Hyundai Corporate Office Headquarters

Hyundai Corporate Office Headquarters
10550 Talbert Ave.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708-6031 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-714-965-3000
Fax Number: 1-714-965-3149
Customer Service Number: 1-800-633-5151
Roadside Assistance USA: 1-800-243-7766

  • I leased an Elantra in 2019 in Gainesville, FL. I purchased this vehicle at lease end, sent my funds to Tresl/IFS on 3-10-2022, and have attempted to receive my title many, many times to no avail. Nobody seems to have an answer, and in the meantime my local DMV office cannot assist me in this matter without information from Tresl. This is absolutely the most inefficient company I have ever tried to do business with. I tried Corporate offices for Hyandai with no answer. They tend to pass the buck. Very disheartening. I have spent virtually hours in this regard. Do not do business with Park Hyundai in Gainesville. They have stepped out of the picture all together.

  • 2018 Tuscan Limited, 29800 miles, seems like the car has no power, from a stop when you step on the gas there is a hesitation, in slow moving traffic the car feels like it will stall, trying to merge or pass another car it just revs and does not move, its very dangerous, Dealer told me this is normal, i know this should not be like this, dont know how anyone can say this is normal, i guess when someone gets killed they might finally fix the issue.

  • I brought my 2010 santa fe in for it's computer software call back. After I drove home the Check engine light came on. I brought it back and they ran the codes and said it was my MAP sensor. Isn't ironic that tis only happened after they serviced my vehicle?. because it's a 2010 it is over warranty on mileage but I believe it is negligence on The service dept. at this dealer. I got in touch with case management but they ignored my letter and told the service dept. that it's over warranty. This light never went on until the update was done. I will never by a Hyundai again. When I had my Mitsubishi Galant it was over warranty and my timing belt went when on a long trip with my family. They paid for my repairs as well as our hotel fees and food. So what's up with Hyundai? Just greed I believe! Thanks for nothing Hyundai. I will replace the MAP sensor myself instead of their quote of 345.00 I will be saving hundreds of dollars!

  • I purchased the Hyundai Sonata when it came off lease 10/14/21 because new cars were not available, check was cashed by Hyundai, despite having cashed the check two letters were sent by Hyundai demanding return of car. numerous calls and letters have been written, still without response from Hyundai. Looking for title account number 1814020690. This reflects badly on the Hyundai corporation and quite frankly i would have to rethink any decision to purchase a car from your organization

  • I live in Puerto Rico and a few years back I bought a used Hyundai Santa Fe Sport 2.0 which I like very much. The car is now at dealer to install a new engine. The car do not have the original catalytic converter and the mechanic said they will not install the engine until I pay them 2000.00 for the catalytic converter. I do not have that kind of money to pay for one. I know there are other that fit the car (but are not oem) which I can afford. Is it mandatory by Hyundai that it must be oem?

  • After got the message from your "Service" front desk staff that my car can be collected in the same day afternoon 3-4pm and confirm the cost was £229. The staff know NOTHING for every time I ask the questions: when can I collect my car —- "let me check and reply to you" …. but finally no any call until 17:55 and she said my car cannot be collected because of fail the MOT …. WHAT"???? I never heard any vehicle machinic do nothing and then put the car to MOT for testing!!!!!!!!!!! AND I also descripted the problem of the window washing in black & white on the booking document , BUT she said "I cannot follow your case after 18:00 her working time finish….. WHAT THE RESPONSIBILIY ARE YOU HYUNDAI'S STAFFSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. OK waiting until next day, it still got NO ANY CALL from HYUNDAI. OK, you don't call me, then I call you many many time in the morning but 9 in 10 time no body pick up the phone!!!!

    HEY Hyundai no matter how, YOU are the manufacturer of HYUNDAI CAR, no one will know more then your machinic, but you staff know nothing:
    they don't know what's the problem
    they don't know how the resolve,
    they don't know when could be finished.
    they don't know when I can collect my car…….

    I never think about HYUNDAI will be such a ridiculous in their service.

    Finally …. during 4 days I non stop calling, someone receive my call on Friday and said SHOULD be ok on Monday , SHOULD SHOULD SHOULD… everytime saying should !!!!!! but no exactly time!!!

    and She said the total amount from £229.00 to £1,979.87.

    BAD Staff attitude, BAD service quality, BAD professional.

    Actually at least I perfer some staff should give me a exacted time for my back up plan, when I asked any car for my using (rent from HYUNDAI), she said NO NO NO … ALL is eNO!!!

    I need drive to work everyday, I need to take care my old parents and pick up them from hospital to home EVERYDAY! so all the solution cannot come back by HYUNDAI,
    I had to take 2 days NO PAY leave from my job to go to London city to renting another car.
    Paid £530 for 1 week.
    Finally I still need to pay £1,979.87 to HYUNDAI for such their service and maintenance.

    TODAY I just recognize the alert sign from the panel showing some kind like "WASHING WATER NOT ENOUGH" again ….. WHAT !!!!! NEW parts are replaced already and paid £1979.87 for few days….

    so HYUNDAI… I will post it to different Countries forum, facebook, twitter, … by different language including Korea to talk about what is the quality of HYUNDAI!!

  • I have tried to contact head office in Korea with no joy.
    I need assistance with an HY7000LEK 110/240v site generator and all I get are motor vehicle showrooms.
    I need a company that will admit making this Hyundai generator who can help (in English)

  • Purchased a car 2018 model Sonata Sport on March 20, 2021,from Gossett Hyundai South in Memphis, TN on Mt.Moriah. Well they had just received the car as a trade in from the previous owners while they were waiting in the service department to make a complaint about the motor. Which I had no idea all of this until after I had purchased the vehicle and took it back 3 weeks after having it in my possession, that all of this was happening. I was told that the car needed a oil change and brake replacement, ok this was done but after a week the oil light kept jumping on and off so I took it back a second time. They stated that the oil filter needed changing and a higher grade of oil was needed for the motor. Ok they did all of that and yes they stated that the brakes were not changed properly and they had to redo them as well, they had my car in their possession for about two weeks to handle this. Once I received it back drove the car again for about two weeks and the same issue happened again, this time the motor was bone dry like no oil had even been topped off in this motor, take it back and they kept the car a month this time giving me a loaner car, they inspected the motor, did a consumption test and find out that the motor was consuming all of the oil and they had no idea where it was going and that this was causing damage to the oil rings inside of the engine and that it was only going to get worse, so they did a top engine cleaning and topped the oil off again and this time Hyundai presented me with a lifetime warranty(a piece of crap).. So upon only having the car again in my possession for only two weeks again, it happens again. 4th time this vehicle has been in the same shop for the same thing within the few months that I have had this vehicle, I'm still paying my car note and car insurance like this car is still in my possession and I am driving it everyday. Well they have had my car this time a month with no loaner or rental or anything. So they complete another consumption test and it comes out worst than the last consumption test, all while they find out that Hyundai has issued a recall on the engines for this very issue. Created a case with Hyundai of America only to be told well we will only cover 75% of the cost to replace the engine you will need to pay the other 25%. I informed them that I wasn't paying a cent out of my pocket for any repairs cause it wasn't my fault that they placed a damaged engine in these cars and I am not liable for anything. At this point I am researching for attorneys to file a lawsuit against Hyundai and the dealership for all my time and inconvenience. I have almost lost my job because I have to call in because I can't get there, they have not offered compensation for my troubles or situation. I have spoken with numerous customers that is having this same issue and they are having their engines replaced 100% and are been compensated for this issue. I am going to the media to bring light to this issue and I am making sure that every bad review is being noticed cause this is unfair to me to have to deal with this mess and I just purchased this car.

  • I have a 2013 Hyundai Accent and my engine is knocking and the car burns lots of oil. I took my car to Midas to get it checked out. They told me that I had metal shavings in my oil and that my engine was falling apart slowly. I found out that there was a recall on this engine. I took the car to my local Hyundai Dealer. Now he's telling me that I have to purchase a new engine for 4,950.00. What I want to know is , if there was a recall on this engine, why do I have to purchase a engine. To me they are just trying to make money off me. Where is the customer service. This engine can cause me to have a horrible accident.

  • Nurses are not heroes as per Hyundai. One week there is a rebate for nurses-next week it is gone.When I looked at the new car 2 weeks ago there was a rebate and when I went there last saturday to purchase the car the rebate was gone. No one called to tell me it was expiring. The rules changed overnight.
    You show no respect for the nursing profession and are not true to your words.
    What should have been a happy day for me – it was not. I felt disrespected. Nurses are not heroes when it comes to making a dollar for Hyundi. I called customer service and got a run around-Shame on Hyundi.

  • DO NOT BUY HYUNDAI!!!!! We purchased a 2016 Hyundai Sonata Eco used in 2017 with only 14,000 miles. We were told that the 5 yr 60,000 mile warranty was still good and never told that if you are the 2nd owner you don't get that warranty. Within a couple of months, we noticed that the car jolted when driving. We called the dealership and the service manager said that it was normal because the car has the dual clutch transmission. Then several times again her car kept jolting, so we called 2 other dealerships and they said the same thing. Fast forward to 2019, Hyundai comes out with a recall for the software for the transmission. In 2020, we had the recall done but the jolting was still there. 3 months later at only 72,000 miles, the car would not move while in the middle of driving and almost caused my daughter to get in an accident. We barely got it to Orange Park Hyundai and they took the car in to check and never said anything about their computer systems being down. That afternoon, we were told we would need a rental car so we got it thinking it was only for a day. 5 days later, we find out that their computer systems were hacked and the hacker wanted 20million dollars. They did not get their systems back up for 7 or 8 days. When they finally got their systems back up, they then had to diagnose the problem which took 2 more days and it was the transmission at a cost of $5700. If we had been the original owner, it would have been covered under warranty but because we were the 2nd owner, it was not. We needed a day to figure out what to do. We decided to go with a used transmission for $4000 and they had to order it. When it came in and had to be tested, it was bad but they did not figure that out for 4 more days. Then they offered us a new one for the used price. When they decided this, 15 days had gone by. We told them that they should pay for the rental car because of their systems being hacked and the time it took to get the transmission and they decided to put us in a loaner at that point. The next day, they had the car ready but when we picked it up, they had messed up the brakes so we had to take it back for another 2 days for them to fix what they had messed up. After all of that, we had to pay over $800 in rental fees plus the transmission. The total cost was over $5000. They told us to contact Consumer Affairs for Hyundai. Consumer Affairs computer systems were still hacked and they could not help yet. Then we found out that they did not do the oil change that we had paid for. We had to take the car back again to get that and waste even more time. After calling consumer affairs and telling them the situation, they did absolutely nothing and hung up on my husband after putting him on hold and never called back so we had to call back and then the manager said he could not do anything even though we had this problem with the car at 14,000 miles and were told the wrong thing by their inexperienced service managers. The car is still making a screeching noise when you start the car so they missed something. Can not wait to get rid of this car and NEVER buy a Hyundai again. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AT ALL!

    • You are so correct, they don't give a flying flip about their customers at all as long as they can sell you a car. he customers are only dollar signs to Hyundai and they should be forced to stop making and selling cars in the United States and then they do not want to own up to their mistakes and take accountability. I am going through something with them right now with my engine that is a recall but they do not want to replace the engine at 100% only 75%. I am not doing this with them I will post every bad review I can possibly think about this car brand, THEY ARE HORRIBLE and THEIR CARS ARE NO GOOD AT ALL>>>>>

  • Hyundai Finance lies to their customers.
    Offers to get you out of your lease early with their "pull forward" program & then doesn't honor the offer.
    Instead, they report the last payments on the old lease as past due. to the credit agencies.
    Lies, lies & more lies.

  • This dealer did nothing for me and were very rude. I talked with service, parts and then the manager. Got no place. I have two Hyundais but will never buy another. I needed the pin/code number so I could have the Local Locksmith program it. The locksmith can do it with his high dollar machine but they tried and said Hyundai needs to give me/them the pin code. Hyundai said I need proof that I owned it and my ID. I gave them the Pink Slip and my proper ID and the car. Got a big run around from Westbrook. They want $140.00 plus to have a tech do it and still not give me or locksmith the code and they said the fob I got might not work, bla, bla. Bottom line to get a spare key from them (Westbrook) it is around $500. The new fob and programming from locksmith is around $40. So don't loose a fob, don't expect AAA to help only can to car to dealer, and no locksmith can do it, so working them out of business. Don't bother trying to save money or get the code that belongs to YOUR car because they will hold your code/car hostage and charge you a ransom. I will continue trying with Hyundai Corporate to fix this issue.

  • Read an article indicating Azera was being discontinued in U.S. I drive an Azera and planned to buy a new one in 2019. The article mentioned a lack of sales, but in Dayton OH the Azera is rarely advertised. When I tell people I drive an Azera, they say "What's that?" Hope you change your mind, and sell in U.S. in future.

  • Warning to all Hyundai Owners !!Just received notice your company unconcerned about safety in its Vehicles. Our Tucson involved in crash and Airbag failed to deploy properly which caused injuries. Your failure to be concerned is appalling. If not for speaking with us or any future Hyundai owners that might get receive injuries or die from defect. I will do everything in my power to inform the public of your lack of any concern. Warning to all Hyundai owners!

  • I have worked for my company for over 15 years and I have never experienced leadership as horrible as I have with Camelback Hyundai here in Phoenix Arizona. I will not only share this story with future Hyundai customers, but I am reaching out to our local news and BBB. My husband worked for this dealership and upon getting the offer for the job he advised the owners that he will be traveling to Maryland for his wedding and he would need off July 30-August 6th. They agreed. My husband worked countless hours for this company. Some nights he wouldn't leave the office until after 11 pm to close out deals. My husband is a very loyal person and strives for greatness and the individuals at this location representing this company took advantage of this. On July 29th which was to be his last day at the office before getting on a plane to fly to Maryland to prepare for our wedding. Jason pulled my husband into an office and advised that he hasn't worked in the office long enough and if he decides to leave for his wedding then they would need to part ways. They went so far as to say he could fly out the night before our wedding August 3rd but to be back at work on Saturday August 5th the day after. We already paid for flights and our wedding so my husband had no choice but to fly to Maryland the next day and he was fired. I don't know what kind of heartless people you have representing your brand however this is not how anyone should treat employees who work so hard for them. This not only altered our lives it ruined our wedding and it’s almost ruining our life as my husband continues to seek employment. And the managers of that establishment continue to provide him with a bad review because they chose to let him go. I hope when this reaches the media that nobody purchases another vehicle from the heartless owners of this company. And if this is the type of leadership that you condone I hope they never purchase from this brand again.

  • I purchased my vehicle from Cool Springs (TN) Hyundai just over 2 years ago. Since then I have had nothing but issues with this car. I was in the shop constantly before the warranty, and even more since it expired. I recently received the car back after Hyundai had to replace the engine. Only after I had to get a new alternator, new batteries, 8 new tires, etc. Fortunately, Hyundai USA (Craig Scott) stepped in to assist me with these issues and renewed my faith in hyundai and its products. Everything that is going wrong with my car I asked to have checked prior to warranty expiration. Now that the warranty has expired, EVERYTHING is going wrong with this vehicle. Now I am facing a $4,000 bill for Cambers and to fix an ECS malfunction. I JUST got my car back a month ago after it sit for 2 months for the engine repair. I am to the point were I feel that my only course of action is to contact local & national troubleshooters, various media outlets and any local/national organization I can contact to dig further into my issues and get some type of resolution. This was Hyundai's premier vehicle until they stopped making it last year. I cant help but think that you guys knew these cars had these types of issues. The sadder part of this is that I only have 86,000 miles on my car and I have had nothing but problems with it. Just as I my faith was renewed in your product and I was looking to purchase a new genesis in the near future, I have to come up with a way to pay for these repairs, which were either overlooked or ignored. Renewed faith lost.

  • In June we leased a 2017 Tucson Limited. Our current 2015 Sonata Limited lease had 4 months left on the lease but we were fine with paying those months so we could head out on a 3-month road trip in the new Tucson. The dealer told me that when I turned in the 2015 Sonata it would be inspected by their Hyundai turn in person. I made arrangements with the Jim Click's Hyundai lease turn in specialist who was the Used Car Manager to inspect my car a few days prior to the actual turn-in date. I wanted to make sure there were no issues with the car. I had the pre inspection and he told me it was the cleanest turn-in he had inspected. A few days later I did the actual turn-in and received a turn-in acceptance sheet stating no issues.

    Hyundai lease told me I would receive a statement in 60 days with the final lease payment charges. When the statement arrived I noticed $115 charged for wear and tear. I called Hyundai Finance and was told one of the tires had less than 4/32 tread remaining and that they needed to buy a tire before they could send the car to auction. This sounds like BS to me. The car had 35K on it at turn-in and the OEM tires should not have been worn out. I was also told that the dealer turn in specialist is not the real inspector and that the car was inspected by a third party company in Phoenix. The reason I had the pre inspection was so I could correct any issues before I had an unanticipated charge. I am paying the statement in full today but this issue has left a sour feeling with us regarding dealing with Hyundai in the future. Our first Hyundai which we still have is a 2006 Sonata and the 2017 Tucson will be our last Hyundai.

  • Do not buy a Sonata Hybrid. It has a faulty air flap system. There has been many complaints about this part but Hyundai is charging customers $1000 to fix this issue. I was a customer of Honda and I never had engine issues, I will never buy another Hyundai.

  • Over 5 months waiting for a rebate and promotion check.
    Dealer (WIN Carson, Ca.) does not return phone calls or emails.
    Will probably have to elevate to small claims.

  • Ron Carter HYUNDAI
    18100 Gulf Freeway (Suite A)
    Friendswood, TX 77546

    Yesterday I received this e- mail from Ron Cater Hyundai dealership:

    From: Patrick Jacobs
    Sent: Saturday, May 27, 2017 12:45 PM
    To: rwhite11@msnI received an exciting piece of mail from the local Hyundai
    Subject: KBB Buying Center

    Hi Richard,

    I am contacting you from the KBB Buying Center! I see that you received an offer from us on your 2014 BMW 5 Series. Fantastic! We have your check waiting here, and I wanted to know what time you can come by today to pick it up.
    Come in today and get a $250 gift card just for coming out! Get an additional $250 in gift cards when you sell us your car!

    Sincerely, Patrick Jacobs Internet Sales Manager
    281.283.7145 Office
    Ron Carter Hyundai dealership, has employed tremendous fraudulent business practices and is incredibly dishonest including their internet sales practices which are nothing more than false advertising, and / or bait-and -switch tactics, or simple civil fraud designed to get people in the door.

    After responding to Mr. Patrick Jacobs (See above) a confirming my appointment for 1:30 PM. I arrived and was placed in waiting room and after 35 minutes and several-mails to Mr. Jaycob’s I was approached by a Manager by the name of Lisandro Sosa a so-called manager, who then introduced me to a very professional salesman by the name of Stephen Payne.

    After test driving three vehicles and working through my trade in- price and a price for a new G-90 which took almost 3 ½ hours and continued heavy sales pressure to buy the Black G-90 that they had then available. which was a color I did not want because it would make me look like a UBER Driver.

    So, then Mr. Sosa found a Gray 2017 G-90 demo being driven by a Manager it resulted in me deciding on the demo Genesis G-90, which had a Gray exterior with a Gray interior but Mr. Sosa could not confirm the Mileage, so we both agreed on a trade in Price of $ 25,000.00 and a sales price of the Grey G-90 financing the balance of $ 55,000.00 if the mileage does not exceed 2,000 miles.

    Mr. Sosa then applied tremendous sales pressure by wanting me to take the Black Vehicle home until they get the manager to bring back the grey demo, which I refused and we both agreed to meet tomorrow 5/29/2017 at 1:00 PM to inspect the demo and verify the Mileage Upon leaving I asked for my $250 gift card which was promised and used to induce me to come to their dealership and invited Mr. Sosa to join me in spending the gift card $ amount on a steak at Perry’s Steak House after me spending most of the afternoon at their dealership.

    To my surprise, he did not come back with an advertised gift card rather a menu looking three-page discount offer by several retail stores offering a discount on purchases in their stores totaling for all stores of $ 250.00 and to add insult to injury none of the stores I shop at. were included which I returned to Mr. Sosa.

    This was nothing more than their calculated practice to deceive and mislead Texas consumers. The DTPA provides for both public enforcement and private remedies. A private citizen may seek redress for damages caused by certain specific acts and practices listed in the DTPA and as you know in 2009, Congress passed the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act, which set consumer protections for gift cards based on many state laws. In Texas, it’s also known as a gift Card is linked to and draws its value solely from a deposit account. And being I am a consumer over the age of 65 the fine will be not more than $10,000 per violation, not to exceed $100,000 (Bus. & Com. §17.47) plus treble damages (Bus. & Com. §17.50); injunctive relief, restitution, attorney's fees and costs, plus remedies available in other laws such as (Bus. & Com. §17.43, §17.50); restraining order, civil penalty not more than $2,000 per violation, not to exceed $10,000.


  • I am absolutely shocked at the amount of comments published here about Hyundai. My issue is not about the car performance but that of the dealership customer service and that of Hyundai Financial as after leasing 3 cars from Hyundai in Dublin, CA and never missed or was late for a payment in over 6 years, they sent me to collection for $77 over an "over mileage" charge that they never notified me I would be charged for. To the contrary, I was told my overage was only 300 miles on my second car and since I was leasing a new car, and the overage was such a small amount, that I "didn't need to worry about it". Well, I now have a collection agency calling me, less than 4 months after turning this car in and getting my new car. Below is my communication to the dealership I posted on YELP, and although they responded that they wanted to help they would do nothing until I CALLED THEM, they would not reach out to me or to the collection agency.

    POSTED 4/12/2017:
    I am currently on my 3rd car from this dealership, and I will say this car will be my last. My experiences with my current lease have been a nightmare.

    I turned in my second leased car when the lease expired in December 2016. I chose a new car, a 2017 Tucson, gave a deposit and signed for the new 3rd Lease. In February 2017 I received a "Notice of Delinquent Registration Renewal" from the DMV on the car whose lease had been terminated and that I TURNED IN to Dublin Hyundai back in December 2016. I immediately called Hyundai in Dublin and spoke with a woman named "Danny" and informed her that they had not sent in the Release of Liability to the DMV and that I had received this delinquent notice on a car that I had returned to them at the end of the Lease period back in December. She informed me that it was not the responsibility of Dublin Hyundai to contact the DMV for the release, that it was MINE. I told her that I knew it was NOT my responsibility to take care of this, it was theirs – she then assured me that that Sales Manager would "go online and do it for me".

    Then a few weeks ago I received a phone call from a Collection Agency for $77 unpaid fees owed to Dublin Hyundai for "over mileage on a leased car"!! So again I called Dublin Hyundai to assist with this current situation with the Collection Agency – there was no one there that wanted to take my call – the operator came back on the line and told me that I needed to call Hyundai Motor Finance.

    I have made Lease Payments to Hyundai for 6 + years – have never been late or missed a payment, and this is how I have been treated. Needless to say, I will no longer lease cars or recommend Dublin Hyundai, this is not how loyal customers should be treated. I am in Customer Service myself, and this is not acceptable.

  • I own two Genesis V8. The warranty on the older one expired last November. Just before expiration the car started experiencing major problems. The CA failed and the compressor was replaced but still does not regulate temperature correctly. The transmission failed and was replaced. It has since been repaired twice, one requiring that the unit was removed from the vehicle. The engine failed and a replacement engine was installed. It leaked oil before even leaving the dealership and had to be removed for repair. The vehicle is since now four weeks at the dealership waiting for final engine replacement and yet another transmission. Repairs were held up by Hyundai because one department authorized the repair but failed to coordinate with another, which put the repair on hold for two weeks before Hyundai could coordinate internally and get their act together. Since October the vehicle has been in the shop for two months.

    Throughout the ordeal the dealership, Ed Voyles of Atlanta and especially their customer service representative Rob Stover, has been exemplary, Hyundai itself much less so. Multiple phone calls and e-mails to the Genesis hotline resulted in automated messages that I would be called and the phone representatives, which clearly have neither authority nor training also promised return calls. None of these calls ever happened. Just today during another where I expressed my concern that the replacement engine was supposed to be fixed at the dealership rather than swapped for a working replacement unit, the same promises were made. One difference was the explanation that the regional rep at the company left and the new representative was blamed for dropping the ball. Of course, given that she just got the account only January 30 that is just another alternative fact.

    Update: Although I was promised a call from the Hyundai regional rep to deal with my issues, the call never came. Her name, Cierra, was given to me but she is obviously to busy to deal with a customer. The dealership, however, called and informed me that the replacement engine has yet another problem. This time a warning light comes on and the reason has not been determined. The vehicle is now in the shop since 4.5 weeks.

  • I have a 2012 Hyundai Sonata. It has a recall on it for a new engine. I've been waiting for this new engine since August. In all that time I've been told to not drive my car it's not safe, they can't give me a loaner because there's so many more cars with the same problem. Yet I still have to pay for my car. They gave me the option to file claims but I won't receive any of that money until my car is fixed. I have a case number. I have everyone's names who I've ever been helped with. The only time I talk to someone from Hyundai is when I call them. They never call me or contact me in anyway. It is beyond ridiculous. I never heard anything negative about Hyundai and I chose this car company and I regret it every day.

  • I do not understand why Hyundai Corporation continuously allows DISHONEST 3rd party auto-dealerships to misrepresent them all t/time. T/quality of their vehicle, warranty and services. Hyundai makes some of the nicest vehicles and we sell them all the time. We care about t/customer, t/vehicle we sell them. We've been in business for more than 25 years & clientele are family, celebrities, extended for generations. Hyundai needs to do something to hold 3rd party dealerships accountable. It needs to be stopped for 2017. Several of us will be formally writing Hyundai's corporate office also. For example, we sold a new buyer a 2014 Hyundai Sonata, in EXCELLENT condition. We just fully inspected it, engine quiet, made absolutely no noise what so ever. We referred buyer to Hyundai Heritage in Towson, MD for an 02 sensor replacement. We knew exactly what was wrong with it and knew it was covered under warranty. Runs great, only 34,000 miles on it, excellent parts and parts in great condition. Dealership stated 02 sensor was a little more complicated than t/rest, which was not true it is literally about a 30 minute job. 1st lie. T/ buyer was given back a vehicle w/smoke coming out of t/steering wheel, vehicle sounded literally like a piece of junk, extremely loud, tire and road noise, parts under hood looked terribly worn. Nothing like what we initially sold t/buyer. Towson Hyundai Heritage blames t/dealership who sold it to t/buyer. WHAT!? It was fully inspected-excellent! Buyer had it no more than 30 days. Buyer returns to Hyundai Heritage Towson, MD and ask what happen? They kept referring buyer back to dealership they purchased t/car from. We had pictures, informed buyer your parts look terribly worn beyond 34,000 miles, your engine sounds like a piece of junk, three of your tires are different and none of them match like initially sold. Peggy, Service manager was asked hey do you have any 2014 Hyundai Sonata on your lot that we can compare the vehicle to, to show you how the vehicle use to sound so you have a better understanding. Peggy replied no they do not have one. Peggy then test drives a 2014 Hyundai Sonata that needed to be serviced at 45,000 and tells buyer see your car sounds great. Second lie. Not only did Heritage Hyundai have one 2014 Hyundai Sonata but two same exact models as the buyers with one going through inspection. Third lie. Went on for a month. Buyer was scheduled to meet with Hyundai Heritage, Towson. The buyer's car was vandalized t/night before. Nothing done, buyer talked to disgustingly by manager. Peggy was never addressed. I felt sorry not only for our dealership but excited new Hyundai buyer who is now stuck w/a vehicle that sounds like nothing we sold them. Told look at the dealership you got it from and how long it was sitting there? What can we do, what can you do, you can prove it! Basically told you can't prove it? President of Hyundai needs to hold 3rd party dealerships accountable. Car buyers always take pictures of your car parts, UNDER t/HOOD! Key them, mark them. You have dealerships who unfortunately try to place blame on dealerships you purchased it from knowing different. Hyundai and buyers are taken advantage of by disgustingly dishonest dealerships like this one, whether its number engines to match vehicle vin, car parts to match vin, Hyundai Corporate needs to do something, there's no accountability, not on parts, service, warranties. Just Hyundai buyers being taken advantage of and making you look bad as a whole.

  • I will NEVER buy a Hyundai and its MY 2nd one. My engine has blown twice while driving home from Florida. My car is a 2013. I lost my good nursing job, when I was stranded in Florida in August. The dealership said, I need to call a lawyer, but I heard Hyundai makes things right. Well it was in Kentucky for 3 months the 1st time the engine blew and than in Florida for a month. I dont believe I should have to pay my car payment when I was spending $600 on a rental, which I FINALLY got that money back. And this problem also happened to my son when he was driving from Iowa but thank god he made it home for me to bring to my local dealer, they said a clamp was loose at turbo line. Well when I was stranded in Florida, the mechanic said They did not change the turbo lines when they changed the engine. All my issues were covered under warranty. I was told I have to talk to this region from Florida and than another region in Kentucky. I am sooo beyond disgust, I don't even trust driving my car. I dont want it and now im getting threatened with repo. If Florida paid my one car payment cuz they had it for a month. Y isn't Kentucky responsible for paying 3 car payments. I bought this car cuz the manager and car dealer said ITS THE CAR OF THE CENTURY. Mayb a 4 cylinder is not meant for turbo, idk. But im beyond Mad. Ive called and told so many people my story and no one wants to take accountability. Obviously they know now, since they extended warranties and there is a civil case out. Ive been given the run around since Feb. I mean seriously. I LOST MY JOB AS A RN at a company I worked at for 10 years cuz they couldn't not believe my story, since it had just happened in Feb. Who would??? Its unbelievable and my car has the new engine, new turbo AND i was told a new transmission, I was not aware of anything being wrong with my transmission. So how can I pay my car payment when I was told 3 months would b covered by Kentucky and not working. I am a specialty nurse so it took me 2 months to FINALLY find one. U know how much money I lost in 2 months and now u r gonna repo my car?? U guys have no heart and my car is not running like a turbo. It hasn't since I bought it for like 6 months, but it was always in "my head" unbelievable

  • Buyers Beware! I had purchased a 2012 Hyundai Elantra from Family Hyundai in Tinley Park in 2012. My salesman was great and the service was okay. In 2014 I responded to an offer to trade in my car and get a new 2014 Elantra. My original salesman was no longer with Hyundai so they stuck me with a con man Joe M. He took the keys to my car early in the conversation supposedly to get the trade in value. When I selected a car that I really liked – the Elantra GT he would not talk sales price but would only talk monthly payment amount. He didn't like answering questions. I told him that I didn't want the 10 year warranty as I wasn't planning on keeping the car that long. Shame on me for not looking at my purchase order closely as it was added anyway. I did purchase the GAP insurance and in May 2016 my car was totaled and the insurance company of course did not give me enough money to pay the car off so I filed a claim with my GAP insurance. They have been waiting for 4 months now to get the MSRP Invoice from Hyundai financing. I called Hyundai financing back again and Yolanda that I spoke to told me that she would have it sent again to the gap insurance company and that they would also fax a copy to me. Of course what they sent to me was the purchase order and not the MSRP Invoice. I am at my wits end with this company between sales and the financing department. I guess it is going to cost me additional funds for an attorney. They do keep on calling me to purchase a new car no matter how many times I ask them to remove me from their calling and email lists. What a joke of a company. I think the government should investigate them for snaky sales and service practices.

  • My Wife bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata new from Five Star Hyundai Warner Robins, GA, 18 months it sounded like the starter was bad. She took it to Five Star Hyundai Warner Robins,GA told them at the service Desk a man went out to the car and heard it, he said it was the battery, tested it, and it needed replacing, my wife said the car is 18 months old, he told her that was normal,then gave several prices for a new battery, the prices were too high and left She went to AutoZone and got a battery. My wife went back for a recall the hood wouldn't open. She went to get the car and got the paper work and was told the tires were slick, she stated it only had 22,000 miles on them, and again was told that was normal and then priced her some new tires. We decided not to return to Five Star Hyundai Warner Robins anymore. Then on 9/20/16 the steering made a horrible sound, like its going to come apart. She took the car back to Five Star Hyundai Warner Robins said her car needed to be checked, he asked what is the problem she said when you turn the wheel it makes a horrible noise, he said it was the power steering bushing it would be 4 hours and $350.00, she said it's under warranty, he looked it up, it was 4 months out of warranty, and 3 new recalls. I called to talk to the General Manager he was out, service manager was out and I talk to Stephen and he told me I needed to leave a message for service manager Mike I left a detailed message. The next day no one called by 4:15pm, so I called and got Steve the sales manager, we hung up and the service manager called and I told him all the issues the battery, tires, and now 4 months after the warranty it needs $350.00 of work, I asked what could be done hatefully he said " we will fix it you pay the bill" I asked about the battery and he said that should have been replaced under warranty, it wasn't they were trying to sell my wife a new one. I then asked about the tires wearing out at 22k miles and he said Hyundai puts the cheapest, bottom line tires you can get, I told Mike the service manager I have never had a set of tires on any vehicle that I bought that the tires wear out in 22k miles, he then tells that Hyundai set the X, Y of the alignment had the tires set out, it eats up the tires. I asked how many of the coupling bushings they replace and Mike said " We average 3 o 4 a month" this should be a recall. I called back on 9/23/16 and asked to speak to the General Manager and I haven't heard from him yet and probably wont. This is the first Hyundai we have ever owned and it will be the last one. I swore to never buy from a Five Star Dealership but a great friend was working for Five Star Hyundai Warner Robins, Georgia and that is the only reason we bought the Hyundai in the first place and Five Star Hyundai Warner Robins, GA did him dirty and one of the sales people called me several months later and told me that my friend wanted him to take care of us, since my friend had decided to retire and do what he wanted to, I told him he was a lie and don't ever call me again, that should have told me why I should have never done business with the Five Star Automotive Group and the Five Star Hyundai Warner Robins, Georgia. I hope Hyundai is happy they have lost another customer and I hope they lose enough customers, they will go out of Business and leave our country. Everyone needs to buy from Dodge they are still made here in the good old USA not mexico, canada, japan, china and anywhere else outside of the USA. This Hyundai was built in Alabama but it is a foreign company.

  • I have a 2014 Hyundai Elantra is park in my drive way until I go somewhere from my house,while the Car is in park,It will not start when I turn the key to run and the "p" won't show up on the dash,then I shake the shifter while in Park and the key to run then "P" show up,and the the car starts. I took the car to Hyundai dealer 3 times and they can't fine out what is wrong with it! I'm not the only on have this issue on Hyundai Elantra I watch on YouTube

  • I have a 2014 Hyundai Elantra is park in my drive way until I go somewhere from my house,while the Car is in park,It will not start when I turn the key to run and the "p" won't show up on the dash,then I shake the shifter while in Park and the key to run then "P" show up,and the the car starts. I took the car to Hyundai dealer 3 times and they can't fine out what is wrong with it! I'm not the only on have this issue on Hyundai Elantra I s watch on YouTube

  • I have a 2013 Hyundai Elantra that I purchased at Pearson Hyundai in Richmond, VA. About 2 months ago my car started to randomly not start. All the dash board lights would turn on along with my headlights but my clicker wouldn't work and the car wouldn't turn over. I took it in for an inspection and oil change and asked them to check it. When I got my car back 2 days later they said that everything checked out. The next day I went to start my car and it again wouldn't start. I had to have someone jump it for me and I took it to Advanced Auto to have them check the battery and starter. They said the battery checked out perfect but the starter was at an 8 instead of a 12 and that it needed to be replaced. I called Hyundai back to let them know what the problem was and they told me to bring it back in and they would check it. Again, 2 days later they call and tell me they can't fix the problem because they can't re-enact what the car was doing in the first place so again they give me the car back. Yesterday I go to start it to go to an interview and it AGAIN doesn't start. I have it towed to the dealership and am told they don't have time to look at it. It is now noon the next day and they STILL haven't looked at it and they did not provide me a car to use so I am carless until they decide to look at it. I will NEVER EVER buy another Hyundai or use the Pearson dealership ever again!

  • 2015 Sonata engine stooped while I was driving. Hyundai stonewalls the problem. I am now happily driving a 2016 Mazda,

  • My car has a major transmission issue going on and trying to get it in for service has been challenging due to other major recalls of Hyundai vehicles, I have a 2016 Hyundai Tucson and the transmission is not engaging properly, A/C quit working and as I read on line there are a lot of these cars with the same transmission issues, you need to do a recall before someone is killed! I have read that Corporate is not addressing it. This is a very dangerous situation and you need to do something about it, I will be contacting the news to do a story on it if you don't as this is scary!!!!

  • Hyundai dealership in glendale, ca sucks. Lack of service or assistance after I brought a certified used 2013 Accent. I will be sending my complaints to BBB and others in this organization. Hey Hyundai, this is your way you do business?

  • Hyundai dealership in glendale, ca sucks. Lack of service or assistance after I brought a certified used 2013 Accent. I will be sending my complaints to BBB and others in this organization. Hey Hyundai, this is your way you do business?


  • I leased a sante fe Hyundai January 2016 from webb Hyundai in highland,in .I paid them for my license plate and was given a temporary plate till my permanent plate was to come. on2/27/16 I realize my temporary had expired and I called to talk to Brian webb who told me to wait a couple of days and he would check on it. iasked if I could be given another temp so that I wouldn't get a ticket and was told no.I felt as though I could have and should have been give another or a dealer plate so that I could drive the car without risk of getting a ticket. But instead I borrowed a vehicle for two days

  • I bought a 2014 Tuscon from Rick Case Hyundai in Roswell GA one year ago. This car has been sick since it came off the line. Needed a small block replaced at 2260 miles. I bought it with 11,000 miles on. It had an on going oil leak that was never resolved and the heater core went on it on October 31st. I went to the dealer and asked him to swap it out for a reliable vehicle where he proceeded to try to sell me something for more money. I ended up in a 2013 Santa Fe with 10,000 mire miles on it. He then added $1500.00 to the bill for Tuscon. That Hyundai customer service at it finest. Don't worry Will Barnes I'm spreading the word. Your a crook!

  • My Mother has a 2012 Hyundia and 4 months after the warrenty ended the navigational unit went out. The Reno dealership said it would cost $5500. to replace. I was so mad I left. I contacted corporate and they mentioned taking it to another dealership and they would work it out with me. They said I could get a refurbed unit much cheaper. I took it to one near me, Stevens Creek Hyundai. I called them and told them the problem and asked them to have one on hand before I brought my car down so they could install it in one day. SC said they did not do that. So today is the 5th day, I have had to pay for a rental and it is still not done. I called and was put on hold for 25 min and then hung up on. So now I am getting ready to call Hyundai corporate again. I was thinking about buying a Tuscon like my Mom, but now. NO WAY!

  • today my wife's elantra was sitting in the drive 5 minutes after she returned from the store and the whole front end went up in flames. Fire department had to come and put out the 10 ft flames total loss.

  • I am writing because I am very unhappy with the way I was treated at Hyundai of Wesley Chapel Florida. On 9/13 I came in to trade my Elantra for a Santa Fe and although I knew that my credit was poor, I owed more for the Elantra than it was worth I was honest with the sales person from the beginning. I knew it would be a stretch. We went for a test drive and when we came back they got all the information and assured us that they could help us. We spoke with the finance person Sean and came to terms and monthly payment, signed the contract papers and gave a down payment. The most that we could. He congratulated us for purchasing our car and off we went home with our new vehicle. He never informed us that we were only pre-approved. On 9/14 our sales person called us and told us that they needed more information, pay stubs and bank statements for the last 3 months, and also add my wife to the loan for income purpose. We stopped by Hyundai and provided all the necessary information. We were concerned so we asked the sales person if could speak to Sean (finance). We spoke to Sean and he informed us that we were already at the worse case scenario and it could only get better from there. He assured us that everything was fine. At that point he told us that our loan was only pre-approved, but if anything they would drop the price of the car in order to get us what were we needed to be. We went home once again with our new vehicle. On 9/15 we went to resign the paperwork. Sean told us that we were approved. He stepped out of the office to get our file and then came in another person (possibly the store manager as he didn't introduce himself) he informed us that we needed to give $3,000 down in order to get the loan approved or we could get into a Sonata. We were taken back seeing that we didn't need a Sonata and we weren't prepared to pay an extra $3,000. Plus we thought that everything was fine like they told us on 9/13 and 9/14. At his point they weren't willing to work with us like they said. I asked for my keys and my Elantra back and they cold heartedly asked for the car back. Not caring about what we had gone thru at this point. We waited for an hour waiting for them to find our keys and they never did. They asked us to come back yet another day to have a new set programmed and wait an hour to do so. I know that "spot delivery scam" is legal, but it is completely unethical and embarrassing. Not sure if this is what you teach. This is completely wrong. First, not to inform a customer with poor credit that the loan is only pre-approved, and that they can't know that on weekends and also to let a customer drive a new vehicle home hoping they fall in love with it let them drive it for a few days and then say a loan fell through and that they have to give more money down or give the car back. Like I said it's completely wrong and unethical. I currently own a Hyundai but as soon as I can I will try to find another vehicle and will never buy a Hyundai or recommend it to anyone. Not sure if anyone cares about the customers, but I felt the need to speak for all those that have poor credit and need a vehicle and then go thru this.

  • I purchased a Hyundai Genesis Coupe, It has 40,000 miles on it. I told Future Hyundai of Concord about the issue of it not working in 3 digit temps, two months after I bought it. They told me nothing was wrong and that was normal due to the new Freon laws. A year later it blows up and catches on fire. They now are charging me $1059. for a new unit. They said my warranty ran out.. Even though when I bought it I was told I was covered bumper to bumper up to 100.000 miles. I had a 98 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 139.000 miles on it and never had an issue like this. I will purchase a newer coupe down the road, BUT I WILL NOT PURCHASE IT FROM THIS DEALSHIP.. FUTURE HYUNDIA OF CONCORD..

  • i own a 2004 Hyundai Elantra. I purchased the car in June of 2004 with 18,000 miles on it As of today this car has over 125,000 miles on it and knock on wood, it has had no major issues. It still has all the original belts and hoses. My husband does the routine maintenance and it is a great vehicle. I am thrilled with this car and the local dealership who recently replaced a bulb in the shift console and did recall repairs that I was unaware of. I have no complaints about my Hyundai and when I am ready to buy a new car I will definitely get another hyundai. i have had Fords and Chevrolets and none of them stood up like this car.

  • Bakersfield California Hyudai are liars. They will send out letters telling you your car has equity. They then tell you to come in and you can trade in your car and get a great deal on a new one. It is a total lie. We called the day before and spoke with Melissa (a sales person) and informed her we would be coming from out of town. We went over all the details of the trade in.We spent alot of time on this with her over the phone. My wife went to the dealership the next day and found out that Melissa had called in sick! A 120 mile round trip and half a day wasted! All hyundai wanted to do was have my wife run around in circles while they tried to hustle her into a very bad upside down car loan! Why would we do that. Scammers and liars at this dealership . Hyundai lost us and everyone we know as future customers. There are to many other nice,honest and friendly dealerships out there to do buisiness with Bakersfield California's Hyudai dealership where honesty is NOT their policy.

  • I just wanted to commend my 2007 Hyundai Sonata GLS. I leased the car late in 2010. I have had minimal to no issues with the vehicle. I wanted to praise the car because it saved my life as well as my two year old daughter and fiance. We were in a terrible accident on the interstate that the trooper said we were lucky to walk away from. I miss my car and will be looking into another Sonata. Thank you and a job well done.

  • I am the owner of my 3rd Santa Fe and I love it, BUT my son has a 2014 Elentra. He was in an accident with a car that is less than one year old and for the second time in a front end collision, that has done over $8,000 in damage the air bags did not deploy. He is now afraid of the car and I am afraid for his safety. I thought that Hyundia was a safe car with all the air bags, but if they don't deploy what good are they! I am now sorry to say that I have lost confidence in this brand and would like answer as to why this has happened twice on the same car.

  • i brought a 2011 sonota preown from lehman miami i only have the car 6mths the mileage is 72miles i use my car from work to home and a few personal trips in a 20 to 30 miles radius however i was driving me car and to my believes i heard a knocking in my engine however it was wreck to the dealership and they told me they can't fix it i am the 2nd owner and the powertrain of 100000miles only apply to 1st owner i have been try to see if hyundia can help me and i was shot down the total cost of fixing me car is approx $5000 and i dont have that finance so i have a car i just brought i can't use do you believe that

  • Mong-Koo Chung
    Chairman and CEO
    Hyundai Motor Company

    From the beginning of ownership, we have had complaints about our 2011 Sonata Hybrid. There have been many problems. The major one is that the vehicle hesitates when the accelerator is depressed. This had put us in dangerous situations when entering a road with heavy traffic. Over and over, we took the car to be checked. Nothing wrong was ever discovered. We were told that this is how the hybrid works. Finally, after years of putting up with it, the transmission failed. Service had previously placed the Sonata on a diagnostics system and found nothing wrong. Apparently they had not checked the trans as the source of the problem.
    The trans was replaced (with a remanufactured one) and the vehicle did not immediately hesitate. ONE WEEK LATER, we could smell antifreeze or oil. We returned the car to GURNEE HYUNDAI and they could find no leak. Now, a few days later, clouds of smoke have been coming from under the right front side of the car. It is Saturday evening and we cannot take the car back to the dealer. A lot of fluid (oil or trans?) is flowing down my driveway from under the car! IT IS APPARENT THAT THEIR SERVICE TECHS ARE GROSSLY INCOMPETENT. We feel that we have been fed 'stories' all along. The customer service representatives have been very cordial but the service techs are in need of being totally replaced or retrained! We really deserve a totally new vehicle! This one has been a problem from the start! If replacement is not considered, I have considered posting this letter on the internet.

    Thank you for your time.

  • 2011 Sonata

    Wallace Hyundai in Stuart, Florida has replaced the battery on this car four times within 4 years to resolve a non starting issue. They swear that there is nothing wrong with the car and that the problem lies in the fact that I only use the car for about 4000 miles per year. They ignore the fact that I use the car only for long trips and that I use a trickle charger in between uses.

    You do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that there is something seriously wrong that they cannot or won't address properly as long as they can bill Hyundai for materials, labor, towing, ad infinitum.

    Hard earned lesson – DO NOT BUY FROM HYUNDAI – stick with your Toyotas or other quality cars.

  • Please see the email thread below which describes my unsatisfactory dealings with one of your Hyundai dealerships, Suresky Hyundai in Goshen, NY. They did not reply to any of my emails or call me back on 2/2/15 (or later) as promised after my in-person 1/31 visit. I finally did receive a partial reimbursement check for $108.13 which is unsatisfactory and I've disputed the full charge with my credit card company.
    Sent: Saturday, January 31, 2015 5:14 PM
    Mr. Musumeci, I'm writing to you to express my complete dissatisfaction with the customer service (or lack thereof) from Kevin, your Service Director, and the complete incompetency and dishonesty of your service technicians. See email thread below which shows several emails to Kevin, of which he neglected to respond to any of them. I wonder, is that how Suresky treats all their customers? I requested a full refund for all the mistakes and misdiagnoses your service team made on my 1/10/15 service for $162.07, but Kevin only agreed on 1/13 or 1/14 to give me a partial refund of $100. Out of frustration, I agreed at the time, just to put an end to the mess. I asked for it to be credited to my card, but he said it was easier to cut a check, which would be done that day and go out that week. It is now almost three weeks later and still no check (or credit card adjustment). I traveled to your dealership today to speak with you or Kevin to settle this matter, but neither one of you were in. I spoke with Ray in Service who promised me he would address this Monday and get back to me with a resolution. I told him at this point I am fed up and to forget about the $100 which is now not good enough! I don't like to be jerked around. Now it's a matter of principle, and I want at least a $200 credit back on my card, as compensation for the other things I bought at your parts department, the gas/time/trouble and aggravation I've spent dealing with this crap (and I don't want to hear the check is in the mail)! When I dropped my car off to have the work done, I clearly explained what needed to be done to correct the cruise control problem (see instructions on my night drop envelope attached). I then spoke with Emily and explained it to her so she could relay it to the techs. They ignored my instructions which were tips from other Hyundai technicians on how to fix the issue. Instead they said that wasn't the solution, they didn't know what was wrong and Emily said to diagnose it further would probably take several hours and they still may not be able to troubleshoot it. Naturally I said forget it. I went home and Googled how to get the radio out and fixed the problem myself (using the same instructions I gave your techs) in less than five minutes! See attached second photo of the harness that just needed to be disconnected on the back of the radio (exactly as I told them) and everything then worked fine. How incompetent are your technicians, to not even try what was suggested and fix a problem in 5 minutes for $100? Wait, there's more…I also paid to have a remote programmed. When it was done, I asked Emily on the phone to confirm it will operate both the keyless entry and alarm system. She asked if the remote had a red button and I said no. She then said it would only work the doors and I'd need to get a remote with the red panic button for it to also work the alarm. Instead of investing in another remote, I decided to test it out myself by locking myself in the car with the remote and then opened the door manually. Guess what, the alarm was activated and sounded, and I didn't need to purchase a different remote. It gets better… your dishonest techs also indicated on my receipt that I have an "antifreeze leak from upper and lower hoses and thermostat" and the job would cost $363 plus tax. I decided to check the hoses myself at home and there's no leak ANYWHERE

  • Fuccillo Hyundai Greece, ny Yea there huge- a HUGE rip off!  Please read everything you sign. And make sure you ask to see the real final purchase price; after interest is added. They continue telling you vehicle price without intrest added. Go over contract quick- sign, sign and sign and only tell you and show you percentage and monthly payment on the final price contract- and say sign here. *I called finance manager asked why I never got real car price- he said sorry didnt salesman tell you! Spoke to salesman asked him same question- he answered didn't finance manager tell you!* They just want to make a sale, don't care about you as a customer.  They focus more on what you will score them on their survey- they need a 10 or they lose their job. They won't have to ask for 10's if they were sincere. And ladies please don't go alone like I did! They take advantage of that-Easy sale! Spoke with manager, he told me I signed I purchased the car ( when salesman never gave me papers to actually look over. Pointed to percentage and monthly amount and said sign here, in a hurry! because he knew I wouldn't sign.) But yet took his time explaining the survey and an overall questionnaire paper on him. Manager said I signed so I purchased the car. Thanks Sherrie(salesman), I told you my financial situation and you made it worse.  Huggggge is right! Huge rip off!

  • Yea there huge- a HUGE rip off!  Please read everything you sign. And make sure you ask to see the real final purchase price; after interest is added. They continue telling you vehicle price without intrest added. Go over contract quick- sign, sign and sign and only tell you and show you percentage and monthly payment on the final price contract- and say sign here. *I called finance manager asked why I never got real car price- he said sorry didnt salesman tell you! Spoke to salesman asked him same question- he answered didn't finance manager tell you!* They just want to make a sale, don't care about you as a customer.  They focus more on what you will score them on their survey- they need a 10 or they lose their job. They won't have to ask for 10's if they were sincere. And ladies please don't go alone like I did! They take advantage of that-Easy sale! Spoke with manager, he told me I signed I purchased the car ( when salesman never gave me papers to actually look over. Pointed to percentage and monthly amount and said sign here, in a hurry! because he knew I wouldn't sign.) But yet took his time explaining the survey and an overall questionnaire paper on him. Manager said I signed so I purchased the car. Thanks Sherrie(salesman), I told you my financial situation and you made it worse.  Huggggge is right! Huge rip off,

  • I have a 2005 XG350L that I bought new. The vehicle has 52000 miles. When I had it in for service last time I was told that it is recommended that the timing belt be changed at 60000 miles. Why is that? Is there a problem with the timing belts? I just had it doneto a cost of $815.00 because my wife just loves the car.My question is why, if Hyundai recommends this, and the car is still within the 10 year, 100000 mile warranty, why it's not covered by the warranty. If you recommend it then it should be covered.

  • Horrible horrible customer service over at Hardin Hyundai in Anaheim! I went in a total of 3 times within 2 weeks with full intensions of purchasing a car I saw online. The first time I went in I was helped by Linda and she was really calm and informative, good experience that time. We couldn't come to a deal with the amount of cash that I was offering so I let her know I would try to be back with the rest that they were asking for. The 2nd time I went in I had a pre approved loan with my credit union for the amount they had offered to me the 1st time. I spoke with Chris and Victor…HORRIBLE experience. We spoke with Chris for a while on how we would fill out the paperwork, he had attitude and was trying to rush everything and ended up having Victor come out to help us. We weren't sure if the way we wanted the paperwork would be fine with my credit union so we told Victor we would be back. Victor then said he needed to run our credit (mine, my spouse and my mom's) and came out saying congratulations you were approved with us I will go and bring the car to the front and Chris was putting paperwork in front of us telling us to sign. I asked if they were able to match the finance rate my bank was offering me and Victor looked at me and said No how did I ever think they would be able to do that. He was upset and raising his voice and just left me talking. I followed Victor to the office he walked into and asked for a copy of all paperwork and he said I didn't need it and to get out. I told him I would get out as soon as he gave me my paperwork. Another gentleman asked for my name and pulled my paperwork out and Victor grabbed it, gave me a copy and told me to get out now. I asked Chris and him for a business card and only Chris gave me one. When I went to ask for Victor's last name Chris gave it to me and I herd Victor in the back laughing and asking what I needed it for….He laughed and said something about me wanting info to rate them on yelp. I literally went home and cried, I felt so bullied by Victor. The 3rd time I went in I had called to speak with Hamid or Linda and Linda assisted me. I asked if the car I was interested in purchasing was still available. I gave her the car info. and she said yes yes yes come on in we will help you. I go in and they have us fill paperwork out again to run our credit and we told her they had just done it and that they should have a copy. She said no just fill it out it will be faster. Then afeter being there about an hour she says okay so you are going to love this care for the price you wanted, lets start the paperwork. Linda gives me the year and color of a similar car to the one we wanted. I told her that wasn't what I had called her for and she said I know but the other car is gone so now we have this one. I told her to forget about it and she got upset and wouldn't give me my paperwork and said she would shred it…I told her i would go with her to do so and she said fine. we walked over to a locked trash bin and she thru some paper in and slipped some to the left where she thought I couldn't see and said there are you happy now go…I walked up to her and told her I would leave after she picked the rest of the paper up and tossed it….She did and left mad saying things under her breath. HORRIBLE……

  • I have a 2011 elantra. I am the 2nd owner but it had a clean carfax report and came from carmax so i thought i was getting a deal! at the time it had 35k miles on it and under warranty until 60k miles. i am now at 57,500miles and my car has been in and out the shop (in more than out) for the past 2.5 months. It has issues changing gears…it gets stuck in 4th gear ALOT and starting to in 5th now. They said they updated computers changed this and that then put a rebuilt not new transmission in it! the issues are still not fixed! also i have had a few other issues with it other than the gears. It now runs ruff and im getting horrible gas mileage. The dealership told me that the 2011 elantra was the First and ONLY year it was made with the eco boost and NO button to manually turn it on and off and they know that the 2011 years have issues with shifting and there is nothing they can do about that! um….. recall?!?! I will not settle for that! i feel like they just want my warranty to run out so i can go away. i have called corporate ALOT and now trying to speak with someone at regional but nobody is helping me and everyone is beating around the bush and getting attitudes. i will NEVER own another hyundai! and i will get to the bottom of this!

    • I have 2013 Hyundai limited and the blue link has not worked from day one and I am so tired of these lies that I am going to take them to court

  • I am writing to voice my complaint with my car and the service I am receiving at Sheey Hyundai in Waldorf, MD. I have complained about a rattling noise in the engine since 30,000 miles the vechile now has 70,000. Today the service department still haven't fixed my complaint. I dropped my car off yesterday Sep, 17 @ 9:30 Am and went to go pick it up on Sep,18 after being told it was ready just to find nothing was done. They had my car for a full day and didn't do anything. I am a retired veteran, I bought the Hyundai because I thought it was a great car (never owned one before). I was going to buy another one unitl I ran into this problem along with an Sheehy Service Employee telling me that the new cars have louder engine noise that is standard. I would like to speak to someone who can make decisions and address this issue.

  • Hyundai sucks & so does Hackettstown Hyundai C.J Meyers is a lying scum stay away from this dealership all crooks by a Honda right next to this dealership if you want a real vehicle


  • After having the vehicle for a couple of days i noticed that the winshield was giving me false images, making me sworve to the sides, thinking that i was going to hit something, and at night speeds this was not good, like I stated to the Hardin Hyundai service manager, Mike Sanders and his crew. i feel that the waves in the winshield are a danger to me and my family. the windshield got replaced and at the same time i told them that my car was pulling to the right from the begining, the paperwork states that they did work on the alignment of the car, but it still acts the same, there are no tire pressures written on the paperwork given to me. the same day i picked up the car, i told Mr. Sanders (service manager) that the windshield was not replaced because the winshield had the same inperfections if not worst. My car now has new scratches on the dashbord which i did not have before the new winshield was installed (supposibly).. I have been trying to contact Mr sanders and it's been a struggle and painfull experience. He tells me that he'll get back to me off and on and promises the world just to calm me down, at these point I really don't give a damm any more. Hyundi beetter fix or replace the car or else I will contact the "NEWS" about the painfull experience ive had to endure. People tell me that my problem is that I purchased a HYUNDAI, I'm starting to believe it. I don't want to deal with mr.Sanders anymore. when I took my car the first time after waiting so long to get a response from them, i gave them a bad review, which they deserved. Well as soon as I got to the dealer, the little service girl told me in front of all other custumers " YOU GAVE ME A REALLY BAD REVIEW" I snapped back to her and said, well, what do you expect after I call more than ten times to get an answer about the winshield of my car. I'm not happy with these car being the way it is, I need a safe car that I could move my family around and not feel like I'm putting my self and them in danger. I'm sending a copy of these transcript to my attorney and hope that I get answers soon. I also have been advice to send it to all the news stations so that maybe the public is aware of the dangers of having a vehicle with dangerous components and dealers trying to tell you that it's no big deal, and treating you like dirt once you drive the car out of the lot signing your life away. well screw that!!!! thank god for attorneys who feed on these kind of crap……. I need resolution to this matter like yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and screw the service department at Harding Hyundai, whcih they brag about being #1 in the nation, apparently they don't tell you what they are #1 in….. done and tired …. Carlos M.. if I don't hear from one of your reps, i will park the car in front of the dealer and hand over the keys, you could have it back……..

  • You should stop emailing me. My Sonata has 52,000 miles when the engine blew up. I used only $8.00 a quart extended service 100% Synthetic Motor oil. Synthetic oil cannot cause SLUDGE, your engine has a design flaw. MY motor had sludge but it was not from lack of service.

    Within the next 2 weeks, as soon as I am cleared to drive after Open Heart Surgery the following is going to happen

    1. I have had large LEMON Decals made up and will put them on front and side windows when I tow the Sonata back from the Texas Dealership, a 6 hour drive. On the doors and truck I have signs made up that says:

    2. As I pass thru towns on my way back to Hot Springs Arkansas I'm going to pull into every Competitive Dealerships and let them take pictures of my beautiful black Sonata on the trailer with a blown engine.

    3. Amsoil Synthetic oil has offered to have the engine oil analyzed to pin point the exact Hyundia part that failed and caused the breakdown. Mobil 1 has offered me EXPERT WITNESSES and Tech Support when I bring my lawsuit. I used BOTH companies 100% Synthetic motor oil and each came with a guarantee that their motor oil cannot cause sludge. The motor oil ANALYSIS will show the metal compound of the part that failed causing a catastropic engine break down. Their reputations are on the line just like yours !

    4. The Arkansas Democrat Paper is waiting for oil analysis to come back and will run a Special Interest Story on the results

    5. Both Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil and the pioneer of Synthetic oil for automobile use, Amsoil both have offered anything I need and will testify in my behalf.

    7. I will keep a detailed accounting of fuel costs for my Road Trips, lodging, and expenses I incurred building my case against Hyundia for not honoring it warranty. I expect this to take 3 months to cover driving by all the Hyundia dealerships and stopping by their local competitors for a PHOTO OP.

    8. Its my intention to cost Hyundia 1000 lost vehicle sales, plus expenses of engaging in a Public Service alerting the people that Hyundia doesn't honor its warranty….Their are scores of complaints on the Internet from Hyundia Owners with blow Sonata engines and the Hyundia people denying them warranty repairs.

    10. I have borrowed a friends Race Car Trailer, I already have the LEMON DECALS made up and ready to install. I am preparing a route that will take me to all the Hyundia Dealerships, and their competitors who are usually nearby.

    13. I wanted to buy the Honda but as this car was for our daughter who was in college the Hyundia Warranty changed our decision… that was a huge mistake. Its my intention to alert the public that Hyundia doesn't honor that 100K mile warranty… and people should check Hyundia out on the Internet and see what FORMER HYUNDIA customers have to say about Hyundia and their warranty.

    I'm sure the results of my Public Service Quest will come to your attention in the near future. I'll be watching the papers and Internet for when Hyundia has its sales to make room for the 2015's. … You can be Assured that I will drive around those dealerships and their competitors with my highly polished black Sonata with LEMONS in the windows, a blown engine, and copies of the Oil Analysis showing the Laboratory Test Results of which Hyundia engine part failed, and the condition and lubrication life left of the 100% Synthetic Oil in the crank case.

    Your lies to the People and your bogus warranty claims are all going to be exposed….THEN YOUR GOING TO PAY ME FOR MY EXPENSES AND DAMAGES TO PROVE MY CASE IN FEDERAL COURT.


    Tom Thornburg

    • Hyundai is the worst car company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Liars, stonewallers…they only respond to class action suits. I am so happy in my 2016 Mazda.

  • Interstate hyundai in Monroe Louisiana has the sorriest customer service ever ! Still hasn't fixed my cars problems yet. I always get told that they don't have enough technicians. … then why in the hell are yall selling cars then?

  • Has anyone had problems with there hyundai Elantra 2014? I am very unhappy with this car.. my engine started smoking, and ticking, my radiator was over heating, and my car smelled like gasaline, my engine light had came on two weeks after I bought the car.. I took it too the hyundia service dept. Three times since I had the car only had the car for two months.. not happy with this car.. taking it and dropping it off at the lot..

  • I drove from Carlsbad Ca to Hardin Hyundai in Anaheim Ca. The salesman
    said he would hold the car for me with a 500 dollar credit card deposit
    but would refund the money if I decided not to buy it. His named was
    Mel. He also said there was room to negotiate. He lied to me when I got
    there when he said he can not negotiate internet car prices. Another
    sales men said they are able to negotiate. After he would not negotiate I
    told him of another car I could buy that was a better deal. He said
    then go buy it if it is a better deal. So I drove another 120 miles and
    bought that car. I called him and told him to reverse the credit card
    charges. He refused and said the only way he could reverse the charges
    is by physically having the credit card. I told him I would have to
    drive very far to come back and give him the card. He told me he
    couldn't reverse the charges unless he had the credit card. I don't
    believe him and feel he is lying and trying to manipulate me. I have
    never been told in my life that
    one needs to physically have a credit card to reverse the charges. Not
    all salesmen are like this but unfortunately I dealt with a sales person
    who gives others a bad reputation.

  • Has anyone had an issue with the windshield wipers stopping in the middle of them wiping? I have a hyundai genesis

  • On Thursday I went to get my car serviced at Universal hundayi and I went out to get some coffee and I noticed a funny smell as I was walking back into the service area and I observed 3 employees smoking Marijauana in the corner of the parking lot I got closer and just as I guessed it I was right I did speak to someone but I guess they never did anything about it because I went back on Friday and the employees were still there sitting at their desk. I thought this was a drug free work place but it seems universal dosnt perform random drug tests. And condone this behaivior. I guess next time I'll have to drive further to get my services.

  • Hi,
    I have a 2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
    The vehicle is great!!
    MPG is NOT what they say on the radio or tv!
    I only get between 31mpg to 33 mpg.
    If you purchase premium gas, it may go up to 35 mpg Max.

    My car has the "BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH" !!!!
















    **************BUY A TOYOTA PRIUS HYBRID*********************************



  • I bought a 2013 Hynduai and have had a vibration in the dash since bying it. I have had it in 5 times and they still haven't fixed it. They got to the point where they would tell us, you can't bring it in until we get a loaner then we would never hear from them. We realize now that if they make you keep it and keep putting miles on it you can't claim it as a lemon which ours is. After hearing how you are all being treated the same way we really need to get letters to the editors of our papers and twitter and facebook and stop people from buying these cars until they start keeping their word about fixing them. I called corporate and was told I had to put my complaint in with Todd and then we never heard from him again. I called again and a woman said she would get the information to corporate and never heard from her again. I am tired of being treated like this. Lets stop these people from getting away with selling cars and not backing their warrenty. What good is a 10 year warrenty if they don't back it.

  • My Hyundai 2012 Santa Fe only had 16000 miles with 5 oil changes while driving onthe highway and the engine rod blow out to the oil pan.

    It caused another minor accident to rear bump because it locked engine while parking lot.

    Police came out and made an accident report.
    My Hyundai was towed to Hyundai dealer.
    Mechanic Steve said the engine rod blow out to oil pan was by a ROCK hitting oil pan hit outside to inside engine.

    Insurance claim agent said it is manufacture warrenty issue.
    The engine rod blow out from inside to outside.

    Hyundai refused to replace engine.
    Mechanic Steve admitted now the engine rod hit from inside to blow out.

    Hyundai 100000 miles 10 years for motor trend is a serious matter to American consumers.

  • The Worst Car I've Ever Owned
    I have a 2013 Genesis Coupe with the 2.0 liter V-4 automatic transmission. After having the car a month the engine kept revving up to between 3,000 and 4,000 rpm's and the transmission would kick hard into gear. The dealership where I brought the car said they detected no problem. Three times at the dealership and they found no problem? Gee's no doubt it's because they didn't want to have to replace the transmission, even under Hyundai's fantastic warranty. I swear I'll never buy another Korean car again. The Genesis Coupe's look nice but mine was very unreliable. Heck even the latest Consumer Reports gave it the lowest rating on reliability. Guess that says it all. Who can I contact to get this fixed?

  • To whom it may concern:

    It seems like the problems that I have been dealing with my car is related to the transmission area, see below. I have the Gold coverage (10 years/100,000 miles). I sent extra money for the Gold coverage, things like sensors that are in the related area should be covered. I was not cover for the last transmission sensor that malfunctioned. I think there is something wrong in the transmission to cause the problems that I have been dealing with. There is something big that has not pop up yet.

    18JUN2011 – I stated vehicle will not shift out of park without using the shift lock override. Shop was unable to verify concern. Scanned system for codes and found no codes present or in history. Tested the shifter operation and verified gear selector is operating as designed.

    28APR2012 – I stated the check engine light has been coming on and the transmission shift irregularly. Shop inspected and verified concern, traced to code P0711 for transmission temperature sensor out of parameters. Removed and replaced the temperature sensor and transmission fluid, erased code and road tested.

    22JUN2013 – I stated transmission seems to hesitate when shifting, when accelerating the vehicle it doesn’t want to go. Shop road tested vehicle and was unable to verify concern. Inspected for error codes, no codes present, but found TCM update 231YFATCM logic improvement performed. Reset A/T valves.

    05OCT2013 – I stated at times the gear gauge did not indicate when it’s in park, drive, and etc. Shop verified concern, found code P0705 for transmission range sensor malfunction. Removed and replaced range sensor.


    Sokheng Chheng

    • I am also having the hesitation when shifting. It will not go up a hill from a stopping position. When it finally does go into drive it lunges forward unexpectly! We have had to slam on the brakes to keep from getting hit by another car or to avoid hitting a pedestrian walking across the road. I have a 2011 Santa Fe that I am taking in to the dealership again today for the third time for the same problem.

  • I bought a new 2012 Azera from Webb Hyundai in Dyer Indiana early this year and Im still waiting for a response regarding a crease in my left fender that I reported to corporate several months ago. It was hard to detect, and therefore I didnt report it to the manager until I had the car for about 6 weeks. They also gave me my free oil change and used the wrong weight oil, they used 5w20 instead of 5w30 as required my manufacturer. That was taken care of.

  • Thought I would pass along my experience with Hyundai AutoNation in Tempe, AZ. A month ago, on June 1st, my sunroof roof exploded on my 2011 Sonata exploded driving down the freeway, which sounded like a gunshot going off in side the car (by the way, nothing hit it to cause this). Fortunately I had the inside cover closed or all the glass would have fallen on family and quite possibly could have caused me to crash. I was able to get the car to this dealer who after looking at said they could tell it was caused from the frame warping which put pressure on the glass causing it to explode. They said they had seen this before. They were very helpful up front replacing the glass and by that time it was late and a Saturday so they said to bring back in on Monday so they could take the headliner off to clean out the rest of the glass.

    I brought it back Monday morning on July 3rd. The broken glass had also damaged the paint on the roof and the lid of the trunk. Since this was obviously caused by the defective sunroof I asked for this to be repaired as well. I was going on vacation and they said I could pick it up on Saturday the 8th or Monday the 10th. During vacation that week I received no phone calls from the dealer so I assumed everything was ok. I thought they would have at least called to say it was ready. When I got back I tried to contact them to get the status. They said they weren't done because the had to order new tracks for the sunroof that had been damaged from the glass. They also said they couldn't paint it until they had this replaced. They said they would set me up in a loaner in the meantime. This was on July 8th. I had to call back numerous times to make this happen with no success. Finally on Tuesday July 9th they set me up in a rental from Enterprise after I had to remind them several times I was without a car.

    I contacted them on July 14th to find out what was going on since I had not heard a word from them since picking up my rental on July 9th. They finally responded on July 15th saying my car was at the body shop for paint repairs and it would be ready July 18th or 19th (I have this on e-mail)

    I heard nothing back and it was Friday the 19th so I followed up again to find out what was going on (3 weeks now they've had the car). I got a response back on July 19th saying sorry the car is not ready. My service advisor David Aldrich needed his boss's help Bob Pozzi to get this processed and resolved.

    After trying to get an update I hear nothing from anyone at the dealer and it is now July 24th. I had to file a case against them through Hyundai customer affairs on July 25th. Still had not been contacted from them since July 19th. After the local customer affairs office could not get a forthcoming answer form them after two days they have now elevated this to a Regional case, which means more time I have to waste on this. I went to the dealer on July 29th and confronted David and Bob and they said they couldn't do anything more for me. The car had not been painted and Bob had stopped it 2 weeks prior because Hyundai was not going to reimburse them for their costs nor the glass they had already replaced. They said I should take the car and file a claim through my insurance. REALLY? After you've had my car for 4 weeks you are now telling me this is my problem and Hyundai is not taking care of this. At the very least this dealer should eat the cost since they have lied to me and kept me in the dark. This is by far the WORST customer care I have ever received. I will wait and see what the Regional level office does from here. It's now July 30th and they still have my car at their body shop which is at a different location. Of course, the dealer hasn't contacted me to say we have your car back – come get it.

  • I can not even express how awful of a creature Mike in Finance at the Lester Glenn, Manahawkin New Jersey location is. He is rude, unprofessional, and provides the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Will do my best to have him fired!!!!

  • So I made an overpayment on my account on April 29th of 2013. I was informed 10 days will occur before they can recut a check out to me and repay me my money. It wasn't until May 20th that they finally got around to cutting my check and low and behold in never arrives at my place of residence. I call a week after they supposedly cut my check and they give me the check has to go 30 days before they can recut me a new one. Here it is June 14th and im still dealing with an overpayment on top of that I just called today to request FEDEX Express to handle the next payment going out so I don't have to deal with this 30 day lip service again and I actually have a tracking number. Here is the kicker they require I pay to have this sent to me via Fedex. I bought a Hyundai Genesis R spec and this will be my last car I ever purchase with them. They not only lost my business but the rest of the family that has cars through them have been hearing about the run around i've been getting and they to will no longer buy through this company. Never in all my years of owning new cars have I had such horrible service. If you are looking to purchase a car I would highly suggest staying away from this company.

  • Problems with Win Hyundai with parts and things not being found out until 3 times!!! Very upset with the recent recall that caused my stop lamps to stay on, and all I can say is SHAME ON HYUNDAI for not letting the customers know ahead and I just feel the feeling at the dealer's oh well **** happens. Not a good attitude to take…for someone who loves the product and has been a very good customer!!!!!!!!!! Need way better CS in service. Just like above it states bad CS at all Hyundai dealerships, that is NOOOOO good. Maybe time to think about about a different car..

  • I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata purchased last March and there are a few small rust spots! What cheap stuff is being used for rust to appear after two years? I had Pontiac Grand Prix for 11 years and not even a speck of rust. What, if anything, can be done about the rust on this Hyundai?

  • ever buy a vehicle from your company! How awful, insensitive and cruel, the commercial you pulled. That man should be fired. Horrible, horrendous, not enough expletives to describe the unforgiveable action.

  • Service with any dealership is bad no matter where it is I have a 2012 Hyundai veloster 12000 miles and they have replaced the transmission already now I have electronic issues I lease thank goodness. I can't wait to give it back . I might not last that long . I have new noises the mechanics said they can't fix it its the gas I use . He told me to use another gas station. Wonder if he gets a cut for that. The dealership said they would pay the lease off it I bought a car. Wow do you think maybe my car is falling apart. I think so and they know it. Lakeland Hyundai no deal take the car back before im stranded. Not happy.


  • I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata that has 54000 miles on it. I paid 28000 for it as it is fully loaded. A month ago the radio quit working. I was told from the dealership I purchased it from there was nothing to be done. Last week when I went to start the car it started going crazy. The lights inside started going on and off while the dash was doing the same. The car wouldn't start. It then started showing message that it couldn't locate the key. I had to have it towed a half an hour away and am still awaiting the verdict. I was told "it may" still be under warranty. My guess is the electrical system or computer is shot. I have a feeling my bank account will be soon also 🙁

  • hello i purchased a new 2013 hyundai sonata been in the shop for radio issues fm plays great but the xm satellite keeps freezing on me when playing the artist and title, they replaced the deck still having the same issue,goes back in on MONDAY, im getting alittle upset and frusrated car has only 700 miles on it im calling the corporation in CALIFORNIA, im from NH next move is the lemon law. i called xm the signal is good on there end,when car is moving display is frozen not in sync with songs car is parked its working good go figure

  • On 2/23/13 my wife and when to Bentley Hyundai in Huntsville, Alabama. We found a 2013 Elantra that we wanted. We were trading our 2006 eclipse. We worked out the deal with our salesman and we got all our belonging out of the eclipse and put it in the Elantra and the salesman changed out our car tag for us. We then went into finance manager's office to sign all the papers. After being introduced the manager got up and left his office. We waited a short while and my wife stated where did he go I'm ready to go. Shortly he returned with sales manager and informed us there was a problem. I asked what was the problem and he replied that the salesman had told him we were going to give the car to our daughter. I said yes and he stated that he couldn't sell me the car without her name on the contract. I told she was in college and that I was the one buying the car, the one making payments and the one paying for insurance. He still said he couldn't sell it to me that Hyundai wouldn't finance it. I told that she was only using the car that it was going to be mine and he said who already told salesman you were giving it to her and that it was recorded. That Hyundai credit wouldn't finance it so I told him go thru my credit union and he he wouldn't that I could. We told him to keep the car and give us all the papers we had signed and give us back our tag. I have sold car in my career and I never heard of such. The car would be mine in my name and insured In my name so if I wanted my daughter to use it she should be able to. I don't think we have gone totally socialist yet. Thanks Donnie Smith Athens, Al. Email

  • This just happened with my 2011 sonata. 56,000 miles under warranty also bought diamond wrap around service and told me the exact same thing. 6000.00 to replace engine!! I have bought 6 cars over the years and thi dealship in NJ and can't believe they hand me this crap.

  • i have a 2012 sonata 30000 miles the engine went they nulled the warranty as the engine had sludge. hyundai of gainesville fl stated it is my fault the engine went because i should have had at least 6 oil changes when i only had 3 my car was towed back from the dealer placed in my driveway and the enginge was still in pieces. at 30000 miles this is unbelieveable no one at hyundai will help so i am out my car witch i depend on as a home health nurse believe me i meet a lot of people and bad stories travel I will never buy another

  • I own a 2007 Hyundai I have had my car to the shop for the check engine light 5 times in the last 6 months. It has broke down on the side of the interstate and had to be towed to the dealership in gastonia,nc. They continue to tell me that it is this or that or a loose wire or whatever else and they "fix" it and clear the code. Within two weeks the light is back on and we start all over. In all they have charged me 1500 dollars and it is still no better than it was the first time I took it in there. I will never buy another Hyundai. The customer service people suck and just read what they are supposed to off of a card. The dealership GM is a douche and will not even return my phone calls after two weeks. Hyundai you have a PROBLEM!!!!!

  • I purchased a 2011 Hyundai Sonata in May 2012 and my car has been in for repairs 11 times in 6 months. Car has had different problems each time i take it in. I have tried to return the car within the 1st week of purchasing and was told there is nothing they could do without me paying more for another vehicle. The People at World Hyundai have been polite but it still doesn't explain why a certified 2011 Sonata should have this many problems. I have never taken a car in this many times in 6 months. I am beyond fed up with this car and don't want it anymore. I will never ever buy another Hyundai.

    • What was wrong with it I had an 2005 that cut off at random while driving not sitting but driving I purchased it in August of this year & it's been in the shop 3 times they keep saying that it's not reading any codes.

  • I would just like to say that not having a spare tire with the car is crazy, it took me three hours to get the tire changed after the blow out was on the side wall of the tire. THREE HOURS with road side assistance ..then they tell me ..Oh you can buy a spare trire for three hundred dollars ??
    The tire kit to blow up the tire is useless. What car does not come with a spare tire anyway.

  • I took my 2005 Hynduai Tucson in during the month of August for it's 60,000 mile warranty, everything was fine, until 3 days later when my car started to reve on its own while in Park …. Then when I was in Drive but stationary my vehilce reved up, then the engine turned off leaving all electronic still on. Teh next day while driving down a hill, my engine shut off once again, and i lost break pressure, had to use my E-Break to stop. When I took it back in to Hynduai of Bellingham Wa, they kept it over night, then told me that is was my Break Sensors, so i paid for it to be fixed. Its was fine for 3 days, then it started happening again. Once again engine shut off on me while driving with my kid in the car. This is a serious issue. I called Hynduai and told him they did not fix the problem, and that in many forums people with the same make model and year are having the same issue, he told me they can't fix it unless it happens to act up when its in their custody. This is ridiculous. This is my 3rd Hynduai, they normally are good safe cars, but I can't say that anymore. How do I fix this problem. I finally have it paid off, never had one problem with it till I took it in for its warranty check up, now no one can fix it??? Shouldn't there be a recall on this, if others are experincing the same thing???
    Jessica Martin

  • I have a 2004 Sante Fe I bought with 700 miles on it. It was originally owned by the corporate offices in Fountain Valley, CA. According to page 20 in the Owners Handbook and Warranty Info I am considered the original retail owner and have the 100,000 mile warranty intact. Except of course when I now need to use it. They say I signed on the sales contract that I knew it was a used car. Well, duh, yes I knew that but was told it had been a corporate car (even have the car fax stating this). Guess, they will find what loopholes they can to not honor their own warranty. I was going to buy a new Hyundai within the next 6-12 months. Not now!! Why get a car with a great warranty when they won't honor it. Crooks!

  • I purchased a 2009 Genesis in February from Larry Miller Hyundai in Peoria, AZ. I'm having problems with the car and even more headaches with the dealer. I have never seen an organization that passes the buck better than these cads. I liked my car, but would never recommend the vehicle because of such poor customer service. Be warned…stay away!!!

  • Hey – what's the deal with Hyundai? We in the southwest meaning the Phoenix, AZ area cannot find one 2013 Genesis coupe locally. Are you guys not making them any more or is the elantra coupe taking the place of the Genesis coupe?

  • I went to Hyundai looking for a Elantra GT with blue leather. Dozens of dealers told me that I was wrong, that it didn't exist. We went to Hyundai customer service to try and locate the car, but they don't offer that service. What? Why? Then, with the help of an obliging dealer, we learned that Hyundai had given the blue leather its own code. Not inspiring. Then I was treated miserably by Brad Benson Hyundai in NJ who dragged me out there in a rental on the promise they had the car. They didn't have it. So we are walking away from Hyundai. That there is a different sales line for the higher end cars said everything to me. They are volume sellers who have lost their concern for the customer. The company seems disorganized and chaotic and their dealers seemed a bit backward. I predict a recall very soon.

  • i lease a 2011 Hyundai Veracruz 17000 mi i needed a new transmission, new sensor back up and now the car doesn't start im incorporating NYS lemon law

  • I hate this company, the customer service is the worse i have ever seen. I purchased a 2012 hyundai veloster that died 2 days after purchase. it was towed to dealer i told them i didn't want the car or to do buisness with them again. I was shortly after threatened by these white collar thugs and told they would tell police i abandoned car there and have it towed. The worse part is that their regional office did not help me at all. Never buy anything from this company, because if you need help with a sketchy dealer your on your own.


    • 2014 Sonata, less than 7000 miles, blew up while on vacation in another state. I had a similar conversation with "Mike" in the FV corporate office. He was beyond unprofessional, he was downright insulting. I was not left in tears, as I found his abusive commentary somewhat entertaining; these remarks include such classics as "I can't help you, but if I could I wouldn't", and "you're a unique, close-minded person" and I must be "a horrible person to be around". These were in response to my belief that a brand new car (I've made 3 payments) should actually work. They clearly have a corporate culture that encourages the sentiment, 'always be saying NO!'. I would be more upset, but it's been a week my car has been at a LV dealership. To their credit, they are helping me. They were mortified by my treatment and did provide a loaner while they fix the engine. But, the treatment from corporate (over 2 1/2 hours of phone calls, being put on hold, being told 'no' and finally Mike's special Comedy of Insults, I will be collecting my car upon completion and trading it in to another manufacturer. I will probably take a little bath on it, but at this point it's no longer about the money, it's the principle. I don't want to be wrapped in the questionable ethics of a company that openly supports employees abusing customers. Buyer beware. Oh, and that individual above suggesting it is customer's fault? Obviously that's a Hyundai troll. Ignore.

  • Well I am the one who posted about family Hyundai in tinley park il. Well after much debating with them they are going to be really nice and give me some free oil changes since the screwed up.

  • So I buy this Santa fe last Wednesday with the seal package. While they are getting the car out of the show room they scuff the bumper which they said they would fix. I bring the car in Monday and get the run around for days now I am being told it won't be done until this Monday I have owned the car for 10 days right now and 6 of the the dealer has had the car. Family Hyundai in tinley park il is the worst service/ sales in the world they suck.

  • I own a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe with under 67,000 miles on it. In the past two months the heater core malfunctioned and the radiator began leaking. The dealership, Hyundai of Lansing Michigan charged me $980 to fix the heater core and now wants over $1,000 to fix the radiator. They charged me $92 to diagnose it and would not apply the diagnostic fee to the repairs they do if I have repaired there. I had it to the dealership a minimum of five times prior to these problems and expiration of the warranty for diagnostics and none of this showed up! Really Hyundai …. $ 2,100 worth of repairs in 2 months all starting two months after the warranty expired and you won't enen provide a loaner car while my car gets fixed??? Your customer service leaves a lot to be desired. I

    • I highly doubt anyone wants to charge you $1000 for a radiator alone. I would say there is more to this than you are saying. If you paid $1000 for a radiator then you are very foolish.

  • I purchase a Hyundai Elantra 5 speed 2008 model. The transmission did not function properly from day one. I could not shift gears or downshift properly. The transmission was pulled three times at Roseville, California and Sacramento, California Hyundai dealerships. For the length of time the transmission was on the floor of the dealership, I should have been provided a new manual transmission under the "100,000 Mile" guarantee that Hyundai promotes. Dealing with the service managers were hell! The transmission was not fixed. Krohn & Moss practice is "Lemon Law". I highly recommend this law firm. AND, as many times as I have asked to be removed from HYUNDAI's mailing list, I am still receiving advertisements. I'm NEVER going to buy a HYUNDAI product EVER!!

  • I really hope something can be done about the Brainerd MN Hyundai service center!!! I went into the service dept on Friday July 7, 2012. I was told my car needed new swaybar linkage and the parts should be in the office by Wednesday the 11th and they would call me when the parts came in (the job would be paid for under my warranty, and I'm not sure if that's why I was treated this way?? Or do they do this ALL of their customers?) anyway, Wednesday the 11th came and by the end of the day I had not received a call, even as a courtesy to say the part hadn't come in…so I called them. They told me the part had not come in yet, but should be in the next day. I said ok (I am completely understanding when the parts are on order) but would they please call me when the part comes in…I was really hoping to get my car fixed before the weekend. No calls Thursday, Friday or Monday. At the end of the day on Monday I called them again. I was told the parts were there, so I set up the appt to get the swaybar linkage replaced and asked for a tire rotation, as the linkage has caused my tires to cup (not sure if it's cup or cuff) and make noise. Finally I was able to get my car into their shop this morning July 18th at 8am. When they finished with it, I asked if they had also rotated the tires and they said they did NOT, because I should get an alignment. I am so mad now because my tires make noise due to the cupping. Why wouldn't they do what the customer asks? Why did I have to contact them to get everything done, why didn't they call me when my parts were there? I WILL NEVER BRING MY CAR TO THEM FOR SERVICE AGAIN!!!!!!! Please contact me!

    • Call Krohn & Moss. They handle Lemon Law problems. They are located in Los Angeles, but handle problems all over the U.S. Krohn & Moss helped me. I had a 2008 Hyundai Elantra 5-speed that would not shift properly. Even though the transmission was pulled three times, on the dealerships floor long enough to have a new transmission assembled and installed, I only got the runaround. So much for the 100,000 warranty Hyundai harps about! BULL!! AND, the service managers and owners of Sacramento Hyundai and Roseville Hyundai were the worst to deal with.

    • At least they did something for u.I've had my gx350l in the repair shop 3 times. They still can't figure out why it won't take gas. All they did was charge me for labor and parts it didn't need

    • At least they did something. I took my gx350l to hyaundi service in Sharon pa 3 times. They still can't figure out what's wrong with it. All they did was charge me for parts and labor I didn't need. They are just legal thieves.

  • I own a Genesis and due to horrible customer service received from North Palm Hyundai I will never lease or own one of your cars again. I am currently having issues with my Genesis, the locks do not work the radio needs to be replaced and the gas tank door needs to be replaced. I have never been treated with such disrespect and was hung up by the dealership @ North Palm 4 times. It took me over 3 weeks to get a refund from a deal the delership made with my children from which they did not honor a pre owned certified vehicle. Once again can not wait until my lease is up so that I can purchase another car. Your corporation should take charge and responsibility for the dealerships and the horrible customer service that is being provided.

    • Do you ever stop and wonder if your not the problem in all of this? I realize people are 20 times more likely to complain on the internet than they are to convey their satisfaction. Does the radio in fact need to be replaced or is this what you think needs to happen. Its not that difficult. Just go to the dealership and tell them to replace the radio and fix the locks.

    • Actually, yes, it is that difficult. I have been having the same issues with my BRAND NEW 2012 Sonata Limited (bought at Hardin Hyundai) for a year and a half now. Hyundai can't seem to fix the warrantied issues and is refusing to do anything else about it. Their customer service beyond sales is horrendous and their service manage, Rick, is an embarrassment to the company. I will NEVER recommend Hyundai, nor refer them to my friends.
      I have not just complained, but have also made the positives very apparent when contacting Hyundai. I am not a complainer, but when it comes to horrible experiences, OF COURSE people should complain online so others don't have to go through the same issues! What else are reviews for?

    • I agree, I have a 2011 Hyundai and they are also refusing to fix warrantied issues…they have had my car for 4 days and just called me yesterday at 430pm to let me know they will not even so much as look at my car unless I pay $400 out of pocket, and that's not even the cost to fix the issue, that's just for them to look at it. My question is why did they wait 4 days to call me and tell me this? And why would I pay them $400 to simply open my hood and tell me the problem in which I already know? I also have a rusted hood (my car is a 2011, it is not that old) and they refuse to fix that issue either…blaming it on me saying its "road gravel" well, obviously their paint sucks if my hood is rusting due to NORMAL driving conditions such as road gravel…these people are the rudest and most unfriendly group of "service techs" I have ever dealt with in my life. I am picking my car up today and taking it elsewhere. My boyfriend is currently in the market for a new car and was going to refer him to Hyundai, but after this horrendous ordeal, I will never refer anyone to these people and I will never buy Hyundai again.

    • I am having an issue with the steering column which was a recall and my dealership claims they fixed it 4 years ago when they replaced the tail lamp switch but now I'm getting heavy vibrations in the column and there is slack in the steering and it feels like the car goes from side to side as I'm driving. I'm the 2nd owner so my warranty stopped at 60,000 miles. I'm at 64,000. I'm being told it will be fixed at my expense. I will not buy another Hyundai.

    • I here you, I had a horrible experience at Action Hyundai in Millville New Jersey, as wefinance guy was completely disrespectful about me and my trade and so far I did not purchase the car I wanted, due to the finance character ….

    • To Kyung-Soo (KS) Lee
      Current Leader of Hyundai Motors America

      I have high respect for where your leadership has helped take Hyundai Motors. The quality of cars has improved and from what I hear it's better than many lower tier Japanese brands such as Honda and Toyota. In certain respect my 2003 Elantra is better made than my 2015 Sonata and Toyota Corollas from the same era with motherboard issues…that was a time when Hyundai was really taking a foothold on improving while offering and giving more to customers standard for less which was much appreciated.
      The world was more stable, war was not on the horizon globally and money was not yet made from Internet sales and researching. Trust in the brand was truly through those who owned and operated the vehicles and the reputation was branded by real customers. With the advent of online forums and the spread of known issues much cannot hidden that goes wrong and puts extreme pressure to produce that did not exist when trust was not a problem and profits were not as huge as they are now.

      The question I have is what preparation have you done to prevent demands of investors from tarnishing and harming the profit made from the Honest, loyal workers who make the vehicles here in the US and in Korea that exhibit good work ethic, secure comparable enough quality to major competitors for the price and build the business based on consistently good enough quality in the product for fair enough price? Not to say that you don't already do this but due to your expansion in size over the last 15 years what measures did you have in place to prepare for where you are now?

      My other question is what are you doing to address possible fraud committed by dealerships forced to "find" problems created not by just problems in the line during manufacturing but because they need to make money to support their bottom line if they cannot sell vehicles?

      Much of the sales slump is due to the known problems with The Theta Engines from 2011-2014. I bought my 2015 Not being aware of this issue and believing in the motto of ensuring quality and affordability from the 2003 Elantra that has been the best quality car my mom had ever received despite foul play from the location we purchased it at that led to an accident when brand new and left her stranded in the middle of the desert 60k miles later. She had taken it to the dealer to be checked for the issue of losing power and hearing noise from the trunk before this trip into the desert where the car stalled and then shut off completely and left her at the closest dealer for a week before I called and demanded they change a part to fix it.

      I believe you are doing more to fix this issue than Chevrolet, Toyota, Ford, VW…I could be wrong about this. All I know is the bigger you get the more problems you will see if don't root out the thorns among the seeds…The thorns being those who seek to profit from your instability through active dishonesty. If you don't have checks on dishonesty to make it not worth the profit or time to commit your company will no longer make it despite the ability for you to have more oversite on matters like this. I would like to talk to someone about working for Hyundai as I still have faith despite the dealers not operating faithfully as intended by the license to repair that they should. Please respond back if you would like more thoughts and also possibly a worker who wants to see Hyundai succeed forward with high standards that brought the company to it's heights and not it's knees along with all those who put in work to make the product happen.

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