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Reach Out To Econo Lodge Corporate Office – Reviews & Complaints 

Econo Lodge Corporate Office is located in Silver Spring, Maryland. EconoLodge is part of the Choice Hotel International

Connecting with EconoLodge Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


EconoLodge is a widely recognized brand in the affordable hotel industry. It is part of the Choice Hotels International, Inc. conglomerate. Here’s how you can reach their corporate headquarters in the United States.

Econo Lodge Corporate Headquarters Address

Choice Hotels International, Inc.
Econo Lodge Address HQ – 10750 Columbia Pike Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA

Econo Lodge Headquarters and Other Contact Details

Econo Lodge Corporate Number: 301-592-5000
Econo Lodge Corporate Phone Number to Fax:  301-592-6157
Econo Lodge Complaints & Customer Service:  877-424-6423

Econo Lodge Corporate Office HQ

Maps and Directions to Econo Lodge Headquarters and Head Office

EconoLodge Brand Overview

EconoLodge is one of the brands under the umbrella of Choice Hotels International, Inc., a significant player in the hospitality industry. EconoLodge offers value-oriented accommodations to travelers across the United States.


EconoLodge’s main competitors are other economy lodging brands, such as Motel 6, Super 8, and Travelodge. These companies all strive to provide affordable, clean, and comfortable accommodations to travelers on a budget.

Corporate Offices in Maryland

Maryland is home to the corporate offices of several other notable companies. These include Marriott International, Lockheed Martin, and Under Armour. Their presence contributes to Maryland’s reputation as a hub for business and innovation.

Frequently Searched Corporate Offices in the USA

In addition to EconoLodge, there are many other companies with corporate offices that are frequently searched for in the USA. These include major corporations such as Amazon, Google, and Apple. Their significant impact on various industries and influence on the economy leads to a high level of interest.


Whether you’re a customer with a question or a business partner looking to get in touch, EconoLodge’s corporate office is ready to assist. Their team is committed to providing excellent service and maintaining their reputation for affordable, quality lodging.

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Econo Lodge Reviews – Econo Lodge Complaints and Praise

See below to leave comments, reviews, or complaints regarding Econo Lodge. Also, you may rate your experience with Econo Lodge below to help other users with their travel decisions.

Econo Lodge HQ - So dirty i slept in my clothes and checked out early

Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 22, 2023

Drumheller, Alberta Econo lodge is disgusting, i had a crew of 15 people staying there, and checked every single one of them out after having to spend a night sleeping in my clothes the bed was so dirty. will never stay there again.

Brandon Miller

Attn. Econolodge Headquaters - Pathetic service

Rated 1.0 out of 5
August 24, 2023

I rate it a zero. Boy, they were happy to take my money for this crappy room. That I can’t get into and they won’t give me a different room so here I sit outside my room that I paid for waiting on a maintenance person to let me I. The room. Real cool. 2375 West Sweetwater Ave Phoenix AZ luck I have self-control or I would go off on them.


Econo Lodge Was Bad

Rated 3.0 out of 5
May 12, 2023

Twice now we have been accused of breaking into our room and nobody was supposed to be in the room we were to be kicked off the property which was rather embarrassing especially when they realized they had made a mistake not once but twice not to mention we get rooms there frequently…..the room we had last night the bathroom was covered in black mold I have pictures to prove how bad it was


EconoLodge Inns & Suites Corporate - 715 Highway 6 - South (Energy Corridor) Houston, Tx

Rated 1.0 out of 5
May 11, 2023

Never! Never! Never! Stay at EconoLodge Inns & Suites -715 Highway 6 – South (Energy Corridor) Houston, Tx. The Hotel Desk Clerk assaulted me with a baseball Bat and tried to extort me out of additional money to get me to pay their local rate (2x+ more) at the time of check-in. Only because I requested 10 more minutes in order to check in because I was on a business call after traveling 1,700+ miles from home. I had only been at the location for 10 mins. I’m an American With a Mobility Disability(ADA). Very senseless act, and clearly for nothing I could have caused to warrant such a vicious attack. I believe it was racially motivated!!!! I ended up in ER and was transported via paramedics. Trust I canceled my 1-week reservation. Warning to whomever, never even make a reservation. To make matters worse I contacted the Corporate Owners Office and all they would do is to document the date of the assault and say it would never happen again. Who does that?

I gave you’ll opportunity. To remedy this amicably it seems you rather me go public and handle this matter civilly. It’s sad to say your Ownership supports such horrible conditions with other complaints and even physical injuries as well.

Darren Marbley

Econo Lodge Rome GA

Rated 3.0 out of 5
May 15, 2023

I made reservations at the Econo Lodge in Rome, Georgia for 3 nights. When I paid the bill the associate gave me a receipt for $76.19 per night. Today I looked at my Discover Charge and the bill was $92.96 which I cannot believe the State of Georgia has that high a bed tax. Secondly, I have a screen shot from the website showing free breakfast, yet this morning I went to the lobby and they said they do not offer free breakfast or anything. I said I have a photo of the webpage, and she said it was supposed to be removed. She called her manager and she was as uncaring, not the least bit apologetic! Is this still America where business’s can pull this sort of deception, and I, the paying customer has to take it? I feel this is a fraud! If you so desire and give me an email address, I will forward that email. I expect an honest ethical company to assist me with this.

Paul Soucy
Corporate Office Headquarters