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  • Americas Best Value Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Americas Best Value Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Americas Best Value Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Americas Best Value Inn
2393 Townsgate Road Suite 100
Westlake Village, California 91361 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-805-557-7300
Fax Number: 1-805-557-7303
Customer Service Number: 1-888-315-2378


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  1. I stayed at the Americas Best located at 14000 Nanaimo Trail in North Port Florida from May 19th – May 23rd and was totally disgusted with it. They did not accommodate me at all. Myself and my sister are seniors and cannot walk very well. they put us on the 2nd floor and all they said was "it is only 12 stairs" The beds were so high we could not get on them. There was a crack in the sink and it smelled so bad. We had to give s $20. deposit for what I don't know. They never understood anything I was saying to them. We asked for clean towels and toilet paper, they said "no come back tomorrow" Well we ran out of toilet paper now, no clean towels.We used the same towels the entire stay.And being we ran out of toilet paper I had to use a washcloth every time I went to the washroom. All we ever heard when we needed something was " come back tomorrow or no come back next year. I had 2 rooms rented out paid good money and it was horrible staying there. This will never happen again. I am totally disgusted by my entire experience there.

  2. I booked a reservation at the Americas Best Value Inn in Caldwell, Texas. The website said "Pet Friendly" and did not mention any pet fees. We checked in not knowing there was a pet fee and went out for the evening. We returned to the hotel around midnight and could not get into our room. I went to the front desk and the employee informed me that he disabled our key and locked us out of our room because we didn't pay the pet fee! REALLY! Was it necessary to lock us out of our room when all they had to do was ask me to pay the pet fee?? I will never stay at another Americas Best. Clearly from the sheer number of complaints posted here with absolutely no response from the company's management demonstrates that they don't care about the customer's experience. Fees should be transparent, and this company hides them. The hotel staff should never lock a customer out of their room for not paying a pet fee that they didn't know anything about!!

  3. You really need to check the accommodation at Kennett Mo. it’s in disrepair. Things don’t work. Carpet stinks A\C don’t cool and the staff is totally rude. I have never stayed at such a place. I know your buildings are usually very nice. Totally disgusting. Messed up my resetvation with booking.com

    You need someone to assess this place

  4. I was an employee at American best value in Brookhaven Mississippi. I need a copy email to me of my driver's license and social security card.

  5. Stayed at Hotel Brick Church Pike in Nashville room 102 night of 4/11-bath door hinge fell off when arrived and fell completely and could have hurt someone badly, no waste baskets, light above the bed continually blinked like burning out, no one at the front office when checking out to tell! Have not had bad experiences in your chain before but this was alarming and still cost me $95 so no bargain!

  6. i stayed four nights side doors do not have lock that is open with room key night shift does not make rounds from what i could see…..staff at front desk was always on cell phones for personal…i seen 1 or 2 people would rent and their friends would come in side door by the stairs and would go to thier frinds room for a party at night. the phone i had telephone did not work and bathroom sink leaked.I stay at 1960 and 45 houston texas

  7. Booked a room at your Kimball, Tn location on 11/27/2020, upon entering the room, it had a musty smell and within 2 minutes, saw 4 cockroaches. Took pictures of the bug problem and returned to the lobby. The worker was not surprised to heard of the bugs. I asked for a refund and because the room was booked online she said she could not provide me a refund. After calling the online service I was informed that they could refund me, but needed hotel approval. I went back into the hotel to discuss this and was told that the manager would not approve the refund so basically, I am SOL. I was offered a different roach infested room to which I declined. the room was $68 total and it is extremely concerning and disheartening to me that your hotel chain would allow a hotel to operate under such poor conditions and poor customer service standards. This is a very ugly look for your company. I am filing a BBB complaint as well as will continue to leave negative reviews on the the websites until I feel my concerns are properly addressed. If I was able to privately email your business, I would have done so, but this seems to be the only option. Y'all should be ashamed!

  8. 1:45am Aug. 24: We had a booking through Hotel Tonight. Front desk at this Dalton, GA, property would not allow my son to use as he did not have original card used to book. They also would not accept a new card to get a room. This front desk person would only accept cash and said hotel would approve a cancellation of original booking if we reach out to company. In this case it was Hotel Tonight.
    Please be aware of who the employee was at that date and time working the front desk. He is taking people for cash.

  9. CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED, IN MY OPINION YOU WOULD BE A FOOL TO BOOK A ROOM HERE. Three weeks ago booked a room at the Value Lodge, Value Lodge
    2000 US-90, Alpine, TX 79830•(432) 837-1200 ON HIGHWAY 90 in
    Alpine, Tx. The morning of the day I was suppose to check in a male called from
    the above number x1204 and claimed partners credit card was declined and asked for another credit card or to confirm the number. Since we had used the credit card
    numerous times since making this reservation we got suspicious – we asked him what name he had and he gave us a womans name – later he denied that he gave a womans name. Then he told us he was cancelling our reservation since we were so uncooperative. He was rude and insulting and sounded like he was under the influence. We had stayed there before, some years ago. And we planned to stay there for 5 days as we were attending a wedding in Ft. Stockton. Very upsetting thinking your reservation for this important occasion was now gone – and it was over 8 hours to drive there. I would appreciate being contacted by the company management here – not the questionable manager of the hotel – the big cheese. This is wrong, very very wrong and I am very very angry.

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