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  • Sleep Number Corporate Office Headquarters

Sleep Number Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Sleep Number Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Sleep Number Corporation and Select Comfort Retail Corporation

Select Comfort Corporate Office Address:

9800 59th Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55442 USA

Sleep Number Contact Phone Numbers

Sleep Number Corporate Phone Number: 1-763-551-7000
Sales: 1-888-411-2188
Fax Number: 1-763-694-3300
Customer Service Number: 1-888-484-9263

Sleep Number Corporate Office

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  1. I bought a bed back in 2010 I have been complaining I am old and deaf on the right side I feel I am falling off the bed the date I got it. they blame the floor well I found out that is not true. the pump and cover were not good to support me. so, at the cost to fix it cost 8 hundred seventy 4four dollars and 149 to come out to see what is wrong with the bed I don’t have a husband or anybody to help me. my husband passed. if I do always have more money well now my back hurt me big time. the delivery guy said it is worth fixing it since u still on the warranty. and also store, should not be more than five hundred. well, I called online talk cacy. we are not getting anywhere more u talk to her money I am on social security, and i dont mind pay 500.00 for it with installation. I have been fighting for two months get no where. please help me so call me please email me I do appreciate this very much. the new mattress will not use remote I have to use a cell phone will not work for me I feel this decimation for the deaf. okay please email me what u can do i can't afford to buy a brand new bed i have 20year old use for 13 years.

  2. I have spoke to customer service and a supervisor and no one can help me. They told me to call corporate and I can't get thme to call me back. What a joke. I should of put it on one of my credit cards and I could have some leverage with sleep numeber because your credit card company will stand behind you. I financed it through sleep number so I can't do anything with a defective $5000.00 bed and a $50.00 remote. Its useless bed I can't sleep in in or get any answers that satisfie me. They what to put a 2 in piece of of foam under the air chamber to lift it up. Because you roll in the middle of t he bed.

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Corporate Office Headquarters