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  • The Tire Choice Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

The Tire Choice Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact The Tire Choice Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

2400 E. Commerical Blvd., #1050,
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-917-5400
Fax Number: 1-954-917-5888
Customer Service Number: 1-954-917-5400

  • PLEASE BEWARE! These people are scammers. Charged me for a fuel rail that "was not available from a dealer". Yet I find piles of these on a Ford parts site and at 1/4 the price they charged me. No wonder they did not want to show me the incoming invoice costs. Yes make a profit…but rip off you clients like this?? Only once. Yes manager was a P. Page….not honest

  • Have went to McGees and tire choice on S Florida Ave Lakeland for years. Always had managers that were knowledgeable and courteous until no. Diane is arrogant and talks down to you My son, had to leave there and go somewhere else. When talking to mechanics, they seem to be very good and you would probably do well to replace Diane with one of them. Not sur is I will return.

  • Location at 5720 Ranch Lake Blvd. Lakewood Ranch, FL.
    My elderly mother had 2 tires put on within past week. She showed up at my home and something didn't look right to me. I had her take me to a station. One tire 41lbs another 47lbs. On car that calls for air pressure of no more than 32lbs. This could have caused a blow-out! I contacted the store. Chris was rude and only wanted to argue w/ me that "I must be wrong."
    I refuse to ever go back to this location. Over a year ago a young service Tech didn't tighten lug nuts on my car. Cause tire to snap of! Destroyed; fender, brand new rotor, cracked break caliber, stripped 3 of 5 lug studs. Cost me a tow, over $600. in damages and because I'm a contractor lost 10 days of work because they refused to stand behind it. I didn't have the funds to go elsewhere and had to fix this myself!
    I don't understand why my mother kept returning to this location. She has had to take her car back after servicing multiple times.

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