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Reach Country Inn Corporate Office 

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Country Inn Corporate Office is located in Maryland, USA. More information to reach out to The Country Inn is listed below, including the Country Inn and Suites corporate office address, phone numbers, and websites. Also, customer reviews and Country Inn complaints.

How To Contact Country Inn and Suites Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Country Inn & Suites Corporate Address Americas

Call Center: 11340 Blondo St. Omaha, Nebraska 68164 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 301 592 5000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-830-5222
TTY: 1-402-501-5159
Reservations: 1-800-830-5222
Website: CountryInnandSuites.com
Stock: CHH

Choice Hotels Parent Company of Country Inn and Suites

1 Choice Hotels Circle
Suite 400
Rockville, MD 20850

Map and Directions to Country Inn & Suites Corporate Office

Country Inn and Suites Corporate Office
Country Inn Suites Corporate Office

Country Inn & Suites: An Overview

Established in 1987, Country Inn & Suites by Radisson is an upscale hotel chain that is part of the Radisson Hotel Group owned by Choice Hotels. Originally rooted in providing a homely and comfortable environment for travelers in the Midwest, the brand has now expanded its presence to multiple regions globally. Distinctive features of Country Inn & Suites hotels include their homey decor, a free breakfast spread, and a lending library, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to ensuring a relaxing and warm experience for its guests. Their warm hospitality and commitment to guest satisfaction have allowed Country Inn & Suites to maintain a loyal customer base and remain a preferred choice for many travelers.

Navigating the Hotel Landscape: Country Inn & Suites’ Competitors

The hotel industry teems with numerous brands vying for guests’ attention, and Country Inn & Suites faces healthy competition in the mid-scale segment. Prominent rivals include Holiday Inn Express (by IHG), Hampton by Hilton, and Fairfield by Marriott, all of which also emphasize comfort and value for their guests. These brands, alongside others, compete on various fronts, such as amenities, loyalty programs, and location availability. As the hotel landscape continues to evolve with the modern traveler’s needs, Country Inn & Suites, along with its competitors, continually adapts its offerings to stand out in a crowded market.

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Country Inn & Suites Corporate Headquarters Reviews and Feedback

Dive into the comment and review section below to pen your thoughts, read others’ experiences, or share insights regarding Country Inn & Suites’ customer service and corporate office. Your feedback plays a crucial role in guiding potential guests.


November 13, 2023

My family and I booked a trip to our hometown of Beaufort, SC, and made reservations for the Country Inn and Suites as we had someone bringing their pet. It was reasonably priced, and we could get 4 rooms close together but those were the only positive things about our stay at this hotel. Two of our rooms, (my aunt and my grandmothers) reservations they never had. My aunt had called the day before we arrived and made those reservations and had the confirmation numbers but still wasn’t able to find them. It wasn’t a big deal because they still had availability and checked them in BUT they charged my grandmother 3 TIMES for 2 nights!!!! After they noticed the extra charge, the front desk was rude and not helpful in how to get it removed/resolved. The rooms were DISGUSTING with hair and STAINS on the linens…One of the suites had a pull-out sofa and no bedding was available so when my sister asked for them, they were given linens with what looked like blood stains on them. Watermarks on the walls and ceilings, large chunks of plaster coming off the walls, cracked mirrors, excessive stains on carpets, it was just disgusting. Sounded like a herd of elephants above us from other guests our first night and we had to complain 3 times and threaten to call the cops before the front desk made any attempts to contact those guests!!! Bugs were crawling all over the floor and when we complained about the cleanliness or lack thereof, the housekeeping told us they were late for their other job and didn’t have time to clean it fully. They were booked the night before for Veterans Day or the Marine Corps birthday and were behind cleaning rooms for our reservations is what the front desk told us when we complained about the housekeeping staff. The front desk was also rude and not helpful for any issue. They just kept saying ok sorry that is bothering you, or Sorry you feel that way. They NEVER tried compensating/helping to resolve any problem that came about. I will never again stay at this hotel, nor will I recommend anyone to stay there. My grandmother, mom, sister, and I all grew up in Beaufort, we come to this area quite often, but I would rather pay more and stay somewhere we feel CLEAN AND SAFE!!!! By the looks of other reviews on this site and other sites, we aren’t the only ones complaining. It seems CHOICE HOTELS needs to get their stuff together and provide better facilities for customers to stay. I am attaching only a select few of several pictures I took.


Country Inn and Suites Home Office - Mold everywhere

September 13, 2023

They booked me into a room with a ceiling covered in mold. When I complained at the front desk they confirmed it was mold and wanted to put me in another room. The problem was, that they couldn’t find another room without the same mold issue. Appeared they had no intentions of remediating and were just hoping people wouldn’t notice. They did agree to refund me and I left to find another place to stay.

Kari Dooley

Country Inn and Suites had Bugs!

September 9, 2023

Not only was the hotel extremely loud, but the hotel had bugs. We didn’t notice them until the morning when we switched the light on in the bathroom. The response I got from the manager was ‘You should have told us last night

Melissa S Maves

Country Inn Headquarters You Have Thieves Working in Dunn, NC!

November 13, 2023

My pocketbook was stolen from room! Charges was made while cops were investigating . Proof that it was inside job!

Mary riggs

Country Inn and Suites Management - Greensboro NC is taking money from me

September 11, 2023

We stayed in Greensboro NC at Country Inn & Suites we were charged for our room that night. When were was looking at our account another 211 taken out of our account, we tried to call Management but getting the run around that’s she trying to calling corporate nobody answers phones. That was on sep 7th 2023

Jimmy sanford
Corporate Office Headquarters