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Sleep Number Corporation, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is renowned for its innovative Sleep Number beds and bedding accessories. Known for customizable beds that allow individuals to adjust firmness and support, Sleep Number offers a unique approach to personal comfort and sleep quality. This post provides comprehensive details about Sleep Number, highlighting their corporate address, contact information, and an overview of the company’s services and position in the sleep industry.

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Sleep Number Corporate Office

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Sleep Number’s Role in the Sleep Industry

Sleep Number has revolutionized the sleep industry with its innovative adjustable beds and sleep tracking technology. Their products are designed to improve sleep quality by allowing users to adjust and personalize their mattress settings. This focus on individualized comfort and sleep health has made Sleep Number a leader in the bedding market.

The Competitive Landscape of Sleep Solutions and Sleep Number’s Position

In the competitive market of sleep solutions, Sleep Number faces competition from traditional mattress manufacturers, memory foam brands, and other high-tech bedding companies. Sleep Number sets itself apart with its SleepIQ technology, offering customers data-driven insights into their sleep patterns. The company’s dedication to innovation and improving sleep quality keeps it at the forefront of the industry. Firms like Mattress Firm compete with Sleep Number Stores.

Sleep Number Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Sleep Number’s products, customer service, and overall satisfaction with their sleep solutions. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable, providing insights that help others understand Sleep Number’s operations and commitment to enhancing sleep health. Whether you have compliments, complaints, or suggestions, your perspectives are essential in evaluating the company’s performance and customer service quality.

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Lied to by Customer Service and District Manager over Metairie, La. store # 10371

December 30, 2023

First off if I could give a rating of 0 stars for this I would! Bought a king I8 mattress and FlexFit 2 Smart adjustable base from Metairie, La. store 10371 on 11/24/2023. Order # 95016920266. The delivery date was set up for Saturday 12/09/2023. On 12/04/23 received a text message stating delivery team would arrive on 12/09/23 between 1:30 and 4:30 pm CST. I replied to confirm this appointment as instructed. Got another text on 12/07/23 reminding me of the delivery on 12/09/23 between 1:30-4:30. On 12/09/23 at 1;50 pm got a call from Sleep Number customer service informing me that our scheduled delivery today was canceled because our merchandise was not received at I their dock. When I questioned the rep that they didn’t know this that morning and why they waited until my delivery window to call and notify me of this I was told they just found this out. They then told me that my rescheduled delivery date was now going to be on 12/20/23. At 1:54 pm while on the phone with a customer service rep, I got a text with the 12/20/23 delivery date. I asked to speak to a supervisor about all of this and finally, someone got on the phone with me and was able to reschedule the delivery date for 12/13/23. When I told the supervisor how unhappy I was with this and the explanation I was being given I was told the same thing that they were just made aware of this. Really? I told the supervisor that Sleep Number should compensate me for this. I then contacted my sales rep at the store and he said that I was the fourth customer today who called them for the same issue and that the 3 other customers canceled their orders. He told me that if I cancelled they would have lost over 35K in sales over this. He called me back and said that when he looked up my order he showed it was at their delivery dock on the morning it was supposed to be delivered. I told him that I wanted compensation back off of my purchase because of their incompetence and lies to me. He got with his District Manager who stated that they “would do a 5% reimbursement back to the original form of payment after my home delivery on 12/13/23. I never got the 5% reimbursement to the credit card I purchased this with. I made repeated phone calls to the store and went into the store once to find out why. The sales rep (different person) said the District Manager was out on vacation but that this should have been credited before DM went on vacation. Finally, today 12/20/23 I got a text message from our sales rep that the District Manager said that the 5% of our purchase would be $334.93 was being placed in a store credit, not a payment refund. So now the District Manager over store 10371 has lied to me. I don’t want a store credit, I want the 5% reimbursed to my credit card. Based on other reviews I’ve seen here from your customers, there seems to be a trend of being lied to by your employees. I will never recommend Sleep Number to anyone and if asked by anyone I will strongly discourage them from purchasing your products. This is the second AND LAST PURCHASE of anything I will ever make at Sleep Number.

I await a reply from someone at Sleep Number concerning this


Sleep Number Biggest Mistake

January 13, 2024

Biggest purchase mistake of our lives! Absolutely ridiculous customer service from their customer service number and delivery centers. We purchased our bed in the beginning of October 23’ it was delivered a few weeks later and then we found that the bed was defective would not lay flat. No they didn’t come next day or that week… we slept on our couches for 2 weeks. They came out and replaced the base, mind you this EXPENSIVE bed isn’t less than 3 weeks at this point. We tried to return it and they said we could not…even thoughts they have a 100 day trial. To add to this debacle… to this day we still have not received our full order. They refuse to let us return furniture that was not delivered on time then “accidentally destroyed” due to their inability to handle their inventory. A purchase item supposedly “custom built” that had our name on it was “accidentally destroyed” their words not mine and they won’t return our money even though they have not delivered or built our furniture! There has been 2 separate scheduled appointments to deliver prepaid furniture November, December which they did not deliver due to some made up excuse both times. At this point I could have had furniture made from customs builders three times over. I would not recommend buying this overpriced air mattress. Don’t get fooled by their fancy app and fancy marketing it is all smoke and mirrors. Buy your self a nice adjustable base and a amazing mattress that is not an air bubble for half the price! Still trying to get a hold of their non existent corporate for support. I will update if anything positive happens until then stay away from all sleep number locations.


I Would Never Recommend Sleep Number

January 11, 2024

Bed was delivered on January 4th, delivery guys did not speak one word of English so I will start with that. They set the bed up and had to go out and get another pump out of there truck because the New one that came with the NEW bed obviously didn’t work. After they was done setting the bed up, in what we could understand they said bed was good. The bed was left with the Head straight up, feet down and the foot warmer for the feet not working. Now when I say not working none of these things would work. The pump would act like it was pumping but it was not pumping. I messaged them and told them it was not working in the app or remote and they said they was still in the area they would be back. THEY NEVER CAME BACK. Called customer service they also said they would be back out. Later that night called customer service back they said sorry know one should of told us they would be back and they would be happy to set us up for an appointment. The earliest would be the following week, NOW LET ME SAY THE BED IS UP RIGHT NO AIR AND THEY are ok with my 76 year old mother not having a bed that she is able to sleep on after spending that money on a bed and her original bed now was gone. Did I mention I was on calls with customer service for 1hour 47 minutes, just to be told sorry next week is earliest.

Next week technicians comes with no PARTS looks at bed and says yea it will need a new pump we will order this and plan on coming back out Thursday or Friday to fix your bed. They take screws out to lay the bed flat so you can sleep on it, but sorry there is no way to put air in it. So basically like sleeping on the frame. They said customer service would reach out to let us know that the pump had been ordered and that they would be back on the 12th to fix the bed. Well costumer service never reached out. Call customer service and after talking to 3 people an hour and half later the lady says the earliest they can get someone there is the 20th. Told her my 76 year old mother could not sleep in these conditions any longer we had to go and get a bed today. She said she understood she would refund our money. After putting me on hold yet again for 15 minutes she comes back and says I have a few order numbers for you. They would be sending us the part to put on ourselves for the base?????? I say We are returning it because it has never worked and you cant get someone here to fix it in a timely manor so why would we want parts or you expect us to keep this. So very long story short we are being told we have to keep something that has never worked from the start, we have to fix it, we will not be getting all of our money refunded and we have to pay to return protective pad, pillows, and sheets. We have sleep number beds and love ours but the fact customer service and the set up crew has been so unprofessional and condescending during this process, I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND SLEEP NUMBER AGAIN,T This has been so stressful and time consuming to still have no resolution. I will be seeking more advice on this situation they should not be able to operate a business in this manor.

K. White

Sleep Number - Damage to wall

December 21, 2023

Been waiting since November 6 2023 the so called installer did a lot of damage to my wall I call sleep number about it sent them pics and estimate to this day it been excuses it time they should start being liable for there actions

Bart Cullins

Sleep Number -No Customer Service

November 30, 2023

Bought a bed through Sleep Number. Went to move a year later and the movers would not move our bed because it was put together by the sleep number company incorrectly. They left out lots of screws to the base when installing it in our home. I would have never seen this if I hadn’t moved it. The company said their installers can not do it correctly. They charged me $149 just to come out and see the mistake they made. Also, I am going to have to move the bed myself now because I no longer have the movers there to do it. Not only are they refusing to help in the situation, but the technicians did not show up at the time they said they would after taking time off work. Nothing is fixed. Horrible company to deal with. I would not recommend buying a sleep number bed because you will never get any support if something happens.

Lisa Savage
Corporate Office Headquarters