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Motel 6 Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Motel 6 Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Motel 6 Corporate Office Address
4001 International Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75007
Motel 6 Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-972-360-9000
Fax: 1-972-716-6639
Motel 6Customer Service: 1-800-557-3435

Motel 6 Corporate Office

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  1. it was bad people fighting no one in the office had to call PD reserved upstairs 4 months ago got to the hotel and was told it was sold out we stayed there for days only 12 cars were parked there. the motel at Carlsbad east in Carlsbad ca

  2. I stayed at the Rock Springs WY facility recently. It was under construction but still open for business. My room was adequate, but the heat was nonfunctional. It was 28 the night I was there, and the bed had one blanket. I had a couple in my car which saved me. I have commented on Motel 6's quality survey with several shortcomings and will not mention them here. I felt the price was right if the unit had heat, but not the way it was. Not impressed.

  3. Motel 6 Costa Mesa Orange County CA
    Late Dec 2021 to Early Jan 2022
    Multiple issues:
    Better Business Bureau will be notified.
    Corporate has been notified. And will be contacted again. Further additional action is being considered.
    Front desk employee Luis is a liar and is useless. Another employee moved to a different branch just to get away from his bad behavior. Her words "he thinks he is a badass and DNR's customers for nothing." (Do not rent/meaning kicks you out.) He lied to management claiming I cussed him out yet nothing like that ever happened. This location had a faulty ice machine that needed repair multiple times, calling the front office asking when it may be fixed and making clear how inconvenient this made things for customers without fridges who needed to chill specialized medication was too much for this weak minded loser Luis to handle. He never has any real responses and picks his answers from a mental rolodex of smoke screen garbage just to get off the phone. He will hang up the phone on you without reason during a discussion and doesn't care when you state the heater in the room doesn't get beyond luke warm. He always claims no manager is available and won't take a message for mgr to call you back. He tries to control the situation so nobody else knows what's going on and so you can't get anything discussed/improved/accomplished. Per the other employee who left for another branch, The mgr Christine/Christina covers for him so he isn't fired despite her contacting corporate due to a

    Luis's corruption and lies and his relationship with mgr. Normally a mgr in a relationship with a subordinate is not allowed for multiple reasons at many jobs.

    **Also the landscaping subcontractor doesn't care at all about you or your vehicle parked at the motel. No care or investigation done (would have made sense to compare the height of the dent and large scratch on fender done by the lawnmower handle, but of course not. I measured and everything lined up. Discussion with Police occurred and decision to investigate is on my mind. Everything was in view of the motel video cameras and I politely offered the supervisor of the worker a chance to discuss things. He has a feeble mind as well and doesnt care about anything.
    Corporate was told about everything in this post as well as what I thought would be reasonable action: to contact the subcontractor and prompt the potentially guilty worker and possibly change subcontractors. Also to investigate the abnormal amounts of DNRs recorded by "Kid Luis on a Power Trip" hiding behind the front desk. I advised that because of his idiotic and improper decisions he was costing the company money by turning away customers and altering customer opinion of the company. Also I was given no warning about this DNR decision despite the mere ice machine discussion both occurring 1.5 weeks prior AND Eddie telling me on the phone that I can rent another week the following morning (I called ahead to make sure nobody could rent my room out from under me).
    Eddie is a good worker at location. He was helpful.

  4. I currently stayed at motel six on 31st and memorial in Tulsa and they charged me $140.00 for one nite and they allowed people to check in that are trying to Sympa phi or semper phi me. Well I won't do it. Even the motel clerk was watching me through the mirror on the wall and the tv because they have cameras to watch you and invade yoúr privacy. The are using hacking apps that allow them to vibrate your bed and point some kind of vibrater at you mainly your genitals telling you they want your pu?? Y. That's disgusting. Also very unprofessional

  5. We stayed at the Motel 6 at Sacramento North last night (2-2-21). Very overpriced for what we got. First and worst was that the smoke alarm was beeping so the front desk gave us a new battery. Even after we put that in, it kept beeping. We ended up removing the smoke alarm when we couldn't get it to stop. The bed sheets had a lot of piling and was rough feeling. There was a hole in the back of the bathroom door. The door and the bathroom doors stick. Just think that $99 a night is too much for this room.

  6. Sorry Motel 6 your management blew it refusing a room to a serviceman being deployed overseas. Even though he was 20 and not yet 21. If he can risk his life for his country and keep it safe, then the honorable thing to do is rent him a room.
    I cannot stand to see this. I travel quite often. Motel 6 will not be on my list. Don't bother to reply. NOT INTERESTED IN HEARING YOUR LAME EXCUSE.

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