Super 8 Corporate Office Headquarters

Super 8 Corporate Office Headquarters
Wyndham Hotel Group
22 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, New Jersey, NJ 07054 USA
Corporate Phone Number:1-973-428-9700
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Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-428-9700
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Reservations: 1-800-454-3213
Corporate Phone Number:1-973-428-9700
Customer Service Number: 1-800-454-3509

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P.O. Box 4090,

Aberdeen, South Dakota 57401

  • I am utterly shocked that Windham Hotels has backed Super8 motels! Our experience with them has been shockingly disgusting! After we were stranded by the freak storm that struck Virginia, we had to drive 100 miles away to find a room. We were exhausted from driving poorly plowed roads with ice and snow to the point that they were barely passable and we were hungry. We took the first place we could find and were happy that there was an open Pizza Hut next door. I have never experienced so much filth! In the bathroom, when I stooped down to pick up my towel, there was URINE and HAIR around the bolt caps that cover the bolts. I was so grossed out!!!! I got into the shower that didn't even look clean… I put a towel down to step on it so I didn't get some sort of fungus. when I was showering, a puddle was made on the floor because the screws holding in the brackets for the shower curtain couldn't keep it closed, and that was on both ends. When I dried off my feet, I put on socks so my feet wouldn't touch the floor. I crawled into bed and my socks had long black hairs on them! UGH !!! MY HAIR IS WHITE!!!! We slept for a few hours and woke up early to get the hell out of there! It was obvious to us that no one cleaned the room… behind the night stand was crumpled up paper and behind the bed was a healthy supply of dust. Don't these people know what cleanliness is? We had asked for a first floor room so as to make it easier on us, and was told there was no availability. No one was in the Motel that night… WHY, I ASK???? I am going to post the pictures on Yelp and others…. it is so disgusting… Why does WYNDHAM let them use their name? WHY do they endorse such filth? I KNOW these stories are true because I have experienced them in more than one of these places! We were both too tired to fight this that night…but we are fighting mad and we want to hear from both Super8 AND Wyndham! Of course, as seen here, on this page, they don't give a rat's ass as long as they get their money!!! Dirty pigs, the whole bunch of them! Has anyone's review been answered? Of course not.

  • We have been to America several times in the past from Australia and have hired a car and stayed at many Super 8's and even 6's and have had great experiences.
    Fast forward to 2017 and everything had changed. No maintenance, laughingly miserable breakfasts and hard to understand staff.
    Have just had to cancel two bookings because of pandemic and have lost the lot, even tho' many months out from due date and they will most probably get other bookings to fill in Took the money for NO service.
    Was not like this when real Americans were running the show.

  • My daughter and I were supposed to stay at the Super 8 in Mankato, MN last week. When we got the room I was very unimpressed with the smell and over all cleanliness but needed a room after a concert. Upon getting back from the concert I turned on the bathroom wall and was met by a huge cock roach!! Now if there is one, you know there are others. We got our luggage together, took the dead bug to the front desk and had to drive the 3 hours home at midnight!!! I have been reaching out to the hotel and the chicken **** manager will not take my call nor will he return a call do me. I have lodged a complaint with the chain but we will see how far that goes.

  • I stayed at the Super 8 Chattanooga on Thursday 6=7=2018. At CHECK IN I presented a coupon to the desk clerk, which was in one ot those travel books. It said the coupon was valid thru 7-31-18. AT NO TIME did the desk clerk inform me that for ANY reason the coupon would not be honored. However, at check out the next morning my bill was nearly THIRTY DOLLARS over the coupon rate. When I questioned the charge I was old the coupon could not be honored, even though I had presented it at check-in. I asked to see the manager, who of course was not in. During the day I called the motel, but the manager was NEVER available. I would like for my charge to my credit card to be reduced by the $30 difference between what I paid and the advertised amount of the coupon. And I think they should have honored the coupon, or at least told me at check-in and then I could have decided whether to even stay or not. I was not given the choice. And I did not even complain about the dirty condition of the room!

  • This was at the North Sioux City SD Super 8 location about 25 years ago, on a Christmas Eve. For some odd reason every gas station was closed, this was probably around 10PMCST. I had recently moved to Omaha, NE, and had to work late on some critical computer systems for an investment firm, and I was headed back to see family in South Dakota for Christmas. Desperate to utilize a restroom, I stopped and asked the person working at the front desk, he said "NO". I then asked if I could get a room, and he said "NO". I am an intelligent, very educated, white male, and had to relieve my urine or I would soon be a mess or in an emergency room. This front desk person, had given me about a minute head start back to my vehicle and had followed me out into the parking lot. While making a minor fluid disposal on a cheaply done and quite full gravel/asphalt parking lot, he yelled and swore at me. He was a dangerous looking motorcycle biker looking guy so obviously I did not want any problems. What came next was very troubling and still causes nightmares at times when traveling. He yelled and swore and said he was calling the police unless I cleaned this up?! I expected him to maybe get a garden hose and I would be on my way. He got a mop and bucket by the front door and again yelled and swore at me. Yes, it was obvious he was a biker, black leather jacket with emblems, black boots, some tattoos that I could barely see, and lots of facial hair. He could tell I was just a young middle class worker based on my car and clothing. He definitely had some kind of problem. I wiped the soapy water from the bucket with the brush. And left, feeling that I had avoided some physical assault from this Super 8 front desk employee! As I said it was scary and embarrassing and still causes some travel nightmares. In case you are unfamiliar with this North Sioux City Super 8 location, it was a fairly rural area at an interstate intersection with a few gas stations. This was not downtown gang neighborhood. What do I want? Who knows. I have NEVER stayed at a Super 8 since. I even chose a Super 6 while on a 23 hour road trip for needed sleep instead! This location, owner, employee should be out of business and unemployed by now (or in jail or beaten if they tried that stunt again)

  • The Super 8 manager and staff at 4317 Madison Ave, Sacramento, CA 95842 are terrible because the manager is renting out rooms while doing reconstruction work with workers repairing the floor tile that block getting in and out. The woman clerk said that the manager is not giving discounts for living with the construction work and others have asked for a discount, but he does not oblige. This manager must be violating his franchise agreement with Super 8 because of letting out insufficient, substandard rooms. I told the woman clerk to tell the manager I am not trying Super 8 again and she said that is okay, but that is not right because she is helping the manager provide substandard rooms against policy.

  • Recently on Aug 27, 2017 I booked a room with my Mom at a super 8 in Cleveland, Tx. The reason of why we decided to go there is because Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and a lot of people had to evacuate since many counties were getting flooded. We had to leave our place, every major highway was flooded, the only place we could make it was motel super 8 in 427 W Southline St, Cleveland Tx 77327. Since the start customer service was horrible. There was no one at the desk and we had to wait for someone to appear and when we finally checked in we were scare to tell the owner that we had pets with us but we knew the motel is pet friendly so we finally told her and she let us stay with our pets. It was 2 dogs and 3 cats and in order to keep them we paid a fee of $20 each. At this point we are grateful with her for letting us stay with our pets and that we have somewhere safe to stay until the storm stops and our house is good to go back to. She told us that whenever we were good to leave we would get our deposit back but in the 3 days that we stayed a lot happened. When we got to the room, it was partially clean and behind the fridge and toilet there was dust. We kept having issues opening the room door because the key card wouldn't work and when I asked for assistance, the ladies husband asked what was I doing to the cards assuming that it was me who was causing the issue because "it has never happened before". when he cleaned our room, he complained about the pet smell in the room and asked us to get rid of it pretty much asking us to clean the room as if the room was clean to start off in order for them to be so picky. there was no extra towels, we were told to reuse the ones we had and there was no food and we never complained because we were all going through disaster time. We stayed there 3 days and we left because we could not stand the hostile environment it was made to us because of our pets. I understand that usually pet limit is 2 but the owner approved our other pets but during those they complained to us about the smell and the lady would talk to other guests about our room. At checkout, the lady told us she would not refund us our deposit because of the "smell". We kept our dogs in the bathroom so the smell was not bad and plus is a pet friendly place, they should have the necessary cleaning items for that. because we told her that it was not okay and in that case we would of not stayed at her place, she told us that we should of gone to a shelter instead. This is the worst place I ever stayed at. Customer service was horrible and the place is not sensitive to the needs of those affected by hurricane Harvey. Definitely will not be going there again but wanted to share my story because it is unacceptable to treat customers that way and specially in disaster time.

  • TICKED OFF!!! The Super 8 in Freeport Illinois is HORRIBLE!! The Pool has been down for over 6 months with no end in site of it getting repaired! Called to reserve a room for 13 days/nights and the person that answered the phone says it's been down for over 6 months and I really don't know when it will be up. IF THIS IS CORPORATE OWNED SUPER 8 HOW CAN YOU ALLOW THIS? If not, STILL How can the owner there allow this and needs to get it fixed!!!! Going to stay at the Country Inn Suites around the corner Because Their POOL WORKS!

  • Super 8 Nellis Las Vegas NV
    Beware to all who might consider this Super 8. Our room was from the 1950's. The shower/tub is a place you don't want to step into. The room door must have been kicked in at one time. There is daylight all the way around the door jam. The fix? Make the motel/hotel a long term rental. Drug activity in the adjacent room. The unknowing public should not be put into this position.

  • On January 12, 2017 I had reservations at Super 8 Motel – Griffin, GA. It was a total dump and I am surprised Super 8 chain would allow them to be a franchise with their name. How degrading. Floor was filthy, stool had brown dirty stuff all around the bottom of it, wall were dirty, place looked like it hadn't been dusted in sometime. There was no ice (machine was outside and staff said it had been damaged in a storm and does not work). They did give us two bottles of water to share among the 3 of us. Room where continental breakfast was worse. Old filthy plastic table cloth on the one picnic table. We stayed in room 118. Had it not been so late we would have moved on down the road. WILL NEVER STAY IN ANOTHER SUPER 8 MOTEL AGAIN.

  • Expedia Conf. #7235626595912
    Jan. 8-10th
    My daughter and I moved in because renovations being done to our home. On day 1 that evening coming from work wanted to take a bath. Clean tub out and then noticed there was no tub stopper. I sent my daughter down to the front office to see if we could get one for our room. Please tell me why me daughter comes back with bathing towels the women told her to stuff into the hole of the bathtub. So you know I put on my clothes and went down stairs and asked why. I was told they just don't have one for every room. I've never heard of such a thing when it comes to hotels. So I asked if any ones moving tomorrow I would like to be switched to a room that has one. She said ok. My daughter was in the room the entire second day and no one called. So when I returned from work I was told they're booked and I couldn't move rooms. So no tub stopper huh?? No. You know I was frustrated at this so here I am writing this because we were made to feel as though we weren't important and the situation wasn't either. Then for you to not have retrieved us a tub stopper from one of the rooms that a customer left from that morning made me very upset. I will never stay at another one as long as live. And the bathroom after I really inspected had mildew at the top in the corner of the tub. The back walls behind the toilet was not cleaned. The electrical cord behind the chair in the room was smashed into the wall and wouldn't come out. I took plenty of pictures. How to add pictures?

  • To whom it might concern,
    In all good conscience I had to write this letter and it is the first I have ever written. I have always felt that a motel was a place of rest where a weary traveler could find a clean bed and a good night sleep. Well that was not the case when we stayed at the Super 8 in Commerce, Ga. My daughter had made and paid for the reservation for 12-27-16. When we got to the motel we were very tired The clerk argued that the room was not paid for and us to pay again. We called our daughter and she talked to the clerk she informed her that she had paid by Expedia and that it had already been proceeded. meanwhile w–e with two dog and I was beyond tired. The clerk was asked to call the manager which she did. She finally gave us a key. I went to take a bath while my husband unloaded the car. I could not take a bath as the tub had sand and dirt in it. I sat on the edge and bath, then realized we had no towels, washcloths or soap. My husband went to desk and got these things. The floor was very dirty but I just wanted to go to bed. When I
    started to get in bed NO SHEETS! Would you believe it–NO SHEETS. Back to the desk we went, only to be offered to move rooms. We were not going to move all our belongings UPSTAIRS after traveling all day long. We were given sheets because no staff was available to make our beds, and we made our own beds.

    The next morning when turning in our key the front desk once again insisted that our room was not paid for and wanted our credit card. We were furious to say the very least. We asked to speak to the manager and we were told that they would be in in about an hour… we waited. NO MANAGER ever came. We have stayed many times at Super 8 and have always found them to be clean until this awful experience.

    WE WILL NEVER RECCOMMEND SUPER 8 again and WILL tell everyone about this unbelievable stay. I hope that customers concerns mean something to corporate headquarters and that action is taken to improve the awful public image that seems to be the norm for Super 8 by the previous reviews I have read. What a shame.

    Floretta Smith

  • I can honestly say I've never been in a motel as bad as the Super 8 in Fenton, MO! We walked in and the lady at the front desk was very nice, she put us in our room. We were tired and couldn't wait to get to bed. We walked into the room and OH MY GOD! Someone else was clearly staying in this room (but luckily for us wasn't present at the time). The beds were unmade (one with a very large red stain on the white sheets), there was personal items on the dressers, the towels were all on the floor and the room smelled terrible. We went back to the front desk and she assigned us to a different room. This time we go back up the stairs and walk down the extremely dark hallway to our new room, walk in and clearly it's a smoking room. We were willing to accept that (although we are not smokers). But walking two steps into the room and we could no longer accept it. The bed sheets were dirty, the bathroom had no towels, there was no soap or tissues or toilet paper, there was a sticky red dribble running down the dresser, and then to top it off the deadbolt on the conjoining room was nonexistent (it just spun, the door didn't latch), the front door security lock was hanging from a final screw and the deadbolt just spun in circles. We seriously couldn't lock the door. When we left to grab dinner, we took our belongings with us and on the walk back to the car (in the dark) realized the parking lot was completely empty except for a purple Tacoma truck with a spearhead shovel and ropes in the bed. It was too much like the movie Vacancy to ignore, and being so close to St. Louis we were uncomfortable with the security.

    We decided we would stay at the Fairfield Inn down the street (which was much nicer for those of you looking in Fenton, MO). We went back to the front desk and told them we would not be staying with them as we preferred somewhere safer to giving them a third chance to give us a safe room. Chay (the man working) was very nice and agreed they would not charge my card. Alas, my card was charged $151.16. Finding a customer service email address is nearly impossible, and I'm infuriated.

    In other words- save yourself the money, time, and effort and stay somewhere worth your while. I will never stay at a Super 8 again, and I am demanding a refund of my full amount.

  • This is my worest stay ever
    The room isn't clean when we came in and we comment no one pay attention then second day we spend outside and after came back room no body clean it, I asked the front desk to clean they go no body here I said there is bugs on the room and I took a pic show it to the front desk.. he said I can't do anything no duty manager I said will leave now and need my money.. he said I am not going to refund your money.. please I need my money refunded
    You can reach me on 551-796-3545
    I took a pic for the the roaches in the room show it to the front desk as well..

  • I stay in Orlando super 8 and This is my worest stay ever
    The room isn't clean when we came in and we comment no one pay attention then second day we spend outside and after came back room no body clean it, I asked the front desk to clean they go no body here I said there is bugs on the room and I took a pic show it to the front desk.. he said I can't do anything no duty manager I said will leave now and need my money.. he said I am not going to refund your money.. please I need my money refunded

  • We drove all night for 9.5 hours from Texas to come to Kansas City for the sudden death of my grandfather. We arrived at Super 8 Kansas City at Barry Road hotel around 11:30am. We called ahead to see if hotel would allow us toget in our room around 12:30 to rest, shower and change for visitation at the funeral home. We were told of course, they had rooms ready. Once we arrived the front desk lady refused us entry said we would have to wait til 3:00. We explained we called and the situation – she still refused. We picked up our bags and headed out when another business man entered. She let him check in his room early on the bottom floor after she told us no. My grandmother called the front desk back and the lady told her that she was going to let us go ahead and enter the room. Terrible service for people who are grieving. We were even checking out at 9am the next day, what would it have hurt to let us in rooms that she admitted were available? I am very disappointed. We stay at Super 8 Hotel locations throughout Texas and this is by far the worse experience ever. Tammie Chrisman

  • Super 8 woodburn oregon don't stay there. FIRST off I was remodeling gmy home and the stay was looking ger than suppose to . I have a 3 year old boy who is a lititle rowdy . I told the front desk that he tends to walk loud. WELL first room I stayed was nice but I had reported.that my air Conditioning knob were broke and the panel was not attached . then the air worked some time and other not . Well.also my son had spiled his cereal by accident he is 3 and it happens . I'm sorry I before I left for work I reported the air was not working and the floor had cereal on it cuz I had no vacuum. . Well I went home and house was gonna be longer so I had to stay 6 more days . I had been here a week already . So I booked a room again at same place . And when I check In there a line of people and I get loudly so since the room. Was trashed and the ac unit is broken we will have to charge u a 100 deposit and if any thing is wrong this time we will keep the money . Ok I said and embarrassed by way I was approached . I said I reported the ac unit and the cereal he say s well this is a warming . So I in tears already paid for week just wenter to my room. SO I WAS TRYING TO switch hotels but inl was sstui cuz I prepaid paid So then 2 days by and the housekeeper in hallway I wanted clean sheets and towels I get asked 100.questions like how long un stayING and why do u ned clean sheets . =I said cuz I pay for my room to be cleaned and clean sheets . So a get a knock on door . Guess who the Manger . First thing he says is u know u have been warned about the room being trashed and it better not be again . Stunned I said and that bs cuz I told then about it prior. He says well while looking in my room it bether nkt be a mess so I open door and said it's not . Mind u my first night in my. Current rook the ffodge dI'd nkt work so that night lost 120 bucks worth if food cuz was nkt told it did nkt work .so anyway back to the Manger handed me my sheets the housekeep did nkt even offer to make my bed . I PAID A TOTAL OF 1400.00 TO STAy I get treated like crap . I will never stay here again ans neither will anyone o know . I asked for a refund so I could leave nope . I feel I was discriminated against. I was the only white one in there. So I'm writing senator and etc and demanding my money back . I'm going public and to the news . Also contacting my attorney for discriminating and harassment . you can reach me at

  • I wanted to pay cash upon arrival in Austin Texas and was called back and told the manager wants it paid by credit card because they are not going to lose a room if I do not show up. WOW how unprofessional

  • against my better judgement I booked 2 rooms for a 2 night stay 8/24-8/26 in Scottsbluff, NE. We get to the hotel and there is an old van parked right in front of the door. "rude customer," I thought. we had to park out by the curb then walk around the old van to get inside. once inside it looked like they took someone's dead aunts living room furniture from 1983 and stuck it in there. Oh well, it's a cheap super 8. There was a man at the desk checking in and another man and toddler sitting on the couch. when the man at the counter finished the man on the couch jumped up and started talking to the desk clerk, "do you want me to stay or should I go?" "bring me my dinner." oh, it's her husband/boyfriend. they keep talking then the baby goes running around behind the desk while we just stand there. finally, the desk clerk asks if she can help up. I told her I had 2 reservations…of course she can only find one. so I present my 2 confirmations. she looks them over, "yeah, I'm sorry, not sure why these didn't come thru." So I ask her if they have another room. They only had a smoking room. Then she told me I could check across the street. When actually she should have walked me to another hotel because it was Super 8's screw up, not mine. By this point I am just over it. I knew there was a newer Fairfield Inn down the street so I told her we would just find something else. On our way out the door we see the boyfriend loading the baby into the van that was blocking the entrance. Come to find out, everything in Scottsbluff was booked solid. And I am sure the desk clerk knew this. Because of this Super 8 literally ruined the rest of my vacation. Our last 2 nights were scheduled here so we had to move on. The clerk also said she would cancel the one room with no penalty. I was charged $165 and then credited 82.65. Thanks for lying to me. Also, I work as a travel agent for AAA, I should have known better than to book a Super 8 but was looking to save a little money. I typically stay at Marriott hotels and have never had one single problem. On this trip we had also stayed at a Best Western Plus, only $20 more a night and absolutely amazing. I will never again, both professionally and personally, book a Super 8 hotel.

  • Wow! From reading all these reviews I am not the only one who has a problem with Super 8. These are horrible stories I am reading. I wrote this review to say don't stay at the Super 8 motel on 1508 Russell St in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I can't say I have traveled a lot but every hotel I stayed in the workers were at least decent enough. Not the Super 8 on 1508 Russell St. in South Dakota. I think the man and woman who worked there owned that hotel which means they should be even nicer because we are putting money in their pocket. Their demeanor was kind of rude and I am not the only one who said that. Customers chose to stay here and should be treated with the utmost respect. I chose to write this review hoping the top people at Super 8 would see this. For the Super 8 I mentioned above a lot of people wrote a bad review. Most people gave it one star which should tell you something. They are making you and your name look bad. I will not stay at a Super 8 again.

  • We stayed at Super 8 in Beckley WV off Harper rd. and My grandson left his phone in the room and when they called back they said there was no phone and was Highly rude and cussing at my grandson I also called and she was like I told you we looked no phone but there was a phone and the cleaning man stole it as her was at the door when we were leaving to clean the room her said. I am highly upset and will fild a claim with Better business bureau about this .

  • I stayed at the Super 8 in Houghton, MI in July. Two rooms were booked in February, one under my name, one under my sisters. I called and asked for the two to be adjoining. The lady I spoke with was very helpful and said I needed a different type of room in order for them to be adjoining. I cancelled the room I had and switched to the other type to have the adjoining rooms. Upon check in the two rooms were at the opposite end of the building. The clerk who checked us in acted as though we were bothering her when we first walked in the lobby. She was very rude but did end up getting us rooms next to each other. In the morning I complained about not having the adjoining rooms. The manager was the one on duty who was even ruder than the girl the night before. The manager "Sandy" said it was my fault on never calling the hotel to have adjoining rooms. I called multiple times to make sure we have the adjoining rooms. For 20 min the manager kept telling me everything was my fault and that she wasn't going to do anything for me. She wouldn't give us anything back on our room or at least apologize. She doesn't deserve to have that position if she isn't going to help customers when there is something wrong. She knows nothing of customer service or how to deal with the public. Same with the girl who check us in the night before. Overall I would never stay at that hotel again as long as someone like her is the manager. You are supposed to be able to talk to the manager like an adult and not have them turn everything around. They take responsibility for the mistakes of there employees. I hope something is done to this women.

  • My fiancé and I recently were guests at this hotel. As we both frequently travel for work, we had built up rewards points with Wyndham Rewards and our two nights stay was paid for by our points. We booked our room online. The room we booked was a king size, dog friendly, smoking room. Upon our arrival, we checked in and were given our room keys. We entered our room and found that it was not only not the king size bed we had booked (two double beds instead), but the room was filthy. My fiancé went back to the office to get our room changed. Again were given keys to our new room. This time, upon opening the door, we found that we did have a king size bed this time, as well as other guests in that bed in a romantic situation that we just walked in on. Again, we went back to the office to, yet again, try to get the room that we had booked and vacant. We were then informed that they did not have any king size rooms available. That being the case, we decided to just take the room and deal with it. The first night of our stay, the front desk called us to tell us that we needed to come down and pay the pet deposit, which is normally $20 a night, but since they did not have the room we had booked, they said they would only charge us $10 for our entire stay. We were good with that. Since it was already late we were going to just pay the next day when my fiancé got off work, which I did not figure would be a big deal since we were staying another night. The next day came, we had forgotten about paying the deposit, which again, would have been paid before we checked out. At 11pm that night, as I was in the shower, I heard what sounded like someone kicking the door in. Once I got out of the shower my fiancé told me that it was the front desk wanting their pet deposit. By this time, I was a little upset by the intrusion. By the time I walked down to the front desk, the owner was on the phone with the police department and actually had an officer show up to the hotel, over a pet deposit. This entire stay was a nightmare on top of losing all our rewards points for this horrible stay. Being in customer service myself, I have never nor would I ever treat a customer with such disrespect. This place is a disgrace to Super 8 and Wyndham alike.

  • Super8 at 705 West Schilling Road, Salina KS – my son and I stayed for four days this past week. I want to make sure the owners and employees know how great our stay was. The hotel lobby, pool, dining room, etc were beautiful. The room was beautiful, very clean and we felt at home. Thanks for a wonderful stay!

  • My daughter, neice & great neice stayed for 2 nights in Huntington WV. On their second day there, they heard a noise in the room and moved the trashcan and a mouse was in the room!!!! They called the front desk to let them know and they gathered their things to leave. When my daughter pulled back her bed covers there were muse droppings in her bed!!!! Their room was on the second floor. As they were checking out they were told there is no manger on duty to call back to get an adjustment on the room chargers. I have been calling for 5 days and have only spoke to 1 manager who stated he would call me back and never has. Although he did state they were aware of the mouse problem and have been trying to get rid of them and even called pest control but still are having a problem. I understand that things like this happen, but it is very unprofessional to not confront the problem, stop putting me off and handle the situation.

  • I have stayed in many Super 8 motels. They do not always have the most up to date décor and are not the biggest rooms. But they have always been clean. This was the worst motel room I have ever seen. The carpet did not appear to have been vacuumed in at least the two weeks. There was a significant amount of visible lint and cloth strings hanging on the chair. There were spots on the bed cover that pretty much had to be biological in origin. There were stains and some kind of yellow sticky-hard residue on the towels. There were towels for 2 people, and 3 of us in the room. We asked for additional towels, which were removed while we were out of the room in spite of the Do Not Disturb sign being posted. I could go on. If this motel is the newest wave of the future, I will NEVER stay in another Super 8. And I WILL be telling everyone I know about this stay. Revolting! Also, I have tried to register this complaint on another "corporate site" for Super (?) 8 motels, and could not get it accepted and sent. New way to minimize complaints and keep from having to deal with them?

  • My son came to visit us and stayed at the Super 8 Motel at 2450 Empire Blvd in Webster, NY. He told me the carpet was filthy, the A/C was loaded with dust and the bathroom had mold on the floor and in the tub. There was a large stain on the bed. They asked to change rooms but were told there were none available. The room was #115. We travel a lot and stay in Wyndham hotels all the time. If I came across I would have left and never used Wyndham again. In fact, we will be traveling again in Sept for 16 days, all in Wyndham hotels. I hope I don't have to cancel them.
    Dave & Anne Fabrizi

  • You need to look into the Noblesville location. First, the staff is lovely. But I had the misfortune of having to stay 2 nights one week and 4 nights the next week. In both rooms everything indicated a lack of caring. The carpet at the foot of the stairs next to the side exit door was covered in litter. One sign of a down in the heels dump is the quality of workmanship. I saw paint from the walls splattered onto the door. The toilet paper roll was installed very crookedly — making it feel really like a dump! The shower had what looked like a stain along the walls of the shower stall, but when I ran my finger along it it came off, so it was just mold and mildew that should have been cleaned off long ago. In neither of the rooms I stayed in was the toilet clean. Cleaning hint: when you have hard water stains that look literally like crap at the bottom of the bowl, take a chop stick you were going to throw out anyway, fold a baby wipe over it and dig at that hard water crap until it goes away. The toilets had not been cleaned appropriately for a long time in either room. The door key would not open the door even when the green light flashed. The automatic lights in the hallways and the bathrooms had no option to turn them off and they are incredibly annoying if you want to get up in the night and not be blinded!
    The kitchen area: the 'stainless steel' sink had water marks, food, crumbs, etc. in it and had obviously not been cleaned all morning. The top of the trash bin was so dirty I ended up pushing it open with a napkin. It was disgusting.
    The whole place feels uncared for and a bit grimy. And yet I am paying not much less than I would at another hotel in the area.

  • I stayed in room 214 of the Super 8 in Alhambra, CA on May 25th and was bitten by bed bugs, a nightmare I am still recovering from.

  • Stayed at the Jacksonville (Youngerman Cr East) location first part of June 2016. What a unclean room and horrible experience with the staff there. Don't count on southern hospitality at this location! At a cheap hotel you don't expect five star accommodations and service but at least you should expect and get is a clean room and friendly/helpful staff after all you are a paying customer.

  • Stayed at the Super 8 in Roseburg Oregon on 06/04/2016. On the sidewalk where guests are supposed to go to get into the hotel there was a large rug laying there, still there the next day when we left. At 3:20 am both of our rooms started leaking from the smoke alarms, they moved one of our rooms right away however the other room waited an hour to get moved, during that hour we could hear the leaking water the staff stomping and slamming doors upstairs as well as the smoke alarm going off from being damaged by the leak. The next morning the so called Manager only gave us $20 off of our rooms!! Tried to get a hold of their corporate for them to fix this BS but it is now 06/09/2016 and still no answer. Never using Super 8 for anything ever again.

  • Date of stay 05/15/2016

    This was the absolute worst hotel I've walked into in quite a while. To start the Lobby had a very strong odor of stale Cigarettes smoke. We check in for the night, go over to the Elevator and that right there should have been the red flag. The Graffiti on the outside of the Elevator doors was ridiculous. Not one part of either door was untouched by Graffiti. When we get into the Elevator, the doors on the inside are exactly the same way. We get to the room and the door is ajar, not even closed or locked for that matter. We go in and the bathroom light is on, another red light but we were so dang tired we were willing to overlook everything up to this point. I pull back the covers only to find a bed pad under a very thin, thread bare sheet with a big Blood stain on it. That was the final straw. I go down to the lobby to inquire about a new room and the girl behind the desk tells me those rooms are not used that often and that is why they are not that clean. To say I was blown away by her response would be an understatement. She offers, after her statement, to show us another room. I was on the verge of saying okay until some of the clientele walked into the lobby. I immediately had a change of heart and told her to void the card we wouldn’t be staying. Her response, she was not happy because she was off and to void a transaction would take a lot of time and she was already running a minute, A MINUTE late. Again, floored, she acted like it was going to take a better part of an hour to cancel this transaction; it actually took at best 5 minutes. I really could not believe what my eyes and ears had seen and heard in the short period of time I was in this hotel lobby and room. The bathroom in the room was disgusting, the only reason I used the toilet was because I didn’t want to go in my pants, but after I sat down, I was thinking I had made a mistake. The wall from the shower stall, past the toilet paper holder, to the baseboards was splattered with God only knows what. I was so exhausted from traveling that I contemplated sleeping in my clothes but even then I didn’t want to put my personal pillows anywhere near the bedding. I actually had my husband hold our bags and pillows until I went down and decided to cancel and leave the hotel. Horrible wouldn’t even begin to explain this hotel for their cleanliness and customer service.

  • I feel that the super 8 located in Tallulah, LA lets the housekeepers run the check out times. I travel a very good deal and a late checkout has never been an issue. I asked the front desk clerk and she replied "I have to ask the housekeeper if they are going to be here after 12". I never heard anything different from the late checkout until 10:53am. The front desk rang my room and informed me that the housekeeper was ready to clean. After the phone call the housekeeping staff preceded to wait outside my door and have a very loud laughing conversation. When I opened the door she being the housekeeper informed me that it was her last room to clean for the day. I feel that in the situation of being a customer and not being satisfied either a complimentary night or a refund in full is satisfactory.

  • I stayed in the super 8 in alvin tx and I just have to say the rooms and staff are excellent. The front desk was respectful and willing to help us have a comfortable stay. But once the owner got there he started yelling at his staff and using cuss words. I heard him yelling from my room down the hall. I don't think a manager or whoever should talk to their staff like that. He was being very disrespectful and rude towards his staff. Hopefully something can be done.

  • I stayed at the super 8 in cda, idaho. when i walked in the room i noticed these black smudges everwhere and then i saw multiple syirnges plus burned spoons and relized the it was herion. so i preceeded to tell the mangaer about and she told one of her housekeepers (very rudely) to go clean it up. However her employee did not feel comfortable doing so. She admitted that she was a recovering herion addict. The manager told her that she could not pick and choose what rooms she could clean. This, ultimately, ended up in the employee quitting for her own health and welfare. I am appalled with the lack of professionalism and uderstanding on the manager part. This employee willing addmitted her previous addiction and her stuggle to recover, however the manager completely lacked empathy and treated this employee like trash. This incident should have been reported to the authorities and not have been expected to be cleaned by any employee due to health and safety concerns. I was not impressed with this hotel or its management and do not reccommend it to anyone. I will no longer be staying at any Super 8 ever again.

  • I was billed $50.00 and $151.08 for unknown items at Super 8 Freeway South in Fort Worth. I pointed it out when checking out and was told adjustments would be made within 3 to 5 days as shown on a small sign. That was March 9, 2016 – today is May 2, and I have called several times and written to the Corporate office and I just keep getting excuses and lies. I have been told I would get a call with a person and phone # at corporate to contact – haven't heard a word. I will not stop until there is resolution of this overcharge and gross fraud. I will NEVER book another Super 8 property.
    RLL in Sioux Falls!!

  • Just got back from Nebraska and stayed at the Super 8 in Columbus, NE. The first problem was the desk help refused to take my room charge off my credit card so I could pay in cash. Then he had the nerve to say that he would take the charge from my card if I gave them an additional $50 deposit, which I didn't do. Then there were Hispanics hanging around outside loitering. The next morning when I picked up my receipt, I looked at it after we left. There was a charge for a safe that was never used. On the receipt, I was supposed to initial where that I knew about the safe but not told about. I wasn't even asked to sign the receipt. By the way, the room was clean and as it should be, but we will never stay there again. If I had been dumb enough to give them the $50, I'm sure I would never have seen it returned.

  • Let it be known to all we stopped at a Super 8 at 911 Market St. Dalton, Ga. during our trip from Indiana to Florida. Sign out front said new, so, you would think everything would be new,nice,and clean right? No way was that the case, I went into lobby area and ask for a room for the night,ok, a young man rented me a room which with taxes cost almost $74.00 so I thought well it must be a nice room since it was supposedly a new place. The young man told me we would have to go across the highway if we wanted ice or breakfast the next morning. I should have noticed that red flag, anyway. I and my husband went on to room since we were both pretty tired after driving and riding all day….didn't notice much then as we proceeded to find us some dinner. When we come back with our dinner the first thing we noticed was a really small table to eat dinner on with only one chair which looked like it came out of KFC which was out front. So I had to eat my dinner on the bed I was supposed to sleep in. After dinner, opened fridge which was used by the way to put our small cooler in and all the shelves fell out and the small freezer was still dirty with food labels frozen in it….yuck!!! Housekeeper not doing her job!!! Later the fridge started leaking across the floor, so ended up with wet socks…There was no place to put your luggage. Anyway we was so tired we decided to try to get some sleep, my husband and I quickly dozed off and the phone started ringing, I thought what the hell, nobody should be calling me except on my cell phone. So, I was groggy but I answered it. It was the young man at the front desk wondering where the $100.00 bill went that I paid him with because his drawer was short. Boy did I get upset with this phone call, he was acusing me of stealing it back, I am not that type of person. He should have got it out of his pocket and put it in the drawer, hope he got fired… I have never been treated this way. Next morning we got up, there was a small coffee pot in room so I thought well I can make us a cup of coffee without having to cross the highway…nope.. guess what no coffee cups and just one water cup. Another case of housekeeper not doing her job!!! Anyway we got going and I proceeded to front desk to talk about the conditions of room and how I was treated. Front desk girl seemed dumb-founded so she got the manager. I explained I was very unhappy with what had occurred the night before with the phone call and everything else…Whoopie she offered me $20.00 then I really got upset so she said she would give my half of my money back…this place is discussting I deserve a FULL REFUND!!!! I don't recommend anyone to stay there it is very bad and very bad customer service!!!

  • I stayed at a Super 8 hotel in Weslaco, TX. The floor was so dirty when I stepped into the shower there was black dirt smeared on the shower floor. The sink was stopped up and the TV wasn't able to play local TV stations & they told me all the rooms were like that but in the area where they have the continental breakfast the TV is fine. I feel I deserve a refund.

  • super 8 in fountain , co longest night of my life . something bit me again an again an again so I got up took shower an stayed up also coffee pot did not work tv only had one chanel called them they came up could not fix. told me I could do it . also they just could not find the time to help me. would I stay here again , not only no but hell NO, you got me once you son of a dog.

  • Super 8 Chattanooga Hamilton place, Chattanooga tn. DONT EVER BOOK IT. I am going to shout it from the roof tops on expedia Travelocity and any other site I can post on. The place needs to be condemned. I could deal with a hotel room that just needs to be updated like most of the reviews I saw said about the place. After we had to go to the front desk and get sheets to change our bed because of the lipstick stains and dirt on the pillow cases, we found hair and stains on the mattress protector. They said they didn't know if they had any pillow cases so I guess we will rough it without pillows. There is some kind of crazy looking black mold under the sink and I will not be showering in there afraid of a weird undiscovered fungus attacking me. There is an ash tray In the room which is supposed to be nonsmoking but the window was wide open and it stunk to high heaven!! There were cigarette burns everywhere, and everywhere you look is FILTHY!!!!!!!

  • Beware! I booked a non smoking room in Fayetteville AR. A friend was visiting and stepped outside to smoke. Since there was no ashtray or trash can he used a cup as an ashtray. He threw the cup away in my room. They charged my card 150 bucks because they said I was smoking. I booked a non smoking room because I don't smoke nor can I stand cigarette smoke. I didn't agree to this crazy charge. $150 bucks to throw away a cup? Manager will not take or return my calls either.

  • I stay at the Super 8 in Dumas , TX. January 4,2016.Just for the night. When I received my bank statement, I saw I had been charged a additional 350.00.I called the Motel and asked to speak with a manager. The person I was speaking with stated he was the manager. I informed him that I had been charged an additional 350.00. He said that it was for smoking in a non smoking room. I informed him that I wasn't a smoker. He said it was pot.Since I'm from Colorado, he said all you people from Colorado smoke pot.I have been trying to contact someone in corporate to help with this situation. No one will help. My advice is.Never ever stay at any of the Motel 8's.

  • I called and asked for a Hotel directory and the woman that answered the phone asked me, "What is a Hotel Directory?" I told her, You don't know what a Hotel Directory is?, You work for Super 8 and you don't know what a Hotel Directory is? I then told her she most be stupid and she's was in the wrong kind of job dealing with the public. I then asked to speak to her supervisor and she hung up on me. These people working for these companies have no idea what you are asking them about anything. What a shame! I won't be staying with any Super 8 hotels anywhere. Terible customer service!!!

    • Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and she didn't get that from you. You should have been civil to her. Maybe she was filling in for someone, or maybe she was new. You never know. No wonder she hung up on you.

  • Hello. I spoke with a representation at the corp office. I had booked a super 8 hotel for sat Feb 20,2016… upon receiving my conformation email I noticed the hotel was located in British Columbia instead of Vernon ,ny. Which was where I had wanted the booking. I spoke with people at book8ng.Com and at the super 8 in British Columbia to see if I could get a refund or transfer. He told me no. I explained the location was mistaking booked. 10 minutes after my c on formation I c ontacted the hotel to get the issue resolved. The manager told be sorry we keep your 150.00 and you get no refund or transfer. So I called corporate. She assured me reservation was cancelled and would not process on m6 card because in a very timely matter I tried to cancel.low and behold, the super 8 in Vernon British Columbia charged my card today for the 150 dollars. .. I'm a very disapoointed. How can I get this taken care of??! It was an honest mistake that I tried to correct promptly… I was told it was taken care of and cancelled even was given a conformation cancellation number

  • Hello. I spoke with a representation at the corp office. I had booked a super 8 hotel for sat Feb 20,2016… upon receiving my conformation email I noticed the hotel was located in British Columbia instead of Vernon ,ny. Which was where I had wanted the booking. I spoke with people at book8ng.Com and at the super 8 in British Columbia to see if I could get a refund or transfer. He told me no. I explained the location was mistaking booked. 10 minutes after my c on formation I c ontacted the hotel to get the issue resolved. The manager told be sorry we keep your 150.00 and you get no refund or transfer. So I called corporate. She assured me reservation was cancelled and would not process on m6 card because in a very timely matter I tried to cancel.low and behold, the super 8 in Vernon British Columbia charged my card today for the 150 dollars. .. I'm a very disapoointed. How can I get this taken care of??! It was an honest mistake that I tried to correct promptly… I was told it was taken care of and cancelled even was given a conformation cancellation number

  • Mr Patel:

    I am contacting you in regards to your business at 3552 Commerce Drive, Middletown, OH on 2/12/2016.

    Upon arriving, we asked for a smoking room, and was given #217. When we got to the room, there were no ashtrays, there was debris on the floor and desk chair, the heat was off and the room was ice cold. If one of us didn't stay in the room, we would have been locked out because the magnetic key did not work.

    I went to the desk to ask for ashtrays and was told that there were none available anywhere in the hotel. The desk clerk gave me two styrofoam bowls and two styrofoam cups to put out cigarettes in, which, I believe, is against the fire code.

    My husband then went down to ask for ashtrays again, and the clerk became belligerent with him and slammed the door in his face.

    We were also told that compensations/discounts for the bad experience were never considered, and that refunds were never given after the purchase of a room had been made.

    At 11:18 p.m., we were finally brought one ashtray by housekeeping and politely told that was the only one that could be found. We would respectfully advise not placing them where they cannot be found by employees.

    My husband is a retired disabled Air Force Veteran, and we've never received such poor service before. We believe this is totally unacceptable treatment for paying guests, and request a response to solve this issue.

    Again, we respectfully request a response to this e-mail.

    Thank you.

  • Does any have the number for super corporate or any number to file or make a complaint against super 8 motel in york pa, im so done with constantly being harassed and having these people constantly threatening to kick me out , when im always paying , im late but im still paying and to top it all off there constantly being raided, and housekeeping doesn't clean my room, the place always smells .please help me

  • I currently work as Front Desk Clerk at Super 8 in Tuscaloosa, AL. We not too long ago got new management who does not like having managerial responsibilities. I received a 50 cents raise after being here for about two months (this was with old management). After expressing to the new manager that I am here 5 or 6 days out of the week and only receive a $500 check every two weeks, he stated that employees do not do anything and that I get paid well enough meaning I will not be receiving anymore raises during my employment with the company. We are not allowed breaks, we do not get any type of medical or dental benefits nor do we get holiday pay, and the management speaks to me like I am a child about the tiniest things because I am a woman. The management is an Indian team (two men and a woman). Management is inconsistent & the rules change every single day. I assume where they are originally from women are spoken down to on a daily basis – this is unacceptable. I have been told that I cannot use the same towels as the guests do to dry my hands immediately after washing them. I have been told to take down an email address each time a guest arrives (so management can enroll the guest in Wyndham Rewards without their permission).I have also been told to copy their credit card information using the copy machine whenever a guest pays with cash or has an online reservation (which is not only unethical but also very unprofessional). Who wants their credit card copied with all of this fraud happening all over the United States? The rooms are not up kept like they should be and every time there is a problem with my schedule and how it correlates with my class schedule at the University, all hell breaks loose. There is only 2 front desk employees & 2 housekeeping employees and they refuse to hire anyone else. Recently there has been complaints about bed bugs and roaches in rooms and nothing has been done about it. Every time there is a note left for a MANAGER CALLBACK, I (not the manager) am the one doing the callback. I have never had a complaint from guests that have stayed with me. I give excellent customer service and it is just unfortunate how little I am appreciated here. I took off during the Holidays to be with family in Tennessee and when I made my way back to work, I asked to come in a bit early each day & maybe work on my off days the following week to catch up on missed money during the previous week & he said he could not do it because it would not benefit him in any way. So basically this guy is punishing me for taking off from work during the holidays. I will be speaking to corporate soon before my last day with this company.

  • It's apparent each hotel is independently owned.
    I just spent the last 3 months at the Super 8 in Sioux City, Iowa. (Singing Hills Blvd, NOT South Sioux City.)
    It did smell like smoke, but I went in knowing they do have smoking rooms.
    The manager, Julie, did everything possible to keep the smell under control.
    My room was kept clean. Some weeks better than others. I learned they rotate the cleaning staff. They have one team that deep cleans the rooms every time they clean. The other teams just clean.
    The carpet was old, but I could walk across it without my socks becoming filthy.
    The laundry room had only one washer and dryer. People would use them, then "forget" to take their clothes out. This is not a management problem, but rude customer problem. I handled that myself.
    Housekeeping kept the laundry room clean, swept and trash empty.
    The one or two times I had concerns someone was right up to my room to address the problem immediately.
    The front desk staff from 7 am to 11 pm was extremely friendly. They would ask me if everything was going ok, if I needed anything etc. The over night guy was never rude to me. He just ignored me. I'm good with that, but I never checked in or out during his shift.
    I would recommend the Super 8 in Sioux City. Just make sure it is Sioux City, not South Sioux City. There is a difference in owners.

  • This is what an $80 room gets you.. AND to top it.. They didn't have any shampoo and conditioner.
    HOWEVER the young lady working tonight, checked other rooms, per my request for shampoo and conditioner and thankfully brought me at least shampoo.. Thank you!!

    Nothing like driving 10 hours and being told no shampoo and conditioner for an $80 dollar room.. Pfft

    To the Owner at Quartzsite Arizona Super 8 AND Wyndham hotels a bad name!! YOU give Super 8 a BAD name.. Update your rooms!! OLD SMALL tv, thin bedding, flat pillows, OLD furniture.. No microwave?!? No pen, no note pad and disgustingly.. No bag for either garbage can!! You should be ashamed of yourself for OVER CHARGING.. Charge no more than $49 a night.. Anymore and YOU are RIPPING the customers off!!

    I took pictures!! I swear this is more like an hourly rate kind of room!! Ridiculous!!

    BTW.. If I could leave negative stars on YELP, I would have.. Because you Quartzsite, Arizona don't even deserve 1 star!! That's all you get and you deserve the review!

    We own a Business and would NEVER treat any customer this way.

    Sincerely customers (Rachel and Jason Bragg) for the night in room 115

  • The super 8 in Frederick MD on route 85 needs shut down!! Never have I had a stay that was so horrible! There are no towels! The almost most important thing you need while staying in a hotel! There is a women with no name tag on, with a scarf on her head walking around telling the housekeepers what to do and is very rude! I am a long time customer and as I was having a conversation with a housekeeper she rudely interjected and said to her hurry hurry let's go now. Customers are very important for a business like this and to be treated this way is unacceptable! I will not be back to stay at this hotel or any other super 8 until this issue is addressed as it should be!

  • We stayed at Super 8 motel in Farmington, Missouri, 11/20/15. Our room is Suite, the room was dirty, black hair in the bathroom, the floor looks like it never been swept, carpet stained…When we checked out, we asked for a comment card, and the General Manager said they don't have one. This man has no business dealing with public, unfriendly, and incompetent. I will never step foot in any Super 8 motel again, will not recommend this place to any of our friends!!! I would rather sleep in my car if I need to!!!

  • I am contacting you because I was very disappointed with my stay. I mistakenly assumed that our check out time was noon. As I was in the middle of getting dressed around 11:15AM, room service walked in without knocking. I felt completely violated. Not only did this MAN open the door, but he continued to stand at the door while attempting to talk to me. I understand there was a language barrier, but there is not reason he should have walked in without knocking and continue to stand there with the door open. He should have immediately closed it. I went to discuss the incident with management and all they said was they are sorry. I fly out of GA later tonight so asked to remain at the hotel a few hours longer, and even after the incident, the manager insisted to charge me for my 3 hour extended stay. I must be honest. I may not ever use this hotel again and will recommend against it to others. The policy and lack of enforcement is violating and disrespectful.

  • I stayed at the super 8 in Lacey Washington November 7th
    We had a group traveling to visit our grandma. we rented like 7 rooms. we were quoted one price, when i called the manager 2 weeks ahead of time, and when we got there to check in we were given another price which was more. two of the 7 rooms were dirty. one stunk so bad and the other didn't even have the beds made. they did the switch which the man at the counter was super nice about, but didn't seam surprised, that the rooms were dirty. in the morning to check out was the worse experience ever. it took over two hours to get it done because they had screwed up the prices. each room was different prices. i was over charged, the lady at the counter was new so i asked for the man i dealt with night before. he came and was trying to help, he ended up giving everyone else a deal but by the time mine came the hotel manager came in and of course she ended up charging me more. it was an awful experience the whole thing took over two hours. and the most upsetting part was when the manager showed up she was irritated, and i was irritated because my family missed out on breakfast with the others and i ended up paying more. bottom line is i hope the owners read this and do something about their service and hotel room it was an awful experience, we had stayed there more then a few times in the past 4 years and never had this but my family will never return there again. I do not recommend this hotel room to anyone.

    • I stayed at the Super 8 in Lacey, WA over Memorial Day weekend 2016. The front desk girl, Jen, was overworked and was the only one on staff the night I checked in. She was nice and tried to be accommodating. I went to my room, saw that there was water in both the sink and tub. I drained the water in the tub but couldn't get the plug to unplug in the sink. This was only about 2 minutes. I left the room and asked for another room. When I went to get my luggage out of the first room, it had been taken. Jen looked and checked the hallways, the 2 rooms, and the stairways. I was sure I had brought it into the room, and even if it had been left in the hallway, I was only in the room for a couple minutes and I was at the end of a hallway, not much foot traffic. And it was 10 at night. People can just come into the lobby and walk around in those hallways or sit in the stairwell and wait for someone to rob like what happened to me. Jen refunded my money and I did not stay. She was very nice and concerned.

  • Super 8 Carbondale ,IL must have new management.. staff can't give any breaks without saying they have ask management.I have stayed there several years now all the new changes .May have renovated but with bad attitude managers doesn't make the stay good go back to old management!

  • I stayed in the Port Clinton, OH Super 8 from Sept. 27 to Oct. 9. Shortly into my stay I started having bites all over me as well as seeing blood stains on the sheets. Long story short is that the room was infested with bedbugs. When I complained at the front desk I was told I was having a reaction to the laundry detergent that they used. Since the blood stained sheets were never changed the entire time I was there I have a hard time believing that line. I called the national customer service number over a week ago but have not heard back. I guess the next stop is the state health board.

  • On September 11 my wife reserved us a room at the Super 8 in Anderson SC for October 2 & 3 for my birthday. I'm a die hard Notre Dame fan and she was going to surprise me with the hotel stay and tickets to the Notre Dame/Clemson football game. When she found out the game tickets were going to be $600 a piece, which we can't afford nor would I spend that much for a seat to a sporting event, she called and canceled the hotel reservation. The employee she spoke with said that my wife would get a confirmation email but she never got one. Granted we didn't follow up but kids, school and working it just slipped both of our minds. Apparently you can't trust people to do their jobs. Tonight, October 2, a gentleman with the hotel, with I might add an Indian accent, called to say we had to be there because he is charging our credit card. My wife tried to talk to him but he was very rude and constantly cut her off from explaining what she did to cancel the reservation. Now granted he irritated my wife and she tried to get in a few choice words but it wasn't that bad. He ended up hanging up on my wife. All we could do is find the confirmation email so we would have that. We called the hotel back and he hung up again. I couldn't believe it. Hung up not once but twice. I just have to ask, with reading all the complaints, there are a lot of unprofessional employees in the Super 8 hotel chain, does anyone with any importance with Super 8 even care what happens within there organization? As I'm sure the responses to the complaints don't show on here, mine will also go unanswered.

  • never stay at the at the super 8 in the state of Tennessee. The rooms are dirty and the people that run the hotel will steal your credit card number

  • Be on guard for bedbugs in the Super 8 in Cottonwood, Arizona. Supposedly bedbugs are very bad everywhere in the U.S. right now. I had never been exposed to bedbugs before and I've stayed in this motel numerous times with no problem. This time the room I usually stay in was dirty and I noticed a patch of what looked like black pepper on the bottom sheet when I pulled the covers back. I called the man who was on duty that night to ask if he had any idea what bedbug poop looks like and he said he did not know. I told the owner when I checked out that I was itching terribly and she mentioned that she had been bitten by mosquitoes. I called her back a couple of times after I got back home to let her know that this could not possibly be mosquito bites and told her also that I had just seen a doctor and it was confirmed that the bites all over my entire body, even on my scalp, are bedbug bites. She said she checked the room and it looked O.K., and that a couple had stayed there 4 nights and had not said a thing about bugs. I told her I thought she should have an exterminator check the room. I've always been treated well at this particular motel and would like to be able to stay there in the future …. but without being bitten over my entire body by bedbugs. I am posting on here to make travelers aware that they should ALWAYS check the room, particularly the bed, and make sure to let management know if something seems wrong … especially if there is what looks like patches of "black pepper" on the bottom sheet when the covers are pulled back.

  • our first time in a super 8 and no doubt it will be our last. i only had my tablet to check for motels as we were traveling. in burley idaho the listing stated $65. per nite, we weret charged $75 and the nite clerk could tell us why. when i asked the day staff ,she stated it was because i didnot book on line,
    then starting at 1:34 am something slammed every hour, the rest of the night. my husband is deaf and in the morning after he woke up he could he could hear it. he thougt it was the dryer door slamming but the girl at the desk ,just said she would have it checked out. what a bad experience.



  • Please come to the super 8 motel off of bel air behind the cracker barrel.the front desk person her name is Tabitha and she is rude she is always arguing wirh guest and the employee she told the guest one day that she stole her clothes out of the washer she wash her clothes everyday at work the comfort and blankets have holes an them and they don't have enough towels to go in the rooms we have to wait on them they only have one washer that work and it's only to house keeper and one laundry person and when one person takes off its just leave two people there to clean all of the rooms and do laundry front desk don't do nothing but sit there all day and watch tv or talk to her boyfriend all day on the phone she do not help them at all and day I check in it was around 5:00 and I guess it was the ower he was very drunk.because i had to ring the bell over 10 times and when he finally came he could barely stand up straight and he smelled like he had rolled around in beer all day.

  • We stayed at your Dele van Wisconsin location and were appalled. It was dirty and misty you had to be Superman to open and shut bathroom door and the door including the handle had been painted over and that was peeling off and had large disgusting dirty finger prints as did the toilet seat and hair dryer. The toilet was dirty and the tub wouldn't drain and when it finally drain of course their was soap scum left which housekeeping did not clean
    The toilet bowl was dirty and the walls were cracked. I left a note asking for 2 extra towels and didn't get them. The mattress was coming apart and the cord around it was lying on the floor and I tripped over it. After housekeeping was there it was tucked under mattress instead of being cut off. I took pictures of all the above complaints to show how bad it was. The screen on the window had a large year and hole in it also. The CEO of Super 8 whoever you are should be ashamed of yourself! I know your rates are low but any amount is too much for your shabby gross conditions and poor personnel. Years ago I stayed at a Super 8 in the same area and the entire ceiling was covered in
    Beatles! I couldn't a room any where else but hoped that someone would have made things better. WRONG! I can see from all the other reviews I am not the only one who thinks your company should be ashamed!

  • I booked a room at the Super 8, 1515 N Hwy 101, Greer, SC for Labor Day weekend (4th-7th) for my daughter, 1yo granddaughter and myself. We arrived at the hotel at approx 6:30pm for check-in. The first thing I noticed was the pool was closed and locked with a sign saying it was closed for health reasons. Upon entering our room, I noted there were not any towels or wash cloths in the bathroom. I also noted that there were several strands of hair in the bathtub, a dirty hand print on the commode lid and dead bugs on the floor. It was clearly evident the bathroom had not been cleaned. It was also apparent the linens on the bed were not clean. A few hours later, there were other guests using a charcoal grill next to the side entrance of the hotel. The hallway was filling with smoke and the fire alarms began going off. The alarms went off for at least 30-45 minutes making getting a 1 year old to sleep impossible. We also opened up the room window to allow the smoke from our room to filter out and that’s when we realized the window did not lock and was easily slid open. We were already feeling a little uneasy as there were many men hanging around outside the hotel when we checked in and then to find the window on the ground floor would not lock, was very unnerving. I went to the front desk and while waiting to speak to the clerk, I heard her tell another couple checking in that they were booked, so I asked for towels, which were brought to us later because they did not currently have any clean ones. I returned to our room and up on looking for the phone book to try to find other hotels in the area, I found a molded cookie in the desk drawer and a piece of Pop-tart on the floor under the desk. Later, my granddaughter pulled a wrapper from a Little Debbie snack cake out from under the sofa in the room. We also killed 3 live bugs in the room and decided then it was time to leave. Unfortunately, we could not find an available hotel room that late in the evening due to local college football games and other area events, so I booked a room at another hotel for the following 2 nights. We had brought blankets and pillows with us, so we just put those on top of the beds and did our best to get through the night. During the evening and night, there were dogs running up and down the hallway, someone stomping across the floor repeatedly throughout the night in the room above and the next morning, breakfast consisted of cereal, waffle, apple juice and milk. Nothing more. We just got a little milk for the baby, packed our things and checked out. When I told the girl at the front desk we were checking out early, she said she was sorry and that she understood. I did not even have to tell her why, nor did she even ask. I did, however, leave a list of all the things that made our stay miserable and left it with her.I’m very disappointed that I wasted my money on this hotel. That’s exactly what it was-a waste. We didn’t get any sleep, which is what we booked a hotel for.

  • had the misfortune to stay at the super 8 in Wilmington NC on market street
    dirty, very dirty, cigarette butts under settee/sofa bed
    i would not want worst enemy to sleep on sofa bed, it is a joke
    hallways reeked of cigarette smoke, carpet in hallways stained and dirty
    electronic keys kept failing
    dead roaches under settee
    air conditioner either froze you out or you sweltered
    stay away

  • The Super 8 in Brownsburg Indiana the front desk employmee is so rude she also smells like pot and she told us we couldn't have a room because she was busy eating her dinner. How can you have people working for you that is like that to your comusters. this was on Wed evening. I believe you should have your employees do that drug test done. like I said she smelled like pot real bad. I believe you need to go and have your Motel/Hotel checked out. We never did get a room either that night.

  • My wife & I stay at Super 8 Motels everytime we travel. We are Wyndham members.This time we stayed at London,KY. This motel has to be the worst. The room had a musty smell. When we got to breakfast, there were three stale donuts,cold cereal,oats and milk. The toaster and coffee pat did not work and they made no attempt to fi them nor did they get more food out when people came in.
    We left for the day at 8A and returned at 10P. Our bed had not been made and trash not emptied. The did put clean towels in room but threw them on the bed. There were several comments from other guests in the same manner. Also the room doors were hard to close so you had to slam them. This was nice when someone came in next door at 3A. I will never stay at this hotel again.

  • Had a terrible experience at the Super 8 Motel in Sioux Falls, SD – 1508 W Russell – My husband and I stayed one night August 8th. The room (213) was filthy. The bathroom ceiling had recently been sheet rocked (with the wrong kind I might ad) , but not taped or textured yet and no one cleaned up the sheet rock dust. The sink and toilet were filthy from a previous guest and you can't imagine the filth on the bathroom floor. We didn't dare take our shoes off and when we showered we were sure to put down clean towels to walk on an put our shoes on immediately after drying off. You could see foot steps of sheet rock dust on the carpet through out the room. One light fixture on the wall didn't work and another freestanding lamp on the floor had its shade down around the foot of the lamp and that lamp didn't work either. I was thrilled after tearing the bedding off of the beds to inspect to find no bed bugs. My husband opened the door of the mini frig to find a row of disgusting garbage (food, etc) under the lip of the bottom of the frig. I understand that room cleaning is a thankless job, but I expect a clean room when I stay at a motel. I understand that this motel is locally franchised, but there has to be some kind of protocol for inspections when it carries the Super 8 Motel name. I did not complain to management because I knew it wouldn't do a bit of good. My husband stopped at the front desk and watched as several guests complained and with no action taken, just argueing. He said the management told one guest that when you book a room online (priceline, etc) there are no guarantees. REALLY!!!???? I should be guaranteed a livable situation. Please check into this matter. Sioux Falls deserves better service that this. It is a high traffic area and there is an opportunity for someone to have great facility to serve those going through to enjoy a motel stay. Cara Osier – 162 3rd ST SW Huron, SD 57350 – 605-350-2645

  • We stayed at the Super8 in Pinetop, Arizona on Friday,8/7/2015. We had stayed there on several occasions in the past and really liked it. This time it was incredibly awful.The phone had no cord, (apparently they wanted no calls to the front desk), the appliances in the room did not work, and in general the place was very run down and clearly is not being maintained. We saw paint hanging from the ceiling in the pool area just over the pool where it is likely to fall at any moment. the glass door was "patched" up with card board and tape. In addition the managers seemed to be so focused on their children running around the front lobby and parking lot that taking care of guests was only an aside. We will never return to stay in this facility and I will certainly avoid ALL Super 8"s in the future.

  • Stayed 4 days at the Super 8 Virginia Beach. Booked online from the pictures and reviews from the website. The pictures of the room were deceiving as they showed 2 double beds instead of a king bed room. When we arrived to our room there was dirt and debris that appeared to be swept in front of our door. It took housekeeping 2 days to clean it up. The room had only one lamp, and there were caps in the ceiling where light fixtures used to be. The room had no desk, no radio, no clock but these were listed on the amenities. The phone was plugged into a phone jack that didn't work, the doors leading out to each patio didn't lock. When we reported this to the front desk, the receptionist said she didn't think anyone would be scaling the walls to the 7th floor. The larger patio had a table with a broken table top and bird droppings all over the ledge. The door to the larger patio had no curtain so anyone in the building next door could see into out room. The bathroom had no towel bars nor any place to put a bar of soap except on the floor. The shower curtain didn't prevent water from getting on the bathroom floor. The shower vent looks like it was never cleaned. Parking was an absolute nightmare. The website stated that parking was available but did not say it was a block away in an unguarded lot. Additionally, there is not enough parking for all the guests when the hotel is full. When this happens the people at the front desk try to cram as many cars into the small lot used for guest check-in. During our stay we heard many complaints from other guests about bed bugs. On our 3rd day, my girlfriend had to ask for a broom and dustpan to clean the floor in our room because housekeeping had not cleaned it. The breakfast area was nice but the lady who was taking care of the area was very rude to the guests and was more concerned about taking a break than making sure there was adequate stock of breakfast items. Other than fire alarm sprinklers in the stairways, there were only 2 sprinklers visible on the entire 7th floor. The only reason we didn't look for another hotel was that we heard Super 8 does not issue refunds.
    There are 164 additional comments about Super 8 on this webpage, many of them are negative. I wonder if the corporate office is aware of these problems. Maybe they just don't care.

  • Would be nice if they would read the complaints. Guess we will now see if they will answer their phone and want to listen to issues with a certain location in Altamont, Illinois.

  • The Super 8 in Altamont, Illinois has bed bugs. They refused to give us a refund because we had "used" the room. We had been in the room for about an hour before turning back the bed and finding the bugs, first one, then another and another and another, then one more was it. Pack up and get the heck out of there. Front office acted like we were trying to pull something over on them and didn't believe us. I would never recommend the Super 8 in Altamont, Illinois to anyone. Terrible experience.

  • Super 8 motel Ketchikan Alaska it's the only one in Ketchikan avoid this place at all cost you would probably be safer to buy a tent and sleep in the woods and take your chances with the Bears i'm pretty sure they won't steal your personal belongings at least I've never seen a bear walking around with polarized sunglasses. Do not trust the staff at the super 8 Motel in Ketchikan. THIEVES

  • My son and I went on a two week fishing trip to Ketchikan Alaska we stayed at the Super 8 Motel what an experience. Now I realize i'm not staying at the four seasons however three days had gone bye before housekeeping had shown up. And when they left the floors had not been vacuumed the Mears had not been clean the counters have not been wiped off all they did was make the bed and give us fresh towels. And our trash cans were overflowing my son took them to the front desk and asked what should I do with this garbage she replied there are downstairs in the back you can throw it away there. He politely went out in the rain and empty the trash. Again I know I'm not staying at a four-star hotel but for $165 a night I would think we would not have to empty our own trash can. One evening I called my wife and told her about housekeeping and how poor it was. Years ago my wife was in the hotel business she explained to me that perhaps the hotel was understaffed or the hotel was at full capacity and housekeeping was just not prepared. I agreed with her so I let it go. However housekeeping is not what I am upset about. It's the thieves behind the front desk. Let me explain one morning I went down to the front desk to ask the front desk clerk for some information then my son and I left to go fishing mid day I realized I left my very expensive sunglasses at the front desk as soon as we return from fishing I immediately went to the front desk and asked the woman if she had seen my sunglasses she replied are they green and blue polarized sunglasses I said yes those are the ones I was so relieved she began to look for them she said they were right here by the phone. She began looking through all the drawers Justin the manager walked out of her office and said what is the problem The lady at the front desk said this gentleman is looking for his Sun glasses The manager said yes I saw them this afternoon when I came in right here by the phone I said that's great so where are they now they both stared at me with a stupid look on their face and said nothing so I gave them my name and phone number which I'm pretty sure went right into the trashcan. Being that two people saw my sunglasses behind the front desk I can only come to one conclusion the staff are thieves. From then on it was very difficult to leave my room thinking what else is going to come up missing. PS if you ever decide to go to Ketchikan Alaska avoid the super 8 motel or leave your $250 pair of sunglasses at home. THIEVES !

  • We went back to our hometown Iowa Falls, Iowa and stayed at the Super 8. What a disappointing stay. We had a room that had patches all over the walls and very dirty. The housekeeping was so bad they never even cleaned our room and we always had to ask for clean towels. Beds were never made at all. I pay to stay at a hotel for the service but don't think these people even know how to spell the word let alone do their jobs. It was a busy weekend for them and you would think they would want return business. But will never stay at this hotel again or any Super 8 hotels. I cannot believe that their management even would say they work there. If this is how they manage their hotels, then please never stay at a Super 8 unless you want poor service, nasty rooms and unfriendly people. Instead of being called the Super 8 they should be known as the Sloppy 8………..

    • My husband and I stayed at the Super 8 in Antioch,/Nashville, TN. It was awful. We did not have towels or bath cloths. No ice bucket or cups were provided. No clock. There was a dirty towel thrown on the shelf and the toilet had not been flushed. The toilet and the toilet seat were loose. The smoke detector was covered with a plastic bag. There was a space between the door and the door jamb that a snake or mouse could have easily come through. We were on the second floor and the balcony had a downward slant to it . The swimming pool had been drained and had a lot of trash in it. There was yelling and other noises until late in the night. I did not feel safe at all. We will be going back to Nashville, but we will not go back to that Super 8..:(

    • I stayed at the Super 8 in Iowa Falls, Iowa in April 2013. It was perfectly fine for me. It was quiet and clean.

  • Booked a room in Clearwater Fla on Rt19, for a week. Got in the room and it was disgusting. Sheetrock falling off the wall behind toilet, oil on towels. Sheetrock and I don't know what else in the tub, wore sandals while taking a shower{ first time doing that}. I wouldn't have stayed the night but had no where to go except my van. Now I have been bitten on my lower legs by something{bed bugs}? Fleas? Not sure, wished I stayed in my van now. Then they wanted to charge me for the full stay. I have pictures of the room because I disputed the charge with my cc co. Never have I stayed in such filth and I travel all the time for work. Never again Motel 8. You need to take more care in how these managers are running the store!!!!!

  • Super 8 in Lake City Florida makes me never want to stay in a super 8 again. They were absolutely disgusting and dirty. Found bugs all over my room, cockroaches and giant spiders and bugs in the bed!! They are super dirty, don't even bother to clean or dust, or fix the problems they have.. Such as the shower falling apart, water temperature is horrible, a/c could hardly keep up. The light fixtures in the bathroom were holes in the roof with bugs and webs covering it. The vents haven't been cleaned probally since it's opened. The pool was not clean at all, and had trash sunk at the bottom, and drain was dirty as the rooms!! After all the disgust of the room.. I felt completely unsafe. It's a truck stop for truckers, which wasn't told to us. There was apparent drug deals, and hookers working there. I saw multiple woman walking into rooms and walking out 10 min later, and going to another room.. While they had kids in the pool alone. Cars, trucks, and random people from the gas stations and off the road were walking up into the hotel and making it obvious of drug deals or hooking. The manager at the time Troy M. Was there at the desk tonight when we told him we want to check out, he had a phone call and said to hold on he would put the call on hold to talk to us, he didn't. He had a 5 minute conversation with who he said to be his GM. And the conversation I over heard was about another family concerned about the hotel and left early also. We have family there with 3 rooms who will also be leaving early. Didn't seem to care on bit how upset we were, and complained about it and told him about the problems. Very disappointed in the environment of the hotel and the things the staff is allowing to happen. For a hotel that I would assume is family oriented like most are, it was not safe, comfortable or one big enjoyable. I would hope a huge change is to come, or even better.. It get shut down. You'll be getting a call!

  • Super 8 has now STOLEN a whopping $1750.70 in unauthorized charges in ONE WEEKS TIME! Checked in May 9th 2015 paid $466.90 a day later another charge of $350 went through our CC. Scheduled check out Sat May 16, May 14th a charge of $466.90 was made on our card. 15 hours later the same day $466.90 was again charged to our CC! Not one charge was authorized or has our signature on other than the first LEGAL charge! This is CC fraud we are marching down to front desk to have them explain themselves. I tried to call Corp customer service to be told "no one will contact me until May 21st" BS! MONEY WAS STOLEN IN LESS THAN A WEEKS TIME! If I do not hear from Corp first thing Monday morning I will contact attorneys and we WILL get the authorities involved!

  • I'll hop on the complaint band wagon, though after reading these, my complaints are almost nothing. We haven't had bad staff at the Oneida, NY Super 8, just unclean rooms, bathroom sinks that my husband fixes with his jackknife, the back door lock to the hotel was broken. ("Oh, this is a very safe city.") The carpets are so dirty – WEAR SLIPPERS, the room wasn't clean, the bathroom fan didn't work, the AC units are falling apart, and the list goes on and on. Of course, the smoke smell is all pervasive, and the breakfast leaves much to be desired. We have chosen to stay there for budget concerns, but will find other places to stay that are cleaner and safer. I realize these are usually franchised place but Corporate should care what their franchisees are doing – or in most cases I see here – NOT doing. No more Super 8 for us.

  • Had the worst experience EVER at the super 8 in Morden, MB. The manager is incredibly rude to the customers AND to the children. She yelled at my children who were swimming in the swimming pool and told them they had no right to be there. There was five 12 year old girls that I had with me that were having a swim party. There was absolutely no one else in the swimming pool, and the manager walked in and told them they had no right to be there, and that they were not to look away from her while she was talking. There was no adult around at the time that she did this. But apparently it's all on camera so she can't deny what she said and did. She also threatened to have them thrown out for getting the floors wet. Um, normally when someone gets out of the pool, they are wet and dripping water. That's all it was. When I came in the manager proceeded to tell me that the children were being rude to her. Not one of them said a word to her because they were so scared of her for yelling at them for no reason.
    What happened was I had come to the motel wanting a swim party for my daughter. At the time that I had phoned the motel to make these arrangements, the receptionist told me that I didn't need to reserve for the pool, we could just come in and pay 5$ per child and 10$ per adult for a swim party. So that's what we did. But when the manager came to the motel, she came in yelling at me that they don't do that sort of thing, meaning they don't rent out the pool to the public. And yet the receptionist took the cash( they wouldn't let me pay by debit, the wanted cash) and told us we could go right in. So if this was a mistake on the receptionists part, why is the manager yelling at me and my children? The manager threatened my children that she could have them thrown out for them not having the right to be there!! But we were told that it was all fine by the receptionist. I was so angry at the manager for yelling at my children, when they were doing absolutely nothing wrong. My children and I had no clue what was going on!!! So I told the manager that I wanted to file a formal complaint to the head office, and she laughed at me and told me it wouldn't help me anything!! I will not stop until something is done. I have talked to many people since this happened, and everyone says that they do illegal things like that all the time at that place. Apparently they have to have a license to be able to rent out their pool to the public. And now I know they do not have that license. So I will bring this to the higher ups!! We will NEVER spend another dime on a super 8 motel anywhere thanks to this experience!

  • I checked into Super 8 at 4979 Old National Highway, College Park, Ga. 30349 on Monday March 2nd, 2015. Upon entering my room, I heard the toilet leaking. I immediately brought it to the manager’s (Kazi Nahid) and maintenance mans attention, in person, and was told that it would be repaired by the end of the day. I came back late and the toilet wasn’t repaired. After listening to the water run all night, on March 3rd, I again brought the running toilet to the manager, in person. I was told it would be repaired by the end of the day. After returning to my room later in the evening, I discovered the toilet was still running. I was told by the receptionist (Ms. Star), who called the manager the manage, and I was told by her that the manager will have the toilet repaired on March 4th and the manager said he couldn’t give me another room because the hotel was booked up, even though I saw several vacant rooms and hardly no guess vehicles in the parking lot. I asked the receptionist to relay to the manager via phone if I had to sleep in the room again while listening to the water running all night. All that was relayed to me was it will be fixed the next day. I told the receptionist if I could get another room, I'd go to another hotel. If I had moved to another hotel I would have to pay a cancellation fee to this Super 8. Well while on the phone with Super 8 Corporate head quarters and My Wyndham Rewards club making a complaint, a room suddenly was vacant. After relocation all our bags to the open room I discovered No microwave or refrigerator in the room. Once again I spoke to the receptionist who was going to get with maintenance, but she decide to physically move a refrigerator in the room herself.

    I thought I did the right thing by checking the hotel ratings well in advance of booking my room. I will NEVER stay at this Super 8 again. I have also booked another Super 8 hotel for a weeks stay in Denver, Colorado for next week.. the conditions are the same in Denver, I will NEVER book another stay at A Super 8, and believe me, my wife and I do ALOT of road trips per year.

  • Well readers, it doesn't get any better in Bottineau, ND. The Super 8 here smells of stale smoke and febreeze air vent clips. Dirty and rundown. Staff is ok but doesn't know much. Phone in room can't get an outside line, shotty wifi, but its my phone they say. Heater in rm cook you or wake up cold. Plumbing sounds like a plane landing in the next room. Gouged out walls,door knobs falling off, giant size spitball stuck to ceiling in bathroom, boogers smeared on wall by mirror, could grow a garden in the dirt in the window sill. Exhaust fan is going to burn out as the dust is so thick around it. As i read the posts for the last hour i see it is a waste of time trying to get anywhere with the higher ups. From big business standpoint its just numbers. And if you give people the runaround long enough over a couple hundred bucks they will let it go. So lets help Wyndham out here. Quit staying at super 8 everywhere. They can shut them down sooner and no one else will have to put up with all this garbage. No more super 8 for me. Thanks for making it that easy.

  • i just wanna say i am an employee of super 8 i find the place disgusting and today was told we are not to clean the people who stay over rooms but once a week we have construction workers here for months at a time that deserve to have clean rooms after a long hard day of work they dont allow us to give them clean linens so they sleep in the same dirty beds for weeks as of this moment i am quitting cause if corporate dont care about its customer service than i want no part of it i find super 8 to be the biggest dump of all motels i had to bring my own vacuum from home as they did not have one for me to use not enough linens to clean the rooms and generic cleaning supplies from the dollar store is what we were given to use i apologize to anyone who had to stay in this motel the last straw for me was when the boss told me if anyone asks if we had bedbugs tell them no also please if you stay bring your own pillows and blankets as they do not get washed

  • Super 8 Provo,
    First I call a head of time to see if we can check in early or even get in the pool or something we was told yes we get there and we were told no, he said he can not check us in early because they don't want to give us a dirty room, so we left and came back at check in, they swiped our credit card and we got to the room and they charged almost $60 on our card so I went down and asked and they said there was no charge from them, I get back to the room and noticed a raid spray smell in the kids room the floor was sticky and gross no blanket on the bed a used condom rapper on the night stand, my room was filthy as well I had to clean the toilet before using, old dirty plastic wraps inside the cups. Not enough towels in the bathroom, with pool was freezing cold not heated like disclosed, hot tub was broken, they charged another almost $60 the next morning, so I was charged twice for the rooms, I am very up set, the manger said he would get a hold of you. I am furious I am also going to Super 8 Corporation and filing a big complaint, every time I went in the kids room I got sick, I am pregnant and if I have any complications due to the exposure of bug spray in the room I am going to sue them. Tried telling me that's paint smell. That is crap, also the rooms were just filthy nothing vacuumed old nasty crumbs in all the draws, garbage and dust and cobwebs under the bed. We were scared there was bed bugs it was so nasty.

  • Super 8 in Ashburn, GA was nasty, we had a do not disturb sign on the door and they came in anyway, we tried communicating with the front desk clerk and she had no idea what we were saying she could not speak any english. if you are going to run American hotels please learn our language.

  • Super 8 Oxford MS, don't give these people your money! My family came in town for my dad's funeral and they weren't sure that we would have room for them to stay with us so they made a reservation for this hotel and they refused to give them their money back when they tried to cancel the reservation. They made them pay the total of 250.00 and they didn't stay there one night. The place that made the reservation said that they would cancel it but that it was up to the manager at the hotel and he said no. I hope he doesn't have a family emergency and someone treates him this way.

  • This message has been copied from my smart phone and is not truncated correctly – the info IS correct.
    My adult dtr .and i stayed at your super 8 Motel n Helen,Ga 10-2 to 10-5, 2014.

    The day of ck out i awoke to find my car had been towed IN ERROR (which the hotel clk and mgr advised me in only a matter of a few minutes).

    This was discovered around 7:30a. The mgr arranged for the clerk to take me to the tow facility located about 30 miles away. I left the towing business abt 9:30a. A few minutes later my daughter called to tell me the water handle in the tub/shower was broken and no one could shower.

    Upon arriving back at the hotel office, the manager immediately apologized and offered 1 day as free. I asked for more and was told corporate could only authorize that. She did offer the use of another room to. Shower but i declined due to the lateness. Of the hour.
    We missed completing our planned trip activities and spent several extra hours on I 20 due to road construction which we would have missed had we left as planned.

    This should never have happened and while an employee may. Be terminated, which is not what i desire, i expect greater compensation than 1 day of charge removal.

    This. Has been an undeserved harrowing experience and marred a trip my daughter (Who is basically self employed) had to. Work extra for several. days, juggle schedules of many clients. And drive. Home in terrible traffic and take an added 1 12 hrs to drive.
    I was contacted by a rude Cust Svc rep and asked for a supervisor to call me – to date this has NOT happened.

    Manager Mr. Patel in Wheeling WV was incredibly rude. We cancelled our stay ON TIME, but the clerk had trouble explaining the procedure. We asked to talk to the manager, Mr. Patel, but he was not available for the night. By the time we finished talking to the clerk the time she put in the computer for checkout was 4:20. I really think the clocks were off and about 15 minutes fast. Later when explaining to Mr. Patel he said I was lying and that he was standing their during our conversation with the clerk. Rediculous! So he said we had to pay for the stay. We are disputing with our credit card company. They are the only ones to trust. There is NO WAY I will ever stay at a Super 8 now! Mr. Patel needs to be thankful that he is in America and Super 8 should not hire managers that disrespect others. Mr. Patel should be fired.

  • Stayed in Ocean Springs, Mississippi Nov, 2014. I was eaten alive by bed bugs, we were given a new room and I was bit up again. I was on vacation and had swollen bites all over my face, arms and legs, management reimbursed our room and said if we wanted to go back on our way back through we could have a free room. UMM, NO!! I WILL NEVER STAY AT SUPER 8 AGAIN!! not to mention I had my baby with me, thank God he did not get bit, just me. SPREAD THE WORD, OCEAN SPRINGS SUPER 8 HAS BED BUGS AND LOTS OF THEM!!! I SAW THEM, PHOTOGRAPHED AND VIDEOED THEM AND THE INTENSITY OF THE BITES, AND THE FACT THAT THE BITES WERE STILL PRESENT A WEEK LATER!!

  • super 8 9110 Waukegan rd Morton grove il. The room stunk, I complained, the manager would not move me to another room or give me air freshener, got arrogant and insisted I leave so he could rent the room for more money or he would call the cops. I cancelled my reservation but the motel won't refund the money to my booking service so I can get a refund. Stinky dirty motel and rude people

  • Someone should have inspected the construction of the Super 8 in Phillips, WI. It wasn't insulated properly or installed with an adequate heating system for the Wisconsin Winters. We stayed at the Super 8 at 726 South Lake Avenue, Phillips, WI on 11/17/2014. It really needs updating, needs caring office help, and adequate heating. . Our room was on first floor and when we checked in at 4:45 PM and went in room it was freezing in there. The temperature outside was 8 degrees and the room had no heat turned on and was very cold. They have no wall thermostat or central heat. Only a room wall heater/air conditioner. We turned it on heat at the highest it would go… 78 degrees….. and for 30 minutes it only blew cool air. We left it run and went for supper and ecening away from there with a friend. When we came back at 10:15 PM it was still cool in there and the floors where so very cold we could not walk on them in stocking feet. The light blanket they had on there and cotton bedspread was not adequate for the night and we had to go and get one of our blankets from our car to keep warm. Too cool to shower that night OR in the morning. The continental bkfst was a joke. Went up town. Will never stay there again, nor will anyone I know.

  • We stayed at super8 in lenardstown md opened reg and old sub stinking never cleaned out bug crawling up wall by bed and went into bathroom roach on sink by my make up and bag dirty rug door slaming all hours mattress spring broken sweaking everytime make a move no food at all in breakfast closed people sitting in back door hanging very scarey need to have more security and cleaner rooms

  • Stayed in the Thurmont MD super 8 twice. The first time it was just adequate, but no red flags.
    Our stay on 10/31 and 11/1 was not pleasant. The night clerk "Dee" had to call someone to OK our reservation that was made by my daughter living in Thurmont. The credit card they had on file from the last visit was not the one I was using and a discussion ensued on the phone about whether or not we could stay. Then questions with the phone person on which room we could have. She then took my credit card and read it out loud in front of other people in the lobby. We then had to sign a handwritten contract. She told us she would give us a copy, but did not. We went out to get our bags and on the way in, another person in the lobby was coming out stating that she would not give him a room because his girl friend had reserved it for him. If I had my wits about me in a town where there are only two motels, I would have gone in and gotten another room for him. What the heck is going on here?
    Breakfast was slim not much variety. I'm going to Emmetsburg to the Best Western. Nicer, cleaner and not off the grid like this one.

  • Mine was in Federal Way Washington state Super 8 on 348th St. Bed bugs in first room, none in room they transferred us to. You can complain to the motel or the corporate headquarters and as you can see in previous complaints above you get no responses to the health problems. Send a letter or E-mail to the city or the county Health Department (or Department of Health however they are listed if you are looking via the internet), describing the vermin or filthy state of the room number and date accommodation you experienced. The health department should at least be aware of the conditions and inspect then or on their next inspection.


  • We came in late to a Super 8 motel in London Ky. The man that checked us in was nice (so was the lady in the morning) but that was the only good experience there! The walls where filthy and moldy. The microwave was broke. There where even hard used towels hanging there from the last costumers. If corporate is interested in fixing this we do have pictures and more details.