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One H&R Block Way
Kansas City, Missouri 64105 USA

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Customer Care and Support Phone Number: 1-800-472-5625
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H&R Block is famous for its income tax preparation services. H&R Block provides tax, banking, and business consulting. H&R Block is the premier tax service provider in the US.

H&R Block’s competition includes Jackson Hewitt, Credit Karma, Liberty Tax Service, and Intuit TurboTax.

H&R Block’s Customer Support Phone Number is 1-800-472-5625. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

H&R Block Corporate Office

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  1. I have worked one TAX SEASON for HRBlock so I do know something about taxes. The 2022 home version of HRB TAX SOFTWARE has a flaw. The IRS sent me a letter stating what it is. BTW my Federal Tax Return was accepted and I received a transcript. Here is the IRS statement: 'We changed the amount of tax reported on your tax return because the tax rates on Qualified Dividends and Captial Gains are generally lower than the standard rates. It appears your tax was not computed using these rates or the amount of tax was computed incorrectly.'
    Unfortunately it was not possible to see this, it is an HRB software computation that I cannot control. I ask HRB to take note of this and correct it for the future.

    Also I have been forced to submit both my 2021 and 2022 to the IRS as a hard copy document. No e-file allowed per HRB. The reason HRB does not allow this is based on one filing issue. It is an INHERITED ROTH IRA. When a distribution is taken (and it is allowed), the HRB software prompts a federal 8606 Non-deductible IRAs. This is not true per the Inherited IRA, it is not taxed since it is a ROTH IRA. The next thing that happens is denying me to e-file my return.
    In 2021 the IRS was slow and I received a tax transcript in August of that year. Then and only then, I filed my state taxes after being forced to mail in tax Extensions for those 2 states. Also because I was not able to e-file the federal tax return, HRB software did not allow me to e-file the state taxes either. BIG problem. E-filing saves time and paper but not with HRB flaws. Worse news is the HRB software produces the 8606 Form and fills in name/address, etc. but no monetary numbers. Why is the form needed?
    HRB please clean this up so I can continue to file with your software.

  2. I have used the Home edition for years, without any hassle. Last year I purchased the Deluxe program for $30.00 though an email advertisement in November or December. I didn't open the program until January 2023 when tax season opened. The program was flawed, to say the least. It opened on the error check portion of the program. There were no friendly prompts to guide me through the process. I needed to use my spouse's information to file Jointly. The program did not ask for both of our information, so I had to back space to the information page, delete my information and enter my spouse's. At one a "Good News" notification just popped up and said all my wife's Social Security would not be taxed. When I FOUND the proper Social Security section and entered the Social Security income, almost all the Social Security was to be included as taxable.
    So I called the Customer Service phone number, and I was told to delete the program and reinstall it. I asked about needing a new authorization number, and was told that I probably would not need one, but the assistant assured me she could give me a new one if necessary. I completed the taxes but was instructed to purchase the state portion of the program. When I entered my original access code, I was told that number was invalid because it had already been used. (It HAD been used my be to start my taxes) I called again I received a new access code two more times. Each time, I completed our taxes, then received the invalid message twice. Each time required me completing the taxes before I was told the form would not be filed and again asked for the money for the state portion. We were scheduled for vacation, so I called a Block office when we returned. I explained the difficulty I had with the original program and the access codes that were not accepted. I also told the tax professional that I had completed the taxes, but the tax form couldn't be reopened. The Professional said I should come to the office for assistance. When we got to the office, I again told about the flawed program, and that the taxes had been completed. The Tax Professional redid the taxes on her computer (simple, straight forward) I was charged $320 for the service. That's pretty expensive, and I was not even given credit for the $30 (My credit card was actually charged $34) I paid to order the program. No one likes doing their taxes, but your program and assistance staff have made the process frustrating and gave me a big headache. SHOULD I BUY TURBO-TAX NEXT SEASON?

  3. I’ve called 16 times with no resolve to my tax issues, I’ve been lied to know by six employees I still don’t have my state refund or my amendment. I’ve been charged twice as much as they should be. I receipt receipt five Emerald cards I never requested and somebody paid the employees to alter my taxes and I have proof of that and I would like to be contacted by your lawyer so I can have my Lawyer reciprocate. Thank

  4. Been a H&R Block tax software user for years with no complaints but have been pursuing a problem for a year with no results. In March 2022, bought the 2021 tax software online with a back up CD for extra cost. Downloaded the software–no problem. However, back up CD never received. Made 3 contacts to H&R Block Customer Service in 2022, each time someone filling out a form to report missing CD and told to wait 4-5 weeks for it to arrive. Case numbers 3 assigned. No CD. Told during Oct 18, 2022 contact that if no CD, then call back and ask for a supervisor. In Jan 2023, made 4th contact. Rep wanted to fill out another form, but I insisted on talking to a supervisor to request a refund. Supervisor said a new form is now available for those with missing CDs. Said I wasn't the only one with this problem. If not received by end of January, I could then request a refund. Tried calling in Feb 2023 (5th contact); had a long wait and accepted option for a call back rather than waiting. Left my case number. No call back. It is now Mar 23, 2023 and still no CD. Made my 6th contact today and the rep wanted to fill out another form. I went over the entire history plus gave her the case number. I've wasted too much time on this. I want a refund of the purchase that never was received. She submitted a refund request to another dept. who is supposed to reach out to me in a few days about refunds. Not confident anything will happen, given past history. We'll see.

    In most cases the customer service agents are fine, although I didn't find the supervisor particularly empathic. It's the H&R Block operations that don't allow them to do anything except fill out a form to some other group, and nothing ever happens. Can't understand why such a problem receiving a product that was offered and purchased. And the wait times on your customer service line are impossible.

    This experience is ridiculous and inexcusable. Can't believe this type of business operation/treatment of a long-term customer. As of the 6th contact and a year's pursuit of a resolution, I've yet to receive the product which I bought and paid for.

  5. i have just been asked to leave and HR Block office in Brooksville, FL because in the words of Evan the tax prep person I was causing a disturbance. The disturbance was that I requested to speak to a Supervisor. I went in to see Evan because I received a notice from my home state that my tax return was being questioned The return which had been filed by Even was done incorrectly and I was asking him to follow the directions in the letter and get the problem resolved. I HAD PAID for Peace of Mind Insurance from HR Block when I filed my taxes. Evan kept telling me what I had to do to fix the problem and I kept explaining that he needed to fix it. It would have been as simple as following the directions in the letter to save me from the $20 which the state wanted. If he had filed correctly to begin with there would have been no problem I am shocked that this young man is permitted to represent this company Evan was rude and certainly has no understanding of customer service I will no longer use them as my tax filer and in my opinion no one else should either

  6. I am flabbergasted by the HRBlock office I just visited. My elderly friend had her 2021 taxes rejected because the AGI amount was incorrect. We contacted the local office to double check the number and was told we needed to contact Tech support. We contacted Tech support and were told that there was no record of her using HRBlock for tax preparation. We tried to get a "MyBlock" account registered and again were told that there was no record of her using this company. We drove 35 miles to the local office and found out that this branch had never filed her federal taxes or her state taxes. We asked why and were given a ration of word salad that never really explained why. A manager was brought in and quoted corporate policy about not filing state when federal was not filed. My friend had never been told that her federal was not filed nor was she told that her state had not been filed. When she raised her voice as to question why she paid money for a service that had not been rendered, the receptionist told us to leave or she was calling the police. Outrageous!! If this is how HRBlock treats paying customers, then I would surely never use them for any reason. This was a shameful representation of a company that touts being customer service oriented. And to be threatened rather than answered was the icing on the horrible cake. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS.

    1. If you read these comments, they all kind of follow the same pattern. It’s unfortunate. I bet I can guess the states that this happens in.

  7. H&R Block is nothing but a bunch of thieves took 900.00 from my refund and I cannot get NO answers We need to start a major law suit against these thieves.

  8. How can a Franchise owner ignore one of his tax professionals that are sending out fraud returns? This Franchise owner even had a coworker tell him about the problem his response was what's the big deal everybody does it. Do you think this why H&R charges so much for taxes? I think this would be a great news story.

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