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Econolodge Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Econolodge Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Choice Hotels International, Inc.

10750 Columbia Pike

Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000

Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157

Customer Service Number: 1-877-424-6423

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  1. I know the website said no refunds but I thought that was if our mistake. We had bugs!! One crawled across my hand, 3 in the sink and 1 on the wall. I took pictures but he still would not refund the night we stayed. The smell was horrible, the bathroom was horrible, toilet seat had paint missing, the air conditioner smelled like smoke. Can we do anything to get our money back??? This was in Cameron Missouri

  2. I had a bad experience with this they took my money off my card 2 times the room was leaking and the bed was nasty do to the leak on the ceiling and they charge me 2 times and I didn't even check in the was rude and I can't not believe that this happened to me God is good and I pray 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  3. I made reservations at the Econo Lodge in Rome, Georgia for 3 nights. When I paid the bill the associate gave me a receipt for $76.19 per night. Today I looked at my Discover Charge and the bill was $92.96 which I cannot believe the State of Georgia has that high a bed tax. Secondly, I have a screen shot from the website showing free breakfast, yet this morning I went to the lobby and they said they do not offer free breakfast or anything. I said I have a photo of the webpage, and she said it was supposed to be removed. She called her manager and she was as uncaring, not the least bit apologetic! Is this still America where business's can pull this sort of deception, and I, the paying customer has to take it? I feel this is a fraud! If you so desire and give me an email address, I will forward that email. I expect an honest ethical company to assist me with this.

  4. I had the worst experience during my stay. I early in the morning at the establishment at 12:30am and the agent who attended me gave me a room that he was not supposed to provide to me. To my knowledge the room was supposed to be blocked off. After 6 hours from driving from Atlanta GA I just layed down without even showering and went to bed. A male barged into my room and stated i was not supposed to be there. I even showed the person the key that was given to me. The lady at the front desk was very unprofessional and accused me of being in a room that I was not supposed to be in. is there really something wrong with the staff? I am merely a Patron to happen to stay in this location for the 1st time. Another lady came into the room yelling at the top of her lungs at me saying that i was not supposed to be there. I am extremely educated and have many degrees and I will not begin to express the things I was told. This same lady stated the manager would be at the location around 11:30am-12:30pm and the front desk lady looked at the employee and asked her to stay shut! I asked the lady kindly ma'am can i be placed in another room since the issue was not cause by me. I was not even asking for a refund or anything and she stated i needed to speak to the DM about it the next day. This was not resolving the issue of my current stay.

    If you ask me the lady at the front desk should not have a job as she does not know how to treat people. Neither the lady that came to my room yelling at me saying i was not supposed to be there. This is not the way to treat people especially someone who had spent 130.00 for their stay!

    I give this establishment a 0. I am also reporting this situation not only to Expedia but also the BBB.

  5. twice now we have been accused that we were broke into our room and nobody was supposed to be in the room and we were to be kicked off the property which rather embarrassing especially when they realized they have made a mistake not once but twice not to mention we get rooms there frequently…..the room we had last night the bathroom was covered in black mold I have pictures to prove how bad it was

  6. I just stayed at the echno lodge in bridegeport. There was some miscommunication between my husband and i with him saying the front desk lady was in her underwear. I checked out two days ago and get a call today with the general manager and that lady literally yelling at me telling me i was wrong and am no longer welcome at that hotel. All over a bad review. You don’t call someone and yell at them over a bad review. These people should be fired.

  7. I stayed in the Econo lodge in Bluefield west va for 3 nights and it's discusting and the health department should shut this down. If all Econo lodge motels are this gross I will never ever stay at another. Upon arrival I had to clean my room. I sanitized the floors and bathroom and handles… ect. There was blood stains and cigarette burns and huge holes in the blankets and sheets. The drawers were filthy and trash cans. The lastnight of stay they had some guys partying and peeing in the parking lot and burping and riding their skateboards under our window. The manager said they are regulars.

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