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  • Pep Boys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Pep Boys Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Pep Boys Corporate Office Headquarters

3111 W. Allegheny Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19132 USA
Phone Numbers:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-215-4309000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-737-2697
Website: PepBoys.com

  • Pepboys has gone way down. The location in Langhorne has always been honest. My father took his car there since I was little. I attempted to deal with the lazy mechanics but all they do is talk nonsense bc I'm a woman. They told me that a P1450 diagnostic code meant nothing and that sometimes cats will generate codes for no reason. Of course they didn't indicate the code on my paperwork releasing them from liability. Told me they balanced my tires when they didn't. They really thought they were tricking me. Smh. Men turn on women now. They no longer protect you and fix cars like the last generation. Now I know exactly why my father taught me about cars. Obviously taking my car somewhere else for real service. Never again will Pepboys get a dime from me and I'm going to tell everyone to skip loserville LANGHORNE

  • I went to PEPBOYS on Ina RD in Tucson AZ they were supposed to replace 3 things cooling Fan thermostat and a hose, I got charged for AC that had nothing wrong with the AC I had to have the thermostat replaced by another place because i didn't trust them they charged me for other things, i had to take it back because i had a rattle noise the manager tried to tell me it was the motor mounts and wanted another 300.00 I told him no and the rattle was gone, i found out from another auto place he had lied about the motor mount and they didn't replace the thermostat. they charged me 678.86 for labor and 127.00 for other, they basically took advantage of a single woman that is also a senior. I want Pep Boys to know i've filed a complaint with the BBB

  • My Absolute Nightmare started in West Dundee, Illinois when my car had decided to throw a ESC light in my soft computer, service Power Steering, my traction control lights, ABS, Breaks and a battery light.
    I had no power steering when I pulled into a gas station to get my car off the road. I had to go through my insurance company to get this Great tow to go 30 miles to PepBoys in Round Lake Beach, Illinois… my mistake.
    Of course there was no one there when my car was dropped but the proper paperwork was filled out so they would know just exactly what I was up against.
    It took their Service Writer Tony until in the afternoon to ever call me. Split me off my family account without my permission. The only thing I can say nice about him is that he did keep in touch once they actually did start doing things with my car. Tony quotes me a price and I reconfirm with him. When I get to the store his buddy Larry tried to charge me damn near a $100 more then I was told on the phone & then told he didn't know where Tony got that price and he'd only been there 3 days… TOO BAD! PRICE WAS ALREADY QUOTED OVER THE PHONE! Amazing that he knew just what to do to take $90 my bill.

    Less then 24 hrs, after a alternator, serpentine belt, and battery charge.. my car reproduced all of the same things that PepBoys said was cleared up. Only this time it didn't have to be towed in and they charged me $400 less this time for things that should have been done to my car when it was in the bay to begin with.

    Me and my family have been going to Round Lake Beach for 15 plus yrs with multiple cars. what happened to caring about the job..for real? The customer is to come first and that stopped in your stores ALONG time ago..
    Shame on you.. we for sure wont be back. Round Lake Beach did their last bit of shady business with us!

  • I have been going to pep boys for 15 years. I have serviced 4 cars at a time for all my family members. the current pep boys is so understaffed that when my daughter went in about the car steering wheel shaking on the freeway, she was told they could not look at it for 5 days. this is besides 2-3 days to get an oil change .

    with other service centers for repairs available , pep boys will not be getting any further business.

    by the way my daughter wnt to the service center down the block and it got taken care of in 1 hour.

  • When are you going to do something about the store at 5135 Auburn blvd sacramento ca? The Manager trevor has one of the worst attitudes about life I have ever met. He books appointments knowing he cant keep the time on them. This crap has been going on for well over a year. I was a customer at this store for over 15 years but I dont need to take crap off a Low life manager at the worst pep boys in Sacramento. Do yourself a favor and get this cesspool cleaned up

  • I recently received automotive sevcies by the Pep Boys located on Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach, Florida. I would like to have you pass on my sincere thanks for their commendable service. Not only did they meet my orignal request for service, but they added additional services. Although extremel busy, they managed to get my vehcile in on time, I had an appointment,t and they completed everything quickly and efficiently. Their concern for my welfare as well as the upkeep of my vehicle was very heartening. I remember talking wth one of the representatives commenting on how happy I was to see local businesses so active and busy. Please pass on my comments to the store. I will go to Pep Boys in the future.

  • Have been a customer with no previous problems until recently. I was talking to one employee who lied when another interrupted while he was waiting on someone else. While what I was told maybe Pep Boys policy it certainly isn't a State law which is what one idiot told me while the other idiot joined in not even hearing what I said to be rude not only to me but whoever he was supposed to be helping. There is too much competition to be treated like that. Clearly those two don't care how they treat customers so they are confident they will keep their jobs no matter how many customers don't return. Further coupons received in the mail will be trashed which is where those two employees belong.

  • I am a homeless vet and a Gold Star father. I desperately need brake pads for a 1999 Lincoln Navigator.

    Not looking for charity.

    Just need to charge the difference of my cash on hand to help me put my life back together.

    Sincerely and Respectfully,

    Charles Mintzlaff

    (469) 703-6477

  • Waiting 3.5 months for rebate. Received the run around telling me it was, being processed, mailed out, sent to the wrong address. I finally contacted the Attorney Generals Office asking for an investigation to see how many people never received the rebate and to levy the largest fine possible per incident

  • I have a Proguard warranty and my car was over heating. I was told by Proguard to take my car to My nearest PepBoys location. I made an appointment on Thursday 6/2 for 1 pm and took the car in at the scheduled appointment time. As I arrived I was informed that "We don't honor same day appointments and if we have time today we'll evaluate the problem". I waited, around 7:30 pm I was informed of the parts needed (thermostat & a fan). We called the warranty company, discussed fees and payment and I was instructed to leave my car at the shop until the next day. I Haden's heard from anyone so I called the shop the next afternoon. I was told that my car would be ready at 7pm. I arrived at 7pm and my car was still on the machine with no estimated time of completion for that date. The mechanic quoted me a completion time of 11am on Saturday 6/4. At 9:30 am, the Manager of the service dept called me to inform me that they were having a problem with the repair and that they had to wait until Tuesday of the following week to speak with the Warranty company about the new findings. At this point, I was stuck without a car for 6 days with no rental, no carfare reimbursement, no explanation. On Tuesday I was told that my car needed uncovered parts and they were transferring my car to the BMW dealership for further diagnostics. (They had already received payment from the warranty company) because they could not fix the issue. WHO's PAYING THE DEALER FOR THE SERVICE???? NOT ME!!! My warranty company sent a tow truck to remove my vehicle from PepBoys. I arrived to PepBoys to speak with the Manager and to pay my deductible and taxes on the "alleged" repairs. I was given my keys with no charge and he refused to come out of his office to talk to me. I was very dissatisfied as a 1st time customer. I rode with the tow truck to the new service center. It was evaluated that the problem was not the thermostat nor the fan (which PepBoys claimed to repair) but the car needed a new water pump. I allowed the new shop to repair the water pump and ended up paying an additional $240 out of pocket for a new diagnosis and labor. I picked up my car that Thursday, 6/9 but I noticed that my AC was no longer working and was blowing out warm air. Yesterday, 6/13, the car started to overheat again. I had my 8 year old in the car with me. The car started smoking and the Antifreeze fluid poured out of my car and leaked down the street. I was hysterical!!!! I had to call a tow truck to take my car back to the repair shop. Come to find out, PepBoys installed a DEFECTIVE FAN and this caused my car to overheat after several attempts at repair. We contacted PepBoys to retrieve my original BMW fan and the claim to have disguarded it. My car is worse off now than it was when I initially dropped it off 2 weeks ago!!!!! I've spent a lot of money and had a great inconvenience in the process. I still don't have a rental and don't expect to be reimbursed for the damages because when I call to speak to the manager he refuses to come to the phone. My warranty company spoke with PepBoys and they have to replace the DEFECTIVE FAN that was placed in my vehicle with a new fan. There should've been genuine BMW parts replaced in my car and not the garbage that I was given. This is a disgrace, people shouldn't have to be placed in DANGER just for contracted auto repairs. I was honest and they should've been as well. I'm still without a car 2 weeks later. PepBoys on Gun Hill Road in the Bronx is the WORST!!!!!!

    • I'd really appreciate if someone from corporate would contact me with the information provided. Thanks.

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