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Americas Best Value Inn Corporate Office 

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Americas Best Value Inn Corporate Office is located in Massachusetts. The following details provide more specific information regarding the corporate office for America’s Best Value Inn, including their address, phone number, customer reviews, and complaints.

How To Contact Americas Best Value Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

America’s Best Value Inn Corporate Address and Contact Information:

  • Parent Company Sonesta Home Office – 400 Centre St Newton, MA 02458 USA
  • Red Lion Hotels RLH Corporate Office – 550 Market St., Suite 425, Denver, Colorado 80202
  • Americas Best Value Inn Phone Number – 617-421-5400
  • Hr Human Resources – 1-509-459-6100
  • Customer Service – 1-888-315-2378
  • Reservations – 
  • Fax Number – N/A
  • Email –
  • Chat and Contact Page –
  • Website – AmericasBestValueInn.com
  • Corporate Website – Sonesta.com

Maps and Directions to America’s Best Value Inn Corporate Headquarters


Founded in 1999, America’s Best Value Inn stands as one of the most recognized budget hotel chains in the United States. As a segment of the Red Lion Hotels Corporation, it encapsulates the ethos of providing decent accommodations at an affordable rate. Spread across North America, with more than 1,000 locations, guests recognize the brand for its commitment to quality, comfort, and value.

About America’s Best Value Inn:

With a name like “America’s Best Value Inn,” expectations are set high, and the brand has consistently met them. Each location is designed with the guest in mind, ensuring they receive amenities that provide a blend of comfort and convenience, all at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Whether it’s for business travel, a family vacation, or a simple stopover, America’s Best Value Inn aims to offer a stay that feels both welcoming and worthwhile.

Americas Best Value Inn

In the Hotel Arena:

The hotel industry is marked by stiff competition, with big players like Motel 6, Super 8, and Econo Lodge offering similar budget-friendly accommodation options. Despite this, America’s Best Value Inn has carved its niche, emphasizing transparent pricing and consistent quality. Their recognizable blue, white, and red signage is a symbol of reliable service in myriad locations.

A Member of a Bigger Family:

America’s Best Value Inn thrives under the umbrella of the Red Lion Hotels Corporation. This association grants them the backing of a respected entity in the hotel industry, ensuring that guests receive a level of service synonymous with the overarching brand’s reputation.

Sonesta Hotels: The New Parent Company

In recent developments, Sonesta Hotels has taken the reins as the parent company of Red Lion Hotels Corporation, bringing the iconic America’s Best Value Inn under its expansive umbrella. With this acquisition, Sonesta further solidifies its standing in the hospitality industry, now boasting an even broader range of accommodations across various market segments. This union promises potential synergies, from operational efficiencies to enhanced guest experiences, reflecting Sonesta’s vision of redefining hospitality with enhanced services and a commitment to the guest experience. As both brands merge their strengths, guests can anticipate an elevated level of service, resonating with the core values of both Sonesta and Red Lion.

Hotel Chain Competition

In the bustling world of hospitality, America’s Best Value Inn, under the umbrella of Red Lion Hotels Corporation, faces stiff competition from industry heavyweights. Choice Hotels, with its extensive portfolio, including Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, and Econo Lodge, remains a formidable adversary in the budget and mid-scale segments. Beyond Choice Hotels, there are other behemoths like Marriott, Hilton, and InterContinental Hotels Group, each boasting an array of brands catering to various market niches. These conglomerates wield significant marketing clout and expansive loyalty programs, presenting a dynamic landscape where chains constantly vie for traveler loyalty. As the industry evolves with emerging technology and changing traveler preferences, these hotel chains are in a perpetual race to innovate and offer superior guest experiences.

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Feedback and Reviews:

We invite our readers to delve deeper into the comment section below. Whether you have America’s Best Value Inn complaints or want to share positive experiences, your input is invaluable. For those considering a stay, browsing America’s Best Value Inn reviews can offer a clearer picture of what to expect. By engaging in this feedback platform, you contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the brand and its operations, assisting both potential guests and the establishment itself.

Americas Best Value Inn Excessive Charges

March 11, 2024

Scam! Americas Best Value Inn took me for 300$ and charged me 3 times for 1 room 2 nights 3 rooms same night it was just me and my 5-year-old son.


America's Best Value Inn Customer Service Issue

July 6, 2024

America’s Best Value Inn wouldn’t allow me to stay at the hotel because I had too much stuff on my car.


Americas Best Value in Hayward Wi

October 20, 2023

Worst hotel we have ever stayed at. So many health/safety violations. I should have been wary when he told me twice no refunds after checking in. Never again! I am looking into who to report the safety violations to. This place should be shut down. Unbelievable! I have photos but of course, it will not accept them.


Attn: America's Best Value Inn Headquarters - Worst stay ever in Montana

August 22, 2023

During my stay at the hotel located in Billings, Montana (phone: 406.248.7761), I encountered several issues that significantly impacted my experience. The lamp by my bed had no bulb, and there was no means to make coffee in the room. Surprisingly, even the lobby had no coffee available. The room lacked an ice bucket, and the hotel floors were missing ice machines. Furthermore, there was no elevator access to transport a clothes rack to the second floor. The toilet seat in my room was damaged, and the room phone was not only unplugged, but I also found it impossible to reconnect it. When I attempted to communicate my grievances, I faced more challenges. On August 21st, I tried to reach out to the facility’s manager, learning only that his first name was Tony, as his last name was not provided to me. The same day, a woman from the hotel staff refused to identify herself unless I explained the reason for my inquiry, and she abruptly ended the call. The following day, a male staff member acted similarly, denying me his name and hanging up. I also tried to contact the corporate office three times at 805.557.7300, located at 3300 North, Suite 500, Coral Springs, Florida 33065, but each call rang just twice before being cut off. This entire series of issues and the lack of effective communication from the hotel’s side are concerning. It’s evident that there is significant room for improvement in customer service at this establishment.


I will not use Priceline or America's Best Value again

December 13, 2022

To whom it may concern: This message is to inform you know how unhappy I am with Priceline and America’s Best Value. I was on a fishing trip to my cabin in Northwest Ontario where the road ended. There is no phone or wifi service. Wednesday evening June 7th, We went 15 miles to the little crossroads of Nakina Ontario to call home. We were told one of the crew’s brothers had to have emergency brain surgery. It was decided then to cut the fishing trip short to get home because the brother and the mother live alone. That evening called to cancel our June 10 motel reservation.

On the 900-mile trip back home I got an email stating the cancelation had been denied. We called to cancel the evening of the 7th for the reservation on June 10th

It should not have been denied. I hope you will correct this and cancel the two-room reservation I make 2 to 3 trips to my camp each year. If the rooms are not canceled be assured I will not use Priceline or America’s Best Value again.

Corporate Office Headquarters