustful by this experience. The integrity of this store is now maligned and I am no longer able to trust whether or not I am being told the truth.
    In 2020, I purchased a set of tires for my other vehicle at the Nolensville Road NTB and plan to move the periodic tire rotation/balance service to another NTB store. Hopefully, the integrity of the staff there will be better.

  • I took my car to a Texas location for a battery change. I was charged an extra $90 for an installation fee. Who does that anywhere else. The gentleman who came into the store about 10 minutes after me was not told that he needed to pay that fee. Discrimination is alive and well.

  • Well I hope this employee is enjoying her paid bereavement holiday woth her boyfriend because it looks to me like she is going to be out of a job when she returns 🙁

  • I heard a female employee called Rose from the NTB Saugus MA store is currently taking a 5 day bereavement when the isnt a death on the family. She just wants a paid vacation in Haiti with her boyfriend. They will believe any false document she gives them.

  • I dropped my car off at NTB Harrisburg 10/29/2018 to have my trucked looked at. I drove my truck in there because I smelled something burning. They called the next day and stated that it was the AC compressor and could they keep it for another day so the service Manger Chris could look at it. He called the next and stated the AC compressor would need to replaced and gave me a quote. I told him that due to the price it would have to wait to a couple weeks to get fixed and I told him that I would be picking it up. When I went after work to pick my truck up, 1st they did not have my paper work ready then after I paid all the while never mention I would not be able to start I paid and got my keys. While getting in the car I saw the staff looking and laughing through the bay doors while I try to start my car. I went back in they were like we will give you a jump knowing that the back battery was fine because I can you all the power equipment in the car. They had to cut the serpentine belt so that I can drive out of there. Because they had to do that they just laugh cause they thought it was funny that cause I had no power steering either. I have never had such rude customer service. I am honestly not sure they they didn't break it on purpose so that they can rip me off .

  • my son stopped in to get 1 tire fixed the ones he bought there the turned him away leave him in parking lot with a flat don't think so all our busness will go somewhere else

  • I am requesting $79.20 to be credited to my account, please. I took my car in yesterday for routine oil change. I provided specific instructions on a piece of paper with items high-lighted in yellow. When I got home, I noticed that wrong oil was used & that is why I was charged $20.00 more than what was initially quoted. I immediately gave them call & as I was explaining the situation, I was interrupted by the guy & he said "Mrs. *******, I am the person you spoke to & I asked you if you wanted this oil & you said yes". I repeated that to him, "You asked me & I said yes"?, his response, "mmmhmmm", I had to hang up on him since I was going to get nowhere! He blatantly lied, he did not ask me any questions, much less what oil as I had it written down on paper with high-light! I also mentioned that the last time I had my car in there for work to be completed, the springs for my hood are broken, he said "oh, that's just normal wear and tear"…..please, how can I reach someone to get my money back!? Please refund my money & I will be forever grateful & NEVER step foot in a NTB again. Thank you very much.

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