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Reach Out To Sleep Number Corporate Office – Review and Complaints 

Sleep Number Corporation, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is renowned for its innovative Sleep Number beds and bedding accessories. Known for customizable beds that allow individuals to adjust firmness and support, Sleep Number offers a unique approach to personal comfort and sleep quality. This post provides comprehensive details about Sleep Number, highlighting their corporate address, contact information, and an overview of the company’s services and position in the sleep industry.

Contacting Sleep Number Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Sleep Number Headquarters: An Overview

Sleep Number Corporate Office

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Sleep Number’s Role in the Sleep Industry

Sleep Number has revolutionized the sleep industry with its innovative adjustable beds and sleep tracking technology. Their products are designed to improve sleep quality by allowing users to adjust and personalize their mattress settings. This focus on individualized comfort and sleep health has made Sleep Number a leader in the bedding market.

The Competitive Landscape of Sleep Solutions and Sleep Number’s Position

In the competitive market of sleep solutions, Sleep Number faces competition from traditional mattress manufacturers, memory foam brands, and other high-tech bedding companies. Sleep Number sets itself apart with its SleepIQ technology, offering customers data-driven insights into their sleep patterns. The company’s dedication to innovation and improving sleep quality keeps it at the forefront of the industry. Firms like Mattress Firm compete with Sleep Number Stores.

Sleep Number Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Sleep Number’s products, customer service, and overall satisfaction with their sleep solutions. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable, providing insights that help others understand Sleep Number’s operations and commitment to enhancing sleep health. Whether you have compliments, complaints, or suggestions, your perspectives are essential in evaluating the company’s performance and customer service quality.

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Lied to by store manager at Sleep Number

Rated 1.0 out of 5
August 15, 2023

Spent 3 1/2 hours in the store listening to the store manager talk about himself and we find a bed that we were not going to buy because we could not return the base. However the store manager, Quentin, at the Monroe Louisiana location, told us that just yesterday they accepted the whole bed back, and if we just weren’t satisfied we could call Customer Service and they would refund the money. We signed a piece of paper as he was rushing through the process of checking us out and he insured us a second time if we were just that displeased we could return not only the mattresses but the bedframe. He just outright lied to us and several times lied to us and then he lied to a case manager and a supervisor in Customer Service so now we can’t get an exception to where we just pay a restock fee. How dare this manager take advantage of senior adults that don’t have this kind of money to spend on a bed the only reason we did is that I have so many sleep problems and this bed is definitely not the one for a person with fibromyalgia scoliosis insomnia etc.

We have a queen-size and a king-size sleep number bed in our home right now and I think that should say something about our loyalty we should receive an exception in this case but apparently, y’all want us to be out $2400 for a bed base that will never use. If I had just been smart enough not to trust this liar of a store manager I would’ve never bought the bed to begin with. Why would anybody in their right mind buy a bed where you could not return the base?! That’s like putting my money in the toilet and flushing it!

Kevin and Donna Calhoun

Sleep Number Not Enough Support

Rated 3.0 out of 5
March 18, 2023

I bought a bed back in 2010 I have been complaining I am old and deaf on the right side I feel I am falling off the bed the date I got it. they blame the floor well I found out that is not true. The pump and cover were not good enough to support me. so, at the cost to fix it cost 8 hundred seventy-four dollars and 149 to come out to see what is wrong with the bed I don’t have a husband or anybody to help me. my husband passed. If I do always have more money well now my back hurts me big time. the delivery guy said it is worth fixing it since you are still on the warranty. and also store, should not be more than five hundred. well, I called online talk Cacy. we are not getting anywhere more you talk to her money I am on social security, and I don’t mind paying 500.00 for it with installation. I have been fighting for two months to get nowhere. please help me call me please email me I do appreciate this very much. the new mattress will not use a remote I have to use a cell phone will not work for me I feel this decimation for the deaf. okay please email me what you can do I can’t afford to buy a brand new bed I have a 20-year-old used for 13 years.


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