Travelodge Corporate Office Headquarters

Travelodge Corporate Office Headquarters
Wyndham Hotel Group
22 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, New Jersey, NJ 07054 USA
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 4090
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Online Website:
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-428-9700
Reservations: 1-800-525-4055
Español: 1-800-372-6310
Customer Service Number: 1-800-835-2424

  • Stayed at Travelodge in Bakersfield CA, 1011 Oak St. stayed one night and this site is in need of some work. Bathroom had black mold in bathroom around window. Mold around all areas of shower/tub. Handle for assistance in tub area is loose and separated from wall could cause serious injury. Ceiling is falling in and also needs repair. Was mentioned to the Manager/owner and front desk clerk. The conversation was not threatening or demeaning in any way. Both manager/owner along with clerk started laughing after leaving the lobby. The site does have posted private owner however they do hold the Travelodge Sign/logo and advertise as such. Disgusting site which needs attention or closed. Taking farther and turning into CA health department.

  • My daughters and I took a last minute trip to san Francisco and stayed at the Travelodge on 1707 Market Street. Should've known that it was to good to be real. The room smelled musty, pubic hairs in the tub, dirty towels hanging in the closet, phone didn't work when I tried to complain about the noise from the floor above, bed bugs on mattress and dresser, little black bugs flying around, prostitution and possibly their pimps in the parking lot, drug deals going on all night, even gun shots and a fight. In the morning at check out I wasn't the only one complaining about the gun shots, fighting, yelling and bed bugs. The least you can do is refund our money.

  • Travelogue in south San Francisco 321 s airport Blvd is infested with bed bugs and the manager knows it and wont do anything about it I've stayed in buildings 6 and 7 and theirs always a bed bug waiting for us, all the wallpapers are very old and tearing apart and carpets are full with stains and seems like the vacuums are not properly fixed since they leave a lot of little garbage all around and the bathrooms are awful the paint is falling down please they need to improve

  • stayed in Travelodge in Jacksonville, fl April 7-9 and was bitten by bed bugs, call the manager who haven't gotten back with me.

  • I'm furious. I made a reservation for a room in Jacksonville Airport on 3/10/17 and when I arrived on that date, not only did they tell me that the card on the reservation was not accepted or wouldn't accept my cash, but they turned me away and charged my card anyways for the $90.39. Why was my account docked if my card was no good there? Better yet, why was my card charged for a room I did not stay in. Poor Service, Terrible attitudes. I do not recommend this hotel to anyone if you are ever in Jacksonville, Florida. If booked up everywhere else, I would drive to another side of town before I give this hotel another cent.

  • Travelodge in Turlock, Ca is disgusting. The most nasty place I have ever been. Rooms are smelly and full of Mosquitoes. Whenever we told them to take care of mosquitoes they didn't give any sh…t about it. Then the toilet got stock. They made my husband to pump it. It was so disrespectful.

  • after reading everybody elses comment. totally can picture all your situation with each locations. I would never thought it'll happen to me w/ any hotel stay, should of know better! so I booked 2 night stay at 1185 w. main street, Newport rhode island. check in totally fine with this young guy employee, got into our room. noticed the rug was extremely moist and sticky but also over 100 degree out, so thought give it some time and while AC wasn't pumping strongly either. after a day pass by, the next early morning 6:30am I was trying to use the bathroom, noticed over 100 life ants all the the sink and some were crawling up the wall and into the ceiling. it was furious! I quickly turn on the hot water to stop the madness before it start crawling all over my personal items, then I woke up my fiancé and told him what happen. we quickly went to the lobby and tell the staff. unfortunately this (guy staff) wasn't being helpful either, told us nothing he can do right now. house keeping not in and all the rooms are completely booked! and manager not in until 9-9:30 while this happen 6:30-7 in the morning! so I patiently said i'll wait til the manager come in and see what happen while we went back to our room to pack our belongings, no way we going to stay for our second night. so the staff had left a note to the manager, so figure the manager should come contact us as soon as she come into the building but no. she wait til I come in to the lobby and ask for manager and told her I'm from this room and she said "oh, yes I saw the note" but still didn't do anything about it! so we told her ants in our bathroom sink. first thing she threaten us "did u pour something sweet in the drain?" oh my god. really? no apology nothing from her mouth then attitude! told her we want our second night stay refund back, so she look at her computer say we book for 2 nights so it's a special rate! (with more attitude) then say we book thru and she can't refund us. so as a manager of her? she's there for a show? apparently she did nothing then just giving us attitude! I didn't plan to get up early in the morning for this chaos! and I also didn't want to book 2 night stay and plan to cause a problem and ask for $$ back?? what kind of customer service is this? apparently she got none! then we call instantly and talk to customer service, told my fiancé is up to the manager at the Travelodge we were staying at to refund us, then back and forth back and forth. call the location we stayed at and talk to the manager. then after few minutes, say they'll refund us the second night to our credit card, which wasn't eventually split in half, it was $40 less than we were expected. then wanted us to go into the lobby and check out, so we walked in and hand over the keys back and my fiancé tried to tell her calmly "fyi, expedia say is up to you to refund our $$ back" that manager was about to pick up a fight with us! im stunned and will tell all my friends and family will never ever book thru Travelodge in near future! terrible customer service!

  • August 2016 Stayed at the travel lodge in Virginia Beach located at 1909 Atlantic ave. I have never ever stayed in a place so nasty in my life, and I have to other countries.

  • The phone provided on this site is not the corporate office headquarters number, it just reroute you to a different hotel!

  • My husband booked a room at the Travelodge in LA Mesa California due to his work at the Naval Base near there, he was suppose to stay for a week. On his second day there he received a phone call from the hotel telling him, he needed to check out 24 hours from the point he received a call, The receptionist persisted that the employee smelled a foul smoke smell from the bathroom, my husband who is a smoker has been has been going outside of the facility to smoke his cigarettes since he know it's a non smoking facility. The hotel staff has witnessed this, the person who called percisted that my husband was smoking something other then cigarettes in the bathroom. He went to the room to check what the staff was incenuating, he smelt nothing. So he returned back to the front desk and tried reason with this guy who accused him of smoking something, he told my husband, I know you've been going outside to smoke, I've been watching you., but he insisted that my husband check out in the morning. He was very rude to my husband, I had listened in on the conversation (via he was on the phone with me while he was at the front desk) as my husband was trying to tell him he hadn't smoke in the room. Me husband asked the man for a refund for the remainder of his stay, the front desk staff said that will be determined after my husband leaves. My husband said he was going complain to the corporate office of this matter as my husband did nothing wrong, the front desk staff then proceeded saying "Are you making a threat?" My husband said no. He said What your Threating me, my husband no, I just want my money back. He said if you complain to the corporate office you have 30 minutes to leave. Pack your bags and leave! He told my husband that they would have paint the room and he would not get his refund or his money back for the remainder of his stay.
    As he was leaving other guests were been asked to leave for the same reasons. What kind of scam is this hotel running. This man who was working told my husband take it up with the night manager who comes in at 6:30 pm. I've made a complaints with hotel.Com and now I am my complaint to you. This is a terrible terrible hotel and the staff needs some serious training for treating their customers this way, since this incident today, I went and read the reviews of this hotel, I'm sorry to say there seems to be a pattern of this kind of behavior with the staff at this hotel. We would like our refund of the remainder of the stay for this week and our $200.00 holding deposit back! My husband really liked your hotel but your staff at this location does not know customer service!

  • After calling several times to help out one of our customers (we are a FBO) we spoke with Makayla, who says she was the Manager at the time after asking to speak with a Manager was consistently rude. The phone rang over seven times the three times we called. The first time we were placed on hold AND forgotten, we waited on the phone a good five minutes. The second time we wanted to confirm what was told to us about picking one of their guest up since they would not come to our FBO and I was hung up on before I was done speaking. I called back again to speak to a manager when she told me she was the manager and that she did NOT hang up on me. I would not recommend them as their customer service skills are awful.

  • Travel Inn, Oxmoor Rd. Homewood, AL

    Worst stay I've ever had. Needed a hotel quick so I went to expedia and found this one, booked it for $70 (after tax) would have much rather slept in my car! I went out and bought Lysol and sprayed every surface from floor to ceiling. The man at the front desk was very rude, got into our room and there was no smoke detector, no wash cloths, the towels were hard and practically see-thru, no shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion…. it was awful! Mold and mildew growing on the walls and ceiling. The exterior was just as bad as the inside. Totally run down. Save your dollars and stay in your car if this is your only option. Going for a penicillin shot now.

  • Travelodge S. San Francisco, Airport Blvd. Feb. 9, 2016…. STAY AWAY! Upon entering our room we saw, to our shock, NO BED SPREADS! Just a sheet, a thin blanket and another sheet! Called to get a bread spread or a blanket and were told "We don't have any". No, "sorry" or "we'll try to find a few blankets". NOTHING!! This is not Hawaii, not Florida. It's South San Francisco: COLD! We've got Giant tickets for 6 games this season and this location is great for taking public transit, but we will NOT be staying at this place, EVER AGAIN!


    I'm so displeased with the service you provided me at your establishment.
    I'm in disbelief your in the hospitality industry. Sir, Please get out of it, you have no idea how to be hospitable.
    My 2 request were for a working refrigerator and remote. Simple, right, no you made it difficult because you suggested to me to "bring my food to the refrigerator at the front desk", when clearly there were empty rooms available you could've taken from or switched my room. No, I had to suggest to you to take a refrigerator from a unoccupied room. Sir, that was baffling to me and quite upsetting. A guest should never be in the position to tell you how to run your business.
    I didn't complain about the piping issue, the non running water at certain times of day and night because you told me and your employees told me that was being fixed. Ok, I gave the benefit of the doubt with a smile. I didn't complain about the shower curtain, the stained towels, nor the stained blue tub. I just told your housekeeper to keep them and i will purchase my own. And, I just vigorously cleaned the tub because that's all it really need it and it was fine. Sir, I just wanted a warm place to lay my head as I complete my nursing travel assignment which wouldn't been for another 10 weeks at your establishment which comes to $2500, that would've help toward getting a working remote, money toward piping issues, and better cosmetic renovations done.
    I pray you didn't treat me like cow dung because I'm black because newsflash you have melanin, too and my money is green 100 dollar bills.

    You've missed out on it..PLEASE SIR, PLEASE GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD BECAUSE HOSPITALITY ISN'T YOUR CALLING. Your employees were great, housekeeper gave me a warm welcome and even a hug. Your employees tried there best but told me they just were hired within the week and didn't know policy of how to conduct their duties. You need a better plan. Happy to be checking out in the morning 2/6/2016. PS A continental breakfast isn't cereal, milk, and coffee. That's not breakfast for a champion



    I'm so displeased with the service you provided me at your establishment.
    I'm in disbelief your in the hospitality industry. Sir, Please get out of it, you have no idea how to be hospitable.
    My 2 request were for a working refrigerator and remote. Simple, right, no you made it difficult because you suggested to me to "bring my food to the refrigerator at the front desk", when clearly there were empty rooms available you could've taken from or switched my room. No, I had to suggest to you to take a refrigerator from a unoccupied room. Sir, that was baffling to me and quite upsetting. A guest should never be in the position to tell you how to run your business.
    I didn't complain about the piping issue, the non running water at certain times of day and night because you told me and your employees told me that was being fixed. Ok, I gave the benefit of the doubt with a smile. I didn't complain about the shower curtain, the stained towels, nor the stained blue tub. I just told your housekeeper to keep them and i will purchase my own. And, I just vigorously cleaned the tub because that's all it really need it and it was fine. Sir, I just wanted a warm place to lay my head as I complete my nursing travel assignment which wouldn't been for another 10 weeks at your establishment which comes to $2500, that would've help toward getting a working remote, money toward piping issues, and better cosmetic renovations done.
    I pray you didn't treat me like cow dung because I'm black because newsflash you have melanin, too and my money is green 100 dollar bills.

    You've missed out on it..PLEASE SIR, PLEASE GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD BECAUSE HOSPITALITY ISN'T YOUR CALLING. Your employees were great, housekeeper gave me a warm welcome and even a hug. Your employees tried there best but told me they just were hired within the week and didn't know policy of how to conduct their duties. You need a better plan. Happy to be checking out in the morning 2/6/2016. PS A continental breakfast isn't cereal, milk, and coffee. That's not breakfast for a champion


  • The Travelodge in San Ysidro, CA, STOLE my $100 room "deposit" (for a $37 room"), claiming there was urination on the mattress and it had to be disinfected. Apart from the fact that there was no urination, who are they kidding about ANYTHING ever being disinfected there?

  • Travelodge is San Ysidro was the worst ripoff experience I have ever had! They insisted on $100 deposit from my card (in addition to the $37.40 for the room) and then kept my deposit supposedly because of urination on the bed (which never happened!) In response to my complaint, I got an email from "A Shah, President" saying they were sorry but they were going to do nothing. They're going to be sorrier when I slap them with legal action. DAVIDR1949@YAHOO.COM

  • I am at Travelodge in Florence ky a d I rented for one week for work purposes and the first night well morning (I work night shift) I got here to take a shower and there was no hot water so they sent me on a wild goose Chase room to room till I flu d a shower that did than night two I was getting bitten by something and had no idea what than night three the biting continued and I found an actual bed bug crawling on me and freaked out put it in a cup and called to tell them I wanted a new room and they simply handed me trash bags and said you can . To my manager rtomorrow than night 4 I had not been given a new room yet so I made other arrangements and did not even stay th ere than night 5 I had to ask again for a new room and had to stand in hallway for hour waiting for one when finally they have me a non smoking room when I had a smoking one, than night 6 they moved us again to a room with a smaller bed, and after all this I am done I want my money back and am not sure how to go about doin g it any advice

  • We stayed at the Travel Lodge in Ruidoso, New Mexico. We had booked online from the pictures on the web site. The pictures do not show what the rooms really look like. These may be pictures of what it looked like 20 years ago, but not now. I have never been in such a filthy environment. We had two queen size beds, and the next morning my husband realized he had slept on bloody sheets. The bath tub had mold all around it. It was so disgusting that we didn't dare take a shower.
    The floor and carpet areas were filthy and there were small rocks by the headboard. There were holes in the carpet. The walls were dirty with snot rubbed on them.
    I hope people will see this and not stay at this motel.
    Some others in our party refused to sleep at this motel when we showed them what ours looked like. They were still charged for the night, even when they didn't stay there. DO NOT STAY HERE!!! I will never stay at another Travel Lodge and will tell everyone how filthy the Travel Lodges are. It sound like this is typical at a lot of the Travel Lodges. The corporate office needs to do their job and check these motels out!

  • I stayed at Winchester Va. Travel lodge. DO NOT STAY THEIR !! No hot water ! Some one from the front desk tried to get into our room at 10:30 and again at 11:00 PM. Its a good thing the catch at the top of the door was on. If they would have came in someone would have been shot! They were to credit my card. This was on Sept 6th. It is now Sept. 20th nothing done !!! No More Travel Lodge for Us !!!

  • Total discuss if ever n Catheral City CA travelodge located at 67495 Palm Canyon is a nite mare manager Mike could not have been anymore rude the place was a dump I can't give it 2 stars dead german roaches n the bathroom when I showed the pic 2 the manager he accused me of bring it with me I will never book a travrlodge anywhere ever after reading the reviews they all appear 2 b dumps no matter what state u're n

  • I cannot begin to describe how unsafe I felt entering the Waukegan Gurnee location. It's run down and dirty. I found a new place to stay and when I called to cancel the man who answered YELLED at me that I should want to stay there. I have two 10 month old babies with me and I would never subject them to a place so disgusting. Someone needs to contact me about this matter because honestly I'm pissed off and will make sure everyone I know who travels NEVER stays at a Travelodge!


    About an hour ago, I made a reservation via for Travelodge Inn and Suites Orlando Airport. Took over 30 minutes for the reservation to arrive via email. I called the Travelodge there and received an extremely rude reception. The posting on the web stated that there was bus service to the airport. I was rudely informed that my flight time of 6:50 AM was too early for the bus service. Then was also rudely informed that WHEN I CHECKED IN THAT I WOULD BE INFORMED WHICH CAB COMPANY WOULD BE AVAILABLE.

    Frankly, I was really PISSED OFF. Never again in life will I ever do business with Travelodge Inn and Suites Orlando Airport, Florida.


    About an hour ago, I made a reservation via for Travelodge Inn and Suites Orlando Airport. Took over 30 minutes for the reservation to arrive via email. I called the Travelodge there and received an extremely rude reception. The posting on the web stated that there was bus service to the airport. I was rudely informed that my flight time of 6:50 AM was too early for the bus service. Then was also rudely informed that WHEN I CHECKED IN THAT I WOULD BE INFORMED WHICH CAB COMPANY WOULD BE AVAILABLE.

    Frankly, I was really PISSED OFF. Never again in life will I ever do business with Travelodge Inn and Suites Orlando Airport, Florida.

    William Moseid


  • My son and I booked two separate rooms under separate names on Priceline for one night on 5/30/15 at Travelodge – 2802 Atlantic Ave., Virginia Beach for his birthday weekend. On our way back from Busch Gardens 5/30/15 my son receives a call from Dashkar Patel aka Mike at 10:00pm asking if he was still coming to the hotel. My son explained to him we would be there shortly. It was strange I didn't receive a call but didn't think too much into it. To my astonishment when I arrive to the hotel, Mr. Patel informs me my room has been cancelled by my brother. I was so upset. My brother and his wife came down to Virginia Beach as well and stopped by to inquire if there were any rooms available. He let them know his sister (me) was staying here. Dashkar Patel aka Mike immediately looks up my name and prepares paperwork for my brother to sign and asks for his credit card. My brother tells him he will check other hotels and if he doesn't find anything he would stay with me. I get to the hotel and find out he cancelled my booking with Priceline and booked my room to someone else. I say to him you didn't call me for my consent if my brother could check into my room. Let alone call me to cancel my reservation which was already paid for because my brother didn't want to check in. The room is in my name. He was unaplogetic for his huge error. Forget about professionalism, he proceeds to yell at me call me names. I don't know what kind of shady business this place is running. Of course Priceline had no knowledge of my cancellation when I called for my refund. It is very obvious they are making a profit over double bookings on rooms. They make a courtesy call to my son to see if my son was still coming so they can book his room which was already paid for. But don't give me a call if ok for my brother to check into my room or when they were canceling my booking because my brother didn't check in. The absurdity ! I have not ever been treated so poorly and felt scammed by an establishment. The guy was literally mocking me and didn't care. Here I am from New Jersey left stranded in Virginia Beach. Corporate please look into this Travelodge Virginia Beach. They are ripping off people double booking rooms Not to mention I literally felt unsafe by this manager Dashkar Patel aka Mike. Being a single mother in front of my children I felt so threatened and helpless.

  • I was brought to the Travel Lodge Inn yesterday in Orlando FL from the Airport and both room were unliveable. I wouldnt even let my dog sleep there. I have pictures of both rooms with urine toliets still in the tub when I walked in the room.

    Please look into this hotel it shouldnt even be open because of the conditions.
    Donny Pesantes

  • Well,,,,, Bare wires hanging out of the wall where the smoke detector should be and an A/C unit that sounds like a meat grinder,,,,,, Covington,, Ga,,,

  • Travel Lodge Amarillo, 2035 Paramount Blvd. Avoid!!!! Horrible!!! We arrived very late at night. The room was dirty. All furniture was completely worn out. Sheets and towels were stained, dingy and worn (1 washcloth, 1 hand towel for 2 people). Less than 1/2 roll of toilet paper. Bedspread had cigarette burn holes all over it. Pillows stunk of smoke. No fridge, microwave. Paint was peeling. It was a smoking room, but stunk (could have been deodorized with air fresher at the very least). The only positive I have to say is that the desk clerks a.m. and p.m. were nice. I called 1-800-835-2424, customer service to complain. Was told I should hear back by the end of the month. Apology was given, but no offer for a voucher. I won't go back to Travel Lodge. Would rather sleep along side the road and save the $$$$.

  • Stayed at the Travelodge Airport Las Vegas, NV 3/6 & 7/2015. Manager refused to bill room to her debit card that was accepted to reserve room – after taking the debit card info. I was forced to offer my combo debit/credit card and mgr and I specified charge would be to credit card, for which I signed. Arriving home and checking trip billings, we both discovered the manager had billed both our debit cards – fraudulent double billing – and not the credit card. Further, the "hot" breakfast advertised was NONEXISTANT, there were only coffee and prepackaged pastries! We ARE filing charges with our banks and card companies as well as with the NV and federal authorities.

    Have a nice day manager – "Bad boy, bad boy, what 'cha gonna do when they come for you"?

    By the way, manager, what you didn't realize while you were talking to me, is that when she was checking her phone for messages, she was taking your picture and recording your explanation for evidence. Way to go, wise guy!

  • We booked 2 nights atTravelodge Hotel Montreal Airport, Montreal
    7300 Chemin de la Cote-de-LiesseMontreal,QC,H4T1E7,Canada,‎1-855-239-9482‎ , but nobody cleaned up the room on the 2nd day.
    No clean sheets for the bed, no towels, no shampoo, we got no service. I talked to the receptionist requesting for service, but he said he was there by himself , he cannot leave the front desk to help me. That was around 11 pm. This hotel is old and not safe to stay (the lock is broken, anybody can get in to this hotel). We have no choice, nothing clean to use. I requested them to refund for the 2nd day, but they denied. I paid my money for no service.
    I hope this email will be read by Travelodge headquarters office and refund $100 back to me. thanks.

  • I had a reservation at the Fairbanks AK T/L for August 6. I cancelled it on August 1 and received a cancellation confirmation number from the motel a few minutes later. On August 7 they billed my credit card $90+ for a no show. You can't reason with these clowns.

  • When my wife, and I travel we stay at Travelodges they are vary nice. Due to the changes toward Christians at The Travelodges in The United States by removing Bibles from the rooms we will no longer stay at these hotels. We will no longer recommend Travelodges, and tell our friends why we have a problem with Travelodges.

  • With the recent corporate decision to remove bibles from its facilities, Travel Lodge is black-listed from my considerations, referrals or recommendations to others going forward.

    Concord, CA

  • We went to Pigeon Forge June 28, 2014. We checked in, put our bags in the room and went to eat. I put my phone on charge as the battery was low before we left. I just checked my email (I dont check it everyday) S omeone frpm that hotel went into our room at 7:38pm and went thru our stuff. Medication was stolen and a woman tried to get in my phone and I have a snapshot of her. I called the hotel and the person told me the manager would be there at 8am but could they help me and I said no I need the manager then was told the manager wouldnt be in til 12:30. Watch out for your stuff! Keep medications with you! I dont know if I will be able to talk to a manager or if it will even help.

  • The Travelodge in Traverse City, MI was so filthy I refused to stay there even after I had reserved AND paid for my room in advance. The sheets on the bed were dirty – mold and mildew covering the bathroom and heaven knows when the carpet had been vacuumed. When I tried to get a refund from Hotels. com they said the we HAD stayed there for two nights and the front desk employees had no record of any problems! Will NEVER stay at another Travelodge hotel. Beware of reserving a room in advance because you are then their hostage if it is filthy and you can't stand the thought of sleeping in someone else's dirty sheets!

  • I had a horrible experience with the Manager at The Travel Lodge on Richmond Road in Williamsburg VA. When I initally make the reservation he took my credit card number but did not want to give me a confirmation number. I called back several days later and was given a confirmation number by another employee. Two days later I received a call from the manager who said he had overbooked and was cancelling my reservation. He was not willing to assist me with finding another room in the area. I will have to cancel my families trip because it is for the 4th of July and there is no vacancy in the area. Had I known when I made the reservation I would have been able to find something else.

  • The Traveloge San Francisco Airport North is disgusting. The carpet was dirty with lint and hair everywhere. The toilet was dirty and smelled. The shower was held together with mold and mildew covered caulking that a 2 year old could have done a better job applying. The coffee maker was a science project. The chair was so dirty I was afraid to sit in it. If there were any other hotels with rooms available I would have left, even if I had to forfeit my deposit. I will not be back and I am leary of any Travelodge now.

  • I think it's a shame that this one particular chain is getting so much negative feedback no matter where in the united states it is! I recently and continuing to have ill will with Travelodge in Green bay WI. This is the last straw! For the 2nd time they have charged my card without permission. Yesterday my son was paying a bill and instead of confirming the card he was using they charged my card and because the funds aren't there my account is now overdrawn! I went there to resolve the issue by giving them a chance to reverse the charges and no one was there except a laundry person working at the desk! She's training to work the front but no one was there with her so she didn't know how to resolve issues at all! Didn't even know the phone number to the corporate office!Then she became rude because of her lack of knowledge and told me They'll get their money! It ain't like they won't get their money! Ummm for one it's not them that are suppose to get it sweetie! It's my sons bank know it all! And for another because of YOUR accident it messed up my account and now I have to cancel all of my bills for payment through my account until this is resolved! It may not be a big issue to you but it is to me cause there are some bills that cannot be canceled which is gonna give me extra fees! It does no good to go thru the staff to complain cause they're all friends and no one will give you the time of day. There are some staff there that are nice but I don't have time to only stay there when they are on duty. THEY HAVE LOST MY BUSINESS AND I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO STAY THERE!

  • Hi I was at the travelodge on market too and its the worst experience I have had.. the front desk charge me extra night and im still trying to get my money back the management acts like its okay ive been going rounds with him and my credit card company. I just found this site to contact corporate. DONT STAY THERE.. ITS A BIG PROBLEM..NEVER AGAIN..CORPORATE NEEDS TO STEP IN OVER THERE AND GET NEW MANAGEMENT!


  • While once again the travel lodge are scammers ontario calif is the worse place to stay its dark and dingy carpet nasty paint in the bath tube its study coming off receptionist very rude and and if someone is short on there rent they make the otherguess that are staying there pay for them they really need to be closed down there so scandelous i cant wait to be out of here tomorrow we pay way to much money to be treated like sh** at lease respect us on a business level no respect for human beings what so ever i have a long list of things considering i have been here since last year august 2013 there always remolding and upgrading that nothing is being updated its a bunch of lies they always getting the wifi fixed since last year same ole stories they told us then i hear them saying to the new guess this year and its been since august 2013- april 2014 same ole lies i know 1 thing a liar can not be trusted thats what the staff here is completely liars they stole my points lied about me getting a discount so i told my husband screw them we can give our money to another motel that at least appriciate our business and now ima bout to pack

  • In Hudsonville, MI the room had no heat and we were told the pool and whirlpool were in excellent condition. The pool was ice cold and the hot tub was covered with wood and placed as out of order. We were there for 2hours and requested a refund as we decided to leave the hotel. We were promised 74$ out of our 89$ put down we were given 24$ and said that no customer service number exsisted. We then requested for a manager and that was denied. Our rooms were dirty and it was disgusting. This place should be put off the map. Gross gross and terrible customer service. Possible lawsuit for the refund promised but no given.

  • Me and my girlfriend moved to Sierra vista Az we rented a room by the month until we were sure we wanted to live there we paid $608.00 first week we had roaches falling from fan in bathroom didn't complain week 2 girlfriend told me we had mice in cabinets opened door 3 came running out told front desk she said what do you want me to do about it we couldn't believe it but we said we need a new room do for the

  • Not a good review at all. From reading the comments I'm glad I didn't stay… I needed a one night stay for a business related purpose. The lady at the front desk got my ID and reserved a room for me but I couldn't check in intil 3PM. I wasted my whole day to come back for another lady at the front to tell me that I had to be 21 to check in and the First Lady didn't give me that info. I didn't think it would be an issue because I had stayed at plenty of other hotels before. The second lady was rude blew me off and said sorry. Come back in a few months. Wow!!!

  • I feel that the travel lodge on steven b tanger blvd in commerce ga was the worst place ever the service was horrible they said that we couldn't use our do not disturbed signs and also said that we couldn't have keys made whenever they didn't work and that was almost everyday of the 7 days that we stayed there they had stated at one point that we had a noise complaint but we were not at the motel all day that day they were just very rude all the way around!! I would like a refund of some sort for the horrible stay!!

  • We stayed at the Travel lodge by the Everett mall in Washington state this Sept. for 2 days. What a nasty place!!! Upon entering the room we immediately asked for a refund & wanted to leave but were told that because we had been checked-in the room more than 30 min we wouldn't get any refund if we "decided to check out early". We said we had went straight to dinner & never went in the room after check-in. The evening front desk lady said that was policy & the our facts didn't change it. She blew us off after that & started reading a book while we were still standing at the counter! We were stunned & angry! The room smelled horrible, there was various body fluids on the walls-headboard & ceiling. There was hair & black hand prints in the shower. When we turned on the heater it started sparking, smoking & smelled like fire, but at least the missing fire alarm didn't drive us crazy.
    HOWEVER, my husband stepped out to get something out of the car & 2 girls propositioned him for money right there in front of our door within seconds in broad daylight! Later when we were leaving our room again they were walking into a room with another guy. We saw a couple more girls walk out of the that room & go into the room next door where another man entered shortly after. We went to complain to the front desk, the lady who had checked us in said she was the manager. She casually chuckled & said she would "make note of it", then she answered the phone, turned her back & shuffled papers while she talked. We got the hint, this was the norm & they would not be doing anything as long as the working girls were paying customers.
    It was a long first night as we were nervous about sleeping there. The next morning we were in the lobby early for coffee as we were both tired. We again tried to talk to the front desk clerk about our concerns. She was polite & sympathetic, writing down all our complaints. She said she would pass it on to her manager who would arrive soon. As we watched her set up for breakfast we noticed she picked food baskets up off the floor in a hallway, placed them out & served up food without gloves. When the manager arrived, we noticed it was not the same lady from the night before who had "claimed" to be the manager. We saw the clerk talk to her about our list, yet the real manager got snotty with the clerk & was annoyed she was being bothered. She said something rude to her about "whiny customers". She didn't know we were the ones sitting in the lobby. The clerk just glanced up, gave us a nervous smile & rushed off shift. We walked out after her & went to breakfast elsewhere.
    Later that morning we were in the room & our window was open. We could hear a Asian woman with a heavy accent balling out a maid. The basics were that she was reprimanding the woman for changing the bed sheets on a room who just checked out! She said "I told you no change sheets, wastes water & make too much laundry"! "You pull up & make bed, No need change every time, to much waste"! My husband & I froze both looking at the bed we had slept in! We packed up in 10 min and hurried out!! Never looked back! GROSS!!! We got another hotel room, lost the money on that night & showered as fast as we could! For 2 weeks I was so upset about what we may or could have gotten from such filth! NEVER AGAIN! What a despicable place!!!

  • Travel lodge Costa Mesa , CA….had a bag of clothes, expensive dresses, etc. & expensive cd's to study for a
    very important test overnight …put things in car so would be easier in the morning & someone broke into my car, stole everything…told front desk & the guy laughed at me & when I said don't find it funny at all he said, just trying to make you feel comfortable???? what an idiot…& then said we are not responsible …call the police, for what to waste my time trying to find some low life that's probably far away & sold all my things??/ called the corporate office & told them & said would appreciate them reimbursing me for at least some of what was stolen & they refused…..was a loyal customer, not anymore & def won't be recommending …but the opposite…unreal

  • I recently booked three rooms at the Travelodge Orlando Downtown. Walked in the room and walked back out and left. I had booked trough Orbitz and it was pre-paid so I may not get my money back. The room looked like something out of a horror movie, I can't even describe it. Never booking a hotel without checking reviews again and never using Orbitz again

  • In July I tried to book a room at the Travelodge in San Ysidro where I have stayed several times in the past for a reasonable price. When I tried to book the room the rates had tripled! When I called to asked about the rate increase I was told "It is the busy season" Funny, it had never been the busy season before. I wrote a letter to corporate displaying my unhappiness about the rate increase and recieved a fluff letter in return. I recently noticed the prices are back to normal and booked a room for this coming weekend. I just recieved a CANCELLATION NOTICE from the manager stating they no longer want my business due to my complaint! UNBELIEVABLY RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL! So, anyone that dares to complain about anything is basically tresspassed from Travelodge for life????????? HOW in the HELL is this a motel chain in the United States and in business?????????? UNBELEIVABLE! Travelodge, You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • this rating gets a NO STAR!! wisconsin dells travelodge is the worst i stayed at in my lifetime!!! the fam woke up at 3 am to find our beds were infested with bedbugs !! we had to leave to find another hotel at 3 am !! manager was useless !!! i will be contacting my laywer!! DO NOT STAY THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Travelodge in Orlando Orange Gate was horrible. Mold all over ceiling and walls. Sheets were so damp they made your clothes damp. I felt like was climbing into a damp tent. Pool was dirty. Had to go to front desk for iron and ironing board and return as soon as you were done. Breakfast was terrible. It was the worst hotel I have ever stayed it. Complained when we checked out and basically did not get a response.

  • My husband and I stayed at a Travelodge Mount Pocono PA one night only, thank God it was the worst place I have ever stayed in. No hot water in the shower, remote for the tv did not work, light switches not working, no kleenex, one roll of toilet paper, no hair dryer, no coffee pot and no dixie cups in the bathroom. The decor was nasty. Wall moldings, floor and wall looked off kilter like the whole damn building had been thru an earth quake and nothing was repaired. Upon telling the manager at the front desk when we checked out, I said the room was not worth the money we paid for. The manager's reply was, "well the other places charge a lot more". Like, I should be grateful for what I got?? I said, well at least THEY HAVE HOT WATER IN THE SHOWERS. She just looked at me and made a lame statement like, I will forward this complaint to the maintenance department. She claimed to be the manager, but came across like a spoiled rotten kid who could have cared less about the room, the customers and her attitude reflected it. I will NEVER AGAIN STAY IN A TRAVELODGE they are crap and their employees are not trained to effectively deal with problems because obviously the corporate office doesn't care as long as they get their money. Be warned.

  • Hello!

    This is in regarding merchandise delivered to Travelodge in Orlando on December 31, 2012. I was waiting for the package but there was a confusion in the front desk. Some days later by phone, Mr Cummings told me that my package was in the hotel and he would wait that somebody pick up it for me but when my sister went to the hotel nobody knew anything. During 7 months I have sent many mails to Mr Cummings and his simple answer is: "we do not have your package on property". Obviously It must have been stolen in the hotel.

    Please I need your answer and your solution. I need my package or my money back.

  • Im staying at the travel lodge in Pensacola Fl we rented a nonsmoking and they gave us a smoking and only booked one room when i booked 2 rooms so they gave us the extra room. The rooms stink so bad. Then we went to the beach came back and they didnt even make our beds. They charged me $50 a nite which is not bad but the place is nasty. Plus there is cock roaches every where.

  • I am staying in the Travelodge on US 19 in Clearwater FL, on business. Doubt I will stay here again- I was called a liar by the manager. I had left the key card in the room; she claimed that the room which I paid for three nights was not occupied.

  • the travelodge in Tukwila wa is the most incompetant unprofessional place I have ever stayed in. they lost my luggage when I was flying out to Hawaii next day. without review the papers because apparently only one guy is capable of doing that and because he was off would not come in so I had to go to Hawaii with my purse in the clothes on my back all because it was too hard for the girl behind the desk to get up and put my bag in the storage room two feet away like she said she was going to. all my clothes,and.things I cannot replace were in the bag and they acted like I lost a pair of sunglasses.

  • Stay away from The Travel lodge 1150 N. Grove Ave. Ontario Ca. 91764. THEY PULLED A "BATE AND SWITCH" I checked there rate on the computer then on Kayake the rate showed 60.00 I was about five minutes away with why wife and called to see if they had any rooms before driving to there location the girl that answered the phone siad she would check then said they had plenty of rooms no problem and there 67.00. Im looking at your sight and kayake and it shows 60.00, she said she could do that and would I like to make a reservation.
    I said Ill just come over it should take me about five minutes, she said ok no problem.
    When we arrive my wife went in and paid for the room, and then said it was 73.74
    I said what theres no way, she over charged you.
    We walk into the office and I said you over charged us and the girl rudely said no I didnt,
    I replied yes you did you said you would charge the rate I found when I called you.
    The girl then said you didnt make an reservation. I said on the phone to you I was on my way and you said that would be ok, to shorten things up I said so your not going to refund the differance and she said no.
    I said you pulled a bate and switch on us thats not legal and bad business infact I see your rate out front says 49.00 dollars so whats that about, The girl replied oh thats on certain rooms and we dont have any off those. I repied: sounds pretty shotty and bad business, If your not going to honor what your agreed to on the phone then.. my wife interupped and said just refund our money I dont want to stay here thats just bad business and very un professional.
    I said well the refund go right back to our card because were on a budget and need to obviously find another place.
    The girl said yes no problem.
    MY wife requested the copy she had made of her card and drivers lic. and we went back to our car.
    I had a bad feeling and said call the card company and make sure it did go back I dont trust her she lied about eveything else so far.
    My wife called the card company and they said no but would need the hotels ref#, so my wife went back in and ask the girl for the info so we could get our money credited back.
    The girl refused and said she couldnt do that and we could call her manager monday through friday 8 to 3.
    after spending an hour on the phone with the card company and my wife inside trying to work with the girl who flat out refused to help I asked for the info or would she talk to the card company rep who needed the info she had refused when my wife first ask but did talk to them on our phone and said theres nothing she can do we would have to contact him-her boss monday and this was on a friday, 6-28-2013.
    I ask her to call her manager and she said she already did but we never witnessed it. I said if the place had a serious issue you most likely could get ahold of him pretty quick and if you did the right thing and honored your rate as posted we wouldnt be in this mess as well as lieing and saying our payment would go right back on the card, she said it well take 3 to 7 business day.
    I said you didnt say that when I first asked you and I well persue this issue as youve cost us time and money and put us in a bad place not able to rent another room. We had to drive back home 3hrs away in heavy traffic so we were not just out the room money but gas and our time. while there a couple of times people came in to rent a room for the posted price and she told them oh those rooms are rented but I can rent you another room for 69.00 they were smart enough to leave! Ihave nerve damage and drives can be pain full and this hotel and its employee put my wife and I in a bad position and ruined our weekend.

  • I just spent two nights at 2230 Lombard St San Francisco Travel Lodge. It was worst time I have ever spent in a motel. No ice, no wifi, no sound from TV and most importantly staff that was very little help during health emergency. Most expensive room in 10 vacation and least satisfaction. Never use Travel Lidge again.

  • I stayed at the Travel lodge at 2230 Lombard Street and it was one of the worst experiences in all my years if travel. The room had no wifi, no ice, a tv with no sound and more importantly a staff that was the least informative during a health crisis. We spent two nights in this San Fran hotel and it was most expensive motel in my entire 10 day vacation. I will never spend another $ in a travel lodge hotels.

  • Don't do it! Los Angeles location. I believe it was Santa Fe or San Pedro Blvd location. Discusting! Hair including possible pubic hair on unwashed sheets. Ants in the sink. Loose change in between the sheets. No refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot or hair dryer. And now the same person i was there with last night is in the Seattle Travelodge and their luggage has been stolen!!! Are you kidding me? How is this company still in business??????

  • Juneau, Alaska Travelodge. For three days now, they have used employee trucks and cars to block access to their parking lot. There are people sitting in chairs as well hollering "get a life" and other worse comments. I spoke with a man who said he was a manager but would not give his name, however he would go out and encourage his employees. Only thing missing are guns. Mexican mafia! This motel is backed up to our residential neighborhood and we are having roadwork done which cut off the only two exit/entrances we have and so if we need to leave, we use their parking lot. The "manager" stated he really doesn't care and doesn't care about construction either. This little emperor needs to be let go. Our neighborhood supports this motel and restaurant and we won't be in future!

  • The one in Fremont Ohio isn't bad. But they charged me and my cousin for the same room. And when they tried to straighten things out they threatened her. Really.

  • Seems the that Travelodge is having a hard time because the one we stayed at in Burnsville, MN was very disgusting also. The TV didn't work, when you stood in the tub you felt like you were falling through. The complimentary coffee in your room was not there at all. The coffee maker was just no cups or coffee. I think the CEO needs to do some checking up. They are getting a bad reputation.

  • Travelodge in san antonio tx is very nasty and dirty the owner kirtin Patel is a very rude man to his employees I overheard him yelling at his front desk clerk for not charging a guest more money the room I checked into was dusty holes in the wall, I found a dirty towel rolled up with used needles that was a big nightmare , the shower hadnt been cleaned the breakfast in the morning had a roach in the orange juice the dishes looked like they werent cleaned in days… I dont believe this location has a food handlers permit the food they served was not sanitary what so ever please inspect disgusting beware the address is 3821 N PAN AM EXSPY san Antonio tx 78219

    • I hear you All the ones in Williams burg va is completely nasty they have one that has two separate buildings and it so run down the walls are nasty the bathroom are disgusting they have black thick dirt in the tub the toilet are nasty the floors are so dirty you cant keep your socks clean and the carpet is really old the walls are nasty the hole place is ready to fall down and the roaches are out of control they are in every room traveling from to room and in the refrigerator and they look like they are having a party in the bathroom floor that is the worst place that i have stayed never again the maid service is very poor they dint give fresh towels they give out used and old ones that have stains that is the worst place i have been in also when i was working there i saw a roach and when i told management they told me to keep it on the down low and not say anything and when asked what they are going to do about the problem they said nothing

  • I hope the corporate headquarters checks up on the Travel Lodge on University Drive in San Diego, CA. Just read the review on YELP. It looks like that place is on the verge of having a very serious incident occurring at some point due to the rude and unethical behavior of the owner/management. Corporate Headquarters told my ex to discuss a billing issue with the front desk (because Corporate apparently doesn't care what their independently managed sites are doing) … and he got kicked out of the hotel for asking about his bill!

    • I agree it appears the owners are bias and don't like African- Americans and use any excuse to deny occupancy to them. My dtr had reservations and got there early. She asked if she could ck in early (1 1/2hrs). They were so rude and cancelled her reservations because she asked why . I called calmly and the man (I use that term loosely) was so rude and wouldn't let me talk. I am filling a complaint against them for race discrimination.

    • I just expirenced they same rude person. Priceline booked me incorrect. That being thier fault. Neal who was at the front refused to let me n my 3 kids stay in a 2 bed room after I booked for that many people. I had just drove for 6 hrs with 3 kids. He refused to help me find lodging anywhere else in La Mesa I was going to see if 2 kids could stay at my btothers home n me n my other child could stay there he replied if your kids step foot in this hotel things will end bad for you. Im going to call my local news station and see if I can get help. I want this hotel exposed for thier horrific customer service.

    • We just had the same experience after booking with Priceline. My daughters and two infants were left without a room at midnight in a strange city. What recourse do we have?

    • I just called the customer service number at the corporate office. They are going to try to get the charge off my card for me. Call them and complain. Maybe it will get something done! 800-835-2424

    • We had a terrible experience there too. I knew about the "two person a room" policy so had booked two rooms to accommodate my son, his wife, and my grandson. This was part of my Christmas present to them. When we arrived at around 11 PM (2 AM their local time) after a long flight, I gave them my card as the security card. They refused to take it and when my son said this was ridiculous – no profanity or anger, just exasperation – we were told to leave the premises. When I asked about the approximately $1,300 that had been deducted from my card for this long stay, he simply reiterated that we had to leave immediately and walked away. The middle of the night, a special needs child, and rules that I have never encountered at any other hotel chain. The Holiday Inn nearby happily took my money and card and gave them a great room – and let the 3 stay together in the same room. (The man at the desk got so angry so quickly when we said the policy made no sense that I wouldn't have felt comfortable having my family stay there.

  • Calling the 800 "help" number was NO help at all. In fact, the same gravelly voiced employee answered twice – she hung up on me when I asked to speak with her supervisor the first time and the second time she just disconnected me.

    All I needed was directions. I was on Route 10 outside of Jacksonville, heading to Pensacola. If you look at a map, there is hardly ANYTHING on that road. I'm travelling with kids and my phone is cutting out. I needed directions. This "Help" line person denied it to me. This is months after my trip . . . and I am still stunned and scared by what COULD have happened. TravelLodge might not miss my business, but rest assured (HA!) that I am telling the other parents at school, the teachers and administrators, my very large Irish, Italian family, my friends and neighbors, the people I volunteer with, those I take classes with – whenever "customer service" issues are discussed, I will FOREVER have the worst story to relay.

  • This Travel Lodge in Midland TX is so disgusting that I can't believe it's still part of the company……they should loose their franchise. Pubic hair in the tub, floors and carpets filthy, floor crumbling on the 2nd floor under foot, dead bolt on door didn't work, couldn't hear on the phone…..just gross! I'm a travel nurse and expect better from Travel Lodge!

    • The one in McCallen, TX is no great shakes either. I had to ask for Kleenex, they have no in-room coffee supplies – you have to go to the lobby, they give you a crib with no crib sheets, the rooms have no carpeting, and the in-room chairs are the most awful, uncomfortable, poorly-designed pieces of furniture imaginable. Absolutely no sense on how to accommodate a guest. I waited hours for a call back from the manager. First, "The manager isn't in yet", then, "The manager stepped out". Well, that's what I plan to do, to a different hotel. Still no call back.

    • This one in kingsland ga has roaches BAD…. The one over in jacksonville fla is disgusting as well they need to shut them all down

    • I recently stayed one night (reserved for three) at the Travelodge at the Presidio, San Francisco. After the first night, the wife and I were so disgusted by the entire experience that we packed our bags up and left for a Holiday Inn! The parking lot was filthy and there was not enough parking for the amount of rooms. The concierge told us that we should grab a spot, not use our car (a rental that I was paying $50/day for), and use public transportation if we wanted a spot in the lot. In the morning, our car was boxed in by them having another guest park directly behind me! The concierge that morning offered to get the car out by driving it (he was not insured for that). Long story short, I left well before 11:00, check-out time, and they STILL charged me for the next night! I will consider that money well spent as I went from the trash heap Travelodge to a very nice Holiday Inn!!! I WILL NEVER BOOK ANOTHER NIGHT AT THIS HOTEL!!!!!

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