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Rodeway Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Rodeway Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Choice Hotels International, Inc.
10750 Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000
Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157
Customer Service Number: 1-877-424-6423

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  1. We went to Lake Placid NY for vacation. We lived in Rodeway Inn, 5828 Cascade Road, NY, 12946, from Dec. 24.
    The room was tiny and smelled bad. But we didn’t complain to anyone. My husband and I were happy to be on vacation with our two daughters.
    On Dec. 28 morning, Shannon Scannel called us on the room phone. I answered the phone and I heard a very crazy, angry, unfriendly and super serious voice from her. Then my husband answered the phone and they started to have a conversation. I could hear Shannon yelling on the phone. In a few minutes, I heard the door knock very badly and hard, like someone wanted to break into our room. The sound was so loud that my two daughters were shocked scarily. They even hugged each other in the corner. I soon opened the door and I saw Shannon’s crazy mad face yelling at us and couldn’t stop for a second. My two daughters were shocked again. They never see a strange lady yelling so loud in front of them. Shannon Scannel made a fake story about my husband following the staff from room to room. And she was very mad at him, then she wanted us all to move out of the hotel immediately. I believed her lies and begged her to forgive my husband. But she was so busy yelling and screaming and cursing my husband and even me in the hallway that she couldn’t stop for a second. She didn’t give me even 10 seconds to speak. She said my husband is sick, he needs medication. She repeated that again and again in a very loud voice. I didn’t want to move out on a snowing morning with two little girls for nothing wrong with us. I even begged the housekeeper, she was sorry and looked very regretful and scared. Her face turned very red and said she couldn’t do anything. Because she’s the manager. It’s so clear that she’s also afraid of this manager Shannon Scannel.
    We left before 11am. We’re too busy packing up everything and watching the two scary girls to clean the room well. Then Shannon Scannel made another fake story about the room.
    My 3-year-old daughter got scared so that she got a fever and cried during the night in her nightmares.
    I believe someone can do something for fairness and just.

    @rodewayinn has been given disgusting customer service! Never again!!! These “shift” managers who have no desire to fix the problem and give the worst excuses is beyond me! Do better!

  2. We had a reservation at Rodeway Inn in Benton, AR. When we arrived, we gave the man and woman behind the counter my service dog’s ID card. The man tossed it back and said no animals allowed. I told him that was illegal and he said he didn’t care. He said he didn’t have the $20 it takes to clean the rooms after a pet stay. He said for us to go stay in the street or wherever and told us to leave. I asked about a room refund and he acted like he was going to fight me. We called the police and filed a report. Apparently not the first time they have had issues with patrons. CFS #93284 is the police report number regarding an incident that was given to me by the Officer who took the report. They refused to give their names to the police. I am a Veteran with a service dog and have never had any issues with any other hotel regarding a service dog over the years. These foreigners do not abide by our US Civil Rights and ADA laws at this hotel. There will be a lawsuit against this hotel and Rodeway Inn Corporate if they are allowing their franchisees to break the law.

  3. I stayed at Rodeway Inn in Leesburg FL. When I first saw the motel, I was shocked. It was sketchy to say the least. When I checked in, I was supposed to stay for two nights. We got to the room, the carpet was nasty. As I was laying on the bed watching tv, I was getting bit. I jumped up and caught a bed bug on the bed. I put the bug in a glass in the bathroom. We stripped the bed and noticed dead bedbugs in the covers, so I put a couple of them in the same glass. By morning I had about 10 bites and my husband had about 5. We checked out early and I told the manager about it. He said we can't have bedbugs we have bedbug protection. He said come on I will show you. We walked back to the room and he pulled back the sheets and showed me a mattress protector (cloth) and pulled that back and showed me another protector (plastic). He said that is my protection. He showed me the bottom part which was brown and said and there is protection there too.

    He finally looked in the cup and said yes those are bedbugs. We walked back to the front and I checked out. He refused to give me my money back because I stayed the whole night and didn't notify him. He would have just given me another dirty room with bedbugs. I do not believe this is right. If he wanted to keep his business he would have refunded my money for that night. Now he is getting a bad reputation because he did that.

  4. I'm staying at the rodeway inn in Nashville tn. When I first got here it was great but they a idiot next room to me and has been keying my car trying to put a hole in the back bumper putting big dents in my doors every day and we told the manager here and she said she would do something about it they are still here and still messing up my car I want someone to pay up for the damage I Don't Appreciate my car get messed up someone needs to pay up for the damage and get rid of the people who did like they said they were going to it's my only means of transportation please do something thank you

  5. My 80 year old Mother and I stayed at the Rodeway Inn on Trinity Lane in Nasheville only because there was a mix up on my part with a reservation at another hotel.
    To start with the place is an eyesore and the back parking lot had people hanging out of their vehicles playing loud music the parking lot was dirty and there were some people that obviously were living there hanging out in front of the lobby.
    The desk clerk initially told us that there were no rooms available but then she came up with a room-I requested ground floor because my Mom has severe COPD and has trouble walking and climbing stairs.The room she gave us was poolside and we had to climb stairs.The pool was closed partially covered with a tarp that looked like it had been there for quite a while.The room reeked of cat urine and stale cigarettes (a "non-smoking"room),there was no phone,the wi-fi was horrible,the cable was non-existent,the carpet was damp and the walls were dirty. We decided we would stay the night and get a refund for our other 3 days the following morning.When we went to check out, although the clerk was very understanding of my Mom's health issue,we were told that the manager had to approve a refund and he was off site until Monday.I believe that she tried to do the refund herself but couldn't.She took all of the info and wrote a not for the manager.We have yet to get a response from them.
    This place is a wreck and nothing that is shown on the booking web sites ia a reality here!! There is no pool,no "fitness" room,"business room",room service is a joke and this place is downright nasty!
    You really should take a look at this place and consider distancing yourself or do something to improve the property.The staff is very nice and try to be helpful but as a whole this place is a disaster.
    I have contacted all of the booking sites as well because the ads for this hotel are so misleading and so far off point that it is just plain lying!!
    Will never stay here again and would NEVER recommend anyone else staying here either.
    If there is anything that you can do to help me get a refund I would appreciate it.

    Vicki Knicely

  6. Subject: Bed Bugs!
    We have stayed in Rodaway Inn in room 214 at Chincoteague, VA Thursday August 23 2018. We booked 3 nights but we had to move out after the first nightmare night – as we were bitten by bed bugs very heavily. More than 30 bites! The bugs, which we were able to catch right after the bites – were very, very small, and brownish color. Mostly on – hands, which we under the pillow, the side of the face which was lying on the pillow and the parts of the body which were in contact with the mattress and under the sheets. Some of the bites caused very bad swelling. We did report this incident to the Inn manager in the morning, August 24. She told us that those could be a mosquito bites. First of all – we know how mosquito bites look like, and secondly mosquitos do nit bite under the pillow. We requested the full refund. They did not charge us. But – the very next night – they did rent this room to others.

  7. Rodeway Inn 631 Eisenhower Blvd Harrisburg PA. We stayed here for 7 days. The staff was rude from check-in, especially after my daughter(who loves taking pictures of wildlife including insects in their natural habitat) was taking pictures of some type of orb spider in it's web outside. I guess they thought we were going to post the pictures??? We did not..they were for her practicing with different lighting with her new camera.. They changed our sheets 1 time. We had 4 people in the room and they would only give us 2 towels and 2 washcloths at a time…really???…we had to take out our trash..they didn't vacuum either. The toilet flapper didn't work so everytime you flushed you had to take the tank lid off. We stayed here because it was the only place available for the area in the time we needed it…Oh and how could I forget the banging on the door after midnight for the first four nights from strangers, AND the broken security lock on the door. Pictures of this place are definitely fake. Will never stay here again. Choice Hotels you dropped the ball on this place!!!

  8. November 24 2017.
    Stayed at Shippensburg Pa what a joke. Right out side my door must have been the dumpster,boxes and bags of trash. I asked the clerk to move them. Might as well talk to the wall for all the good it did. Three hours layer I had to walk in the parking lot to go to the office there was more trash outside my door. I asked the clerk about it and she told me she could not go outside. The water in the toilet and sink was yellow. Door security lock was broken and could not secure my room. Room was not very clean. I guess the parent company could not care less, a dissatisfied customer is better than none to them. I did not make out the question air because they would have just throne it out. NEVER AGAIN.

  9. The comment I just left might have been harsh, but it was the truth. Your failure to approve it for visibility on this webpage simply speaks to your cowardice at addressing the truth that there are MAJOR problems with this hotel chain. Your failure to address the issues outlined here will mean ruin for all of you. Be forewarned. Please take immediate action!

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