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Knights Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Knights Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Wyndham Hotel Group
22 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, New Jersey, NJ 07054 USA
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 5090,
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Online Website: Knights Inn
Reservations: 1-800-477-0629
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-428-9700
Customer Service Number: 1-866-464-2321

  • I checked in at the Knights Inn in Traverse City Michigan for the third week. Third week was on 11-27-22. I have called the front desk with a complaint that guests checked into the rooms are always outside talking very loud throughout the night. On 11-30-22 it appeared up to 3 to 4 people in a room being disrespectful again to guests. I could not take it any more and went down the road and checked into another hotel, I paid for the night at knights Inn on 11-30-22 then having go check into another hotel down the road. I had asked them if they could lower there voices when they became offensive and went and told management I was discriminating against them because they were talking in another language, I was confronted by 4 men while in my room with my door opened after bringing in items from my vehicle,

  • Knights Inn Roanoke, Roanoke
    6520 Thirlane Road, Roanoke, VA, 24019
    Confirmation number 160941080608
    Check-in Saturday, July 13, 2019
    Check-out Sunday, July 14, 2019
    After driving for 10 hr starting at 3 am. my husband booked room from home so me and the kids would have a nice clean place for me and the kids to stay. What we got was the Hotel nightmare are made from instead of nice clean hotel. I go into the lobby to talk to the manager/owner about the condition of the build and he assures me he has a room in the section that has been inspected and structural sound. I'm not sure how any of this building pasted inspection. He states there are no refund for this location. My husband has already paid. It take 3 rooms before manager finds a clean room with everything working in a section of the building that does look like it should be condemned. I ended up checking out 5 hr after I checked in because of the smell and noise. Giant waste of money. I have pictures

  • Knights Inn Roanoke Va. DO NOT STAY HERE! NOT SAFE
    Building has column that are crumbling in multiple places. Took them 3 tries to find clean room in section of one building that didn't have crumbling support columns. I asked for refund because i didn't feel safe staying there with my children and they refused. I have pictures of everything

  • Knights Inn Homestead Florida, DO NOT STAY HERE!!
    DISGUSTING NASTY FILTHY Roach Motel! Room 132
    Bathroom Dirty Roaches in the Shower, In the AC Unit and on the Beds Holes in Walls, Fire Alarm Missing, Door Safety Latch Missing! We demanded a refund and moved to another hotel down the street Will NEVER Stay at a Knights Inn EVER Again!!

  • I just had a horrible experience as well in ATlanta, GA– arrived friday morn 8/10. lobby under construction, breakfast room closed and pool closed as well. Ceiling peeling in bathroom, no phone or radio or cups in room. Was told I could cancel my reservation but where would i go on such short notice.??? I took pictures

  • We stayed 5 minutes Knights Inn at rosenberg texas. Horrible, filthy. Dont know if i will get a refund. I did not feel safe there. They said they were no longer with Wyndham. Wyndam probably got rid of Knights inn since they all have bad reviews.

  • This was absolutely the most disgusting hotel I have ever stayed in. Found out that homeless people are living there. They are also employees of the hotel. Knights Inn – Hurricane Mills Wyndham should be ashamed to associate their names with Knights Inn. Absolutely DISGUSTING. I would love my money back!

  • Booked a 3 night stay at the Heath, Ohio location. got there, they asked if I wanted to see the room first. I was very tired and said no, just need a bed to sleep in. Got to the room. Absolutely disgusting. The bed spread felt slimy when I sat down. Holes in the wall. Went to go to the bathroom and there was only a half of a toilet seat on it. As I went into the bathroom, took my shoes off and the carpet was wet. The room smelled moldy. I checked out as soon as a found a room elsewhere. Told the guy at the desk I would like a refund but don't really expect to see it. I will just take it up with American Express!!! I was ready to just go sleep in my car if I hadn't found another room elsewhere. NEVER again. Something needs to be done about this chain. Obviously it's not just one hotel in the chain that is a problem.

  • Terrible experience in Searcy, AR. Lucky no one died. At 1:45 am. someone opened our door and tried to enter our room. Fortunately, I had swung the metal latch. After fifteen minutes of being ready to defend myself and my son against intruders, I called the front desk. The attendant said, "oh yeah, it wasn't in the computer you were in the room and I rented it out," as if it were somehow my fault. He probably would never have notified me had I not called. Oh, I called from my cell phone because the room phone did not work. I requested a refund the next morning. The manager said she would "investigate" and call me back. I called the hotel the next three days in a row and never received a return call from the manager. Additionally, I smelled like campfire for the next three days from sleeping in the nasty bed.

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